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What happens when the Night King touches the baby?

When the Night King touches a baby, it transforms into a White Walker. This was seen in the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones when the Night King turned one of Craster’s baby boys into a White Walker. The baby’s eyes turned blue, indicating the transformation had occurred.

In the show, it was explained that the Night King has the power to turn humans into White Walkers by touching them. The exact process of this transformation is unclear, but it is known that the Night King uses dark magic to bring the dead back to life, and seems to be able to do the same for living people as well.

The Night King’s motivation for turning babies into White Walkers is unknown, but it is possible that he does so in order to increase his army of undead soldiers. White Walkers are powerful beings with supernatural strength and the ability to raise the dead, so it is easy to see why the Night King would want to increase their numbers as much as possible.

Overall, the act of the Night King touching a baby and turning them into a White Walker is a horrifying and significant event in the Game of Thrones world. It represents the extent of the Night King’s power and the danger he poses to the living.

What happens to the White Walker babies?

In the popular TV series Game of Thrones, White Walkers are known as icy creatures that have the power to convert living beings into minions of the undead army. The White Walkers are commonly seen as the villains of the show as they pose a massive threat to the living.

One of the signature moments of the series is the creation of the White Walkers. This process involves a ritual, which together with magic, transforms a baby into a White Walker. In the event that this transformation doesn’t occur, the infant is ultimately sacrificed for a creation.

The infants who undergo the ritual are left behind in the icy landscape in which the White Walkers reside. There, they are cared for by the undead army’s other minions, such as the wights (reanimated corpses). Still, this doesn’t tell us much about what happens to them.

Based on the events of the show, it seems that the White Walker babies are in fact an essential part of their army. The White Walkers create minions high up in the social pyramid, known as the White Walkers’ generals. These generals seem to share similar powers and features with the White Walkers themselves, and they’re often seen leading the undead army.

The babies, therefore, represent the raw source material for the creation of these generals. In a sense, they act as the ‘eggs’ from which the White Walkers’ generals can hatch. It’s also worth mentioning that as the show is based on George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, different details and plot points might be prevalent in the books.

The White Walker babies represent a critical component to the show’s plot, and without them, the army of the undead wouldn’t be possible. While their fate might be murky, it’s essential to remember that they serve as the foundation of a power that poses an enormous threat to humankind in George R.R Martin’s world.

Why does the White Walker take the baby?

The White Walkers, who are depicted as the evil beings in the series Game of Thrones, take the babies as part of their process of reproducing their own kind. According to the show’s mythology, the White Walkers were created by the magical children of the forest to protect them against the First Men.

However, as it often happens with artificially created entities, the White Walkers took on life and developed their own agenda, one that is bent on destruction and domination.

One of the integral elements of the White Walker’s agenda is to increase their numbers. In the world of Game of Thrones, the White Walkers reproduce in a way that is unlike any other living being. They do not mate and produce offspring; instead, they transform babies into White Walkers. They do this through an unknown process that the show has not explicitly explained, but it likely involves some kind of dark magic.

Therefore, the reason why the White Walkers take the babies is that they need more White Walkers to further their cause of subjugating the Seven Kingdoms. It’s worth noting that not all babies in the world of Game of Thrones are at risk of being taken by the White Walkers. Only babies that are of royal blood or have special significance to the people in power are taken.

For example, the Night King, the leader of the White Walkers, targeted the youngest son of Craster, a wildling who made an unholy pact with the White Walkers to offer his male children as sacrifices.

The White Walkers take the babies because they need to increase their numbers and bring more of their kind into the world. It’s part of their sinister plan to dominate Westeros and upend the established order.

Do baby White Walkers grow up?

But, as per the on-screen portrayal, there is no significant evidence to suggest if they grow up or not. According to the show’s narrative, the White Walkers are immortal creatures who were created by the Children of the forest. They are depicted as emotionless beings who roam in the lands beyond the wall in the North.

It is believed that they can summon snowstorms, raise armies of wights, and have the power to turn humans into wights.

Given their immortality and the fact that there are no accounts of White Walkers being born or dying of natural causes on the show, it’s hard to tell whether Baby White Walkers Grow up or just the same as they were when they were ‘created’. They could potentially remain in their infant stage forever or can grow in some way, but as there are no references to this in the show, we can only speculate.

