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What is the longest Stihl pole saw?

The longest Stihl pole saw is the HT 133 telescopic, extending from 1. 9 m all the way to 3. 1 m. This heavy-duty pole saw features an adjustable shaft with a cutter housing at the end and a square profile cutting system that provides precise and clean cutting results.

It can handle cutting branches up to a diameter of 8-25 cm and has gear head with automatic chain lubrication. Additionally, it has a multi-function control handle that allows you to switch between various operating positions as well as a variable-flow oil pump for easy refueling.

For maximum stability and power, the HT 133 also comes equipped with a specially designed four-point anti-vibration system. It has been designed to reduce strain and fatigue during extended use and can be used to reach and easily prune higher branches.

What length do pole saws come in?

Pole saws come in a wide range of lengths to suit different pruning needs. The smallest length saws are generally around 8 feet, while larger versions can extend up to 12 feet. Pole saws can typically be extended in length to reach even higher, and those with telescoping capabilities may offer lengths extending up to 16 feet.

Thus, depending on your pruning height, you can choose a pole saw of the suitable length. Generally, a longer pole saw is able to reach higher branches than shorter options, but also increased weight and overall difficulty to maneuver when extended.

How long is the Stihl HT 56 CE?

The Stihl HT 56 CE is a pole pruner with a 10-foot telescoping shaft. With the shaft fully extended, the pruner has a total length of 20 feet. Its lightweight design and comfortable grip make it easy to maneuver, allowing you to reach even the furthest branches with ease.

The HT 56 CE is also equipped with an electronic ignition for quick, reliable starts. With its 24. 1 cc engine, it provides the power and performance needed for tackling tough jobs around the yard. The Stihl HT 56 CE is an efficient and reliable tool to help you keep your yard looking great.

How big of Bar can you put on a STIHL 500i?

The size of a bar that you can install on a STIHL 500i will depend on the specific model that you have. Generally, STIHL 500i models can handle bars up to 18 inches in length. However, depending on the options you can choose to upgrade to a longer bar up to 30 inches in length.

It is important to note that the longer bar will require more power to operate and will be heavier than the shorter bar. When choosing a bar, also take into consideration what type of job you are undertaking — a longer bar will be better suited for cutting larger trees and logs.

Additionally, longer bars tend to vibrate more during operation, so it is important to choose the length appropriate for the job you plan to complete.

Whats the biggest bar you can put on a STIHL 500i?

The STIHL 500i is a powerful chainsaw that is equipped with a 50. 2 cc engine and has an engine power of 4. 4 h. p. The largest bar that can be used on the STIHL 500i is a 25” bar. This bar is considered a large bar size for this chainsaw and provides an effective cutting solution for big jobs.

When using this bar size, it is important to ensure that you use the correct type of chain mechanism and the proper sharpening practice. The 25” bar size provides a great combination of power and durability for large-size cutting jobs.

How long is HT 131 pole saw?

The length of an HT 131 pole saw varies depending on the model. Generally speaking, the HT 131 Pole saw features an 8-inch guide bar and comes with a 41. 9-inch straight shaft, meaning the full length is about 49.

9-inches long. For the HT-131 Lopper attachment, the shaft measures 25. 2-inches in length, with a 10-inch blade, so the full length is about 35. 2-inches in total.

How many extensions can you put on a pole saw?

The number of extensions you can put on a pole saw depends on the type and brand of saw you are using. Different saws will come with different extension lengths, so it’s important to consult the manufacturer’s manual to determine the maximum length and number of extensions your saw can accept.

Some pole saws may be able to use multiple extensions at once—for example, a single extension might be able to reach up to 16 feet, but when combined with another extension, it could reach up to 24 feet.

Additionally, some pole saws have special attachments that can expand the saw’s reach even further. Generally, it’s a good practice to always make sure that you’re not exceeding the manufacturer’s prescribed limits for extensions.

Is Stihl a good pole saw?

Stihl is a great pole saw! They produce several types of high-quality pole saws with different features and specifications. Their pole saws are lightweight, easy to maneuver and handle, and provide powerful cutting performance.

