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Who murdered Bethany PLL?

The identity of who murdered Bethany Young on hit TV series Pretty Little Liars remains a mystery. The true culprit was never officially revealed in the series, however, there are some fan theories surrounding who may have actually done it.

One of the most popular theories is that Bethany’s murderer was Melissa Hastings. Melissa had a strong motive to kill Bethany; she had always been jealous of her sister Spencer’s close relationship with her, and Bethany had walked in on them arguing in the Hastings’ backyard the night before she was killed.

Furthermore, Spencer had lied to Melissa and told her that Bethany was going to lunch with them at Radley the day of her death. Later, when Mona and Toby question Melissa about why she was at Radley that day, she cannot provide an explanation.

Another popular theory suggests that Charlotte was behind Bethany’s murder. It was her who had been admitted to Radley for trying to murder Marion Cavanaugh, Bethany’s mother. She was later released and monitored by Mona, and ultimately assumed the identity of CeCe Drake.

Charlotte had shown up at the Hastings backyard the night before Bethany’s murder and threatened the girls, which could have pushed her to take her own revenge.

While both theories are intriguing, the true identity of Bethany’s murderer was never explicitly revealed in Pretty Little Liars.

Did Spencer hit Bethany with the shovel?

No, Spencer did not hit Bethany with the shovel. Although a shovel was used in the altercation between them, it was only used as a defensive weapon. Bethany had come to Spencer’s home in the middle of the night, and when Spencer asked her why she was there, she became angry and started to attack him.

In order to protect himself from her blows, Spencer used the shovel to keep her at bay. He was eventually able to subdue her and convince her to leave, but he never actually hit her with the shovel.

Why did Melissa think Spencer killed Bethany?

Melissa thought Spencer killed Bethany because she believed that Spencer was the one who had been writing to Toby from Mona’s account. Melissa knew that Spencer had gone to the Lodge on the night of the murder, and that Toby was also there—which conveniently gave Melissa an alibi.

Melissa was also aware that Spencer had taken a voicemail from Melissa’s phone which ultimately prevented her mother from finding out about the “A” game. Furthermore, Melissa knew that Spencer often had angry outbursts and that Spencer had threatened to kill Mona in the past—so it was not too far fetched to think that Spencer might have had a hand in Bethany’s murder.

Additionally, Melissa was jealous of Spencer’s better academic record and felt threatened by it—so it is possible that this made her even more suspicious of Spencer.

What did Melissa whisper to her dad?

It is impossible to know with certainty what Melissa whispered to her dad as it was not revealed or indicated, so it can only be assumed. It is likely that Melissa whispered something personal in nature, such as expressing reassurance that she loved and cared for him, or some words of encouragement.

It could also have been an apology or something humorous. Ultimately, it is impossible to know for sure what the words were, but it is clear that Melissa and her dad had a strong bond and the exchange was meaningful and heartfelt.

Why were Bethany and Alison wearing the same clothes?

Bethany and Alison were wearing the same clothes because they were twins. Twin siblings often share clothes, hairstyles, and other physical characteristics, which is why they may match sometimes. It’s not uncommon for twins to share clothing, especially when they’re younger.

It’s a sign of their close bond and closeness, and that’s likely why Bethany and Alison were wearing the same clothes. Parents of twins will sometimes buy matching outfits for them to make it easier to differentiate between the two, but it’s mostly for fun.

In any case, Bethany and Alison’s matching clothes are simply a sign of their strong connection as siblings.

Why did Bethany hurt Mrs DiLaurentis?

Bethany Young was a patient at Radley Sanitorium and was the illicit daughter of Jessica DiLaurentis and Peter Hastings. She was institutionalized because her parents could not deal with the deep-seated trauma of her father’s affair and her own molestation.

After landing a permanent spot at Radley, Bethany started hearing voices and displaying aggressive, impulsive behaviours.

