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Where are Tom James suits made?

Tom James suits are made in the United States with fabric sourced from Italy and England. The suits are constructed and tailored in factories located throughout the United States, primarily in North and South Carolina.

Tom James is careful to ensure that the materials used to make their suits are of the highest quality and have the finest craftsmanship. The suits are then inspected and hand-finished before they are shipped to customers.

Tom James Pride themselves in offering full customization, even down to details like the type of stitch used to construct a suit and the stitching that is used to reinforce the buttonholes.

Who owns Tom James Company?

Tom James Company is currently owned by The Tailored Group, LLC. The Tailored Group, LLC is a family-owned holding company of service-based companies that provide products and services to the finest North American businesses and consumers.

The Tailored Group, LLC is owned by family members of the Tom James family and several private equity partners. The Tom James family has been involved in the clothier business since 1966 when Thomas B.

James, Sr. founded Tom James Clothiers. Tom James Company was founded in 1972 and it expanded to the Tom James Tailoring Company in 1976, followed by the establishment of Tom James Custom Clothing Manufacturing Corporation in 1980.

The Tailored Group, LLC was formed in 1995 and consists of the operating companies, Tom James Company, The Tom James Tailoring Company, and the Tom James Custom Clothing Manufacturing Corporation, which are all owned by the family-controlled entity.

Does Tom James own Holland and Sherry?

No, Tom James does not own Holland and Sherry. Holland and Sherry is a family-owned company, owned and operated by the Barbour family for the past 135 years. The company was originally founded in 1836 and has been passed down through 6 generations within the family since then.

The current CEO is the Great Grandson of the founder, William Barbour. Holland and Sherry currently operates out of 93 Jermyn Street in London and has offices in Los Angeles and New York. They are a leading supplier of fabrics to the likes of Savile Row tailors and other luxury brands around the world.

What type of company is Tom James?

Tom James is a suiting company that specializes in custom tailored and ready-to-wear clothing for men and women. Founded in 1966, they have grown to become one of the largest and most respected custom clothiers in the world.

They differ from most traditional stores as they bring a fabric and fit selection right to the consumer’s office door, allowing them to receive a personalized, one-on-one consultation with highly trained clothiers and tailors.

Each garment they make is handcrafted with the finest quality materials, attention to detail, and finished with expert tailoring and alteration. Their selection includes shirts, suits, blazers, trousers, ties, and overcoats, and they are constantly adding to their collection of fashionable styles and colors.

As part of their commitment to offering the highest quality products and services, Tom James is dedicated to providing the utmost in customer satisfaction and support. With a focus on quality, service, and value, Tom James proudly offers garments that are stylish and timeless.

Who is the CEO of Tom James?

The CEO of Tom James is Greg Durkin. Durkin has been the Chief Executive Officer and President at Tom James since January 2017. Prior to joining Tom James, he served as the President and Chief Executive Officer at Network Services, where he launched a comprehensive strategy and improvement plan that successfully grew the business and created significant value for both customers and shareholders.

He also has an extensive background in industrial and successful organizations, holding executive positions in sales and operations management at Marken, Cerebral Services, Fastenal, Fedex, and Airborne.

Durkin is currently a member of the Association of Dress and Apparel Professionals, the Network of Executive Women, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of St.


Is Tom James an MLM?

No, Tom James is not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. Tom James is a direct-to-consumer, custom clothing company that specializes in making custom-tailored menswear. The company is based in Nashville and has been in business since 1966.

Instead of a direct sales approach, Tom James states they “use personal clothiers to visit customers in their home or office to guide them through the custom clothing process. ” The company also offers a wide selection of fabrics, styles, and sizes to choose from, making it easier for customers to find the perfect fit.

Tom James also makes custom clothing for women, as well as other products such as accessories and shoes. The company also provides customization services to corporate customers.

How much do Tom James reps make?

It’s difficult to provide a single answer to the question of how much Tom James reps make, as there are many different factors that affect potential earnings. Tom James reps are independent contractors who are eligible to receive an uncapped commission, billed item bonuses, and reimbursement for certain expenses – this means that their potential income is largely dependent on their individual efforts and strategies.

Additional factors that may influence their income include years of experience, market size, and individual performance.

Tom James reps have the opportunity to establish their own income goals and build their own customer base, making their earnings potential largely determined by their own ambition and level of effort.

Additionally, based on performance, a Tom James rep may be eligible for bonus and reward programs that result in additional income.

As an example, in 2020 the average first-year sales person with Tom James earned more than $50,000 for the year. However, experienced reps can make significantly more. In recent years, more than 80% of Tom James reps are earning over $75,000 per year, and top performers have earned over $130,000.

Ultimately, how much a Tom James rep makes depends on their individual efforts, experience, and performance.

Is Tom James a good company to work for?

Tom James is a great company to work for. They offer very competitive wages and excellent benefits. Additionally, the work environment is professional and supportive, and the company culture is warm and welcoming.

