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Why does Barney always say 83?

Barney Stinson is a character in the beloved and widely-recognized sitcom How I Met Your Mother, who is known for always saying the catchphrase “Legendary. ” It has been widely speculated that the reason why Barney always says “83” is because it is an anagram for the word “legendary.

” This could be a way for the writers of the show to keep the catchphrase alive without explicitly saying it.

This reference was even more emphasized in the Season 7 episode The Burning Beekeeper, when Barney asks Robin what she thinks about when she hears the number “83,” and she responds “legendary. ” It has also been speculated that the 83 reference could be an homage to the year 1983, which was the year the show’s co-executive producer, Craig Thomas, was born.

Regardless of the reason, the use of “83” as a reference to “legendary” has been a running gag throughout the series, and has been beloved by fans.

Why is Barney obsessed with 83?

Barney Stinson is an important character in the TV series, How I Met Your Mother, and he is known for his obsession with the number 83. While the reason for this is never actually revealed in the show, there are a few theories of why Barney is so devoted to the number 83.

One theory is that the number 83 represents positivity and a counterbalance to any negative events that occur. In How I Met Your Mother, Barney experiences a lot of setbacks in his capers and schemes, so it makes sense that he would look to a number associated with positivity.

Another popular theory is that 83 is associated with the classic Feynman Technique, which was developed by the physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Richard Feynman. The idea behind the technique is that for any problem, it is important to break it down into its simplest components and then build up from there.

Barney is known for his incredible knowledge and expertise when it comes to ladies, and this method helps him to easily structure his game plan.

There is also a third theory that the number 83 speaks to his ability to get the girl. In the show, he often has to come up with innovative plans and tactics to win a girl’s heart. By focusing on the number 83, it allows him to try different solutions until he finds the one that works.

Whether it actually has an underlying meaning or not, the number 83 is an integral part of Barney’s character and it has provided fans of the show with some of his best lines and moments.

Who did Barney cheat on?

Barney had a long-term relationship with Robin and ultimately cheated on her. At the time Robin and Barney were living together, Barney had developed a relationship with a woman named Nora. Nora and Barney connected while Barney was living with Robin and they felt a strong connection with one another.

Eventually, Barney’s deception turns into a full-blown affair. Barney’s dishonesty broke Robin’s heart and it was one of the most hurtful impacts of his infidelity. After discovering what had happened, Robin was understandably devastated and it nearly ended their relationship.

Ultimately, they were able to move past this obstacle and remain friends. In the end, the cheating scandal between Barney and Nora ultimately pushed Barney and Robin further apart, ending their relationship for good.

Who was Barney’s 200th?

Barney’s 200th customer was an elderly woman named Mrs. Enid Blinke. According to Barney, she earned the distinction of being the 200th customer in the first week of his sandwich shop’s grand opening.

Mrs. Enid Blinke was a regular customer of Barney’s sandwich shop, who had been visiting the shop on a weekly basis since its grand opening. She was a great fan of Barney’s and was always happy to chat with Barney when she stopped in for lunch.

The day of her 200th visit, she had asked for her usual order – a Rueben sandwich with chips – and Barney had made sure to highlight her order as the 200th customer. He also gave her a complimentary side dish, saying it was in honor of her loyalty and enthusiasm for his shop.

Mrs. Enid Blinke was so delighted to hear the news that she let out a big, happy laugh, and hugged Barney when he handed her the free plate. She said she would be sure to tell her friends and family about the great food and hospitality she had experienced from Barney’s sandwich shop.

Barney was glad that he’d been able to give Mrs. Enid Blinke the recognition she deserved for her loyalty, and he made a point to thank her for her enthusiasm and continued support for his business. She was definitely one of Barney’s favorite customers, and one he would always remember.

What is Barney’s secret?

Barney’s secret is that he is a master of disguise. He is able to seamlessly blend in with any crowd, no matter their age, ethnicity, or culture. He has a vast array of disguises, from a hip-hop artist to a distinguished gentleman, and can easily change his appearance to match his surroundings.

He also has an incredible range of vocal talent, being able to rapidly switch from one accent to another depending on the situation. His skill and creativity in this area are truly unmatched.

What is BJ short for in Barney?

BJ is short for “Barney Junior,” which is the name of Barney’s youngest character and nephew. He is a curious, mischievous kid who loves to explore, play and have fun. BJ first appeared in the Barney & Friends television series in 1995, and has been a mainstay ever since.

He is always looking for a new adventure and wants to help others, even if his misadventures sometimes require saving too. Despite his occasional antics, BJ is a lovable character and a much-loved part of the Barney & Friends family.

How many times does Barney not wear a suit?

Barney Stinson from the show How I Met Your Mother often wears a suit as part of his trademark wardrobe. However, there are occasions when he does not wear a suit. Throughout the show, there have been severalSeason 1 episodes where Barney has not worn a suit, such as when he appears in casual clothing as a representative from a car rental agency or when he takes part in a high-end party at MacLarens.

In Season 3, Barney also appears in casual clothing when he meets his mother. Occasionally, Barney has also been seen wearing hoodies, tank-tops and other casual clothes. However, these instances are not as frequent as when he is wearing his trademark suits.

