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How far will a Stihl pole saw reach?

The reach of a Stihl pole saw will vary depending on the model. Some models are capable of reaching up to 14 feet, while others may reach up to 23 feet high. With the right tools and proper technique, a Stihl pole saw can easily reach the tops of trees and tall hedges.

Additionally, a Stihl pole saw can be used to trim and prune larger tree branches that are high off the ground. It is important to select the correct model for the job, as some models are designed for light cutting, while others are equipped with more powerful engines and blades to handle heavier work.

When using a Stihl pole saw, it is also important to follow all safety guidelines outlined in the user manual.

Is Stihl a good pole saw?

Stihl is an excellent pole saw for several reasons. Firstly, Stihl pole saws are built with durable, high quality materials and have a reputation for being incredibly reliable and efficient. They are lightweight and easy to use, which is great for tackling those hard to reach areas (e.

g. tall tree branches). They also come with a variety of features, such as adjustable bar length, a cushioned grip, and an anti-vibration system to help make the job of cutting easier and more comfortable.

Furthermore, Stihl pole saws are backed up with a two year warranty, ensuring customers can get their questions and issues resolved quickly with expert help. All in all, Stihl pole saws offer homeowners and professionals alike a great value for their money and will be sure to meet any of their needs for pruning or trimming.

What is the difference between a pole pruner and a pole saw?

A pole pruner and pole saw are both tools designed for tree care, however, they each have their own purpose. A pole pruner is generally used to cut limbs that are too thick to cut with a saw, usually the branches that are greater than 2” in diameter.

Using a blade attached to the end of a pole they are used to reach up and cut branches of trees that are higher off the ground.

A pole saw is generally used to cut thin/small branches and limbs, usually those that are less than 2” in diameter. Using a small saw, again at the end of a long pole, they are used mainly to reach higher places in order to prune the trees more efficiently and effectively.

The key difference is the blade size, a pole pruner generally uses a much heavier and bigger blade which is used to lop off larger limbs, while a pole saw generally uses a much smaller blade for pruning thinner branches.

Is gas or battery pole saw better?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. Gas powered pole saws are generally heavier and more powerful than battery powered models, making them better for more intense cutting tasks such as pruning large branches.

Gas powered pole saws also generally have larger bar lengths than battery powered pole saws, allowing for larger cuts. On the other hand, battery powered pole saws tend to be less powerful, but they are quieter and often more affordable than their gas-powered counterparts.

They are also more portable and easier to use due to their lighter weight. Battery powered pole saws are perfect for small pruning tasks, such as trimming small branches and hedges, or even light cutting of firewood.

Ultimately, the best pole saw is the one that best suits your needs. If you are looking for power and performance, then a gas powered pole saw is likely your best choice. If you are looking for a more lightweight, maneuverable saw for smaller tasks, then a battery powered pole saw might be the way to go.

Can I cut down a tree with a pole saw?

Yes, you can cut down a tree with a pole saw. A pole saw is a type of pruning saw mounted on a pole. It enables the user to reach and effectively cut high branches that cannot easily be accessed from the ground.

A pole saw typically consists of a sharp blade attached to the end of a long pole that can be extended to get to the desired height. It is important to be aware that felling a tree with a pole saw is different than the traditional process of cutting down a tree with a chainsaw.

Generally speaking, a pole saw should only be used to remove small and thin branches, as the saw is much less powerful than a chainsaw and poses a greater risk of injury. Pruning a tree with a pole saw should be done carefully to prevent any unnecessary cuts to the tree, as well as personal injury.

What is the reach of the ego pole saw?

The reach of the ego pole saw depends on the size of the pole saw and the extension of the pole. The Ego Power+ 8 Inch Pole Saw comes with an 8 Inch Bar and Chain and reaches up to 12 feet, while the Ego Power+ 10 Inch Pole Saw has a 10 Inch Bar and Chain and can reach up to 15 feet.

Both models come with an 8-foot extension pole to increase the reach even further. The Ego Power+ 8 Inch Pole Saw can reach up to 25 feet with a fully extended pole, while the Ego Power+ 10 Inch Pole Saw can reach up to 30 feet with a fully extended pole.

This makes them ideal for many different trimming and pruning tasks.

Are pole saws worth it?

Yes, pole saws are definitely worth it for anyone looking for a lightweight, efficient, and easy to use pruning tool. Pole saws allow you to cut branches high up on a tree without the hassle of climbing a ladder, which can be dangerous.

Many pole saws can reach up to 12 feet in length and are designed with a comfortable grip, allowing you to easily maneuver the saw from different angles. The sharp razor teeth can cut through thick branches cleanly, while the long reach of the pole saw make it ideal for pruning unreachable branches.

