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Where are the My Pillow Guy slippers made?

My Pillow Guy slippers are made in China. The factory is located in Yindu, Shijiazhuang, a city 200 kilometers south of Beijing. It is a state-of-the-art facility that operates under strict quality control standards.

The materials used in the slippers are also sourced from domestic suppliers to ensure consistent quality and durability. My Pillow Guy is committed to producing high-quality, comfortable products, and have built a team of experienced craftsmen in China to carry out their vision.

All of their products are tested extensively before being released on the market.

Are MyPillow products made in the USA?

Yes, MyPillow products are made in the USA. MyPillow is a Minnesota-based company that proudly makes its products in the US. All MyPillow products are produced in the US at the MyPillow manufacturing facility located in Chaska, Minnesota.

All raw materials used in the manufacturing of MyPillow products are also sourced in the US. MyPillow also complies with all labor, environmental, and safety laws, and all of its employees are highly-skilled individuals who take great pride in their work.

Is the MyPillow company going out of business?

At this time, there is no indication that the MyPillow company is going out of business. In fact, the company continues to have a large presence in the mattress and bedding industry. The company has continued to experience steady growth and utilises a variety of strategies to increase its market share and stay competitive.

In addition, MyPillow continues to heavily invest in research and development to expand their product offerings and continue to build their brand. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the company has established itself as one of the most popular brands in the industry.

Therefore, we do not believe that the MyPillow company is going out of business any time soon.

Why did Costco quit selling MyPillow?

Costco recently decided to discontinue carrying MyPillow products in its stores, citing governance issues with the company and its CEO, Mike Lindell. According to a Costco representative, they found that Mike Lindell has made repeated public relations claims unsupported by facts, leading to accusations of fraud and market manipulation.

Additionally, there were claims of “unfounded disparagement of political figures” as well as false medical claims about the product.

Given the controversy and the potential financial liability that could result from selling the products, Costco determined, in its best interest, to remove MyPillow products from its stores and online marketplace, in order to ensure the company’s long-term success.

In an official statement, a Costco spokesperson said, “We are in the business of selling products our customers can trust and feel good about using. When vendor and product issues like these arise within our stores, we prioritize removing them from the sales floor and making sure our members have access to verified and safe products.


Why did Kohl’s get rid of MyPillow?

Kohl’s ended its partnership with MyPillow in 2021 after the brand faced ongoing criticism for its founder Mike Lindell’s public endorsement of false claims about the 2020 election. The retailer had been selling MyPillow products for about two years, but announced in a statement that it was “discontinuing the merchant agreement with MyPillow after assessing their business practices.

” The chain did not provide additional details but had faced mounting pressure from customers to stop selling MyPillow products on social media. Additionally, MyPillow faced several defamation lawsuits stemming from Lindell’s false claims of election fraud.

Since then, MyPillow has had difficulty finding new partners. Kohl’s decision to part ways with MyPillow allows the retailer to distance themselves from the controversial brand and any potential further financial losses.

Why is Walmart not selling my pillows anymore?

Unfortunately, Walmart may not be selling your pillows anymore due to a variety of reasons, including but not limited to changes in customer demand, decreased profits, changes in store layout, and issues with supplier availability.

If a particular product is not selling well or is no longer in demand, stores are often less likely to stock it. Additionally, changes in store layout can mean that certain items need to be removed to make room for other products or services.

Finally, Walmart may have difficulty obtaining the pillows from its suppliers. Suppliers may have ceased production of the product, resulting in it no longer being available to be sold in the store.

Did Walmart ever sell MyPillow?

No, Walmart has never sold MyPillow. MyPillow is a company that specializes in selling foam and down-alternative pillows and associated bedding products. It was founded in 2004 by Mike Lindell, with the goal of creating pillows made with fiber fill.

MyPillow products are available directly from the company’s website or in local stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s and JCPenney. However, Walmart has never sold MyPillow products. In fact, to date, MyPillow is not associated with any major retailer including Walmart.

Therefore, if you are looking for a MyPillow product your best bet would be to either look online or at local stores that carry the products.

Where are Pillow Talk products made?

Pillow Talk products are made by a select number of manufacturing partners around the world. The core of our manufacturing takes place in Europe under stringent quality and social audits, the final check point for these items is our own office in Amsterdam which ensures compliance with Pillow Talk’s quality and social standards.