Furthermore, it is widely believed that the knowledge of the White Walkers was lost for centuries, and only limited information was available. Even the main characters in the show, who had been serving in the Wall for years, knew very little about the White Walkers. Therefore, it is safe to say that we may never know for sure if baby White Walkers grow up or not.

Is Gilly’s baby a White Walker?

There is no concrete evidence or confirmation to suggest that Gilly’s baby is a White Walker. In the television series “Game of Thrones,” Gilly’s baby is known to be a son of Craster, who is a wildling and a member of the White Walkers’ allies. However, it remains a mystery whether the child was turned into a White Walker or not.

Several fan theories suggest that Gilly’s baby is a White Walker, mainly because of his location at the time of his birth. Gilly’s baby was born North of the Wall, in the Land of Always Winter, which is the home of the White Walkers. The White Walkers have been known to transform human babies into White Walkers using some unknown form of magic.

However, it is important to remember that the White Walkers are notoriously hostile beings, and their conversion of a human baby into a White Walker seems unlikely. Furthermore, the Night King, who is the leader of the White Walkers, has shown a particular obsession with Jon Snow, who is related to Gilly’s baby.

This may suggest that he had no interest in the baby, as he is not part of his grander plan.

Therefore, while it is certainly possible that Gilly’s baby is a White Walker, there is not enough evidence to confirm this fact. Until there is an official statement or further clues in the show/books, any claims that the baby is a White Walker are purely speculative.

Do crasters babies become White Walkers?

In the world of Game of Thrones, Craster is a wildling who lives north of the Wall and has a perverse relationship with the White Walkers. He offers his male babies to the White Walkers as a gift in exchange for being left alone. These babies are taken away by the White Walkers and their fate remains unknown.

It is strongly hinted throughout the series that these babies are indeed turned into White Walkers or Wights, the undead zombie-like creatures that serve the White Walkers. In season four, episode four, Bran and company are shown a ritual in which a White Walker takes a baby boy from Craster’s keep, and turns him into a White Walker by touching its icy finger to its forehead.

This supports the theory that Craster’s babies become White Walkers.

Furthermore, in season six, episode five, Bran sees a flashback of the Night’s King approaching the original Three-eyed Raven. The army of the dead is also visible, including a number of White Walkers that look suspiciously like they were once Craster’s babies, with the same glassy blue eyes and distinct markings on their faces.

It is worth noting that not all of Craster’s babies become White Walkers. He only offered his male children, and it is possible that the female babies are simply left to die, as they serve no purpose to the White Walkers. It is also unclear if all of the babies are turned into White Walkers, or if they are selectively chosen.

While it is never explicitly stated in the show, there is compelling evidence that suggests that Craster’s male babies do indeed become White Walkers. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the already chilling relationship between the wildling and the undead army.

How many kids does Craster have?

The exact number of children he has is unclear, but it is estimated that he may have had more than 100 children, mostly daughters. He is known to have sacrificed his baby sons to the White Walkers, a practice that is considered taboo even among the wildlings. Craster’s actions were condemned by the Night’s Watch and other characters in the series, and he was eventually killed by one of his own wives.

Overall, Craster’s abundant and twisted family structure was a significant aspect of the Game of Thrones storyline and played a crucial role in demonstrating the complex and often gruesome nature of power dynamics in the show’s world.

Why did Night King want babies?

There is no clear answer to the question of why the Night King wanted babies, as the character’s motivations and intents have never been fully explored in the narrative. However, there are several theories that attempt to explain his actions.

One popular theory is that the Night King was attempting to create an army of White Walkers by converting human babies. This theory is supported by the fact that the Night King was able to turn Craster’s infant sons into White Walkers, which suggests that he has the power to transform children into his undead minions.

Another theory suggests that the Night King was seeking to create an heir or successor to carry on his legacy. This theory suggests that the Night King may have been a former human who was transformed into a White Walker and now seeks to propagate his kind through creating a new generation of White Walkers.

It is also possible that the Night King simply wanted to increase his power and influence by creating more soldiers to fight for him. The White Walkers’ army is shown to be relatively small compared to the armies of men, so the Night King may have seen the creation of new soldiers as necessary to ensure his continued dominance.

The Night King’s motivations remain a mystery, and it is uncertain why he wanted babies specifically. However, his actions serve to underscore the ruthless and single-minded nature of the character, who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

How does the Night King turn babies into White Walkers?

