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Who is the Hound loyal to?

After leaving the Lannisters, the Hound’s loyalty shifted towards the Stark sisters, Sansa, and Arya, whom he had travelled with and protected in their journeys. Later on, he also showed loyalty towards his fellow warriors in the Battle of Winterfell, fighting valiantly to protect and defend the living against the undead army.

In essence, who the Hound is loyal to changes throughout the storyline and is often dictated by his own moral compass and personal beliefs rather than any specific person or group.

Does the Hound kiss Sansa?

Nonetheless, I can attempt to provide an explanation that answers this question as much as possible by focusing on the events that took place in the book.

Throughout the course of the book series, there are several instances where the Hound (Sandor Clegane) and Sansa Stark’s paths cross, and their relationship undergoes several compelling and often troubling transformations. However, a notable aspect of their relationship that is never explicitly stated or described is whether or not the Hound kisses Sansa.

Firstly, it is essential to note that Sansa is a young and inexperienced girl at the outset of the book series, and the Hound is an older warrior figure. He is one of the many knights and soldiers of Westeros to whom she is formally betrothed or informally attracted as per the conditions of her survival in the midst of the political turmoil and bloody battles.

While she initially views the Hound with fear and disgust, it eventually becomes clear that she develops some level of empathy and understanding for him as she witnesses his vulnerability and learns about his tragic past.

In terms of physical contact, there are some instances where the Hound gets physically close to Sansa, either for protective or strategic reasons. This includes a memorable moment where he intervenes in the crowd to rescue her from the rowdy crowd of men who assault and threaten her during the King’s Landing riot.

However, other than a few instances of accidental contact or proximity, there is no clear indication that he purposely kissed Sansa at any point in their interactions. Even if the Hound does feel some level of attraction or connection to Sansa, there are no instances of him display any overt sexual or romantic inclinations.

While there are several fascinating interactions between the Hound and Sansa throughout the book series, there are no indications that the Hound kisses her at any point. This could be partly due to the significant age gap between them, the Hound’s perception of her as a child, and their shared experiences of trauma and upheaval that take precedence in their relationship.

Did the Hound like Arya?

Throughout their journey together, the Hound displayed a protectiveness towards Arya, even if it was sometimes reluctant or disguised as practicality. He initially kidnapped her with intentions of earning a handsome ransom for her return, but as he spent more time with her, their relationship evolved beyond that of captor and prisoner.

The Hound often provided guidance and advice to Arya, seemingly motivated by a sense of responsibility for her safety. He also displayed an affectionate side towards her in his own gruff way, such as when he offered to carry Arya when she was tired or hurt. Additionally, he was visibly shaken when Arya left him to die after their battle with Brienne of Tarth, showing a level of attachment that went beyond that of a mere traveling companion.

Overall, while it may be difficult to determine the Hound’s feelings towards Arya with certainty, the evidence suggests that he may have come to care for her in his own unique way. Regardless, their journey together was a pivotal one for both characters, and their bond remains memorable to fans of the show.

Who is Sansa’s love interest?

Sansa Stark, the eldest daughter of Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn Stark, has had her fair share of relationships and romantic interests throughout the Game of Thrones series. Initially, Sansa was engaged to Joffrey Baratheon, the cruel and sadistic king who was responsible for the death of her father.

However, her engagement was eventually called off and she was forced to endure many traumatizing experiences at the hands of the Lannisters.

In season four, Sansa was introduced to a new character, Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger. Littlefinger took a personal interest in Sansa due to her resemblance to her mother, whom he had been in love with. While their relationship was initially more of a mentor-mentee dynamic, with Littlefinger teaching Sansa about politics and manipulation, there were subtle hints of romantic tension between them.

However, Sansa’s true love interest became apparent in season six when she was reunited with Jon Snow, her half-brother and childhood friend. Even though they were not actually blood-related, their bond was significant enough that it was almost unbreakable. Throughout the season, Jon and Sansa worked together to defeat Ramsay Bolton and reclaim Winterfell for the Starks.

