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Why is Gregor Clegane on Arya’s list?

Gregor Clegane, also known as “the Mountain”, is one of the most notorious villains in the world of Westeros, the fictional setting of the popular book and television series Game of Thrones. He is on Arya’s list because he is one of the few people who have a strong hatred towards House Stark.

He committed many heinous acts against them, including the murder of Arya’s father and brother. He also has a history of brutality and violence, including numerous murders and rapes. Because of this, Arya holds a strong grudge against him and has been determined to exact revenge since his atrocities came to light.

By including him on her list of people she wants to exact revenge upon, Arya is indicating that she intends to take revenge against him before any other vengeance. Her revenge against the Mountain is part of her overall mission to avenge her family and restore justice to the world of Westeros.

Why was the Hound on aryas list?

The Hound was on Arya’s list because he was responsible for killing her friend and mentor, the kind-hearted butcher’s boy, Mycah. The Hound, also known as Sandor Clegane, was working for Queen Cersei Lannister at the time and was ordered to kill Mycah for attacking her son Joffrey.

Arya had witnessed the event and was filled with rage and hatred for the Hound, so she vowed to avenge Mycah’s death. This hatred and thirst for vengeance is what led Arya to add the Hound to her list of people she wanted justice for.

Why did the Hound protect Arya?

The Hound was always protective of Arya, even from the first time they met. After a long journey together and despite his gruff exterior, he eventually came to see Arya as a young daughter figure. He wanted to keep her safe and out of harm’s way, and was willing to put his life on the line for her.

He also felt a deep debt to Arya’s father, Ned Stark, whom he had sworn to serve. In protecting Arya, the Hound was in a way protecting the Stark legacy, and restoring his duty and honor to his late master.

This was especially true when the Hound found himself in a fight against Brienne of Tarth and the two were defending Arya. In that moment, he was fighting not only to keep Arya safe, but to restore his honor and prove his loyalty to the Starks.

Ultimately, the Hound’s actions can be seen as proof of his developing character and morality, and his willingness to act on behalf of those he cares about.

Did the Hound love Sansa or Arya?

The Hound’s relationship with Sansa and Arya was complex, and it’s difficult to say whether or not he truly loved either of them. Initially, the Hound believed Sansa to be weak and spoiled, and he often made cutting remarks directed at her.

Later, he began to show a softer side and protect Sansa on multiple occasions. He often comforted her and helped reassure her during sad and frightening times — particularly when it came to her arranged marriage to Tyrion.

Yet, the Hound was still openly cynical and made jokes at her expense.

The Hound’s relationship with Arya was different. Although he did not seem to like her much initially, his opinion of her changed as he saw her confidence and courage grow. He even took her under his protection when her life was in danger.

His treatment of her was often more respectful than his treatment of Sansa, and he seemed to care for her deeply. Despite this, the Hound would sometimes slip back into his hostile behavior, often teasing or mocking her.

In the end, it’s unclear if the Hound ever truly loved Sansa or Arya. He certainly watched out for and cared for both of them in his own way, although his interactions could be volatile. While the Hound may not have expressed himself like a typical romantic lover, his willingness to protect the girls and his emotional connection to them does suggest that he had an affection for them.

Was the Hound attracted to Sansa?

It is difficult to say whether or not the Hound was attracted to Sansa. Although they shared a few tender moments, it is unclear if these moments were indicative of an underlying attraction. On one hand, the Hound was incredibly protective of Sansa, often going out of his way to help her and make sure she was safe.

On the other hand, Sansa was a reminder of the Hound’s past and all the traumas he had experienced. This, along with his self-hate and cynicism, seemed to keep him from truly connecting with her, suggesting that the bond between them was more of a friendship than a romantic interest.

Ultimately, we can only speculate as to the true nature of the Hound’s feelings for Sansa, but it appears that it was more of a fatherly attachment rather than a romantic one.

Who was first on Arya Stark’s list?

The first person on Arya Stark’s infamous list was Ser Ilyn Payne, the King’s Justice. He was the executioner for King Robert Baratheon and was responsible for beheading Eddard Stark for treason. He was a member of House Payne and a knight of the Kingsguard.

He was described as a tall and terrible man with a shaved head, a stoic demeanor, and an intimidating air. His face was seen to be expressionless and his voice never entered conversation unless to confirm an execution.

Ser Ilyn Payne was an almost mythical figure to many who lived within the Seven Kingdoms and a source of fear to those who disobeyed their king. He was the first person on Arya Stark’s list, and was targeted because of his role in the execution of her father.

Who did Arya kill first on her list?

The first person Arya killed on her list was Walder Frey. At the Red Wedding, Walder betrayed her House and killed her brother Robb and her pregnant mother Catelyn. In season 6, she goes to Walder Frey’s castle and discloses to him that it was she who killed his sons, Lothar and Black Walder river.

She then serves him a pie made of his own sons and kills him with a knife.

Who holds Arya when Ned is killed?

The person who holds Arya when her father, Ned, is killed is Jory Cassel, the captain of the guard. Ned’s betrayer, Petyr Baelish, lures Arya, Ned’s youngest daughter, away with a song, distracting her right before Ned’s execution.

Jory steps between Arya and the gallows, catching her in his arms as Ned is murdered. Jory has been a loyal protector of the Stark family since the start of the series, and while his intentions to protect Arya may be noble, his efforts prove futile in the face of Ned’s injustice.

Who was the faceless man in Braavos?

