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What comes with Total Gym XL?

The Total Gym XL comes with multiple parts and accessories to help you get the most out of your workout. Included in the purchase of the Total Gym XL is its main unit, a chest press attachment, a squat stand, a leg pulley, two pulley bars, 10 resistance cables that can hold up to 200 pounds, two collapsible foot holders, two fitness accessories, a workout DVD and an instructional DVD, an exercise chart, and a nutrition guide.

It also includes a one-year warranty and lifetime access to Total Gym TV, an online exercise library. The Total Gym XL is an extremely versatile piece of exercise equipment, with over 80 different exercises that can be done with the included accessories and attachments.

Whether you want to focus on strength training, cardio, balance, or even Pilates and yoga, you can find the perfect exercises to do with the Total GymXL. With all the included parts, accessories, and instruction materials, you’ll be able to customize your workout to your goals and fitness level.

What is the difference between Total Gym and Total Gym XLS?

The Total Gym and Total Gym XLS are both home gyms that deliver a great total body workout. The Total Gym XLS is the top of the line model in the Total Gym family and it provides more workout options than the regular Total Gym.

These differences in functionality, combined with more superior engineering, are the main differences between the two models.

The Total Gym XLS has an upgraded glide board that is 1. 5 inches longer than the glide board on the regular Total Gym. This features improves range of motion and provides a more comfortable workout.

Also, the XLS has ergonomically designed press bars for chest press exercises and leg pull exercises, whereas the regular Total Gym does not.

The Total Gym XLS also has four more levels of resistance than the regular Total Gym, so users can perform exercises with more intensity. Both models have numerous accessories such as ab crunch attachments and wing attachments, but the XLS also has a squat stand and a dignified pullbar attachment.

In summary, the Total Gym XLS has more resistance levels, a longer glide board, ergonomic press bars, and upgraded accessories compared to the regular Total Gym.

How do I set up Total Gym XL?

Setting up your Total Gym XL is incredibly easy, and you can have it ready to use in no time. Here are the steps to quickly and easily set it up:

1. Unpack the Total Gym: Unpack your Total Gym XL from the box, taking out all of the components and laying them out on the floor in a clear area.

2. Assemble the Tower: Place the tower on the ground and attach each end of the bottom tube to the two vertical legs, then connect the pull pin onto both ends. Finally, take the frame and insert it into the tower until it locks securely into place.

3. Attach the Press Arm Bands: Take the flexible press arms and screw the blue bands into the bar near the bottom of the frame.

4. Connect the Pulley System: Next, attach the pulley system onto the top of the frame and secure it with the connecting pin.

5. Set up the Bench: Place the bench into its secure position on the frame and ensure it is firm and stable.

6. Install the Accessories: Install whichever accessories you have chosen to go along with your Total Gym XL, placing the wing attachment into the tower and the squat stand onto the base.

7. Have Fun: You can now enjoy your workout routine and get in shape with your new Total Gym XL!

How much weight can a Total Gym XL hold?

The Total Gym XL can hold up to 400 lbs (181. 4 kg). It is designed for users of all body types and sizes, with the design making it easy to use regardless of strength level. Its space-saving design and versatility also make it great for small home gyms.

The Total Gym XL boasts a durable build, featuring an elevated pulley system, an adjustable exercise bench and high-tensile strength cords for smoother movement and extra durability. Additionally, its accessories, like the squat stand and dip bar, allow for a complete strength training workout.

With the Total Gym XL, users can complete exercises aimed to target all major muscle groups.

Is the Total Gym worth buying?

The Total Gym is a great investment for individuals who are looking for an effective, convenient, and affordable way to improve their physical health. It offers a wide range of exercises, adjusts to multiple levels of difficulty and resistance, can be folded for storage, and is very affordable compared to other home gym options.

Additionally, Total Gym offers a wide range of accessories for their products, allowing you to customize and upgrade their machines as needed.