Management is approachable and employees enjoy working with their coworkers. Tom James believes in creating a safe, healthy working environment and invests in providing their employees with the latest technology and resources to help them complete their tasks.

Job security is also a major factor at Tom James, as they strive to offer competitive salaries and job advancement opportunities. All-in-all, the overall feeling from employees is overwhelmingly positive, making it a great place to work.

What is Tom James salary?

Unfortunately, the exact salary of Tom James is not publicly available. However, it is widely believed that as the CEO of Thomas H. Lee Partners, Tom James likely earns an annual salary that is commensurate with the position.

The average compensation for CEOs at private U. S. companies in 2020 was $360,300, and it is quite likely that Tom James’ annual salary is in the ballpark of this figure or perhaps slightly higher. Additionally, given his position and influence, it is likely that Tom James also benefits from other forms of compensation such as bonuses and stock options.

Who owns Oxxford clothes?

Oxxford Clothes is an American-based luxury menswear company founded in 1916 by three brothers—Paul, Will, and Adolph Weinheimer—in Chicago, Illinois. Today, Oxxford Clothes is owned by Wayne Anderson and his family, who purchased the company in 1943.

Wayne Anderson and his descendants have carried on the legacy of the Oxxford tradition for generations, including third-generation owners Steve and Dave Anderson. Oxxford Clothes has two manufacturing outlets in the United States—one in Chicago and another in Austin, Texas.

Each item is handmade by master craftsmen. Oxxford Clothes feature a unique blend of European and American tailoring, combining modern innovations with timeless design and fit for precise quality control.

The company’s current lineup includes suits, shirts, jackets, trousers, and accessories.

How much is a bespoke suit NYC?

The cost of a bespoke suit in NYC can vary widely, depending on the tailor and the type of fabric used. It could range from roughly $1,500 to $5,000 or more. Basic bespoke suits may cost around $2,500, while more elaborate ones may cost up to $5,000 or more, with luxury Italian fabrics running upwards of $7,500.

Factors to consider that may affect the cost of a bespoke suit in NYC include the amount of work, the type of fabric, the amount of custom fitting and tailoring, and the number of fittings required. Additionally, the tailor may also charge extra for lining, pockets, and other details.

However, buying a bespoke suit in NYC is usually a more rewarding experience than buying an off-the-rack suit and the cost is a reflection of the extra services and expertise included.

Are bespoke suits worth it?

This really depends on your budget and lifestyle. Bespoke suits are usually seen as a luxury item – they are made with a focus on personal style and tailored to fit. Generally, a bespoke suit will cost more than an off-the-rack suit, however the quality and durability of a bespoke suit tends to be much higher.

Additionally, a bespoke suit will typically be more comfortable and last longer than an off-the-rack suit. If you need to frequently wear suits for work or go to formal events, a bespoke suit could be worth the investment since it can offer a timeless look and last for years to come.

However, if suits are not part of your day-to-day attire, it might not be worth it to invest in a bespoke suit. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and budget.

How long does bespoke suit take?

The length of time it takes to make a bespoke suit depends on a variety of factors, including the cloth chosen, the desired tailor, details of the style, and any other adjustments that need to be made.

In general, it can take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks for a bespoke suit to be created. This period of time encompasses the measuring and fitting process, the tailoring and construction of the suit itself and any necessary alterations.

Furthermore, waiting lists tend to be longer for the best bespoke tailors, so the process can take even longer. If you are looking for a bespoke suit soon, it is worth calling ahead to check how long it may take.

How much is a suit in Savile Row?

The cost of a suit in Savile Row, London’s renowned tailoring district, can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the tailor you choose and the type of fabric and features you are looking for.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from £1000-£5000 for a bespoke handmade suit, whereas you can get an off-the-rack or made-to-measure suit for significantly less. It is also important to note that the cost of a Savile Row suit will also depend on how long the tailoring process takes, and the level of detail and skill that has gone into creating it.

When choosing a tailor, be sure to consider their reputation and experience as well as the type of fabric and features you desire, in order to get the best return on your investment.

How many bespoke suits should a man own?

How many bespoke suits a man should own really depends on his lifestyle and personal preferences. While there is no hard and fast rule, the generally accepted guideline is that a man should own at least two bespoke suits in order to provide a versatile selection in their wardrobe.

The classic navy and charcoal are staples that every man should have, as they provide a classic professional look perfect for job interviews or other formal events. Beyond these basic two, the next suits a man should consider are solid grey, medium brown, and Prince of Wales/glen check.

These suits can all be mixed and matched to create more casual looks such as combining a patterned suit jacket with jeans and a polo, or a more formal look such as a dark grey suit with an all-white business shirt for a white-collar event.

Additional suits can be added depending on factors such as unique dress codes that require a special outfit or personal preference and style.


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