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Who does Bell end up with?

At the end of Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House,” we see that Bell Crosby ultimately opts to stay on the Hill House grounds and keep caring for the home and its ghosts, both living and dead. However, it is also suggested that she may have found some peace and closure in her relationship with her late brother Luke after being reunited with him.

In some ways, this is the closest thing to a romantic relationship that she ends up having, as she never ends up “with” any other character in the end.

Is Bell in love with Hestia?

No, Bell isn’t in love with Hestia. Although the two have a strong bond, their relationship is strictly platonic. In fact, many fans have speculated that Bell may have romantic feelings for Ais Wallenstein, another adventurer in the series.

It’s clear that Bell has a deep admiration for Hestia, and she inspires Bell to become a better person. In return, Hestia encourages Bell in his adventures and provides a stable presence in his life.

This strong bond and admiration between the two is what makes them such an iconic duo in the series.

Will Hestia end up with Bell?

It is unclear at this time if Hestia and Bell will end up in a romantic relationship. While Hestia is clearly very fond of Bell and his various qualities like his strength, intelligence, and kindness, their relationship status currently remains platonic.

Bell has also expressed admiration for Hestia and her strength, but it is unclear if he reciprocates Hestia’s feelings. With the ongoing story, it is still possible that the two of them may develop romantic feelings for one another, but only time will tell.

What is Bell Cranel and Hestia relationship?

Bell Cranel and Hestia have a complex relationship. They have a special mutual bond, despite never being formally declared a romantic couple. Bell is Hestia’s sole adventurer, whom she has raised and trained since his arrival to her Familia.

She values him above all else and will often express her concern for his well-being, worrying over Bell when he takes on difficult missions and dungeons.

Additionally, Hestia is often jealous of other women who get too close to Bell, so much so that it begins to consume her. Whenever anyone looks at Bell with admiration, Hestia can’t help but become angry, as she wishes to have Bell’s attention all to herself.

She tries to conceal it, though it’s usually apparent to those in her Familia.

In turn, Bell is fiercely loyal to Hestia, and loves to make her happy. He appreciates all of Hestia’s hard work as leader of their Familia and her ever-supportive nature. Bell is always looking for ways to surprise her and make her proud, pushing himself to his limits to prove himself as a capable adventurer.

In conclusion, their relationship is a special one that neither of them explains with words – instead, they show it through their actions. Though they may never formally become a couple, they will remain close friends, and they will always have a special bond between them.

Who does Bell marry in DanMachi?

In the world of DanMachi, Bell Cranel is still a novice adventurer. Although he originally wanted to become a legendary hero, he finds himself in a slightly different position. After many struggles and much growth, Bell becomes an individual strong enough to compete in the God’s rank tournament and eventually earn the title of Little Rookie.

Throughout all of his adventures, Bell has been consistently supported by his familia, colleagues, and even companions of the opposite sex. His relationship with these companions eventually blossoms into something far deeper.

In the anime/light novel series, Bell eventually marries and settles down with Ais Wallenstein, a fellow adventurer and one of his companions. The two officially confirm their relationship in Volume 10 of the light novel, and later marry in Volume 17.

Bell and Ais devote their lives to each other, supporting each other through the ongoing battles and adventures along the way.

The two are very much in love, but the path of life isn’t always easy. Bell still faces many struggles and difficulties, and even puts his own life at stake in order to protect and save Ais, showing just how strong their love and bond is.

Bell and Ais originally started off as companions, but as they grew as individuals, they eventually developed into a deep and powerful love. Today, the two are happily married, and continue to explore the world of DanMachi together, with the added bonus of their love for each other to bring them even closer.

Does Wallenstein like Bell?

It is unclear whether Wallenstein likes Bell or not. In Act II of Friedrich Schiller’s play “Wallenstein’s Camp”, Bell has a discussion with Wallenstein and the two come to an agreement. Bell agrees to work with Wallenstein in order to help him regain control of Imperial forces.

At the end of their discussion, Bell expresses his admiration and respect for Wallenstein, while Wallenstein is dismissive and curt. Although Wallenstein appears to be impressed with Bell at this point, he does not express any strong feelings of admiration or appreciation for Bell during the remainder of the play.

