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17 Easy DIY Rabbit Bed Plans

17 Easy DIY Rabbit Bed Plans

Pets can sleep anywhere, and lots of us let our furbabies come into bed with us. But it can be helpful for your cat, dog, or bunny to have its own bed. The spot will be surrounded by your pet’s scent, so it can be a comfort and a hiding spot when you’re not home. That said, pet gear and supplies are expensive at stores, so let’s learn how to make a rabbit bed at home.

1. DIY Inexpensive Pet Bed – Art & Beauty Freak

If you have some old cotton clothing and you don’t mind doing a bit of sewing, you can make a quick and easy DIY rabbit bed. And if the clothes are your own, your scent will offer extra comfort to your bunny! Use a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt as the base. Stitch the collar shut.

Sew from armpit to armpit to make a pocket. Stuff your old cotton clothes in the space between the sleeves and the collar, then put a cotton pillow in the mid-section and wrap the filled sleeves around it. This makes a fluffy rabbit bed that’s safe in your washing machine.


2. How to Make a Rabbit Bed – Pet Cosset

How to Make a Rabbit Bed – Pet Cosset

Rabbits often have grass inside their enclosures. But there’s a slight difference. Straw comes from wheat and grains. The seeds and removed then the dried stalks are used for bedding. Hay comes from legumes and protein grasses. It has no seeds and is mostly used for food.

But hay works as edible bedding too, so here’s a tip on how to make a rabbit bed. Get a wooden pet crate and fill it with hay. That simple! Some crates are custom-built for rabbits but you can get a second-hand wood kennel meant for a cat or a small dog like a Chihuahua.

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3. DIY Rabbit Bed Using an Old Towel – Silly Bunny Shandy

Does your rabbit like to hide in the laundry hamper or snuggle among your dirty towels? It’s a cool idea for a pet bed. No, not the basket – the towels! And it helps if the towels have your scent because your bunny always feels like they’re sleeping next to you – that’s an extra gift!

To make the rabbit bed. Fold the towel in half and roll the corners to form the outer lip. You can use a fleece blanket if you have no towels handy. Coil the twisted section around the mid-section then stitch the ends together to stop them from fraying. That’s it – the bunny bed is done!


4. DIY Pet Bed For A Rabbit – Betsy Gallup

DIY Pet Bed For A Rabbit – Betsy Gallup

Some rabbits like to sit in your lap when they need a nap. Others would rather stretch out on a flat, hard surface. Some will lie on the towel or rug but others prefer the bare floor. So you should keep your rabbit’s sleeping habits in mind as you figure out how to make a rabbit bed.

The obvious choice is store-bought rabbit bedding, but that synthetic stuffing can hurt your bunny if s/he ingests it. So instead, get a cardboard box or an old cotton pillow case and fill them with removable organic materials like cedar shavings, straw, hay, dried leaves, or twigs.

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5. DIY Projects for My Bunny – Small Pet Ideas

In the wild, rabbits live in holes and burrows, so they like secret caches where they can chill out and protect themselves from predators. This means any spot where your rabbit can sit unseen will make a great rabbit bed. This video has multiple interactive toy ideas to try.

The grass mat and wooden castle can both serve as beds if your rabbit likes them. But the one that’s a formal bed is the DIY bumper bed made with three layers of fabric, including a waterproof mattress with fleece on either side. The machine-safe bed is stuffed with Poly-fil.


6. Cardboard Bunny Bed – How to Make A Pet Rabbit Bed

Cardboard Bunny Bed – How to Make A Pet Rabbit Bed

If you fill a cardboard box with straw or hay and hide treats under the grass, that’s a dig box. And if the box has no treats, it counts as a bunny bed. But what if you want to make an actual cardboard bed for your rabbit? It would be like a tiny doll bed, but it would be made at home.

Cut up bits of stiff cardboard to form the shape of a bed. The dimensions will depend on the size and weight of your rabbit. Leave some space under the bed in case your rabbit would rather hide in there instead. You can make a small bunny duvet from old cotton clothing.

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7. Part 1 | How to Make Your Own Pet Bed for Guinea Pigs / Rabbits etc.

Smaller pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, tiny dogs, and some cats can all use the same style of bed. And if you’re worried that your bunny may get too cold, you can slip a removable heat pad into the central cushion. That way, if the rabbit gets too hot, you can take the pillow out.

Your rabbit may also jump off the bed onto a colder spot on the floor if they need to. This bed uses a microwave-safe heating cushion. And the steps seem a bit complex so the video is shot in two parts. Be sure to watch both Parts 1 and 2 if you’re unsure of your DIY skill level.


8. DIY: No-Sew Pet Teepee Bed – Coffee with Summer

DIY No-Sew Pet Teepee Bed – Coffee with Summer

You’ve probably seen those cute tepee beds at pet stores and on social media. They’re good for cats, rabbits, and other small pets, but they can get expensive! Luckily, you can make one for your bunny at home. And you don’t even have to thread any needles or touch a thimble!

Instead, get some wooden dowels, bunny-safe twine, and a tough fabric to drape over the top. Canvas is good because bunnies are less likely to chew through it. Even if they tear the tent bed down, they can scratch the canvas without damaging it. Put a pillow or straw inside.

