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Who survives at the end of the 100?

At the end of The 100, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) and her crew are the last remaining survivors on Earth. Following the events of the 6th and final season, they manage to build a new civilization and forge a sense of peace among the various factions of survivors.

While some of the original characters have died along the way, Clarke, Bellamy (Bob Morley), Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), Raven (Lindsey Morgan), Murphy (Richard Harmon), Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira), Indra (Adina Porter), and the rest of the surviving members of the Eligius III mission are still alive.

With the threat of the AI-controlled artificial intelligence the Primes and their followers gone, they are left to rebuild society on Earth.

How did The 100 end?

The 100 ended with a satisfying yet bittersweet ending, offering closure for all of its characters’ stories. After six seasons of suspense and heartbreak, the show went out on its own terms, delivering an emotionally satisfying finale that tied up the final loose ends.

The final episode of the series had Clarke (Eliza Taylor) sacrificing herself to save her friends. She was able to turn off the mind of the AI to prevent the extinction of all humankind. After realizing what she had done, Clarke discovered that she was the last remaining human being.

However, she also found comfort in knowing that her friends and loved ones had been able to find peace in the space station orbiting earth.

The series ends with Clarke living alone among the stars, with her spirit united with her loved ones. The scene is further enhanced when Becca’s (Erica Cerra) spacecraft arrives, carrying those aboard the ark in a safe and peaceful area, leaving Clarke in charge of a new world.

It’s a hopeful and optimistic ending, giving viewers a sense of closure that many other series lack.

The 100 was an amazing journey that will surely be remembered for many years to come. It delivered a truly unique experience that touched millions of viewers. The show’s powerful storylines, spectacular visuals, and talented cast have combined to create a world that will remain in the hearts of viewers for many years to come.

Who does Clarke end up with in The 100?

At the end of the series, it is revealed that Clarke Griffin ultimately ends up with her close friend and confidante, Bellamy Blake. The two have become close throughout the series, having gone through many trials and tribulations together.

Although Clarke has had romantic relationships with other characters throughout the show, her romantic connection with Bellamy has grown into a strong bond of companionship.

Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship has been so popular that fans of the show have hailed Bellarke (the ship name for the pair) as the show’s most successful relationship. The two are so close that Clarke makes Bellamy the first person she tells when she discovers that she is pregnant in the series finale.

The series finale sees Clarke and Bellamy reunite after months of not seeing each other. With the two finally together, they share an emotional moment of understanding and mutual respect, further emphasizing the strong bond they have formed.

At the episode’s conclusion, Clarke and Bellamy walk off into the sunset, solidifying their relationship for the long-term future.

Who is the final villain in The 100?

The final villain of The 100 is Sheidheda, also known as the Dark Commander. He is the last living Commander of the Grounders and the leader of the Dark Seven. He was last seen in the series finale, when he was unleashed from the mind of Russell Lightbourne after years of imprisonment.

He is an incredibly powerful, ruthless, and dangerous individual, and with his army of loyal followers, he intended to take over the world. He was eventually defeated by Clarke, Madi, and the rest of their allies who were able to outsmart him and strip him of his army and power.

With defeat, he was finally put to an end and peace was restored to the world of The 100.

Is there a happy ending in The 100?

The 100 is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama on The CW. It follows a group of surviving humans that have been living on an Ark in space for generations, and must now face the reality of returning to an Earth that has been uninhabited for centuries.

The show is well known for its complicated and often harrowing storylines, so it can seem difficult to determine if there is a happy ending in store.

The show’s finale gives us some idea of what a possible happy ending could be. The main characters go through many trials and tribulations, and relationships and dynamics shift as the story progresses.

But in the end, the characters have all grown, evolved, and gone through a substantial amount of healing and self-discovery. Though disturbing events continue to plague them, it seems that the characters have all pulled through, and this is a sign of a hopeful ending.

Ultimately, it is left up to each individual viewer to decide whether or not there is a happy ending to this story. Some may view the finale as a sign of success and hope, while others may disagree. But at the very least, the show acknowledges the hardships that the characters have gone through and the importance of continuing to work for a better, brighter future.

Who dies in season 7 of The 100?

In season 7 of The 100, multiple characters die, either in battle, due to natural causes, or choose to sacrifice themselves. The primary character who dies is Lexa, portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey. Lexa is an unstoppable warrior commander and beloved leader of the Grounders, and she dies during a devastating attack on the bunker the group is staying in.

Other characters who die in season 7 are Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan), who chooses to sacrifice herself to launch a nuclear missile, Nathan Miller (Jarod Joseph), who dies in battle, and Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira), who sacrifices herself to help save her friends.

Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) also sacrifices himself for the same cause as Emori and is presumed to be dead. Each death is heartbreaking and will be felt by fans for years to come.

How does Clarke survive the death wave?

Clarke was able to survive the death wave thanks to her fast thinking and resourceful nature. After Lexa destroyed the Mountain and released death wave radiation into the atmosphere, Clarke quickly realized that she needed to get underground to avoid being affected.

With the help of Bellamy, Monty, and Murphy, she was able to coordinate efforts to reach the island and find a bunker that would protect her from the radiation. Once inside the bunker, Clarke used her knowledge of A.

L. I. E. to reboot the reactor and close the mountainside door, providing a barrier from the radiation. From then on, Clarke was able to survive the death wave by relying on her friends for food and supplies, and the guidance of A.

L. I. E. to ration and store the limited water supplies. In the end, Clarke was able to survive the death wave because of her courage, quick thinking, and reliance on the help of her friends.

Why didn t Clarke transcend in The 100?