Instead, it seems as though Wallenstein is more focused on his own military ambitions. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether Wallenstein truly likes Bell or not.

Does Ryu have feelings for Bell?

It is difficult to say definitively whether Ryu has feelings for Bell or not. In the start of the DanMachi series, Ryu clearly has feelings of admiration and respect for Bell, going as far as to challenge him to a fight in order to prove himself to be stronger.

But as the series progresses, he begins to open up to Bell as a trusted friend. While he often jokes around with him, there is an evident fondness between the two. This could suggest that Ryu has developed feelings for Bell, although it is never expressly confirmed by either characters.

Furthermore, there are some scenes in the series which could suggest that Ryu really does have feelings for Bell. At one point, Ryu breaks away from his prideful nature and is willing to ask for help for Bell in his quest for Ais.

At that moment, the well-known phrase “If you could be by my side” is uttered. This could suggest that Ryu desires Bell to join him on his journey and thus, his feelings might actually be romantic in nature.

All in all, it is hard to believe that a person so devoted and seemingly concerned about another person could simply just not have feelings for them. Thus, although it remains unclear, it is very likely that Ryu does indeed have feelings for Bell.

Is Ais Wallenstein in love with Bell?

Ais Wallenstein’s feelings towards Bell are complicated. Though they get along, they seem to be friends more than anything else. In the series, Ais is often seen trying to protect Bell, however, there is no real evidence that Ais is in love with Bell.

It is noted that they care deeply for one another and that they share a strong bond, but there is no indication that Ais is romantically drawn to Bell. It’s possible that Ais has feelings for Bell, but the feelings seem to be more in the realm of friendship than a romantic love.

It’s hard to say definitively whether Ais is in love with Bell or not, as it is never confirmed in the series.

Does Bell love the goddess?

Yes, Bell definitely loves the goddess. He was in love with her from the very beginning when they first met, even though he wasn’t sure what he was feeling. He had never felt such warmth and kindness before, and his feelings for her only grew stronger as their relationship developed.

He respects and admires the goddess for her strength and wisdom. He also loves her for always being there for him and being such an amazing friend and companion. Along with his admiration and respect, Bell has also grown to feel an immense sense of love and devotion for the goddess.

Although he is scared of showing too much emotion, Bell loves her with all his heart.

Does Bell get with AIS?

No, Bell does not get with AIS. AIS is a technology that enables mobile phone operators like AT&T and Verizon Wireless to provide their customers with higher speeds on data-intensive activities, like streaming video and downloading large files.

The technology is not available for Bell, as it is currently limited to AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Bell offers other services that may be similar to what you can get from AIS, such as 4G LTE network coverage and a range of data plans.

However, they do not have the same technology as AIS.

Does Bell Cranel become stronger than AIS?

No, Bell Cranel does not become stronger than AIS. AIS is a significantly more powerful character in the series. AIS is a superhuman artificial intelligence, who controls an entire city and all of its security systems and is able to manipulate the world’s natural laws.

In comparison, Bell Cranel is a relatively normal human, who does have a stronger connection to the gods than most, but still is on an entirely different level than AIS. AIS is also immensely powerful due to being part of the same divine being as the God of War and the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Thus, it is simply impossible for Bell Cranel to become stronger than AIS.

Are Bell and AIS cousins?

No, Bell and AIS are not cousins. Bell is a telecommunications company based in Canada, while AIS is a mobile operator in Thailand. The two companies serve different markets and operate under different corporate ownership.

Furthermore, they offer different services and products and are not related in any way.

What is the age of Ais Wallenstein?

The age of Ais Wallenstein is unknown. While her exact age is not publicly disclosed, some sources believe she could be around 21 to 26 years old. Her first work came out in 2012, when she was credited as per Fandom as being 17 years old.

It has been speculated that she may be older than her listed age due to appearing more mature on the internet and the manga she has worked on. Ais Wallenstein is one of the fastest-rising stars in the anime and manga industry and is an inspiration for aspiring artists, regardless of their age.