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What is the difference between Stihl TS410 and TS420?

The Stihl TS410 and TS420 are both mid-range, professional-grade cut-off saws that provide a reliable cutting performance. The main difference between the two saws is in their cutting capacities. The TS410 is equipped with a 4.

0 horsepower engine and can cut material up to 4-3/8″ thick. The TS420 is equipped with a 4. 3 horsepower engine and can cut material up to 5-3/8″ thick. Additionally, the TS420 has the added benefit of an anti-vibration system to reduce operator fatigue.

Both saws feature a lightweight design, easy start system, and an automatic chain lubrication system for convenience.

What size blade does a Stihl TS420 take?

The Stihl TS420 is designed to take a 14” blade. This is the standard size for most circular saws and is the size recommended by Stihl for optimal performance. The blade should be between 0. 04 to 0.

06 inches in thickness, with a hole diameter of 1 inch. It should also have 12 teeth per inch for the best results. The Stihl TS420 is a powerful saw for cutting concrete, stone, masonry and other tough materials, making the 14” blade the perfect choice for the task.

If you have any further questions, you can consult your Stihl dealer or the Stihl website itself to find the correct blade.

What size Arbor is on a Stihl concrete saw?

The size of the arbor on a Stihl concrete saw typically depends on the model and type of saw. Generally, most handheld electric saws have an arbor size of 5/8 inch, while lighter models, such as Stihl’s TS420 and TS410 models, have a smaller arbor size of 1/2 inch.

On the other hand, Stihl’s larger saws, such as the TS800 and TS700, have an arbor size of 3/4 inch. Additionally, most Stihl backpack saws, like the BR800, BR600, and BR420, also have a 3/4 inch arbor size.

How many cc is a TS420?

The Stihl TS420 cut-off machine has a 79. 9 cc two-stroke gasoline engine. It is capable of propelling the 14-inch abrasive wheel at a maximum speed of 7000 RPM. The TS420 is engineered to meet the safety requirements of OSHA and can cut through concrete, asphalt and metal with ease.

It features an overload protection system to prevent premature wear and has an automatic decompression valve, making it easier to start. The TS420 is a powerful and dependable tool that is perfect for professionals in the construction, utility and masonry industries.

Is a Stihl TS420 2 stroke?

Yes, the Stihl TS420 is a two-stroke lawn and garden trimmer. It is powered by a 40. 2 cc engine using a mix of fuel and oil and has a 0. 325-inch line diameter. This commercial-grade trimmer is designed to tackle heavy trimming jobs such as brush or tall grass.

It features an anti-vibration system to reduce fatigue and the Easy2Start system for easy starting. The Stihl TS420 features a solid drive shaft and a high torque cutting head for long life and maximum durability.

It also has a tool-less air filter for easy maintenance. Finally, it is equipped with a dual-line auto-feed head for faster line replacement when trimming.

How do you lock the blade on a Stihl TS 420?

To lock the blade on a Stihl TS 420, the user will want to follow these steps:

1. Make sure the Productivity switch, located on the frame of the saw, is in the off position.

2. Locate the blade shaft lock nut and nut locking screw near the blade guard. These components secure the blade shaft to the gear case.

3. Rotate the shaft lock nut counter-clockwise to loosen it. Do not remove the nut.

4. Slide the saw blade onto the arbor shaft, aligning the holes in the blade with the notches in the shaft.

5. Secure the blade onto the shaft by tightening the shaft lock nut in a clockwise direction.

6. After the blade has been tightened, replace the nut locking screw and tighten it securely.

7. Restart the saw and check the blade’s movement to make sure it is fastened securely. If the blade is not locked in place, repeat steps 1-6 until the blade is properly secured.

What is the most powerful STIHL saw?

The most powerful STIHL saw is the MS 880 Magnum professional chainsaw. It has a 6. 3 horsepower engine that delivers powerful cutting force in demanding applications. This saw is ideal for demanding professional use, such as felling large trees, cutting firewood, or clearing storm damage.

The STIHL MS 880 has a ground-breaking design and features specially designed components, such as the compression shock-absorbing system, for reduced vibration. This saw is also equipped with a convenient multi-function handle for improved control and comfort.

For improved productivity, this saw is also equipped with an adjustable oil pump to regulate oil flow to the chain. The MS 880 has a long-life air filter with protection from airborne debris, as well as an automatic chain lubrication to reduce wear and tear.

What does the R stand for on STIHL?

The “R” on STIHL stands for the company’s founder, Andreas Stihl. Founded in 1926 in Germany, STIHL is currently one of the world’s leading brands of outdoor power tools. They develop, produce and market a comprehensive range of outdoor power tools for forestry and agriculture, landscaping and garden maintenance, and for the construction and building industry.

The “R” in STIHL stands for the family name of the company’s founder, Andreas Stihl. He invented the world’s first chainsaw in 1929 and is credited as the originator of the hand-held portable chainsaw.

His entrepreneurial spirit, energy and vision made STIHL one of the world’s leading manufacturers with their reputation for quality, durability and performance remaining the same today.

Is STIHL a 2-stroke or 4-stroke?

STIHL manufactures both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Their 2-stroke engines are used in most of their handheld outdoor power equipment, such as chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, and brushcutters. This is because 2-stroke engines have a simpler design and are lightweight, making them easier to implement in handheld equipment.

They are also more powerful and reliable, allowing for an efficient and cost-effective performance.

On the other hand, their 4-stroke engines are used in their larger outdoor power equipment, such as ride-on mowers, mowing tractors, shredders, and hedge trimmers. This is because 4-stroke engines are heavier, but offer improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, making them more environmentally friendly.

They also tend to be quieter, which helps reduce noise pollution.

Is a STIHL concrete saw 2-stroke?

Yes, the STIHL concrete saw is a 2-stroke engine. The engine utilizes a two-stage system that combines the traditional two-stroke and four-stroke cylinders into one engine. This system provides increased power, reliability, and efficiency compared to a single-cylinder four-stroke engine.

STIHL concrete saws have been tested and proven to provide the highest cutting performance and reliability for the toughest concrete cutting and demolition tasks. This type of engine is designed to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, making it an ideal choice for the environment.

How do I know if my chainsaw is 2-stroke or 4-stroke?

To determine if your chainsaw is a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine, you will need to look at the engine itself. For a 2-stroke engine, look to see if there is a removable spark plug in the engine. This will help you identify it as a 2-stroke engine.

For a 4-stroke engine, look to see if the engine has an intake port, exhaust port, and spark plug. Additionally, if your engines engine block has two separate pieces in it, it is likely a 4-stroke engine.

Finally, look for the air filter. Most 4-stroke engines will have a foam air filter or enclosed box to keep dust from entering the engine. If this is not present, it is likely a 2-stroke engine.

What kind of fuel does a concrete saw take?

Concrete saws can use a variety of different fuels, depending on the type of engine and model. The most common are gasoline, diesel, and propane, though electrical versions and others with more niche fuels are available.

Gasoline powered ones typically run on regular unleaded fuel, and can generally use a fuel-oil mix to extend the life of the engine. Diesel models use a low-sulfur variant, sometimes referred to as “off-road diesel”, as the sulfur content in regular diesel fuel is too high and can damage the engine.

Propane models usually require a specially designed tank or canister, depending on the model, and may run on either liquid propane or propane vapor. For electric models, the power source must be compatible with the saw’s wattage capacity.

Additionally, some models can be modified to accept other forms of fuel as well.


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