The Faceless Man who appears in the the city of Braavos is an enigma shrouded in mystery. He is a mysterious figure who appears in the HBO series Game of Thrones, based off George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

He is a figure that appears to be imbued with magic, with the ability to shapeshift and assume any identity.

The Faceless Men were originally the disciples of the God of Death, known as the Many-Faced God. According to the religion, the God of Death grants a person the ability to take on any form they choose and serve as his instrument.

The Faceless Men who reside in Braavos use this power to become whoever they wish to be.

The Faceless Man in Braavos is nobody or everybody, a shadowy figure that has assumed many identities. Little is known about him, though he has been seen in the twisting maze of canals and alleyways of the city.

He wears a simple hooded black cloak and carries a small metal link chain, which is said to have the power to grant wishes. In the books, it is said that he has been in the same place for centuries and never once aged.

The purpose of the Faceless Man in Braavos is still unknown. It is believed that he is either a guardian or a messenger of the Many-Faced God, tasked with passing on his will to those who deserve it.

He also may be an assassin, sent to eliminate those considered unworthy of the God of Death’s attention. Whatever his true purpose, the Faceless Man remains one of the most intriguing and mysterious characters in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Who is the guy that saved Arya season 1?

The guy that saved Arya Stark in season one of Game of Thrones is most famously known as Yoren. He is a black brother of the Night’s Watch, who is sent by Yoren to King’s Landing in season one to recruit men to take their Night Watch vows and serve on the wall.

After Eddard Stark’s arrest, he helps Eddard’s children flee the city, saving Arya Stark in the process. Yoren outfits Arya with false boy’s clothes, dubs her Arry, and heads North on the Kingsroad with a small group.

Yoren is a gruff, yet jovial man, who is loyal to the Night’s Watch and takes his duty very seriously. He is killed while defending Arya while they are within Robb Stark’s camp during the Battle of the Whispering Wood.

Yoren’s boldness and bravery in sacrificing his own life for Arya is a testament to his immense loyalty to the Night’s Watch.

How many people has Arya killed?

To date, Arya Stark, a fictional character in the TV series Game of Thrones, has killed a total of 18 characters.

The first character Arya killed was Wease, a stable boy at the Inn at the Crossroads in Season 1. In her travels, Arya killed a total of 5 common folk, 6 soldiers, 3 Night’s Watchmen, 1 highborn, and 2 members of The Brotherhood Without Banners.

Arya also killed the Tickler, a sadistic torturer employed by the Lannisters, and Ser Meryn Trant, a member of the Kingsguard and abusive lord that had been on her list for some time. She also killed Walder Frey and the Night King.

The Night King was probably the most notable figure killed by Arya. By taking him out, she not only saved the world of Westeros but also accomplished her mission of avenging the deaths of her family.

Overall, Arya Stark has killed a total of 18 characters across the course of Game of Thrones.

How did Sansa and Arya find out about Littlefinger?

When the Stark siblings returned to Winterfell, they began to piece together the bits of information they had heard about Littlefinger and his involvement in their father’s death. Sansa and Arya both spoke with the people of the North, including the Stark loyalists who had been loyal to their family during their stay in the Eyrie.

They learned of Littlefinger’s role in orchestrating the murder of their father Eddard by Lysa Arryn, as well as his part in the “Red Wedding” and his attempts to manipulate the Starks from the shadows.

Furthermore, thanks to the help of Bran Stark and Meera Reed, the faceless man, the three-eyed raven, and their vision of the past, the Stark siblings were able to see the truth behind Littlefinger’s deceitful plans.

From here, they were able to lay their suspicions to rest and use the information to confront Littlefinger.

What note did Arya steal from Littlefinger?

Arya Stark stole a note from Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, in Season 7 of “Game of Thrones”. The note was written by Sansa Stark and sent to the then-King of the North, Robb Stark. In it, Sansa promised to wed Ramsey Bolton in exchange for the safety of her brothers and sisters.

When Arya discovered the note, she used it as evidence against Littlefinger, who was trying to drive a wedge between the Stark siblings. After he was found guilty, Arya ultimately executed Littlefinger for all of his manipulations.

What 3 names did Arya say?

Arya Stark, a character in George RR Martin’s epic fantasy novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the hit HBO television adaptation “Game of Thrones”, is known for reciting a litany of names, through which she seeks revenge against her enemies.

The three names she says are:

1. “Cersei Lannister”, the Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms and the widow of King Robert Baratheon, who is Arya’s enemy.

2. “Walder Frey”, the patriarch of House Frey and the architect of the infamous Red Wedding, which resulted in the death of Arya’s brother, Robb Stark.

3. “The Mountain”, or Gregor Clegane, a fierce and feared warrior who serves as a member of the Lannister House Guard. He is responsible for the death and torture of numerous members of the Stark house.

What is the most shocking scene in Game of Thrones?

One of the most shocking scenes in Game of Thrones is the infamous Red Wedding. The Red Wedding was an event orchestrated by Walder Frey and Roose Bolton in order to protect their houses and gain favor with the Lannisters.

It took place at the Twins, the stronghold of House Frey, where Robb Stark, his mother, wife, and army were betrayed and brutally murdered. It was a heartbreaking scene to watch, as Catelyn Stark desperately pleaded with Walder Frey and Roose Bolton for the lives of her son, husband, and the many innocent men assembled at the Twins, only to be ruthlessly slaughtered in cold blood.

It was a moment that changed the course of the show forever and one that shocked audiences around the world.