Overall, Barney doesn’t wear a suit on a relatively small number of occasions throughout the show.

What was the reason Barney was Cancelled?

The show Barney & Friends was officially cancelled in 2009 after a 15-year run on public television. The show was initially cancelled due to declining viewership and funding cuts, as the show had aired its final season in 2007.

As the show was funded through PBS, it was ultimately the decision of the organizations involved, PBS and Lyons Partnership, to no longer finance the show.

It was also suggested that Barney had become a victim of his own success as newer children’s shows started to take over television screens. By 2009, the show was becoming too outdated for modern audiences and the viewership was declining as a result.

Another factor was the introduction of digital platforms, such as streaming services, which had become popular in the mid 2000s and began replacing traditional methods of entertainment.

However, despite the dip in viewership, Barney & Friends had loyal viewers who were disappointed by its cancellation. Many fans shared their sadness on social media and sent messages of appreciation to the creators and staff of the show.

As a result, a few years after its cancellation, popular characters from the show were brought back in the form of two feature length films, “Barney’s Great Adventure” and “Barney’s Beach Party”. The films were a way to say goodbye to the show’s beloved characters and to give Barney’s fans a way to remember the show.

What is Barney Stinson’s real job?

Barney Stinson’s real job in the TV show How I Met Your Mother is never actually specified. Although it can be inferred he holds some sort of corporate job, such as a salesman or stock broker, as he has been known to wear a suit and tie to work.

Barney also has a knack for coming up with elaborate schemes and making lots of money, so it’s possible he has a variety of businesses or investments he’s involved in. Overall, Barney’s real job might not be known, but it’s clear he’s a successful, savvy businessman.

What percentages does Barney Stinson get?

The exact percentages of Barney Stinson’s earnings are difficult to determine since he is a fictional character created for the popular American sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”. However, it is likely that he would have benefitted from the syndication rights of the show, as well as his own real-life earnings from his role as a lead actor.

According to Variety, the show made $171 million in syndication and licensing deals from its first five seasons, so it is likely that Stinson’s earnings were substantial.

Additionally, Neil Patrick Harris, who plays Barney Stinson, is estimated to have earned $225,000 per episode for the final three seasons, according to IMDb. While the exact percentages of Harris’ salary for his role on the show are not known, it is likely that the bulk of it would have gone to the lead actor.

Given Barney Stinson’s importance as a character in the show and the fact that Neil Patrick Harris was likely the highest paid actor on the show, it can be assumed that Barney Stinson earned a substantial percentage of the total money made from the show.

What is the salary of Barney Stinson’s?

The exact salary of Barney Stinson’s is unknown given that he is a fictional character from the TV show How I Met Your Mother. However, it is implied that Barney Stinson was a successful corporate executive and was financially well-off.

In the show, he was seen having multiple jobs and businesses, apart from having his own apartment in Manhattan. Although the salary of Barney Stinson is unknown, we can assume that he most likely made a very good income.

Is Barney rich How I Met Your Mother?

The fictional character from the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, is. Throughout the show, Barney is presented as someone with a great deal of wealth, though the exact amount is never stated. Barney’s frequent use of expensive cars, suits and other luxuries suggest that he is financially successful; however, he is rarely seen working, leaving his actual source of income unknown.

The question of how wealthy Barney is arises from the fact that he is able to afford all of the expensive things and fancy dates without ever seeming to worry about money. As his financial resources are never discussed explicitly in the show, viewers are left to make their own conclusions about how rich Barney really is.

What does 16 Craploads mean?

The phrase “16 craploads” is non-literal, informal language that is often used to express an exaggerated amount of something, more than a “ton” or “jillion” for example. The exact number 16 does not have a significance and is generally only used for emphasis.

The phrase suggests that whatever is being discussed is a lot, more than could be counted, and would be beyond the capacity of another larger unit of measure, like a ton or a jillion. Generally, when someone uses this phrase it implies that the amount of whatever is being discussed is very large, too large to count, so it is instead described with a figure of speech.

How many girls has Barney slept with?

It’s impossible to definitively answer this question as there is no official tally or record regarding how many women Barney has slept with. In the television series, Barney is portrayed as a womanizer and a playboy, so it is expected that he has been with a considerable amount of women.

In one episode, Barney estimated the number to be over 200 but this was never officially confirmed. Additionally, that number could have easily changed over the course of the series.

What does Crapload mean in how I met your mother?

In the show How I Met Your Mother, the phrase “crapload” was used often as an expression to describe a large amount of something, usually an extreme amount. It was usually used in a humorous way, to express exasperation at a situation or to accentuate the point of a story.

For example, when Marshall and Lily are discussing Marshall’s childhood, he exclaims that he had a “crapload of siblings”. Similarly, when Ted was telling a story about an ex-girlfriend who was annoying him, he described her enthusiasm for a certain TV show with the exaggeration “a crapload of enthusiasm”.

In this way, “crapload” is used by the characters in the show to emphasize and add humor to their stories. It is also sometimes used to demonstrate the frustration of the characters and their friends with a particular situation, such as when Barney told Lily and Marshall that they were making “a crapload of noise”.