Clarke did not transcend in The 100 because she is a Nightblood, making her the only person in her species who is immune to the radiation on Earth. This was discovered during an experiment to find out how Clarke’s Nightblood would be affected by radiation, and it was revealed that it would not be affected at all.

This gives her a unique, powerful resistance to the radiation which makes her immune to it. Because of this, she is the only Nightblood that would be able to Transcend and the Crucible would be unable to take her.

Additionally, Transcending requires a certain level of physical and mental readiness that Clarke may not have been prepared for due to the events of the series. In the end, it is possible that Clarke may have had the potential to Transcend but wasn’t able to reach that level due to her situation within the series.

Do Octavia and Levitt end up together?

No, Octavia and Levitt do not end up together. Although there is a chemistry between them and they have had multiple intimate moments in the show, they ultimately decide to part ways. Octavia is forced to stay with her family and Levitt finds a relationship with someone else.

In the end, they stay close friends and Levitt even visits her in her home country to wish her a happy New Year. Despite their romance not lasting, Levitt is still there for Octavia when she needs him most.

Who is Octavia’s girlfriend in The 100 book?

Octavia’s girlfriend in The 100 book is named Lyria. She is from an adjacent settlement, and the two meet when Octavia travels there seeking food for her village. Lyria is kind, sympathetic, and deeply loves Octavia.

As their relationship grows, Lyria teaches Octavia about her settlement and how their way of life differs from Octavia’s village. Despite the difference in their backgrounds, the pair build a strong bond, and eventually, Lyria decides to follow Octavia and her small band of survivors to the presumed safety of the underground bunker.

Lyria’s compassionate and understanding nature is a source of strength and hope wherever they go.

Who is the father of Octavia’s baby?

The father of Octavia’s baby is not entirely clear. The show never fully revealed the father of Octavia’s child, though it has been implied that it could possibly be Bellamy Blake. At the end of the fourth season, Octavia and Bellamy had grown close and shared a passionate kiss, and in the fifth season, Octavia appeared to be pregnant.

This has led to speculation by fans that Bellamy may be the father of Octavia’s baby, though no confirmation has been made by the show. Ultimately, the father of Octavia’s baby remains a mystery.

Was Octavia pregnant during The 100?

Octavia Blake was not pregnant during The 100; however, actress Marie Avgeropoulos who portrays Octavia had her first child during the show’s run. Marie was pregnant in real life and her pregnancy was written into the show.

In the show, Octavia’s pregnancy was addressed when she mentioned looking forward to the baby in an episode of Season 6. Octavia’s pregnancy was hidden to her throughout the show. In the sixth season, she found out about her pregnancy and eventually gave birth.

This was all part of a subplot where Octavia ultimately gives her baby to another woman to protect it from the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world. Ultimately, Octavia was not pregnant during the show itself, although her pregnancy was addressed later in the storyline.

Does Lexa exist in The 100 books?

No, Lexa does not exist in The 100 book series. Lexa is a character created exclusively for the television series adaptation of the books. The 100 book series is written by Kass Morgan and follows the story of 100 juvenile delinquents being sent to Earth to determine if it is inhabitable again after a nuclear apocalypse.

In the books, there is no character that corresponds to Lexa, so she does not exist in the books.

How many of the original 100 are still alive?

As of 2020, only two of the original 100 human beings sent to Mars on the space exploration mission are still alive. The mission began in 2032 when the original 100 colonists arrived on Mars as part of an ambitious plan to establish a permanent human presence on the red planet.

After three decades of increasing population growth and technological development, the mission was declared a success in 2062.

However, of the original 100 human beings sent to Mars, only two are still alive today. These two individuals, Leroy Jenkins and Stacy Mason, are both of advanced age and have decided to stay on Mars, where they will spend their remaining years.

They have both become much-loved figures around the colony and have achieved a great deal of fame in recent years due to their incredible story.

While the original 100 Martian colonists have been gone for many years, their legacy and accomplishments will be remembered for generations to come. Their courage and dedication to the cause of space exploration has inspired countless millions of people, both on Earth and on Mars, and their extraordinary story will continue to be told for years to come.

Who all died in The 100?

Many characters have died over the course of The 100, a post-apocalyptic science fiction drama series.

The Grounders suffered heavily in the early seasons of the show, with a considerable number of casualties suffered in the assault on Mount Weather and in the Nature-created Great War in the second season.

Notable deaths among the Grounders include Lexa, chosen leader of the 12 clans, killed by Titus; Emerson, commander of the Reapers, killed by Lexa; Lincoln, Octavia’s love, killed by Pike; Titus, chief advisor to Lexa, killed by Lexa; Nyko, healer of the Tree People, killed at Mount Weather; Indra, commander of the Trikru, shot and killed by Pike; Costia, a former lover of Lexa, killed by The Ice Nation; and Anya, 2nd Commander of Trikru, killed by Finn in season 1.

Other characters that are not grounders but died in the show include President Dante Wallace, killed by Clarke; Jaha, former Chancellor of the Ark, killed in the fifth season; Abby Griffin, former medical officer of the Ark, killed in the sixth season; Marcus Kane, former Chancellor of the Ark, killed in the sixth season; Mount Weather survivors Maya and Sterling, both killed in the second season; Burns, Nightblood creator, killed in the fifth season; Becca Franco, creator of A.

L. I. E. killed in the fourth season; and Eric Jackson, an Ark survivor, killed in the fourth season.

Lastly, the Sky People have also suffered an immeasurable amount of deaths over the course of the show. Notable deaths include Finn Collins, killed by the Grounders; Bellamy Blake, killed while trapped in the Anomaly; and Raven Reyes, killed in the sixth season.