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Who is the father of Harley Quinn daughter?

The father of Harley Quinn’s daughter is the Joker. In the 2018 film, “Suicide Squad,” Harley Quinn reveals that she had a daughter with the Joker many years ago, and that her daughter was “taken away” from her.

Although it is still unclear who actually has custody of the child, it is clear that the Joker is the father.

Does Harley Quinn have a child?

No, Harley Quinn does not currently have a child. However, she has been portrayed as a mother in certain comic book storylines. In the DC Comics series Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn had a daughter named Lucy, who was the result of an affair between her and the Joker.

In the series, Harley often struggled with her role as a mother, unsure if she should use her knowledge and skills to help keep Lucy safe, or allow her to become a criminal like herself. Additionally, in the Harley Quinn animated series, Harley adopts two young orphans, a brother and sister named Brucey and Izzy, after their parents were killed.

This storyline emphasizes Harley’s compassionate side, while also showcasing her newfound maternal instincts. Ultimately, while Harley Quinn has been portrayed as a mother in certain storylines, she does not currently have a child of her own.

How many kids did Harley Quinn and Joker have?

Harley Quinn and Joker did not have any children together. Though the characters have been featured in multiple adaptions of the Batman series and comics, they have never been portrayed as parents.

Did Joker get Harley pregnant?

No, Joker did not get Harley pregnant. In the canon of the DC universe, Joker and Harley Quinn have never had a child together. This has been stated by numerous sources, including comics, cartoons, and movies.

As they have never been in a committed, monogamous relationship, having a child with one another has not been established. While both characters have a playful, chaotic relationship, there is no evidence that they planned on having a family together in any of the storylines.

In the Suicide Squad movie, Joker even jokes about making Harley his “prison wife,” further showing that their relationship is not serious enough for children.

Who does Joker have a daughter with?

Joker does not have a daughter with anyone as far as is known. While there have been some rumors that Joker fathered a daughter with Harley Quinn, this was not established in any canonical comic book, film or TV series.

Joker’s relationship with Harley Quinn has usually been depicted as an abusive one, with very little hint of romantic or parental feelings between them. The relationship between the two characters has been explored further in more recent material, however, there is still no evidence that Joker had a daughter with anyone.

Did Joker have a baby?

No, the Joker does not have a baby in any of the released comic books, movies, or TV shows that feature the character. While the Joker does exist as a father in some alternate iterations of the Batman mythos, his canonical origin story is that of a “lone wolf” with no children and no family.

He is also widely accepted to be a lunatic with no regard for anyone other than himself, which further reinforces the notion that he does not have a child. However, the Joker does have a daughter in the recent film Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix.

This origin story is not considered canon, however, as it is not from within the DC comic universe.

Did The Joker ever have a son?

No, there is no evidence to suggest that the Joker ever had a son. While there have been various stories over the years in comics and other forms of media that have posited the Joker having a son, none have been explicitly canon.

For example, in 1997’s Batman: Child of Dreams storyline in the monthly Batman series, young Toshio, the son of a Japanese crime boss, is said to be the Joker’s son, but this was never canonically established.

Additionally, in Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke, a story from 1988, there are several panels in which the Joker is seen walking with a child, and it is speculated by some that the child could be a son of Joker’s, but this is never confirmed.

Ultimately, the Joker has never been definitively declared to have a son within the bounds of DC Canon.

Is duela dent actually Jokers daughter?

No, it is not confirmed that Duela Dent is actually Joker’s daughter. Duela Dent first appeared in 1973 in the Batman comics as the daughter of the criminal known as the Jokermaker. However, there have been various versions of her origin story that provide conflicting accounts of who her parents actually are.

In some versions of her story, she claims to be the daughter of both the Jokermaker and The Joker, while other versions of her story suggest that her father is actually someone else. Therefore, her exact origin story remains unknown and it is not confirmed that she is the daughter of The Joker.

Is Lucy Quinzel Joker’s daughter?

No, Lucy Quinzel is not Joker’s daughter. While it has been speculated that Lucy Quinzel is Joker’s daughter in some fan theories, there is no basis for this in the DC Comics canon. In the official literature, Joker has no known children at all.

Lucy Quinzel is actually Harley Quinn’s daughter and first appeared in the Harley Quinn comic series in 2017. Her father is unknown, as Harley never revealed her father’s identity, and was not even sure if he was actually alive.