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9. Easy Reversible Pet Bed Sewing Tutorial – Charmed by Ashley

Reversible clothing is a good way to change up your style using a single garment. And if you make a reversible rabbit bed, you can change the theme of your bunny’s bedroom after every wash! This video shows a kitten bed, but cats and bunnies have a lot in common so it’s fine.

This is a sewed bed though so you do need some needlework skills. The bed is made of fleece, but you could also use old towels, bathrobes, flannel, or terrycloth. To make it reversible, use fabrics with different prints. But check that the fabric is machine-washable for convenience.


10. Make a Sweater Pet Bed for Dogs, Cats, and Bunnies – Empress of Dirt

Make a Sweater Pet Bed for Dogs, Cats, and Bunnies – Empress of Dirt

Maybe you’ve been hiding those ugly Christmas sweaters that your gran knits every year. Or maybe you have an old ratty one from college that your partner keeps trying to toss out. The sweater can make a snazzy bunny bed. Turning it into pet furniture counts as recycling, yes?

It’s a fairly simple process. The sweater sleeves will serve as a pillow, but they’re also nice spots for scratching and kneading. Just be sure the sweater has no loose strings or holes where your bunny could snag its claws. Snip any loose yarn to avoid fraying the bed to bits!

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11. Soft Bunny Bed DIY!/Bunny Bed!/Bunny Cushion! – DIY with Anna Bei

Digging boxes prevent rabbits from scratching your furniture to shreds, but you can also offer your rabbit a doormat or a frame looped with sisal rope as a scratching board. As for beds, an old welcome mat, bathroom rug, or fabric toilet cover can make a good base as well.

Cut the rug, mat, cheap carpet, or ratty blanket into squares. Stich it into a casing that you can stuff with old clothes, straw, or poly filling, but don’t use commercial rabbit bedding since it’s not machine safe. Felt backing fabrics are ideal for the interior bunny bed lining.


12. DIY Bunny Hammock

DIY Bunny Hammock

As humans, we raise our beds off the floor to stay warm and avoid bugs. Well, most of us do. So why not give your bunny the elevated experience as well? This rabbit hammock is fairly easy to make. And its best quality is its versatility – you can hang it anywhere you want to!

This example is suspended inside the bunny cage, but you can hang it in your bedroom, your car, or even between the legs of your work desk. That way, your rabbit is never lonely. Insert a waterproof sheet between the hammock layers, and make the straps sturdy and secure.

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13. Four Life-Saving Rabbit TikTok Hacks You Should Know! – Lennon

Earlier, we looked at a cardboard bunny bed. But if you have basic woodworking skills, that could be a solid option when you’re researching how to make a rabbit bed. You want low-cost wood, so look for pallets, vegetable crates, wine crates, or reclaimed construction site timber.

To make the bed, remove one or two panels at the front, depending on the design you prefer and the size of your bunny. You can then nail, screw, or glue table legs to the bottom of the bed and add a cushion or a rug to the sleeping spot. Avoid varnish or potentially toxic paint.


14. Canvas Flat Bed for Your Bunny

Canvas Flat Bed for Your Bunny

We get really attached to our pets, and we sometimes forget their tastes differ from ours. So we try to make soft, fluffy beds because that’s what we like sleeping on! But as we noted before, some rabbits prefer to sleep on a flat surface, even if it’s not necessarily the floor.

So this DIY bunny bed takes the hammock idea and improves on it. Instead of hanging the hammock on a spot where it can sway and sag, the fabric is pulled taut between four wooden legs to keep its layout permanently flat. Use non-stretchy fabric like canvas or paint tarp.

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15. DIY Hop & Flop Rabbit Bed – Meagan A

We’ve looked at similar bed styling on this list, but the Hop & Flop bed is a favorite for the flexible rabbit. The bed is divided into three panels, with two stuffed sides flanking a flat side in the center. This way, your rabbit can lie flat when s/he prefers, or use the sides as a pillow.

This bed works for cats too because they’ll enjoy making biscuits on the stuffed sections. So if you have a cat and a rabbit, you may need to make three or four beds to avoid territorial skirmishes. You can use an old pillow case or cushion cover as the basis for this bunny bed.


16. Plush Plexiglass DIY Bunny Bed

Plush Plexiglass DIY Bunny Bed

Want to try something a little more complex? If you have the time, the tools, and the skills, you can construct this fancy bunny bed complete with viewing panes so you can watch your rabbit sleep. For the ‘mattress’, you’ll need a plastic storage tub or an open wooden crate.

The sides should be low enough for your rabbit to hop in and out. Add some picket fence panels or lawn edging to frame the outside of the plastic crate, then fill the box with hay. You can then add plexiglass to three sides of the bed, leaving the fourth as a ‘bedroom’ doorway.

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17. DIY No Sew Rabbit Bed – Hazel’s Hopping Warren

Before you spend excessive time and money learning how to make a rabbit bed, observe your rabbit. Some prefer to hang out in the higher parts of their enclosure so they can see further away. Others will push aside their soft furnishings and just lay on the cold hard floor instead.

So if you have the kind of bunny that keeps tossing their blankets and towels to the corner, go the easy route with this no-sew bed. The basic idea is to fold a piece of flannel so your rabbit can lie on it or pull it to a more convenient corner. But you can also slit and knot the blanket.


Where does your rabbit currently sleep? Tell us all about your rabbit’s bed in the comments!