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Who was RuPaul’s makeup artist?

Pablo Medina was RuPaul’s makeup artist for many years. He started his career in the 1990s, doing makeup for various celebrities. He was hired to work with RuPaul in the mid 1990s and quickly became one of RuPaul’s most trusted makeup artists.

He painted RuPaul for music videos, television shows, magazine covers, awards shows, and other public appearances. He was RuPaul’s go-to makeup artist for nearly two decades, up until the mid-to-late 2000s.

Throughout his career with RuPaul, he revolutionized the beauty industry with his vibrant and vivacious makeup looks, which helped to make RuPaul such an icon in both the drag and beauty communities.

Who started the lipstick on the mirror Drag Race?

Drag Race on the Mirror first started in February 2018 by makeup artist and beauty blogger, Laxmivan Jain. The goal of the competition was to create innovative and creative makeup looks using only a lipstick and a mirror as the main sources of inspiration.

The competition has been a massive success, with hundreds of talented makeup artists and influencers taking part across social media platforms. Participants have created an array of makeup looks, from abstract art to portrait-like pieces, all utilizing lipstick as their main material.

The results of this fun, innovative competition have been jaw-droppingly spectacular, showcasing the immense talent and artistry of all the participants.

Who is the most lip synced artist on Drag Race?

The most lip synced artist on Drag Race is arguably RuPaul, who has been featured in numerous lip sync battles on the show. Since RuPaul is the host of Drag Race, it makes sense that they would utilize her music more than other artists.

In fact, her songs “Supermodel (You Better Work)”, “Kitty Girl”, and “Cover Girl (Put The Bass In Your Walk)” have been used in lip sync battles on almost every season of Drag Race. Other popular artists lip synced on the show have included Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, and Britney Spears, who even made a cameo in an episode of the show.

It is not just contemporary music played on the show, however, as classics from the likes of Chaka Khan, Donna Summer and even Fleetwood Mac have been featured. All in all, RuPaul has solidified her status as the most lip synced artist on Drag Race.

Who lip synced the most RPDR?

The competing queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race have all lip-synced their way to success at some point, but the record for the most lip syncs is held by Valentina. Valentina lip-synced a total of 6 times.

She first lip-synced in the sixth All-Stars episode, and then again in the finale. She then went on to lip-sync in four consecutive regular season episodes (Episode 9, Episode 10, Episode 11, and Episode 12).

Ultimately, Valentina was eliminated in Episode 12. Following her, the runner-up for most lip-syncs is Trixie Mattel, who lip-synced a total of five times: in Episode 7, Episode 9, Episode 10, the All-Stars 2 reunion, and the 9th season finale.

Who did Gottmik lip sync against?

Gottmik lip synced against Symone in the Season 13 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race. A iconic lip sync, their performances were described by the judges as “divine” and “electrifying”, as Gottmik pulled out all the stops for their performance.

It was a drag-off for the ages, as both queens showcased their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. RuPaul crowned Gottmik the winner of the lip sync, sending Symone home.

What does lipstick on a mirror mean?

Lipstick on a mirror can mean a few different things depending on the context. It could simply be someone’s attempt at expressing themselves through art, as it can be used to make patterns or shapes on the glass.

It could also be a romantic gesture or mark of affection, as applying lipstick on a mirror is one way in which people will often try to “write” or draw the name of their partner or a sentimental meaning.

Alternatively, it could be used to symbolize a moment of significance, such as a wedding day, or as a reminder of a loved one who has passed away. Regardless of the meaning behind it, lipstick on a mirror is a creative way to put a personal touch on any space.

Who did Jinkx monsoon give the star to?

Jinkx Monsoon, the stage name of drag performer Jerick Hoffer, won the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2013. During their Snatch Game episode, where contestants compete in a game show parody, Monsoon gave the remaining star to fellow contestant Alaska Thunderfuck 5000.

This act was symbolic of Monsoon offering Alaska a sense of affirmation for her ability to accept her vulnerability and to recognize her talent. In the series finale, Alaska was crowned the runner-up, with Monsoon as the winner.

This star was given from one queen to another as an acknowledgement of their relationship and as a sign of respect for Alaska’s skill within the competition.

What did Brita filter do Drag Race?

Brita filter served as a pit crew member in the 13th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. During the season, Brita provided the queens with a custom water filter and had the contestants decorate them in their own style.

The artwork from each individual queen was then judged and one lucky queen won the “Best Brita Filter” award. The winner was then able to bring their filter to an All-Star challenge later in season where they presented it to the judges.

In addition to their role as a pit crew member, Brita also sponsored the show by providing all the water to the contestants as they prepared for the competition. This allowed the queens to stay hydrated while they worked through various challenges, as well as enjoy refreshing drinks while they waited backstage.

Brita’s commitment to helping promote healthier lifestyle choices on and off the show was invaluable, and we were all very lucky to have them present during the 13th season.

Who is Anubis Drag Race?

Anubis Drag Race is the first ever virtual drag race experience that puts the user in the driver’s seat. Created by car enthusiast, Steve Reider, Anubis Drag Race offers players a realistic drag racing experience from the comfort of their own home.

