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Who is Hulk’s sons mom?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated as Hulk, also known as Bruce Banner, has had various relationships in the Marvel Comics universe. It is important to note that the storylines and character relationships within the comics can vary greatly from their adaptations in movies and television shows.

In the comics, Hulk has two sons: Skaar and Hiro-Kala. Skaar’s mother is Caiera the Oldstrong, who is a member of the Shadow People and was the queen of the planet Sakaar. She and Hulk had a brief relationship when he was sent to her planet by the Illuminati in the “Planet Hulk” storyline. Caiera eventually sacrifices herself to save Hulk and their son from the destruction of Sakaar.

Hiro-Kala’s mother is also an alien, named Lihla. She is a member of the K’aitian race and becomes involved with Hulk when he is stranded on her planet in the “Incredible Hulks” storyline. Lihla passes away before Hiro-Kala is born, leaving Hulk to raise him alone.

It is worth noting that in some alternate universes and storylines, Hulk has had different romantic relationships and therefore, different mothers for his children. the identity of Hulk’s sons’ mother depends on the storyline being referenced.

Who did the Hulk have a kid with?

The Hulk had a child with a character named Caiera the Oldstrong. Caiera was a native of the planet Sakaar, which the Hulk found himself stranded on after being exiled from Earth. Caiera was a powerful warrior and member of the planet’s ruling class, known as the Shadow People. She was also imbued with superhuman strength and the ability to manipulate the earth and rock around her.

The Hulk and Caiera first met when she saved him from a group of Sakaaran soldiers who were attempting to execute him. The two quickly formed a bond and began a romantic relationship. However, their relationship was cut short when Caiera was killed during the events of the World War Hulk storyline.

It was later revealed that Caiera had been pregnant with the Hulk’s child at the time of her death, and that her child had survived the planet’s catastrophic destruction. The Hulk’s child, named Skaar, eventually made his way to Earth and had several encounters with his father, both as an ally and as an adversary.

Can Skaar turn into human?

Skaar, who is the son of Hulk and Caiera, is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. He possesses extraordinary powers such as superhuman strength, durability, agility, healing ability, and regenerative powers. As a half-human, half-alien hybrid, Skaar possesses a unique set of abilities, but turning into a human is not one of them.

Skaar inherited his mother’s alien physiology called the Shadow People, which granted him his superhuman abilities, but also makes his transformation into a human impossible. The Shadow People are known for their green skin and varied appearances, but none of them possess the ability to transform into humans either.

Furthermore, Skaar has never been depicted turning into a human either in the comics or adaptations such as films and TV shows. His preference is to harness his powers and use them to protect the planet from various threats.

It is important to note that Skaar’s character development focuses on his struggles with his identity, given that he is half-Hulk and half-Shadow People. He has had to battle inner conflicts and external forces that challenge his self-perception and acceptance.

Skaar cannot turn into a human due to his unique hybrid genetics, which includes the Shadow People’s alien physiology. While he may face identity crises and struggles with self-acceptance, his abilities as a half-Hulk, half-Shadow People hybrid remains unchanged.

Is Skaar actually Hulk’s son?

The answer to this question is somewhat complicated, as there are multiple versions of the Hulk’s backstory that exist in various comic book universes. However, in some versions of the story, Skaar is indeed depicted as the son of the Hulk.

In the “Planet Hulk” storyline, the Hulk is exiled from Earth and forced to live on the planet Sakaar, where he becomes a gladiator and eventually leads a rebellion against the planet’s tyrannical ruler. During his time on Sakaar, the Hulk falls in love with a woman named Caiera, who becomes pregnant with his child.

However, the planet is destroyed before the child can be born, and it is believed that both Caiera and the baby died in the cataclysm.

Years later, a child named Skaar appears on Earth, claiming to be the son of the Hulk and Caiera. Skaar possesses many of his father’s abilities, including super strength and the ability to transform into a more powerful form when angry. He also possesses a unique power to absorb and manipulate energy, which he inherited from his mother.