Not only are pole saws great for pruning trees, they can also be used to clear away excess brush and foliage in your garden or yard. With a pole saw, you can easily and quickly clear away unwanted debris without having to worry about climbing any ladders or using bulky, difficult to use tools.

All in all, pole saws are an excellent and efficient tool for any gardening or pruning job.

What is the longest pole saw Stihl makes?

Stihl makes a variety of different pole saws that range in size and reach. The longest pole saw they offer is the HTA 85 Cordless Telescoping Pole Pruner. It has a 4-foot extension pole that can be extended to reach up to 14 feet, helping to make pruning and trimming jobs easier with the ability to reach tight, hard-to-reach spots with ease.

This saw is also equipped with a dual-line mowing head and a brushless, EC motor with a HyperLINK transmission, allowing it to make fast and precise cuts with minimal user fatigue. The HTA 85 is powered by an AP 300 Lithium-Ion battery, allowing for long run times, and comes with a fast-charging charger for added convenience.

How long is the longest Stihl pole saw?

The longest Stihl pole saw currently offered is the HT 131 telescoping pole pruner with a 6. 6 foot extended reach. However, Stihl also offers the HT 133 telescoping pole pruner with a 7. 4 foot extended reach if you’re looking for a longer saw.

Both pole saws have telescoping aluminum shafts which can be easily adjusted to four different length settings. Both saws also feature Stihl’s powerful Easy2Start™ engine for fast, easy starts and offer quick chain tensioning for convenience and efficiency.

What length do pole saws come in?

Pole saws come in a variety of lengths, including short and mid-length models. Short pole saws usually range from six to eight feet in length and mid-length models typically range from eight to twelve feet in length.

Some extendable pole saws have a maximum length of twenty feet or more. When selecting a pole saw, it is important to consider the height of the highest branches to be cut and the type of extension pole that works best for the job at hand.

Other features to consider when purchasing a pole saw include the weight of the saw, the type of blade, and the power source.

How long is the Stihl HT 56 CE?

The Stihl HT 56 CE is a pole pruner that is designed for optimal cutting performance. It measures roughly 7. 7ft in overall length, with the shaft extended and the cutting attachment in its lowest position.

The overall dry weight is about 12. 4Ibs, making it easy to manoeuvre and handle even in extended or awkward reaching areas. The HT 56 CE also features anti-vibration technology that provides a secure grip, which further contributes to its ease of use.

With its impressive cutting performance and relative lightweight design, the HT 56 CE is an excellent choice for those in need of efficient pruning power.

How long is HT 131 pole saw?

The HT 131 pole saw has an overall length of 8. 7 feet, with the bar and chain measuring 25. 4 centimeters (10 inches). The unit is designed for cutting applications which require extended reach, and the pole features two extensions that can be added and removed for greater reach when needed.

The pole length can be adjusted for a maximum reach of 12 feet, and can also be swiveled for further flexibility. The pole saw has a cutting capacity of up to 12 inches in diameter and has a variable speed trigger to ensure smooth operation.

The anti-vibration system helps reduce fatigue and the automatic lubrication system keeps the chain oil level balanced. The HT 131 pole saw is an excellent tool for trimming, shaping and limbing trees and shrubs.

What is the longest chainsaw ever built?

The longest chainsaw ever constructed was the Monster Saw, created in 2015 by “Chainsaw Enthusiast” Dan Colclasure. It was 40 feet long, with a 63. 5 cc, 10 horsepower engine and had four blades lined up on it.

It was designed to be an interesting spectacle rather than a practical tool, and it was designed to cut through two-foot-thick logs. The Monster Saw was actually tested on a cutting track in Canada, where it successfully cut four two-foot logs in just 17 seconds.

It was operated by two people, one on each end of the saw. The Monster Saw made its television debut on the Science Channel in 2015, where it was featured on the show, “Outrageous Acts of Science. “.

What does C stand for on Stihl?

C on Stihl stands for “Compression”. Stihl is a German manufacturer of outdoor power equipment such as chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, and other lawn and garden tools. Compression is a fundamental feature of their products, especially engines.

The compression ratio of an engine is the ratio between the total volume of the combustion chamber when the piston is at the bottom of its stroke and the volume of the combustion chamber when the piston is at the top of its stroke.

Higher compression ratios mean engines require less fuel to produce the same level of power, resulting in greater efficiency. Therefore, the letter “C” in reference to Stihl tools and products is a indication of the amount of compression present in their engines.

What is the tool to cut thick branches?

The best tool to use when cutting thick branches is a pruning saw. Pruning saws have a narrow, curved blade that is specifically designed to cut through thick branches, like large shrubs or trees. The blade is much thinner than that of a regular chainsaw, making it easier to maneuver around large branches or navigate tight corners.

The pruning saw also requires less power, so it can be used on branches that are too thick for loppers or hand pruners. In addition, some models come with a coiled handle for extra comfort and control.