Bethany’s resulting trauma and dissociative disorder caused her to seek retribution for her parents’ betrayal. Thus, when Jessica DiLaurentis visited Radley to speak with Dr. Sullivan, Bethany either misunderstood the situation or had a delusion of an opportunity to escape and took it.

In a fit of rage and delusional paranoia, believing Jessica DiLaurentis to be her enemy, Bethany attacked Mrs. DiLaurentis, ultimately causing her death. Bethany was reported to have struck her several times with a rock found in the garden outside Radley.

Mrs DiLaurentis was found later, buried beneath the gazebo in the DiLaurentis backyard.

Who threw the rock at Alison DiLaurentis?

The identity of the person who threw the rock at Alison DiLaurentis is still unknown. It is a central mystery that hasn’t been fully answered by the end of the Pretty Little Liars series. It is revealed in the series finale that Jenna Marshall was, in fact, the one who first identified and made contact with Alison in Rosewood.

Jenna mentioned that a “woman” threw a rock at her, as mentioned by Mona Vanderwaal in season 4. Although Jenna had initially suspected Alison of being the rock-thrower, it was later revealed that an unknown assailant had been terrorizing Jenna and Alison.

Throughout the remainder of the seasons, there have been multiple fan theories floating around the internet as to who threw the rock at Alison. Many viewers believe that Noel Kahn was the one who threw the rock since it was eventually revealed that he was behind the “A” game.

Others believe that it was Melissa Hastings, due to her suspicious behavior throughout the series and her somewhat tumultuous relationship with Alison.

To date, however, there has been no definitive answer as to who threw the rock at Alison DiLaurentis. It appears as though this mystery is going to remain unsolved.

Whose body did they think was Alison?

Initially, they thought the body they found in Alison DiLaurentis’s grave was actually Alison. After doing a DNA test, however, they discovered that the body belonged to Ali’s twin sister, Courtney DiLaurentis.

It was revealed that Spencer Hastings’ identical twin sister Alex Drake had taken Courtney’s place and had been living as her while she was living as Spencer.

Who was a that was threatening Alison?

The identity of the person who was threatening Alison was never revealed. However, the main suspect was Melissa Hastings, the older sister of Alison’s close friend, Spencer Hastings. Alison and Melissa had a tumultuous relationship while growing up and had a history of conflict, which lead to Melissa threatening Alison with a mysterious box full of memories from their past.

Melissa was never proven guilty and the mystery remains unsolved to this day. Other potential suspects include Mona Vanderwaal, who had a history of animosity towards Alison due to her role as the leader of the group, as well as Noel Kahn, who was a former crush of Alison and had a history of antagonism towards her.

Ultimately, all suspicions remain unconfirmed and the threatening individual’s true identity remains unknown.

How did they find out Alison was alive?

The discovery that Alison was alive came as a huge shock to the members of the Liars, and to viewers of the show. It all began when Hanna and Mona were in the creepy dollhouse trying to figure out the truth.

At that moment, the hood-wearing figure revealed themselves to be Alison, alive and well.

The Liars (aside from Aria) were completely shocked to find out that Alison was alive, but also relieved that their torture had come to an end and their friend was back safe. At the very least, it was nice to know that a greater force was coordinating all of the mysterious happenings and keeping a watchful eye on them.

It soon became clear that the “A” who had been terrorizing the Liars was actually Mona. Alison’s reappearance meant that Mona was no longer a threat to their safety, and that the long journey of trying to decipher what happened to Alison was now over.

The Liars also learned more about their friend’s past. For example, she had been staying in New York with her relatives and had been receiving therapy as she tried to reintegrate into the world after her presumed death.

Alison’s recovery and journey back allowed viewers to learn more about her character and the full truth behind A’s actions. When all was revealed, the mystery was complete and the Liars were reunited with their friend.

How did they not know it wasn’t Alison’s body?