There have been some hints in the comics that suggest Skaar’s origins may not be as straightforward as they seem. For example, it has been suggested that Caiera may have actually been impregnated by the planet Sakaar itself, as part of a ritual that ties the planet’s ruler to the life force of the world.

Additionally, some versions of the story have suggested that Skaar may actually be a clone or a genetic experiment created by the Hulk.

While there is some ambiguity surrounding Skaar’s origins, it can be said that in some versions of the story he is depicted as the son of the Hulk and Caiera.

Is Skaar good or bad?

Skaar, also known as Skaar, Son of Hulk, is the son of the Hulk and the alien queen Caiera the Oldstrong. He was born on the planet Sakaar and was orphaned after the planet was destroyed in the cataclysm that killed his mother.

Throughout his appearances in comics, Skaar has been depicted as both a hero and a villain. In his first appearance, Skaar is portrayed as a villain who is seeking vengeance against his father, the Hulk, for his mother’s death. He has an intense hatred for his father, and his goal is to kill him. However, as the storyline progresses, Skaar eventually reconciles with his father and becomes a hero in his own right.

Skaar is often portrayed as being a complex character who does what he believes is necessary to achieve what he perceives to be justice. He is shown as being ruthless and violent at times, but also capable of mercy and compassion. He has a strong sense of duty and loyalty, and he will go to great lengths to protect those he cares about.

Whether Skaar is good or bad depends on the perspective of the story in which he appears. He is a morally ambiguous character who is neither wholly good nor wholly evil. He is a character whose motives and actions are often driven by his sense of duty and loyalty, and his desire to protect those he cares about.

Who is the deadliest Hulk?

The answer to the question of who is the deadliest Hulk is a topic of great debate among fans of the Marvel Universe. When it comes to the Hulk, many versions and iterations of the character exist in various comic book storylines, alternate realities, and adaptations. Different versions of the Hulk have varying degrees of strength, durability, and abilities, which can make it difficult to determine which one is the deadliest.

However, when we talk about the deadliest Hulk, we must consider the different forms of the Hulk that have appeared in the Marvel Universe. One of the most commonly recognized versions of the Hulk is the Savage Hulk. This version of the character is known for his immense strength and incredible durability, making him one of the most formidable characters in the Marvel Universe.

Often depicted as a mindless brute who is difficult to control, the Savage Hulk can be considered one of the deadliest versions of the character.

Another version of the Hulk that could be considered the deadliest is the World War Hulk. This version of the character first appeared in the 2007 comic book storyline of the same name. The World War Hulk is stronger, more intelligent, and more strategic than the Savage Hulk. He also possesses new powers such as the ability to absorb and manipulate energy, making him even more dangerous.

This version of the Hulk is on a mission of vengeance against those who banished him from Earth, making him a more lethal and focused character.

We can also consider the Maestro as a contender for the deadliest Hulk. The Maestro first appeared in the 1992 comic book storyline, “The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect.” In this storyline, the Maestro is a future version of the Hulk who has survived a nuclear war and has gained immense power and intelligence.

This version of the Hulk possesses incredible strength and superhuman intelligence, making him a formidable opponent.

Finally, we could consider the Red Hulk, also known as General Thunderbolt Ross, as another version of the Hulk that can be considered the deadliest. The Red Hulk is a more controlled version of the character, with enhanced strength, durability, and agility. Additionally, he has the ability to absorb energy and project it as a weapon, making him a dangerous foe for his enemies.

There are several versions of the Hulk that could be considered the deadliest, depending on the criteria used to evaluate them. The Savage Hulk, World War Hulk, Maestro, and Red Hulk are all formidable and dangerous characters in their own right, making it difficult to determine who among them is the deadliest of them all.

Who is more powerful Hulk or Skaar?

The question of who is more powerful between Hulk and Skaar is a topic that has been debated by comics fans for years. Both of these characters have incredible strength and abilities that make them formidable in their own right. To fully answer this question, we must consider their origin stories, abilities, and feats.