As the first of its kind, the game uses the latest in virtual reality technology and voice recognition software to bring the user into the heart of the action. Players can choose from over 30 levels and customize their rides, with an array of parts from wheels to engines, to truly customize the race.

Players can race against the clock or go head to head with a friend and even challenge AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponents using the built in AI opponents. The game also features realistic drag physics and vehicle physics, enabling players to feel the difference of different car setups, as well as working their way up the drag racing ranks.

Anubis Drag Race is available now on the Xbox Series X and PC.

Who is RuPaul’s daughter?

RuPaul’s daughter is Kor Grace Charles. She is adopted and was born on January 22, 2000 in Los Angeles. She is the only child of RuPaul and his partner Georges LeBar. RuPaul and LeBar adopted Kor when she was three days old, and at the time, RuPaul was 44 years old.

Kor is currently studying at Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she is majoring in applied Arts and Visual Culture. She is also a model and an activist for positive body image and the LGBTQ community.

On her 21st birthday, she changed her name to Grace as she felt it was more fitting to her identity.

Kor lives with her parents in California, and is often seen on social media at events with them and other friends. She is also active on Instagram and posts pictures of her art, travels, and daily life.

RuPaul has described Kor as an “amazing human being” and a “true light.” He is extremely proud of her and has said that “nothing is more fulfilling than being a parent.”

Who passed away from Drag Race?

Unfortunately, there have been several members of the Drag Race family who have passed away. The most well-known being season 2 contestant Sahara Davenport, who passed away in October of 2012 due to heart failure.

Sahara was born Antoine Ashley on November 8th, 1984 in Germany and was a singer, performer and television personality. She was a beloved member of the Drag Race family and will always be remembered.

In March of 2014, season 3 contestant Chi Chi DeVayne passed away due to scleroderma, pneumonia and kidney failure. Chi Chi was born Zavion Davenport on November 8th, 1985, and was also a singer, dancer and reality star.

She was an incredibly talented performer and was incredibly beloved.

In December of 2020, Sherry Pie, a season 12 contestant, was disqualified from the show after being accused of sexual misconduct. Although not officially claimed as part of the Drag Race family, Sherry Pie had made a place for themselves in the community before the allegations and offered her apologies for her actions before her death in February of 2021.

Finally, in March of 2021, on the same day as the season 13 finale, the Drag Race family lost another member in Nicky Doll, a contestant on season 12, due to an accidental overdose. Nicky Doll was born Karl Sanchez in Toulouse, France, in 1988, and appeared on the show to share her unique artistry and style.

Nicky Doll was an accomplished artist and an icon of the LGBTQ+ community and will be remembered for inspiring many people.

Who is the secret queen on Drag Race?

The secret queen on Drag Race is a character called Season 5 winner, Jinkx Monsoon, who was revealed on the show’s reunion episode. Jinkx was an enigma throughout her time on the show, always deflecting questions about her identity and maintaining an air of mystery around herself.

After an intense lip-sync battle between finalists Alaska, Roxxxy Andrews and Jinkx, Jinkx was revealed to be the winner and the secret queen of Drag Race. Jinkx was a strong and determined competitor throughout the competition, with a unique style and approach to drag.

Since winning the competition, Jinkx has become a notable figure in the drag world, having received critical acclaim for her performance abilities, personality and sense of humor. Jinkx has gone on to appear in several independent films, television series and drag performances.

She currently tours the world, promoting and sharing her message of self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

Does Akashia still do drag?

Yes, Akashia is still actively involved in drag performances. She is a drag queen based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and has been performing since 1998. Akashia has been featured on shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 1) and Logo TV’s The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula.

She still performs shows in Atlanta, often at the popular Mary’s neighborhood bar, where she is the resident host and drag artist. Akashia is making a name for herself in the drag world, gaining recognition in part because of her unique and innovative fashion sense, as well as her own original drag routines.

Akashia continues to expand her notoriety and fanbase, often promoting her shows and events through her social media platforms. Fans from all around the world are able to follow Akashia’s work and events online.

Does RuPaul have a kid?

No, RuPaul does not have any children. RuPaul, whose real name is RuPaul Andre Charles, is an American drag queen, actor, model, singer, songwriter, and television personality. He is best known for hosting and producing the reality competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Throughout his career, RuPaul has expressed an intention to remain child-free. He discussed this in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1998, saying “it’s very hard to have a child, and it’s very hard to not have a child”.

Many interviews since then have reflected a belief that RuPaul is happy with his life and has no intention of having children.

RuPaul currently lives in Los Angeles with his partner of more than 23 years, Georges LeBar. LeBar owns a 60,000-acre ranch in Wyoming and the couple spends time there in the summer, although they are unable to have visitors due to COVID-19.

Is RuPaul married and have kids?

No, RuPaul is not married and does not have children. He revealed to Andy Cohen on an episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live’ that he is single and does not have any children. RuPaul is an icon in the LGBTQ+ community and has a long-standing commitment to self-love and acceptance.

He encourages people have to have relationships with themselves before they pursue other intimate relationships. RuPaul is an outspoken advocate of same-sex marriage and encouraged people to speak out in support of marriage equality when it was on the ballot in California in 2008.