Lucy Quinzel lives with Doctor Quinzel, who is the doctor at the Bludhaven Mental Institute and Harley Quinn’s former psychiatrist.

Who is Joker’s biological mother?

Joker’s biological mother is an unidentified woman. Not much is known about her. In the 1989 Batman movie, it is suggested that Jack Napier (Joker’s real name) was abandoned as a child and raised in an orphanage.

However, in 2008’s The Dark Knight it was established that Joker had a troubled childhood and was neglected by his single mother. It has been speculated that Joker’s mother could have been a prostitute, as suggested in the interpretation of the graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke.

Other guesses regarding Joker’s mother include abusers, criminals or simply a woman who could not take care of him anymore. Despite all the speculations and interpretations of the character, the identity of Joker’s biological mother remains unknown in the comics and on screen.

Who is the jokers twin brother?

The Joker’s twin brother is an unnamed character who debuted in the 2020 film Joker, directed by Todd Phillips. He is portrayed by Bill Douglas Campbell. The character is a mentally ill but good-hearted man who is institutionalized due to his condition, which is caused by medical negligence in his younger years.

His brother, Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), visits him in the hospital and begins to tell him about the strange events of his life, relating them to the Joker’s story arc in the film. Although the character is not named in the movie, he has since been referred to as “the joker’s twin brother” in the media.

The character is sympathetic and as Arthur Fleck tells him stories of the Joker’s rise to infamy, he realizes that it is no different from his own struggles and attempts to escape his life of institutionalization.

He ultimately succeeds and is released, aided by Arthur. There is no further information given on the character after his release and the film ends with Arthur’s journey towards becoming the Joker.

Who is duela dent real father?

The exact identity of Duela Dent’s real father has not been revealed. However, in the comics, she has claimed to be the daughter of both the Joker and Two-Face. She has also claimed to be the daughter of Catwoman, though Catwoman has denied paternity.

In addition, Duela has also at one point claimed that she is the daughter of Alfred Pennyworth, the loyal butler of Batman’s alter-ego, Bruce Wayne. Alfred plays a major role in helping to raise Duela, but whether or not there is any truth to her claims of being his daughter is never really confirmed.

All in all, due to her ambiguous background, the exact identity of Duela Dent’s real father is a mystery that has yet to be solved.

Did jokers mum adopt him?

No, there has never been any suggestion or evidence to suggest that the Joker has been adopted by his mother. In the 1989 film Batman, the Joker is portrayed as the son of a wealthy criminal family. In the comics, it is suggested that he had a difficult childhood, with a neglectful, abusive father.

However, there is no mention of him being adopted, and he is never referred to as anything other than a member of his family. Additionally, in the comics, the Joker’s name is actually revealed to be Jack Napier, and he has a sister named Lou.

Who is Batman and Wonder Woman’s daughter?

Batman and Wonder Woman’s daughter is an alternate universe superhero known as Stephanie Brown or Fairchild, depending on the universe or storyline. In one DC Comics universe, she is the daughter of Batman and Talia al Ghul, and in another, she is the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman’s alternate universe versions, Nightwing and Amazon.

In the original Continuity, she is the fourth Robin, sidekick to Batman, and a member of the Teen Titans. She was originally created in 1994 by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle. She is best known for her role as Batgirl in the early 2000s comic book series Birds of Prey.

As Batgirl, Stephanie is the immensely talented daughter of Bruce Wayne and former lover of the first Robin, Tim Drake, who she later married after his death in an alternate universe. As Steph, she is known for her quick wit, courageous attitude, and strong sense of justice.

She is a beloved hero and an inspiration to many.

What did Harley Quinn’s parents do to her?

Harley Quinn’s past is complex and mysterious, as it has been retconned several times, but it is generally accepted that she grew up in a troubled home. Her father was physically abusive towards her mother, whom Harley loved dearly.

As a result, her mother would usually take out her frustrations on Harley. Harley would often keep her silence in order to prevent her mother from receiving more beatings from her father. Years later, she would suffer from mental illness due to the environment she was raised in.

She eventually sought to escape her home, leaving Gotham to attend college. Even after achieving some degree of success, Harley was unable to escape the trauma of her past and continued to struggle to cope with her mental health.

Ultimately, Harley Quinn’s parents inflicted physical, mental, and emotional abuse upon her, creating a fractured and unhealthy relationship with her own family.