The Night King, the powerful antagonist in the popular TV series “Game of Thrones,” has the ability to turn babies into White Walkers, who then become members of his menacing army. We first see this process in the fourth season of the show, in the episode titled “Oathkeeper.” Here’s how it works:

The Night King selects a baby, typically a boy, and takes it to a holy shrine in the Far North. The exact location of the shrine is unknown, but it is believed to be a sacred site for the Children of the Forest, the creatures who were the original inhabitants of Westeros before the arrival of humans.

It is said that the shrine was built to honor the White Walkers, who were created by the Children of the Forest to protect them from the humans.

Once at the shrine, the Night King touches the baby’s face with his finger, which emits a strange icy glow. The baby’s eyes then turn blue, a signal that the transformation from human to White Walker is complete. The baby is then carried away by a group of adult White Walkers and disappears into the snow.

It’s unclear exactly how the Night King is able to turn babies into White Walkers. Some fans speculate that he has magical powers that enable him to control the elements of ice and cold. Others believe that he has a connection to the Children of the Forest, who are known to have powerful magic of their own.

Regardless of how it works, the transformation of babies into White Walkers is a chilling reminder of the Night King’s power and the threat he poses to the people of Westeros. With his army of undead soldiers and the ability to turn living beings into powerful ice zombies, the Night King is a formidable opponent who will stop at nothing to conquer the Seven Kingdoms.

What were White Walkers doing for 8000 years?

White Walkers, also known as the Others, are believed to have been active in the world of Game of Thrones for over 8000 years. During that time, it is believed that they were gradually building their army of the undead, who are known as wights. However, the events surrounding the Night King and his army’s rise to power remain shrouded in mystery.

It is believed that the White Walkers were once human beings who were transformed into their icy form by the magic of the Children of the Forest. The Children of the Forest, who are an ancient race that once lived in Westeros, created the White Walkers to defend themselves against the invading First Men.

However, the White Walkers turned against their creators and became the biggest threat to the realm.

For centuries, the White Walkers were dormant and may have been biding their time waiting for the right moment to strike back. It was not until 6,000 years ago that they were mentioned again in history, during the era of the Long Night. The Long Night was a period of winter that lasted a generation and was accompanied by the rise of the White Walkers and their army of the undead.

Throughout the centuries, the White Walkers remained relatively quiet, and it wasn’t until around 8000 years later that they began to stir again. It is unclear exactly what they were doing during this time, but it is possible that they were waiting for their strength to build up.

It is also possible that they were actively seeking out children to turn them into White Walkers or gathering forces to launch an attack on the world of men. Whatever their motive, they remained in the shadows until the opening of Game of Thrones.

The first significant act of the White Walkers in the modern era was the assassination of the Night’s Watch’s Lord Commander, Jeor Mormont. This act led to a series of events that would eventually attract the world’s attention to the threat of the White Walkers.

The White Walkers’ actions for 8000 years remain a mystery. Still, it is known that they were gradually building their army of the undead, waiting for the ideal time to strike back against the world of men. The true motive behind their actions might forever remain a mystery, but one thing is for sure: the White Walkers pose the biggest threat to the realm.

How would the Night King touches Bran?

In the show’s mythology, the Night King has supernatural abilities that allow him to resurrect the dead, create ice storms, and control wights. He can also sense Bran’s presence when he wargs into animals or humans, which means he has some level of psychic or magical powers.

Bran, on the other hand, inherited the powers of the Three-Eyed Raven, which include the ability to enter the visions of the past and present, and communicate with other people through time. He can also warg into animals and humans, as well as manipulate the environment around him.

Given these powers, it’s possible that the Night King could touch Bran either physically or mentally. If the Night King was physically close, he could potentially grab Bran and inflict physical harm. He could use one of his ice weapons or simply choke Bran, which could hinder his ability to use his powers.

Alternatively, the Night King may also be able to touch Bran metaphysically. As a psychic entity, it’s possible that the Night King could invade Bran’s mind and overpower his will. He could influence Bran’s thoughts or visions and use his powers for his own agenda, which could have dire consequences for Bran and his allies.

Overall, there are numerous ways that the Night King may touch Bran, whether through physical or metaphysical means. It’s hard to say exactly how it would happen without more context, but it’s clear that the Night King’s powers could pose a serious threat to Bran and his mission to save the world from his icy grip.

Why was night king immune?