The saws also utilize anti-vibration technology to reduce user fatigue, thanks to its powerful engine. Stihl pole saws have a long reach, which makes them great for cutting branches in hard-to-reach areas.

In addition, Stihl’s pole saws are all designed with safety features and are backed by a strong warranty. All in all, Stihl pole saws have proven to be one of the best performing pole saws on the market, making them a great choice for those looking for the highest quality.

How far will a Stihl pole saw reach?

The reach of a Stihl pole saw depends on the model and size of the saw you choose. The Stihl HT 130, for example, is a telescoping pole saw that can extend up to 16 feet when fitted with the extended pole.

The HT 56 C-E is a shorter pruner with a range of up to 11 feet. However, Stihl also makes a beautiful chain-driven pole pruner that can reach a height of up to 21 feet. Whichever of these models you choose will provide a saw with a long reach, far greater than if you just used a standard saw.

Which gas pole saw is best?

When it comes to choosing the best gas pole saw, it will depend on what your specific needs are. If you are looking for a reliable and durable saw that will last for years, then you may want to consider a saw with a powerful engine and good build quality.

For example, the Poulan Pro PR4218 18-inch 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Pole Saw has a powerful 42cc 2-Cycle engine and is designed to last. It also has an adjustable 8” to 10” cutting head that allows you to adjust for different sized branches.

Another good choice would be the Tanaka TBC 225PF Split Shaft Gas Pole Saw. This one features a powerful 25. 4 cc commercial-grade engine that is designed to handle even the toughest jobs. It also has a 5-position noise and fatigue reduction system, allowing you to adjust the saw for comfort during long projects.

Ultimately, the best gas pole saw for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Consider what you will be using your saw for and how much power you need, then look at different models to find one that best suits your needs.

Does a STIHL pole saw have a chain break?

Yes, a STIHL pole saw does have a chain break. This is an important safety feature, as it will immediately stop the chain if it comes into contact with an object – such as a branch, log or piece of debris.

The chain brake helps to reduce the risk of injury from the pole saw’s rapid-moving chain. The safety feature can be activated manually or automatically, depending on the model. On most STIHL pole saws, the chain brake can be easily engaged or disengaged for convenience.

To ensure the safety of the operator and bystanders, regular checks should be carried out to make sure the chain brake is working properly. If there are any issues, the pole saw should be checked and serviced by an authorised STIHL dealer.

Can you cut a tree down with a pole saw?

Yes, you can cut a tree down with a pole saw. Pole saws are designed specifically for pruning and cutting branches in trees, allowing you to safely reach limbs that would be difficult to access with a standard chainsaw.

Pole saws come equipped with a long handle, allowing you to reach up to 12 or even 20 feet into the tree, giving you plenty of range. When cutting trees, it is important to use the correct size blade for the job – typically a 8 to 10 inch blade is recommended for trees with a trunk diameter of 8″ or less.

Additionally, before starting any pruning, be sure to read your pole saw user manual for safety precautions and proper use. Finally, always use the proper safety gear to prevent injury and protect your eyes and ears.

Which is better a gas or electric pole saw?

Deciding which type of saw is better — gas or electric — depends on the intended use of the saw. Both gas and electric pole saws have their advantages and disadvantages.

Gas pole saws are typically heavier and noisier than electric pole saws, but they provide portability and power that you can’t get with an electric saw. They’re ideal for cutting tough materials such as large tree limbs, because they typically offer more power and torque for the job.

Gas pole saws are best for users who need a saw that can reach high branches and can handle large projects, such as trimming a large tree or cutting thick branches.

On the other hand, electric pole saws are generally quieter and lighter than gas pole saws, making them a great choice for small projects, such as trimming small branches. They’re especially useful for homeowners who are working in small yards and don’t need the power of a gas pole saw.

Electric pole saws also tend to be cheaper than gas-powered saws, so they’re a great choice for users who are on a budget or who are looking for an occasional use saw.

In conclusion, it really depends on the intended use of the pole saw. If you are looking for power and portability, a gas pole saw is your best option. If you don’t need the power of a gas pole saw and you’re on a budget, an electric pole saw is the way to go.

Consider your own needs and budget before making a decision about which type of saw to buy.


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