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What do o7 means?

O7 is an expression of greeting used in multiplayer online gaming. It stands for “over and out,” and functions much like “goodbye. ” It is often used to signify the end of a conversation or discussion, and is often accompanied by the traditional hand salute commonly used in the military.

It is also commonly used to encourage participation in large-scale operations or team-based events, where players will alert one another with “o7!” when they are ready to begin. The phrase has become popular throughout the gaming culture, and is often seen on streaming platforms, forums, and other gaming-related social media.

Where did o7 come from?

The phrase “o7” is an internet acronym originating from the multiplayer first-person shooter game StarCraft. It began as an informal gesture of respect and acknowledgment among the game’s players, and has since become an accepted way of saying farewell and good luck in online gaming, especially in the MMORPG genre.

The “o7” salute is said to have originated in a single moment during a Starcraft tournament, where a player, having just lost the match, said “o7” as an acknowledgement that his opponent had won a «personal victory».

The phrase caught on, and became a popular show of appreciation during Starcraft eSports events, where players would salute their opponents, mark the end of a game and show a sign of mutual respect before going on to the next match.

The “o7” salute has gone on to become an internationally acknowledged gesture in gaming forums and chat rooms, and is used to represent camaraderie and sportsmanship in player vs player competition. It has since become a shorthand signoff for the gaming community, and is even often used as a shorthand for “cheers” in informal virtual settings.

While its exact origins are unknown, the “o7” salute will likely remain a popular way of expressing respect and admiration among gamers for years to come.

When did o7 become a thing?

The gaming phrase “o7” dates back to at least the late 1990s when it was regularly used in the aerospace and military simulator scene. But its wider adoption by the gaming community probably began in late 2012.

At the end of November that year, a redditor whose brother was in the Navy, posted an explanation of what the phrase meant and how it was used in online communities, along with an example of its use.

From there, it quickly gained traction amongst the wider gaming community due to its convenience, and has become a staple of gaming etiquette.

So, while its true origins are probably rooted in military and aerospace culture, the phrase has gained widespread mainstream acceptance with gamers across the world using it as an affectionate way to say goodbye.

How do you say o7?

O7 (pronounced: oh-seven) is a term commonly used in the gaming community that is typically seen accompanied with a salute gesture. The origin of o7 is unknown but it appears to have been used in gaming text chats since at least 2006.

The term is used to signify the end of a conversation, similar to the use of “over and out” in other contexts. It may also be used in a more friendly or humorous way to signify a close relationship or interaction and is commonly used as a sign of respect and an expression of appreciation.

The accompanying salute gesture is typically done by raising your hand and making a 90-degree angle with your arm, with the index and middle fingers extended, which resembles the number 7.

What is o7 Minecraft?

o7 Minecraft is an educational video game created by Sensible Distractions, Ltd. It was designed to help kids learn STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) through exciting interactive activities.

It’s easy to find lessons and activities that help players learn real world skills like coding and problem-solving. The colorful world of the game allows kids to explore their creativity and make informed decisions.

Players work together to build structures or even their own towns, complete puzzles and mini-games, learn how to craft and code, and explore the world around them while they interact with helpful characters.

The game provides plenty of opportunities to practice problem-solving, collaboration, and communication, which are essential life skills.

Additionally, o7 Minecraft offers an online community where players can explore, share creations, and help each other, providing a platform for young learners to stay connected.

What is the meaning of n 3 o7 in chat?

N 3 o7 is an informal way of saying “Good Night” in chat. In this phrase, the “N” stands for “night,” the “3” stands for “three,” and the “o7” stands for “o’clock. ” Taken together, the phrase translates to “night, three o’clock,” or “Good Night.

” It is typically used when conversing with someone around bedtime or when wishing someone a good night’s rest.