Furthermore, our manufacturing partners are located in India, Turkey, Australia and China. All of our products are Oeko-Tex and European safety standard compliant, meaning no chemicals targeted at human health and the environment are used.

We also carry Polygiene, a silver-chloride based wash-in technology which keeps our products free of bacteria, odour and sweat stains.

How do you wash my pillow slippers?

Washing your pillow slippers is easy and should be done regularly to keep them looking and feeling their best. Start by brushing off any dirt or debris with a soft brush. If your slippers are particularly dirty, use a toothbrush to get into small crevices.

Fill a small sink or bucket with cold water and a delicate detergent or a mild soap. Gently submerge the slippers in the water and use your hands to work the soap into the fabric. Let them soak for 15-30 minutes before removing them from the soapy water.

Rinse the slippers with clean, cold water and let them fully drain. Once drained, lay them in a towel or other soft cloth and roll the towel or cloth up, squeezing lightly to remove any remaining water.

Place the slippers in a well-ventilated space to air-dry, ensuring they are not exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Once dry, they will be ready to enjoy!.

Are my slippers machine washable?

No, unfortunately most slippers are not suitable for machine washing. While some slippers may be labeled as machine washable, it is best to check the care label or manufacturer’s instructions prior to washing.

Generally, slippers should be kept away from water and instead spot-cleaned with a damp cloth and gentle soap. If the slippers are made of synthetic materials or have foam insoles, they should not be machine washed, as this could cause the fabrics to degrade or the insole to detach from the slipper.

Some knit slippers might be machine washable, but should be washed in cold water on the gentlest cycle and dried on the lowest heat setting. If the slipper has embellishments, like sequins or beads, it should not be machine washed.

Leather slippers should never be machine washed as it can damage the material. Cleaning leather slippers requires a specialty leather cleaner and soft cloth to remove dirt and conditioning them with a leather conditioner afterwards.

Ultimately, it is essential to check the care label of your slippers prior to washing them to ensure that you do not damage them.

Can you put slippers in the dryer?

No, you should not put slippers in the dryer. Slippers are typically made from materials such as leather, synthetic material, fur or fabric that do not respond well to high heat, so putting them in the dryer could damage them.

Additionally, since most slippers do not have structural framing that keeps their shape, heat and agitation from the dryer could cause them to misshape or come apart. If you need to dry your slippers quickly, hang them up on a clothesline or drying rack and allow them to air dry, taking care to turn them inside out and not hang them in direct sunlight.

Can you wash my pillow slippers in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash your pillow slippers in the washing machine. However, make sure to use a gentle cycle and gentle detergent. You should also air dry the pillow slippers after washing, as putting them in the dryer can cause them to shrink or misshape.

Also, it’s a good idea to remove any padding inside the pillow slippers before washing. Taking these steps will help keep your pillow slippers looking and feeling their best for longer.

How do you wash slippers without ruining them?

When washing slippers, the best way to avoid ruining them is to hand wash them with a gentle detergent and cold water. You should first use an old toothbrush or nail brush to gently remove any dirt or debris from the soles and any fabric areas of the slippers.

After that, mix some cold water and gentle detergent together in a bucket and submerge the slippers in the mixture. You should let them soak for a few minutes then use your hands to gently agitate the slippers and work the detergent into the fabric.

Carefully rinse the slippers until the water runs clear and then remove the slippers from the bucket and let them air dry. Do not put them in a washing machine or dryer, as this could damage them.

How do I know if my shoes are machine washable?

If you are unsure whether or not your shoes are machine washable, the best thing to do is to check the label that it came with. Most brands should indicate on the label whether or not the shoes can be safely machine washed.

If the label doesn’t specify, you should contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about it, as some forms of fabrics and materials can be damaged in the washing machine. Additionally, you should also take a look at the care instructions on the label to get an idea of other cleaning and care methods available for the shoes, such as hand-washing or spot-cleaning with a wet cloth.

Is my pillow available in stores?

Yes, my pillow is available in many stores across the country. You can find my pillow products in major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and more. You can also purchase my pillow products online from the official website.

Additionally, mypillow. com offers special deals and discounts when you purchase products directly from the website. So, depending on your location, you may be able to find my pillow products at your local retail store or online.