Firstly, Hulk is the alter ego of Bruce Banner, a brilliant physicist who was exposed to gamma radiation during an experiment gone wrong. This caused him to transform into a massive green-skinned monster whenever he becomes angry or agitated. Hulk’s strength increases with his level of anger and his durability means he can withstand massive amounts of physical damage.

On the other hand, Skaar is the son of Hulk and the extraterrestrial Sakaaran queen Caiera. The result of a violent relationship, Skaar was born on the planet Sakaar, where he gained his strength and powers from his parentage. His strength is comparable to or even greater than his fathers’ and he has the ability to absorb energy, regenerate his wounds rapidly, and move at supernatural speeds.

When it comes to who is more powerful, it is a difficult question to answer. Both characters have different levels of strength and ability, but their feats and accomplishments have them on similar levels. In combat, both are near invincible, and it is challenging to defeat either of them, given that both characters have shown to be able to sustain vast amounts of damage before they even begin to tire.

However, recent comics have shown that Skaar is capable of going toe-to-toe with his father, which suggests that he possesses an immense level of strength and ability. This may give him the edge over his father in a hypothetical clash of the titans.

Both Hulk and Skaar are incredibly strong and powerful characters that possess unique abilities that make them some of the most formidable characters in the Marvel universe. The debate of who is more powerful will likely continue, but it is fair to say that both characters are equally matched in terms of their level of strength and ability.

Is Bruce Banner’s dad evil?

The character of Bruce Banner’s father has been portrayed in different ways in various comic book series, movies, and TV shows. In some adaptations, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bruce Banner’s father is revealed to be a brilliant scientist named Brian Banner who had a history of violent and abusive behavior towards his wife and his son.

Brian’s cruelty and neglect towards Bruce’s mother, Rebecca, ultimately resulted in her death, and Brian’s attempt to murder his own son with a genetic experiment gone wrong.

On the other hand, in some comic book versions, Bruce Banner’s father was portrayed as a more sympathetic character, struggling with his own emotional and psychological issues. In some storylines, it was suggested that Brian Banner’s abusive behavior towards his family was rooted in his own traumatic childhood, where he was subjected to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by his own father.

Regardless of how Bruce Banner’s father is depicted, it is safe to say that his actions have had a profound impact on Bruce’s life and the development of his superhero alter-ego, the Hulk. Bruce’s own identity as a scientist and his struggles with rage and aggression are deeply intertwined with his traumatic past and complicated relationship with his father.

In the end, whether or not Bruce Banner’s father can be categorically labelled as “evil” may be subject to interpretation. However, his actions have certainly caused a great deal of harm and pain to those around him, and have played a significant role in shaping the character of one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroes.

Will Skaar be in the MCU?

As of now, there has been no official announcement from Marvel Studios regarding the inclusion of Skaar in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Skaar is a popular character from the comic books as he is the son of the Hulk, and possesses similar powers and abilities to his father.

However, just because there has been no official confirmation doesn’t mean that Skaar won’t eventually make an appearance in the MCU. Marvel Studios has a history of introducing lesser-known characters to their films, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, and turning them into fan favorites.

In addition, the Hulk himself is an integral part of the MCU and has appeared in several films, including The Avengers and Thor: Ragnarok. Skaar’s appearance could potentially add another layer to the Hulk’s story, and give fans another character to root for.

Furthermore, with Marvel Studios announcing several new projects in development, such as Disney+ shows and new movies, it’s possible that Skaar could be included in one of these future projects. Marvel Studios has proven time and time again that they are willing to take risks and introduce new characters to their universe, and Skaar could be the next character to make the jump from the comic book page to the big screen or small screen.

while there is currently no confirmation about Skaar’s inclusion in the MCU, the possibility can’t be ruled out entirely, and fans should remain hopeful that they might see the popular character on screen someday.

