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11 Spiritual Meanings When You See a Rabbit

11 Spiritual Meanings When You See a Rabbit

Bunnies are cute and adorable. But beyond their warmth and cuddliness, the spiritual meaning of rabbits is much deeper. So what does it mean when you see a rabbit? It could be a dream, a passing image on TV, or even a live rabbit sighting! Let’s look into this. It will stoke your spiritual sensitivity, whether you’re seeing bunnies or dreaming of black rabbits.

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What Does it Mean When You See a Rabbit?

What Does it Mean When You See a Rabbit?

1. You’re Feeling Vulnerable and Threatened

When you see a rabbit in a nature documentary, it’s usually part of the B-reel. You’ll see a field full of flowers or a grassy patch. Then you’ll spot a bunny in the shot. It may freeze for a moment, perk up its ears, then disappear into the bushes or dash into a hole like Alice and her white rabbit. And when you see a rabbit in the wild, it may exhibit the same behavior.

Your spirit guides communicate using symbols and imagery that’s easy for you to figure out. So when they send a rabbit totem your way, they’re letting you know about a threat to your psyche. It could be a risky upcoming scenario. But it’s more likely that something in your subconscious has you scared or uneasy. Your angels are bringing that hidden fear to the fore.

2. You Need to Be Vigilant About Your Surroundings

In the first interpretation, you’re secretly scared of something but you’re not aware of the fear. It’s like a scratch or paper cut that you don’t notice until you touch some hand sanitizer. Ouch! So in the example above, your angels are saying you don’t know that your heart is uneasy, and they want you to know so you can stop repressing the fear. Follow your intuition.

Another reason you could be seeing bunnies is external. The first meaning is about internal unease. This second one is about a tangible threat. Something or someone nearby is trying to hurt you. Your angels can’t necessarily stop them – they never mess with anyone’s free will. But they’re warning you of impending danger and reminding you to stay watchful and alert.

3. You’re Thinking About Babies

A lot of us associate rabbits with sultry activities. Like the Playboy Bunnies. This idea comes from the nature of rabbits. A female rabbit is called a doe, and she can start having babies as young as two or three months. After that, she can kindle every month, delivering up to a dozen kits at a time. And if there’s a buck around, she could get pregnant the very next day!

This is why we associate rabbits with fertility. So if you’re suddenly seeing them in your dreams, on billboards, or product logos, it could mean your mind, body, and spirit are ready to start a family – or at least to make another baby. Rabbits are great moms, so it may mean there’s a kid nearby (or an adult with a troubled inner child) that needs your nurturing.

4. You Need a Mommy Makeover

Many women avoid sexual activity after birth. Your sexy bits hurt, possibly with wounds and stitches. Your insides are all in the wrong place until your uterus settles. Your bust might be bigger (yay?) but it’s constantly sore and/or leaking. Plus you have an infant that’s eating all your energy and attention. Eventually, things get easier, but you may still feel unattractive.

If your partner was in the delivery room, you may both see your anatomy differently. And after growing a whole human, your relationship with your body has changed. So what does it mean if you start seeing bunnies everywhere? You want to see yourself as a sexual being again. You want to be a sensual woman, not just a mom. You need to get your groove back.

5. Someone Close to You Needs Comfort

Most of the time, when you see a rabbit in the wild, it will run away from you. But pet rabbits can be quite affectionate, especially if you get a docile breed like the New Zealand White or Rex. Pet bunnies are warm and playful, and they might even sit in your lap! So what does it mean when a rabbit approaches you, sits on you, or rubs against you and wants to be petted?

It means somebody you care about requires comfort, reassurance, and possibly some physical affection. It’s probably somebody that you see as a bunny. Maybe they’re so cute and playful that you never take their concerns seriously. Or maybe you see them purely as a sexual being, not one that needs emotional engagement. Go find them and give them a hug.

6. Abundance is Headed Your Way

As we’ve mentioned, rabbits are quite fecund. Momma rabbits wean their kits at 4 weeks, but they can get pregnant long before that. The mommy, not the baby. So technically, a doe can have babies every month (once she has weaned her previous babies) and can have up to a dozen kits per litter. So she could – technically – make 100+ babies every year. That’s a lot!!

For most of us, the idea of a hundred kids is terrifying. But while you probably don’t want more than three, we agree that children are a blessing. In many cultures, kids are a sign of wealth because, one, free labor means more profit, and two, your herd of offspring implies you’re rich enough to look after them. Rabbit encounters hint at prosperity and good fortune.

