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Do Bunny Tails Fall Off? Everything You Need to Know

Do Bunny Tails Fall Off? Everything You Need to Know

One of the common questions you can hear is, do bunny tails fall off in some cases? Yes, it is accurate, and there are many reasons for such a thing, including stress, illness, or lack of food. However, there are no reasons to worry about this since your little friend can live without a tail when it happens.

Rabbits use their tails to protect themselves from danger and buy more time to hide in a safe place. Additionally, tails have a purpose in keeping balance when these animals stand on hind legs. Therefore, the best option is to prevent this from happening and make sure your bunny is safe and protected inside the house when it comes to that.


Do Rabbits Tails Fall Off?

Do Rabbits Tails Fall Off

Rabbits’ tails are sensitive body parts full of tiny bones. Interestingly, not all rabbits have tails of the same size and shape. For instance, most wild rabbits (Sylvilagus) have round, fluffy tails white on the underside.

On the other hand, domestic bunnies typically have longer and more pliable and mobile tails, thanks to the specific breeding process. Therefore, you can notice that your long-eared buddy often uses its wagging tail to communicate with you to show its joy and enthusiasm.

Since the tailbone is delicate, it can quickly breaks, causing the tail to come off the rest of the body. As you probably know, the tailbone is a part of the spine, and every hard pulling will cause pain while your bunny feels horrified.

In the case of a sudden violent tail tearing or cutting off, profuse and life-threatening bleeding will occur and jeopardize your pet. In this case, it is crucial to take it to the vet immediately since your bunny can get better only after getting adequate help, including stopping bleeding and professional bandaging.


Reasons for a Rabbit to Bite Its Tail Off and What to Do When It Happens?

Reasons for biting a tail

Reasons for biting a tail

Rabbits like playing with their tails but bite them only in rare cases. Such an atypical behavior is a result of several things, including:

1. Boredom

Rabbits are active creatures and can get bored while sitting alone in their tiny cages for hours. As a result, they can start biting their tails to forget about loneliness. The only way to prevent this is to engage your furry friend and minimize its boredom and consequential tail biting.

2. Stress

Rabbits often bite off their tails when mourning after losing a companion or mate. Besides, dogs and cats living in the same household can cause stress, resulting in tail biting.

3. Lack of nutrition

The lack of fiber from Timothy hay and vegetables in rabbits’ everyday diet causes them to shed and even bite their fur. Such a tendency sometimes leads to biting off their tail. 

4. Pregnancy

While pregnant, female rabbits sometimes bite off their tails for comfort or to use fur to make a nest. Such pathological behavior occurs when pregnant females are neglected and kept in an uncomfortable environment.

5. Skin diseases

Rabbits may suffer from parasites, insects laying eggs on their coat, and rabbit syphilis. When these conditions cause itching, rabbits react by biting their fur and skin. They can also cut off their tails in extreme situations to relieve unbearable discomfort.


Can rabbits lose their tails naturally?

Can rabbits lose their tails naturally

As I have already mentioned, rabbits’ tails are a part of their spine and will never fall off naturally. In almost all cases, your pet will lose this body part due to external factors, such as:

  • Accidental cutting with a sharp object
  • Biting off during a fight for a female or territory

Besides accidents, such a thing often happens when male rabbits fight over the territory to show dominance. In the wild, the animal left without the tail is practically sentenced to death because this body part has a significant role in its life.


Can rabbits live without their tails?

Can rabbits live without their tails

Unlike many other animals, wild rabbits don’t need to rely on their tails while moving. On the other hand, it is practically impossible for these creatures to keep balance while standing on their hind legs without tails.

Without this body part, these creatures can’t spot predators or necessary food resources, making them vulnerable. Another problem is bleeding, which typically ends tragically because wild rabbits can’t stop it.

On the other hand, domesticated bunnies can comfortably live without their tails after helping them with wound healing.

Your pet won’t feel comfortable without this body part and will be partially disabled from functioning normally. However, the bunny can live that way when you provide a safe and comfy home.


Can rabbits grow back bitten-off tails?

Can rabbits grow back bitten-off tails

Unfortunately, your pet will never regrow a tail in any possible way. It is unbelievable how many bunny owners refuse to treat the injury after their pet loses this body part. For some reason, they believe it is possible for a tail to grow back.

The most likely root of this belief is that a rabbit’s tail brings good luck and can grow again once it is cut off. Such an attitude can jeopardize your bunny’s life since an untreated wound makes it prone to infection.

The best option is to prevent such an accident by providing your pet with a happy and fulfilled life. It is on you to protect it from danger and offer separated cages to unsterilized males.


What to do when your rabbit’s tail falls off?

What to do when your rabbit's tail falls off

If an accident still happens despite your attention and effort to provide the bunny with a comfortable and cozy life, your first step is to help a hurt animal. Clean the wound, stop bleeding, and immediately consult your vet.

They will prescribe necessary antibiotics to prevent possible infection. Giving this poor creature some painkiller is vital since tearing off the tail is painful and causes severe stress, sometimes even shock.

Your vet will also check the rabbit’s spine since a rough break can cause nerve damage. Be aware that most spine injuries cause discomfort and mobility issues, leaving a bunny immobile in some cases.

Only a timely reaction can provide your long-eared buddy with a happy life despite some restrictions resulting from cutting off the tail.


Ways to prevent a rabbit from biting a tail

Ways to prevent a rabbit from biting a tail

The first step before finding the way to help your bunny is to discover what is wrong with it and what causes such pathological behavior.

If your pet gets bored because of spending days alone in a tiny cage, the only way to help is to let the bunny play outside, purchase a sizable hutch, and find time to play with it. When you keep this lovely creature active and busy, it won’t tend to hurt itself.

Another option is to buy a few toys for your rabbit to keep it entertained while you are out of the home. It won’t have intentions to chase its tail while spending time playing.

Teach your kids that bunny is not a toy, and show them how to play with and handle your tiny pet friend without hurting it. Keeping sizable dogs away from your bunny is crucial in reducing stress and fear that often triggers self-hurt tendencies.

Finally, keep your rabbit clean and healthy. Talk to your vet regularly and solve problems with skin infections and parasites timely. Finally, you should provide nutritious food for this tiny creature to make it happy and healthy.


Reasons for Rabbits to Bite Off Other Rabbits’ Tails

Reasons for Rabbits to Bite Off Other Rabbits' Tails

Bunnies are loving and gentle creatures but can accidentally hurt other rabbits while grooming. As you probably know, they have an established hierarchy and always know which one is in charge.

Sometimes alpha male starts grooming a submissive companion and suddenly decides to hurt it. The first step is typically to go straight for the tail and bite it off.

Be aware that aggression among unsterilized males is pretty standard. One can bite off the other bunny’s tail while fighting over the territory or for a female during the mating season. Therefore, you should be careful when adopting multiple rabbits and keep two male animals separated.


Do Kits Have Tails?

Believe it or not, kits are technically born without tails. In an early period, tailbones are delicate and soft, and you can expect them to ossify (harden) when baby bunnies are approximately two weeks old.

Remember that some breeds have a rare hereditary condition with fused tail vertebrae. This irregularity is often in sizable breeds, like Flemish Giants. In such a case, the rabbit’s tail will be set at an unusual angle with the always visible underside. Unfortunately, this tail position sometimes causes discomfort.



Your rabbit pet requires nutritious food, a clean and secure habitat, and regular exercise and playing. If you let your bunny alone for a long or leave it in a negative and stressful environment, it may cut off its tail. In some cases, rabbits can also hurt each other, and it is on you to prevent such situations and help your pet when an accident occurs.