What powers does Skaar have?

Skaar is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe who possesses a plethora of superhuman powers and abilities. He is the son of the Incredible Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, a powerful warrior from the planet Sakaar. As a result of his unique parentage, Skaar has inherited many of the same abilities as his father, including incredible strength, durability, and regenerative abilities.

Skaar’s physical capabilities are on a level that surpasses that of normal humanoids and many other powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

Skaar’s primary power is his incredible strength, which allows him to lift and carry immense weights and cause massive destruction with his attacks. He can also channel his strength into powerful energy blasts from his sword, which he uses to devastating effect in battle. Additionally, Skaar has an incredibly durable body that can withstand the impact of bullets, explosives, and other forms of physical damage.

Another unique aspect of Skaar’s abilities is his regenerative healing factor. Skaar can recover from injuries at a much faster rate than a normal human, including regrowing limbs and healing from mortal wounds. His healing powers are so potent that he can even survive exposure to extreme temperatures and environments that would kill most other beings.

In addition to his physical gifts, Skaar has also demonstrated a limited ability to control and manipulate the elemental forces of the planet Sakaar. He can control the earth and rock around him with his mind and can cause powerful earthquakes and fissures to form beneath his enemies. Skaar’s powers of elemental manipulation extend to the sky as well, allowing him to call forth lightning strikes and summon powerful winds to aid him in battle.

Skaar is an incredibly powerful and versatile character with a wide range of gifts and abilities that make him a formidable opponent in battle. His superhuman strength, durability, regeneration, and elemental control make him a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe.

Who is She-Hulk’s friend?

She-Hulk’s friend is not just one person, but a group of individuals who have been shown to support and assist her throughout her many adventures. As a superhuman lawyer, She-Hulk has interacted with a wide range of characters in the Marvel Universe, and has formed close bonds with many of them.

One of her closest friends is her cousin, Bruce Banner, better known as the Incredible Hulk. Despite the fact that they have clashed in battle on occasion, the two share a deep bond that goes beyond their shared gamma radiation powers. She-Hulk has gone to great lengths to protect and support her cousin, and has even taken on his mantle as the Hulk on a few occasions.

Another close friend of She-Hulk’s is Patsy Walker, better known as Hellcat. The two met during their time as members of the Avengers, and quickly formed a close bond. Hellcat has been there for She-Hulk through thick and thin, and the two have often teamed up to take down some of the most dangerous villains that the Marvel Universe has to offer.

Other prominent allies of She-Hulk include Jennifer Walters, her alter ego and civilian identity, and her law partner, Jazinda. Additionally, she has formed close bonds with other members of the Avengers, including Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor.

She-Hulk is well-loved and respected by many characters in the Marvel Universe, and her friendships have played a key role in her many adventures over the years. From her cousin to her fellow superheroes, She-Hulk has a rich network of allies who are always there to support her when she needs it.

Does Skaar get stronger the angrier he gets?

Skaar is a character from Marvel Comics who possesses extraordinary strength and durability. He is the son of The Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, making him a unique hybrid of Earthling and alien royalty. Skaar’s power comes from an innate ability to absorb and manipulate the energy of his surroundings, which allows him to grow stronger by absorbing the heat and radiation around him.

Skaar’s strength is also tied to his emotional state, as the angrier he becomes, the more invulnerable he becomes.

As a result of his deep roots in anger and aggression, Skaar is imbued with immense physical prowess that amplifies as he becomes enraged. Skaar’s strength is amplified as his anger builds, allowing him to take on even the most formidable foes with ease. His skin hardens and becomes impervious to damage while his muscles bulge with power.

His invincibility increases proportionately to his fury, making him almost impossible to defeat once he reaches his full rage.