While there were no overtly romantic scenes between Jon and Sansa, their dynamic was filled with a sense of mutual respect and admiration. Fans of the series had hoped that the two might end up together, but in the end, Sansa ultimately became the Queen in the North, ruling independently and focusing on the rebuilding and strengthening of the Stark house.

Sansa Stark’s love interests throughout the series included Joffrey Baratheon, Petyr Baelish, and Jon Snow. While her relationships with these characters were all vastly different, each one played a significant role in shaping Sansa’s character and ultimately, her destiny.

Who does Arya fall in love with?

However, none of the relationships ventured into romantic territory. Arya’s major relationships within the show focus on her foster family, her sister Sansa, and her companions, notably Gendry. Arya and Gendry’s relationship developed a mutual admiration and respect for each other. Their shared experiences in life and loss created a bond that had hints of romance, yet ultimately it did not develop into a romantic relationship.

Therefore, as far as the television show is concerned, Arya falls in love with no one. However, the books may have a different character arc, and it is up to the reader to discover what happens in the book series.

How did Arya and the Hound end up together?

Arya and the Hound ended up together as a result of a series of events in the HBO series, Game of Thrones. The two initially met in season three, when Arya Stark fled from the Brotherhood Without Banners, a band of outlaws who had taken her captive. As she was making her escape through the woods, the Hound, who had been traveling with the Brotherhood at the time, stumbled upon her and seized her as a hostage, seeing a chance to get some leverage over the Brotherhood.

However, over the course of their journey together, Arya and the Hound developed an unlikely bond. At first, Arya was distrustful of the gruff and brutish Hound, who was notorious for being a cold-hearted killer. But as they traveled together, fighting for survival amidst the chaos of the War of the Five Kings, they began to form a mutual respect for each other’s fighting abilities and sense of pragmatism.

One incident that solidified their alliance was when they stumbled upon a group of Frey soldiers who were taunting and boasting about their role in the Red Wedding massacre. Arya, who had lost several members of her family in that atrocity, was enraged and wanted to kill them all. But the Hound reminded her of the practicalities of the situation, pointing out that they were too outnumbered to take on the Frey soldiers alone.

Instead, they hatched a plan to lure the soldiers into a trap, with Arya pretending to be a helpless child in need of aid. The plan worked, and Arya got revenge on the Freys by killing their leaders.

Despite their differences, Arya and the Hound continued to travel together, with the Hound becoming something of a mentor to Arya, teaching her important skills like sword-fighting and how to survive in the wilderness. While their relationship was often contentious, with Arya frequently questioning the Hound’s moral code, the two came to rely on each other as they navigated the dangers of the war-torn Westeros.

Their journey came to an end when they arrived at the Eyrie, where they hoped to find Arya’s aunt Lysa. However, when they arrived, they discovered that Lysa had been killed. The Hound, who had been injured in a fight with Brienne of Tarth, begged Arya to put him out of his misery, as he knew he would not survive his wounds.

Arya initially refused, but when the Hound taunted her about not having the courage to kill him, she changed her mind and left him to die. It was a tragic end to their unlikely partnership, but one that proved how much their experiences together had changed them both.

How old is Arya when she is with the Hound?

Throughout the course of the “Game of Thrones” series, Arya’s age changes as time passes. When she first meets the Hound, in season 2, Arya is approximately 11 years old. At this point, the Hound serves as a captive of the Lannisters and is tasked with bringing Arya back to King’s Landing as a hostage.

Despite their initial animosity towards one another, the two eventually develop a mutual respect and understanding.

As the series progresses, Arya’s age continues to change. By the time she reunites with the Hound in season 4, she is roughly 14 years old. In this season, Arya and the Hound continue to journey together, with the Hound serving as a mentor of sorts for Arya as she trains to become a skilled fighter and assassin.

Arya and the Hound part ways in season 4, with Arya leaving the Hound to die from his injuries. At this point, Arya is still approximately 14 years old. Overall, while Arya’s age changes over the course of the series, she is roughly 11-14 years old during her time with the Hound.

Why did Arya abandon the Hound?

