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What does it mean when someone says brass monkey?

When someone says “Brass Monkey,” they are referring to a popular alcoholic drink created by Drake’s Brewing Company in 1985. It is made by blending two cans of beer with a can of frozen concentrate orange juice.

The drink is often referred to as a “brew cocktail.” It is a simple, yet tasty drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The phrase “brass monkey” is often used to talk about the drink itself, or an event or gathering where the drink might be served.

The Brass Monkey drink is popular in many countries and has been featured in many bars, pubs, and night-clubs over the years.

Where does the saying brass monkey come from?

The phrase “brass monkey” originates from a similar expression “cold enough to freeze the tail off a brass monkey”. This phrase describes a cold weather condition that is so extreme that even a metal monkey made of brass would be too cold.

The phrase is thought to have originated in the 19th century when sailors used to refer to a specific ship part, a device made of brass or iron used to hold ship’s cannonballs in place, as a “brass monkey”.

The device was purported to be so cold that it would freeze during cold weather, so the expression was used to metaphorically refer to a very low temperature. The phrase has made its way into the modern day lexicon to describe extremely cold weather.

Is Beer and OJ a brass monkey?

No, beer and orange juice is not a brass monkey. While some people may use the phrase “brass monkey” colloquially to refer to any combination of beer and orange juice, the phrase actually has a more specific origin.

The phrase “brass monkey” originated in a 1982 song called “Brass Monkey” by the Beastie Boys. The song describes a cocktail made with 3 equal parts of vodka, orange juice, and “fortified wine” (likely referring to either port or sherry).

The lyrics simply say “Brass Monkey, that funky Monkey”, making it difficult to discern exactly what it is, but most believe it was meant to refer to the drink. As such, beer and orange juice does not fit the ingredients for the original version of a brass monkey and therefore does not qualify as one.

Is Brass Monkey beer and orange juice?

No, Brass Monkey beer is not a mixture of beer and orange juice. It is an ale-style beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch, commonly found in cans, bottles and on tap. The beer is very light in color and has a very refreshing, slightly sweet, citrus-y taste.

Many people compare it to a light- to medium-bodied lager, and it typically has a 4.3% ABV (alcohol by volume). The beer was first brewed in 1994 and has since grown in popularity due to its unique taste.

While some people have added orange juice to their Brass Monkey beer to create a beer-mimosa-type drink, it is not a beer-and-orange juice mixture by default.

What kind of drink is Brass Monkey?

Brass Monkey is an alcoholic beverage made by mixing beer, orange juice, and a liquer such as vodka or rum. Many versions of the drink recipe also add a dash of lemon juice or other flavoring agents.

It originated in the 1980s and has become popular in recent years. The drink has a sweet, tangy flavor, and goes down smoothly. The name comes from its copper-colored appearance.

What is the drink in Boyz N the Hood?

The drink that is referenced in Boyz N the Hood is beer. In the opening scene of the movie, the main character Tre and his friends are standing outside of a convenience store when the store owner chastises them for congregating in front of his store.

He makes a point of mentioning that he does not sell beer and advises them to move on. This is the first time that beer is directly referenced in the film. Later in the movie, Tre and his friends are seen in a neighbor’s garage drinking a beer and telling stories while they wait for their father’s to arrive.

Beer is also referenced in a later scene when Tre is drinking with his friends and his girlfriend.

Is Brass Monkey a whiskey?

No, Brass Monkey is not a whiskey. It is a mixed drink that is typically made with a blend of orange juice, dark rum, and lager beer. It usually also includes vodka and a lemon wedge or lime wedge for garnish.

The drink was invented in the early 1980s at the famous dive bar in New York City, Mars Bar. It has since become a popular drink for parties, tailgates, and summer barbecues. While it does contain rum, the flavor of the spirits is balanced out by the sweetness of the orange juice and the effervescence of the lager beer.

What did Beastie Boys mean by Brass Monkey?

The Beastie Boys song “Brass Monkey” describes the drink of the same name, which was popularized in the late 70s and 80s. It consists of orange juice, dark rum, and either vodka or gin, although some versions substitute lemon-lime soda.

The term “brass monkey” is thought to be derived from an old RAFterm which referred to a large flat wheel of brass containing small cups of complimentary drinks often served ashore by the Royal Air Force in England.

The Beastie Boys depict the Brass Monkey drink as something of a wild, celebratory indulgence: “Chillin’ at the bar sippin’ on a Brass Monkey / Shootin’ up the place like John Woo”. In modern usage, “brass monkey” is commonly used as a euphemism for drinking to excess.

What alcohol is in Cheeky monkey?

Cheeky Monkey is a tropical cocktail that traditionally contains alcohol made from rum. It usually includes white or light rum as the alcohol base, plus a combination of orange and pineapple juice, grenadine syrup, and a cherry or orange garnish.

The ratios may vary depending on individual tastes, but a common recipe is 3 parts pineapple juice, 2 parts orange juice, 1 part grenadine syrup, and 1 part white or dark rum. For a stronger taste, dark rum can be used instead of white.

The drink is served in a tall glass over ice and is generally decorated with a cherry or orange on the rim.

How do you use brass monkey in a sentence?

My uncle always said, “It’s colder than a brass monkey outside!” whenever it was particularly chilly outside.

What is an example of brass monkey?

A “Brass Monkey” is an expression referring to extreme low temperatures, usually used as a humorous way to describe being very cold. Its origin comes from an old British navy saying, “It’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”.

The phrase is usually used as a response to how cold it is outside, with no literal meaning.

The terms literal meaning refers to a “brass monkey” being an old naval term for a particular kind of three-legged casting to hold cannon balls. In cold temperatures, the contraction and expansion of the metal due to changes in temperature could potentially cause the cannon balls to be loosened and dislodged.

In other words, low temperatures were so cold that even the solid brass monkey casts would be adversely affected, thus leading to the expression.

The phrase is still used today in popular culture, often humorously, to address how cold it is outside.

What is a 40 with orange juice called?

A 40 with orange juice is commonly known as an ‘Orange 40’. This alcoholic beverage is essentially a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor (such as Colt 45 or St. Ides) mixed with a can of concentrated orange juice.

This beverage is popular among many people and is usually served over ice. The addition of orange juice disguises the taste of the malt beverage. Orange 40s are often thought of as a casual summertime drink.

If you are looking to try an Orange 40, you can purchase the necessary ingredients from most liquor stores.

What does monkey mean in slang?

In modern slang, “monkey” can refer to a mischievous or silly person, typically someone younger in age than the speaker. It can also be used to describe someone who is inexperienced or not particularly intelligent.

“Monkey” can also be used in a playful way to describe someone as cute or adorable.

How many balls does a brass monkey have?

The exact number of balls a brass monkey has varies depending on the type of toy. However, the most common type features two balls, one ball at the top and the other at the bottom. The upper ball is similar to a traditional ball, while the bottom ball is shaped like a monkey’s head, often with a tongue sticking out of its mouth.

There may also be some small auxiliary balls inside the toy, and some newer versions of brass monkeys feature a third ball.

What is yellow monkey slang for?

Yellow monkey is a slang term typically used to describe money, specifically the paper currency of certain regions. This term has been used around the world in various locales, but most prominently in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

The term got its start during the 1700s and is believed to stem from a British slang term “monkey,” which was used to refer to a large sum of money. While the exact origin and meaning of the slang term “yellow monkey” is not known for certain, it is thought to have originated from the shades of yellow and green used in the paper money of these countries.

In more recent years, “yellow monkey” has become associated with large amounts of cash and can be used as a general term to describe money.