Skaar’s incredible resilience and strength were tested in the famous “World War Hulk” storyline, where he faced off against his father, the Hulk. During the battle, Skaar’s full potential was unleashed and he emerged as a vital figure in the Marvel Universe. Skaar’s fury and the power it grants him make him one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Skaar’S powers are heavily influenced by his emotional state, and his strength grows exponentially as he becomes angrier. His invincibility and durability increase as he becomes more enraged, making it almost impossible to defeat him once he reaches his full potential. This makes him one of the most formidable and powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

Is Skaar an avenger?

No, Skaar is not an Avenger. While Skaar is a Marvel character with ties to the Hulk and other heroes, he has not been a member of the Avengers team. Skaar is the son of the Hulk and his alien spouse, Caiera, and possesses many of his father’s same powers and abilities.

While Skaar has fought alongside various heroes in the comics, including the Silver Surfer and the Asgardian god Thor, he has not been depicted as an Avenger. In fact, Skaar’s history in the comics has often been one of conflict rather than cooperation with other heroes, as he struggles to come to terms with his dual nature as the offspring of two opposing species.

Despite this, Skaar has still played a significant role in Marvel’s larger superhero universe. His unique backstory and powers have made him an interesting character to explore, and his interactions with other heroes have offered new perspectives on long-time Marvel characters. While he may never officially join the ranks of the Avengers, Skaar remains an important part of the larger Marvel universe and will likely continue to make appearances in future stories.

Is Skaar a hero or villain?

The character of Skaar in the Marvel Comics universe is a bit of a complicated figure, which makes it challenging to definitively classify him as either a hero or a villain. There are several aspects of his persona and experiences that contribute to this ambiguity.

On the one hand, Skaar is the son of the iconic Hulk character, which automatically puts him in the hero category for some readers. He possesses many of the same abilities as his father, including incredible strength, durability, and regenerative powers. Additionally, Skaar has a powerful connection to the planet on which he lives, allowing him to tap into its energies and control the elements around him.

In some storylines, he has used these powers to battle against powerful villains who threaten his world or take advantage of its resources.

However, there are also some aspects of Skaar’s persona that make him a more complex figure. For instance, he has a complicated relationship with his father, with whom he initially shares a mutual animosity, leading to some instances where he has fought against the Hulk. Additionally, Skaar has at times taken actions that could be considered morally ambiguous or even outright villainous, such as when he joined the Dark Avengers, a team of superpowered criminals.

Then, it is difficult to definitively classify Skaar as a hero or villain. Instead, like many characters in superhero storytelling, he exists in a gray area that depends on the specific context of the story being told. Some readers might view him as a hero for his acts of bravery and protection of his planet, while others might see him as more of an antihero or morally ambiguous figure.

his heroism or villainy depends on the actions he takes and the motivations behind them, as well as the perspective of the reader.

Why is Skaar so powerful?

Skaar is a highly powerful character in the Marvel Comics universe due to multiple factors. One of the main reasons for his immense strength is his genetics. He is the son of Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, who was a member of the shadow race on planet Sakaar. As a result, Skaar has inherited the incredible strength, endurance, regeneration ability, and nearly indestructible skin of his father, the Hulk, as well as the Oldstrong heritage, which grants him natural resistance to many forms of damage.

Moreover, Skaar’s abilities are further enhanced by his unique physiology. He was conceived and born on the harsh and unforgiving planet Sakaar, where every creature has to be incredibly strong to survive. This means that Skaar grew up in an extremely challenging environment, which forced him to develop his combat skills and physical powers from a very young age.

His exposure to the high radiation levels on Sakaar also boosted his powers and gave him a higher baseline level of strength than that of many other characters.

In addition to his impressive physical attributes, Skaar also possesses unique abilities that set him apart from his father, the Hulk. For instance, he can absorb and manipulate energy, which allows him to redirect and amplify attacks against himself. He can also sense the emotions of others, which enables him to anticipate their actions and make strategic decisions in combat.

Finally, Skaar’s powers are frequently augmented by his weapons, which include a large sword called the Old Power, and an armor called Warbound, which further enhances his durability and strength. Together, these abilities make Skaar an incredibly formidable character that can take on some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.


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