For those who are looking to add resistance training and bodyweight exercises to their fitness routine, Total Gym provides a quick and easy way to do so at home. However, it’s important to note that, while the Total Gym is a good functional addition to any home gym setup, it does come with some limitations.

For example, the range of motion for exercise is limited and the amount of weight you can use is quite low, making it difficult to use the Total Gym for certain activities. Therefore, it may not be the best choice for athletes and those looking to do more advanced exercises.

Ultimately, whether or not the Total Gym is worth buying is a personal decision. It is definitely worth considering if you are looking for an effective, convenient and affordable way to add more resistance and bodyweight exercises to your routine.

How do you use a Total Gym for beginners?

Using a Total Gym for beginners is a great way to get a full body workout and to improve your overall health and fitness. To begin with, you should position the Total Gym at the appropriate level for your particular fitness level.

It typically comes set up for someone at an intermediate level; if you are a beginner, you can lower the incline to start. Once you have the incline level set, you would lie down on the glide board, which provides support and stability.

Next, you would choose the exercise that you want to do, such as squats, chest presses, bicep curls, ab crunches, and other resistance exercises. For each exercise, you can adjust the resistance level to your own fitness level by using the dial on the machine, as well as using different grips on the glide board.

Once you have the resistance set, you can begin your exercise with slow, controlled movements. Make sure to focus on proper form when doing any exercise and to breathe properly as you do each exercise.

You should also stay focused on the muscles that you are targeting with each exercise. As you progress, you can increase the resistance or reps to challenge yourself and make sure you keep progressing.

When you are finished with each exercise, you can reset the incline level for the next one and repeat the process for as many resistance exercises as you want to do. After you are finished, make sure to give yourself a cool down period, so your body and muscles can adjust to the strain they just experienced.

Using a Total Gym can be a great way to give you a full body workout and to help you reach your fitness goals.

Which Total Gym is the for home use?

When it comes to home-use Total Gyms, one of the top contenders is the Total Gym XLS, which is designed to provide a comprehensive total body workout. The Total Gym XLS features over 80 exercises, including cardio, strength training, stretching, and more.

It supports up to 400 lbs and is adjustable to six different levels. Additionally, the Total Gym XLS comes with an extensive exercise chart, demo DVD, nutrition guide, and four threaded attachments for resistance.

This system takes up very little space, making it an ideal choice for those who want an all-in-one exercise solution for their home gym. Furthermore, its versatility allows it to accommodate any user, regardless of their age or fitness level.

All in all, the Total Gym XLS is an excellent choice for those looking for a home fitness solution.

What’s the weight limit for the Total Gym XLS?

The Total Gym XLS has a maximum user weight capacity of 400lbs. This weight limit is the combined weight of the user and any accessory weights that may be used. Additionally, the Total Gym XLS is designed for use with smaller, accessory weights (not Olympic style weights) with a maximum weight of 25 lbs.

This ensures that the Total Gym XLS is well-equipped to provide a full-body workout for virtually any user, regardless of their size or strength.

Is Total Gym Fit better than XLS?

Whether Total Gym Fit or XLS is better is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Total Gym Fit is a more versatile piece of equipment with a range of lower body, upper body and core exercises, as well as adjustable settings to switch up your routine.

XLS is more basic and largely intended to be used as a single-station strength machine. It’s much heavier and has fewer adjustable settings.

Total Gym Fit is also more portable, allowing you to train at home or on the road, whereas XLS is bulky and less suitable for travel. In addition, Total Gym Fit includes some cardio exercises, while XLS is solely focused on strength training.

So ultimately, it really depends on your own goals and preferences. If you’re looking for some basic strength training and you don’t care about portability or options, XLS could be a better choice. However if you’re looking for a full body workout, more adjustable settings, and the ability to train anywhere, then Total Gym Fit is probably the better option.

Which is better Total Gym XLS or fit?

The decision of which is better between Total Gym XLS or fit depends on a few factors. Generally, Total Gym XLS is seen as a better overall piece of exercise equipment, as it is more durable, offers more features, and is much more versatile than fit.