The Night King, the ultimate antagonist of the television series Game of Thrones, was immune to several types of attacks and forces, which made him an unstoppable force in the world of the living. One of the most significant aspects of his immunity was his resistance to fire, a weapon that is inherent to the world of Westeros, and previously seen as the primary means of destroying the White Walkers.

The Night King’s immunity to fire comes from his origin story, where he was created by the Children of the Forest using dark magic. Since he was born amidst mystical forces that were beyond the realm of fire, the Night King was considered immune to its harmful impact. Furthermore, his exposure to extremely low temperatures and harsh northern winds made him immune to the weather that would have otherwise exhausted ordinary humans.

In addition to his immunity to fire, the Night King was also considered impervious to other types of weaponry, including conventional blades and arrows, that would have otherwise caused fatal injuries to humans. The Night King’s physical construct was invulnerable to damage, making it impossible for anyone to defeat him in close combat.

Overall, the Night King’s immunity stemmed from his creation by the Children of the Forest, who infused him with a blend of dark magic and raw power, which made him resistant to the forces of the natural world. His strength and resistance made him a formidable opponent to the heroes of the show, which made his eventual defeat all the more satisfying to fans.

Why are there no female White Walkers?

There are a few potential answers to this question, as the show and books do not explicitly state why there are no female White Walkers. One possible explanation could be related to the origins of the Night King and the creation of the White Walkers. According to the show and books, the Children of the Forest were responsible for creating the Night King, using a ritual to transform a human into a powerful being with the ability to raise the dead and control the White Walkers.

It is possible that the Children of the Forest only created male White Walkers because they believed they would be more effective soldiers or weapons. Alternatively, they may have only had access to a male human to use in the transformation ritual.

Another potential explanation could be related to the cultural attitudes of the White Walkers themselves. It is possible that the White Walkers, as a society, see women as inferior or unfit for the role of warrior or leader. This could be a result of longstanding patriarchal attitudes, or it could be related to the fact that the White Walkers are essentially non-human entities with a different set of values and beliefs than human societies.

In this case, it is possible that female humans have been turned into wights or zombies, but have simply not been elevated to the rank of White Walker.

Finally, it is possible that the lack of female White Walkers is simply a result of the showrunners’ and authors’ decisions. The story is primarily focused on male characters, and it is possible that the creators did not see a need for female White Walkers or did not have an idea for how to include them in the story.

It is worth noting that the show and books have been criticized for their limited representation of female characters and for their treatment of female characters as objects or plot devices rather than fully realized individuals.

Is the Night King a stark?

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that the Night King, the powerful and enigmatic leader of the White Walkers, is a Stark. While the show Game of Thrones does not explicitly address the Night King’s origin story, various theories and clues have been explored by fans.

One theory suggests that the Night King was a former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch who was corrupted by the power of the White Walkers. This theory hinges on the fact that the Night King is able to control wights, which are reanimated corpses that have been destroyed by White Walkers. This ability is typically reserved for the White Walkers themselves, suggesting a potential link between the Night King and the magic that creates them.

Another theory holds that the Night King is actually a member of House Bolton, one of the most notorious families in the North. This theory is based on a few key pieces of evidence, including the fact that the Boltons are known for their cruel and sadistic nature, which aligns with the Night King’s actions, and the fact that the Bolton sigil features a flayed man, which bears a striking resemblance to the spiral pattern often seen in White Walker art.

However, this theory has not been supported by any official statements or plot developments in the show or books.

The Night King’s true identity remains a mystery. While the Starks have a deep connection to the North and the White Walkers, there is no clear indication that the Night King is a member of their family. However, the show and books both suggest that the true motivations and origins of the White Walkers will be explored in greater depth as the story continues, so fans may yet learn more about this mysterious and powerful character.

Who was the Night King before he was turned?

One theory suggests that he was a Stark ancestor who made a pact with the Children of the Forest, who used magic to turn him into a White Walker in their war against the First Men. Another theory argues that he was a Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, who was transformed by the Children after he ventured north of the Wall to stop their magic from destroying humanity.

Nonetheless, it is imperative to note that these theories are not officially confirmed by the show’s creators or based on any solid evidence. Therefore, we can only speculate about the Night King’s true identity and backstory. It is also important to remember that the Night King’s identity and backstory are not as vital to the central plot of Game of Thrones.

The character primarily served as a looming, supernatural force that drove the story to an epic conclusion.


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