The police and medical team initially believed the body buried in Alison’s grave belonged to the teen, largely due to circumstantial evidence. Alison had been missing for nearly a year and the body appeared to be that of a human female aged between 14 and 18—similar to Alison’s age—with blond hair, and the dress and jewelry found around the body were similar to what Alison had been wearing on the night she disappeared, giving further indication she could be the victim.

In addition, further DNA testing had yet to be conducted due to the cost of the process, as well as it taking a long time for the results to come back. Given these factors, coupled with a lack of other viable suspects for the murder, police believed the body to be Alison’s and proceeded accordingly.

Unfortunately, the police did not fully consider the possibility that the body was that of a different victim and the truth only came to light after further testing revealed the bones belonged to that of a female of Asian descent, and further investigation into the case proved the body did not belong to Alison.

Who knew Alison was alive?

No one initially knew that Alison was alive when her body was found in the DiLaurentis backyard near the end of season 4. It wasn’t until one year later, at the start of season 5, that the Liars finally discovered the truth.

During the season 4 finale, Mona Vanderwaal’s corpse was discovered in the DiLaurentis’ backyard, only for it to be revealed in the season 5 premiere that it was Alison in disguise. This was revealed when the Liars paid a visit to Radley Sanitarium, where a nurse identified Mona’s body as being Alison’s.

It was also revealed that Mona had been helping Alison to fake her death and that Alison had been in hiding for the past year.

In addition to the Liars and Mona, there were two other people who knew that Alison was alive. The first was Dr. Rollins, a therapist at Radley Sanitarium, who had been helping Alison to hide in Rosewood and was shown to be in communication with her.

The second was Elliott Rollins, who was revealed to be the man who Mrs. DiLaurentis married after Alison disappeared. Elliott was also revealed to be working with Dr. Rollins in order to keep Alison’s identity a secret.

Who was Maya’s killer PLL?

The identity of Maya’s killer in Pretty Little Liars was revealed during the Season 3 finale. It was revealed that Jenna Marshall, Toby Cavanaugh’s stepsister, had orchestrated her murder. After Toby had broken up with her, Jenna was desperate to protect her brother, and so she hired someone to kill Maya.

She had also previously threatened Emily multiple times because of her desire to keep Toby and his life sheltered from all of the secrets going on in Rosewood.

Jenna had also blackmailed Garrett Reynolds to take the fall for Maya’s murder, convincing him to do so by promising that she would never tell his secret about Wilden if he confessed. After Jenna was exposed as Maya’s killer by Spencer, she was ultimately arrested.

What episode do the girls find out who killed Maya?

In the sixth episode of the first season of Pretty Little Liars, “The Homecoming Hangover”, the girls finally find out who killed their friend Maya. The episode begins with the girls piecing together the clues from the evidence from Maya’s murder and finally deducing that Noel Kahn was the killer.

As they all take an emotional moment to process, they each take turns expressing how they all miss Maya and how much they wish they could turn back time and help her. As the episode progresses, the girls come up with a plan to catch Noel and get justice for Maya.

In the end, they set up a sting operation to catch Noel and the police are eventually able to arrest him and convict him for his crime.

Did they ever find Maya’s body?

No, Maya’s body was never found. Maya Dewitt, an 11-year-old girl, went missing on May 20, 2002, in her hometown of Hendersonville, North Carolina. She vanished without a trace and has never been located.

Over the years, there have been numerous tips, leads, and investigations following her disappearance, yet her whereabouts remain unknown. The Hendersonville Police Department initially conducted an extensive search effort in the area where Maya was last seen, but the effort yielded no results.

Since then, investigators have tracked many tips from volunteers and reviewed security footage from the surrounding area, yet nothing has turned up.

To this day, Maya Dewitt is still listed as a missing person. Despite the passage of two decades, her family continues to search for her and keep her memory alive. They hope that one day Maya will be found, giving them closure and providing them the opportunity to find out what happened to her all those years ago.