There are a multitude of reasons why Arya Stark ultimately chose to abandon Sandor Clegane, more commonly known as the Hound. Firstly, their relationship was always contentious at best. While they shared a few seminal moments, such as when the Hound helped Arya escape from King’s Landing, they were never able to fully reconcile their differences.

The Hound’s demeanor was gruff and rough around the edges, a sharp contrast to Arya’s more refined upbringing. This frequently led to disagreements and arguments between the two over pretty much everything, from their goals and motivations to their worldviews.

Another key factor that contributed to Arya’s decision to leave the Hound was her own growing sense of independence and self-sufficiency. With each passing day, Arya was becoming more and more of a survivor, learning how to fend for herself and make her way in a harsh and unforgiving world. She began to realize that she could no longer rely on the Hound, nor anyone else, to protect her and help her achieve her goals.

This sense of agency was something that she valued highly, and she ultimately chose to follow her own path instead of staying with the Hound.

Finally, Arya was deeply affected by the Hound’s own personal demons, most notably his violent tendencies and bloodlust. Watching him kill over and over again, sometimes for no reason other than pleasure, was a disturbing sight for her. While Arya was no stranger to violence herself, she never lost sight of the fact that it was a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

The Hound, on the other hand, seemed to revel in the chaos and destruction he wrought, something that Arya could never fully comprehend or support.

Arya Stark abandoned the Hound for a variety of reasons, including their inter-personal conflicts, her own growing sense of agency and independence, and the Hound’s own disturbing tendencies towards violence. While their time together was marked by both highs and lows, it was ultimately an experience that shaped Arya’s journey and helped her become the resilient and capable warrior she is today.

Who was Sandor Clegane loyal to?

Sandor Clegane, also known as The Hound, is a character from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series and the HBO television series Game of Thrones. Clegane is a fierce and brutal warrior who served as the personal bodyguard of the Lannister family before becoming a sworn sword to King Joffrey Baratheon.

Throughout the series, Clegane’s loyalty is constantly challenged as he is forced to choose between his own personal beliefs and the demands of his superiors. Clegane’s loyalty is most clearly demonstrated in his unwavering dedication to his younger brother, Gregor Clegane, also known as “The Mountain.”

Despite the fact that Gregor is a ruthless and sadistic killer, Sandor remains fiercely protective of him, often defending him against anyone who dares to speak ill of him.

While Clegane’s loyalty to the Lannisters and the Baratheons may have wavered at times, his loyalty to his brother remained steadfast until the very end. In fact, it can be argued that his final act of loyalty to his brother – engaging in a brutal one-on-one battle with him during the series finale – ultimately led to his own death.

Overall, Sandor Clegane’s loyalty was primarily directed towards his younger brother Gregor, with whom he shared a complex and often troubled relationship. While he may have served as a loyal soldier to various noble houses throughout the series, his true allegiance always remained with his family.

Was the Hound attracted to Sansa?

There is no clear answer to this question as it is open to interpretation. Some fans believe that the Hound, also known as Sandor Clegane, was attracted to Sansa Stark, while others argue that there was simply a strange dynamic between the two characters.

On one hand, the Hound was often seen protecting Sansa and looking out for her well-being. He even saved her from being raped during the King’s Landing riots and kept her safe on multiple occasions. Additionally, he made some flirtatious comments towards her, such as telling her she was “the worst dressed woman at court” and mockingly calling her “little bird.”

However, these actions could also be interpreted differently. The Hound’s protectiveness towards Sansa could have been based on his own personal code of honor or a sense of responsibility towards her as a member of the Stark family. His comments towards her could have been a form of teasing or provocation rather than genuine flirtation.

Overall, while there are certainly some suggestive moments between the Hound and Sansa, it is ultimately unclear whether or not he was truly attracted to her. It is possible that their relationship was more complex than simple attraction, and that the Hound’s protective and teasing behavior towards Sansa was driven by a combination of different motives.

Why does the Hound call Sansa little bird?