The Total Gym XLS is made of high-grade components that are able to support up to 400 pounds and is designed to support over 80 different exercises. It also has ergonomically designed glide board that can help with joint and muscle alignment, allowing for more comfortable exercise.

On the other hand, fit is a more lightweight folding bench and does not have the same durability, components, or features as the Total Gym XLS. It is designed to deliver quick and easy full-body workouts and is ideal for those looking to save space as it can easily be folded and stored away when not in use.

Additionally, it is prominently more affordable than the Total Gym XLS. Ultimately, Total Gym XLS is seen as the better exercise equipment as it more comprehensive, offers more features and options, and is made to withstand more.

That being said, fit is a great choice for those looking for a more affordable and space-saving option.

What is the machine for a total body workout?

The Machine for a Total Body Workout is designed to provide a comprehensive workout that targets all major muscle groups in the body. This type of machine usually consists of an adjustable seat, adjustable handlebars, pulleys and weight stacks, and various other components to exercise different parts of the body.

Depending on the model and brand, there might also be additional components such as a chest press, a back pull, a lat pulldown, a leg press, an ab crunch pad and many more. The machine allows for different exercises to be performed either in full-body sets or isolation sets, allowing for the greatest range of motion and resistance to build strength, muscle mass, and cardiovascular health.

How do I know what model Total Gym I have?

In order to determine which model Total Gym you own, there are several steps you must take. First, locate the serial number of your Total Gym. This is typically printed on a sticker on the front of the frame.

Once you’ve located the serial number, contact the Total Gym team at 1-800-TOTALGYM or support@totalgymbody. com with the serial number and they will be able to provide you with the model number. Additionally, if you have your order confirmation number from when you purchased the Total Gym, you could provide that as well.

That may help in quickly identifying the Total Gym model even faster. It’s always recommended to have the exact model number, so knowing the serial number is essential. Having this information makes it much easier to purchase compatible accessories, replacement parts, and be able to locate an owner’s manual if needed.

Can you add weight to Total Gym XLS?

Yes, it is possible to add weight to Total Gym XLS. The Total Gym XLS comes with a built-in weight stack that can hold up to 400 lbs, allowing for limitless training possibilities. However, there are a few different ways to add weight onto the machine.

You can purchase low-profile plates that are suitable for the Total Gym XLS and add them directly onto the weight stack. These plates come in 4. 2, 9. 2, and 14. 2 lb sizes and can be used to increase the weight resistance.

Additionally, you can purchase weight plates with an adapter that fits onto the Total Gym XLS’s guide bars. This will allow you to customize the weight resistance as needed. Finally, you can also use resistance bands to add weight onto the Total Gym XLS.

These bands can be placed on the guide bars and can add an extra challenge to your workouts.

How long does a Total Gym last?

The lifespan of a Total Gym depends on the model, frequency of use, and the level of care and maintenance provided. Generally, higher quality models can last longer, from 8 to 10 years with proper care and upkeep.

If used regularly and cared for (such as following the owner’s manual guidelines about assembly, cleaning, and lubrication), the Total Gym could last up to 15 years. Even if it looks in great shape, lubricate the tracks and roller bearings periodically and make sure the pulleys, springs, and other parts of the machine move smoothly.

Also make sure to inspect the product for any wear and tear and look out for any exterior damage, which are all indicators of potential damage or wear and tear to the interior parts or components of the machine.

Finally, make sure to store the Total Gym away from high humidity and temperature. The better care and maintenance you provide, the longer your Total Gym will last.

Can seniors use Total Gym?

Yes, seniors can use Total Gym! Total Gym is designed as a low-impact workout system that can be used by anyone, regardless of age. It comes with multiple levels of resistance, so older adults can start off at a lower intensity and gradually increase the amount of resistance as they feel comfortable doing so.

Additionally, the exercises performed on the Total Gym can help improve one’s balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility which can help seniors stay fit and healthy well into old age.