7. You’re Stronger Than You Know

Rabbits look harmless. They’re these cuddly little balls of energy with a nervous twitchy nose and nerdy teeth. Even their claws are blunt from constant burrowing and digging! They seem like easy prey. But as you’ve noticed when they dash out of the camera frame, rabbits run fast – between 25mph and 45mph. Also, have you seen bunnies kick?! It’s a rabbit power animal!

So if you start seeing rabbits all around you, it could be a form of reassurance from your higher helpers. They’re reminding you that the world may underestimate you because predators think you’re defenseless. But you have hidden abilities that will save you. Someone in your life is targeting you and you feel helpless. Your angels are exposing your inner fire.

8. You’re About to Get Lucky, Pun Intended

We’ve talked about the sexual side of rabbits, so if you’re seeing them a lot, it could be a commentary on your relationship. On the surface level, it could mean you’re hankering for a special date night (which probably means you or your partner is ovulating, wink-wink-nudge-nudge). But on a deeper level, lots of people keep a rabbit’s foot as a good luck charm.

Fortunately, you don’t need dead rabbit parts and detached limbs to get lucky. The rabbit itself is a positive promise. So if you’re regularly seeing bunnies, it could mean you’re about to experience something amazing. This could be a sensual connection with your partner, a new job, an unexpected gift, or an enriching fluke. Things are about to get good – enjoy it!

9. You Need a Cultural Primer

Thanks to the internet, you can look up any topic in seconds! But in your daily life, you’re probably influenced by your traditions and community, and that could change the meaning of the bunnies that you’re seeing. For example, bunnies are seen as Hermes messengers, so if you have some Greek blood, the bunny can be an angelic text message. Or it may be a prank.

Native American cultures see rabbits as tricksters, and many African fables show the cunning of the hare. Some Asian folklore associates rabbits with the moon. They’re crepuscular, so they sleep a lot during the day and are active at twilight. And Aztec mythology took the rabbit as a sign of booze and bounty. You may need clarity from your angels … and your grandma!

10. You Have a Heavenly Visitor

You may wonder about the rabbit symbolism of the Easter egg and bunnies. For Christians, Easter is a pillar of their faith. Believers adapted it from a pagan fertility festival. For this reason, some cultures take the Easter Bunny as a stand-in for Jesus. Some Native American First Nation tribes like the Anishinaabeg see the rabbit or great hare as the son of the creator.

In some variants, the bunny is the son of the Sun, and the Sun made the earth. In other tellings, the rabbit teaches and befriends humanity. He can die and be resurrected infinite times, so he represents rebirth. Seeing rabbits is a visitation from a deity. You’ll have to ask for deeper understanding so your angels can explain the purpose of your godly guest’s visit.

11. You’re Feeling Sweet and Innocent

The Virgin Mary is sometimes shown with the moon and other times with a rabbit. These two symbols are connected. In Chinese culture, the Moon Rabbit or Jade Rabbit impressed the gods by sacrificing itself, just like Mary’s baby boy. Among German pagans, the fertility goddess is Eostre. Early Christians subsumed her into Mary, bringing her bunnies with her.

Also, before science, people thought bunnies made babies asexually. They linked that to the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary. In all these scenarios, rabbits are familiars and spirit animals. Some even depict it as a pet for Jesus. So seeing rabbits could refer to the creature’s purity and gentleness. It’s sweet and soft enough to be a suitable companion for goddesses.

Bunnies and Bounty!

You may spot rabbit symbolism in various ways. In Japanese culture, it could be a kimono with rabbit patterns. Or you could be in your city apartment having dreams of a brown rabbit after gorging on chocolate bunnies. You might even sing Looney Tunes after an evening with Bugs! When was the last time you saw a rabbit? Tell us all about it in the comments section!


Friday 24th of November 2023

As a bunny fan, this article is heartwarming. It explores the deeper meaning behind these cute creatures, making it a must-read for fellow rabbit lovers!

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Sunday 5th of February 2023

I think you need to change the 100 degree recommendation for rabbit temperature. That seems way to high. My rabbits would be splayed on the floor and panting.

I enjoyed your articles particularly the one on toys. There are lots of creative ideas and inexpensive. Good job and thanks again.

Kammi parshay

Saturday 7th of January 2023

I always see rabbits in my backyard what do it mean