There are a few reasons why the Hound, Sandor Clegane, calls Sansa Stark “little bird.” Firstly, as the Hound is known for being blunt and straightforward, he often refers to people by their physical appearance or personality traits. In Sansa’s case, she is petite in stature and has a gentle, timid demeanor, much like a bird.

Additionally, Sansa is often portrayed as being naïve and innocent, particularly in the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones, and this further reinforces her bird-like qualities.

Furthermore, the Hound’s nickname for Sansa may also be indicative of his own protective instincts towards her. Despite his rough exterior and cruel tendencies, the Hound does show a softer side towards Sansa at times, such as when he offers to take her away from King’s Landing after Joffrey’s death.

Calling her “little bird” may also be a way for him to show affection and offer a sense of comfort in a world that is often chaotic and violent.

Finally, the nickname may be a nod to Sansa’s ongoing growth and resilience throughout the series. While she initially starts out as a fragile and passive character, Sansa develops into a stronger and more independent woman over time, much like a bird learning to fly. The Hound’s continued use of the nickname may reflect his recognition of Sansa’s internal strength and ability to adapt to her circumstances despite her gentle exterior.

Overall, the Hound’s endearing nickname for Sansa serves to reinforce her character’s key traits, including her physical appearance, personality, and growth throughout the series. His use of the nickname may also reflect his own underlying affection and admiration for her, despite their often contentious relationship.

Did Sandor Clegane kiss Sansa?

In season two, episode nine, “Blackwater,” Sandor finds Sansa praying in the Sept of Baelor during the battle of Blackwater. They have a conversation, and Sandor tells Sansa that she is pretty, and then he kisses her. The kiss was not a consensual act, and Sansa appeared to be uncomfortable and overwhelmed by the situation.

It is important to note that the storyline and character relationships in “Game of Thrones” are complex, and the kiss between Sandor and Sansa is just one of many plot points in the series. it is up to interpretation whether it was an act of affection or a display of power and control over Sansa.

Do Sansa and the Hound get together in the books?

In the books, there is no romantic relationship between Sansa and the Hound. Although there are several moments of tension between them, including interactions where the Hound shows concern for Sansa’s safety or comfort, these interactions are only ever portrayed as platonic.

Throughout the series, Sansa is depicted as a character who is looking for a way out of the violence and danger surrounding her, and she is often uncomfortable with the rough, unpredictable behavior of characters like the Hound. The Hound, meanwhile, is portrayed as a complex and often brutal character, one who is deeply troubled by his past and his own actions.

While there are some fans who have speculated about a potential romantic relationship between Sansa and the Hound, this is not something that is supported by the text of the books. The relationship between these two characters is one that is built on mutual respect and understanding, rather than romantic or sexual attraction.

Overall, while there are certainly moments of tension and connection between Sansa and the Hound in the books, there is no indication that they ever develop a romantic relationship. Instead, their interactions are primarily focused on their shared experiences and their attempts to survive in a violent and unpredictable world.

Who does Sansa first sleep with?

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Sansa is a fictional character from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin and its television adaptation Game of Thrones. Throughout the series, Sansa has several intimate relationships, including her forced marriage to Tyrion Lannister and her consensual relationship with Ramsay Bolton.

However, to state unequivocally who Sansa’s first sexual partner is would require a more in-depth analysis of the books and TV show.

Will Sansa marry the Hound?

Throughout the series, the Hound serves as a protector and mentor to Sansa during her turbulent time in King’s Landing. However, their relationship is primarily one of mutual respect and survival rather than one of romantic love. Sansa also has a history of being forced into marriages against her will, such as with Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton.

It’s highly unlikely she would willingly choose to marry the Hound, who is an infamous warrior and considered by many to be a brutal killer.

Furthermore, while the Hound does express some fondness for Sansa, he is a complex and morally ambiguous character with a violent past. He also harbors a deep-seated animosity towards the nobility, who he believes are responsible for much of the suffering in the realm. It’s unclear whether he would even desire to marry Sansa, given his disdain for the political machinations of the ruling class.

Overall, while the idea of Sansa marrying the Hound may be an intriguing proposition for fans of the show, it doesn’t align with the established personalities and narratives of these two characters.


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