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Was Rukmini older than Krishna?

The exact age of Lord Krishna and Rukmini is not known, however the general belief is that Rukmini was slightly older than Lord Krishna. Some legends suggest that Rishis had predicted her accidently meeting with Lord Krishna, and hence her parents arranged her marriage with him.

Rukmini was the daughter of the King of Vidarbha, Bhishmaka and was described to be the most beautiful princess of India. She successfully wooed her Lord with her noble character and unconditional love.

As per legends, Lord Krishna was born in Mathura and Rukmini in Vidarbha. When Rukmini expressed her desire to be married to Lord Krishna, her father tried to arrange her marriage with Shishupala, the crown prince of Chedi.

With divine help, Rukmini was rescued by her Lord, and they were married in a grand ceremony. Hence, it can be concluded that Rukmini was slightly older than Lord Krishna.

What was the age of Rukmini when Krishna married?

Rukmini is traditionally believed to have been between 8 and 16 years old when she married Krishna. According to the Vishnu Purana, she was 16 at the time of her marriage. However, some other Puranas, such as the Bhagavata Purana, suggest that she was only 8 when she married.

Regardless of the exact age at the time of their union, Krishna and Rukmini are generally remembered as being a pair of devoted, devoted lovers who were united in a life-long bond of love and faithfulness.

Why did Krishna marry 8 year old Rukmini?

Krishna marrying 8 year old Rukmini is quite a controversial topic and is perhaps one of the most difficult questions surrounding Hindu mythology. It is said to be a unique love story between two divine entities – Lord Krishna and Princess Rukmini.

According to the Vishnu Purana, Rukmini was a princess of the Vidarbha Kingdom and the eldest daughter of its king, Bhishmaka. She had eight brothers, each with a young and beautiful princess whom Krishna had his eyes upon.

However, it was Rukmini’s beauty and intelligence that made Krishna ultimately fall in love with her.

At that time it was normal for a girl to be married as soon as she reached the age of 8, so when Rukmini reached 8, her father made arrangements for her marriage ceremony. Meanwhile, Rukmini had fallen in love with Krishna and wanted to marry him.

Krishna promised her that he would come to her rescue, and on the day of the wedding, disguised himself and went to the ceremony. After rescuing her, Krishna married her and promised that if she was ever in danger, he would protect her.

Many believe that the concept of marrying young girls was intrinsic to the Indian culture during that era and hence it was not seen as a taboo. It is also believed that Rukmini had chosen Krishna as her husband before she was 8 years old, and that she had already made a request to her father to let her marry him.

Hence it can be assumed that the marriage was on mutual agreement between the two and that might explain the age difference between the two.

Today, most believe that this marriage could have been prevented with awareness, and that it was wrong on many levels. However, at its core this is a truly romantic story that can inspire hope in many.

At what age did Lord Krishna married?

According to the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna married at the age of 16. Historians believe that at his time 16 was the minimum legal age for marriage. Lord Krishna married Radha, 8 wives called as ‘Astha-Bharyas’ (Mahabharata), Rukmini being the chief and ‘Sati’, daughter of King Daksha.

In total, Lord Krishna had 16,108 wives and out of them 8 were his main wives.

Did Krishna ever loved Rukmini?

Yes, Krishna and Rukmini were very much in love. In Hindu texts, Rukmini is described as the ‘divine consort’ of Lord Krishna and their love story is well-known among Hindus. According to the famous story, Rukmini’s brother, Shishupala, was an enemy of Krishna and he arranged her marriage with another prince.

Having learnt of this, Krishna proceeded to kidnap Rukmini and married her in accordance with traditional Hindu rituals. It is believed that Krishna and Rukmini loved each other very deeply and that their love was eternal.

Krishna is believed to have said in the sacred writings of the Bhagvat Purana, “Rukmini, O blessed one, you always make me do things which are bearable by me alone and are impossible for ordinary persons.

” By this, he expresses his love for her and conveys that no one could ever understand him better than Rukmini. He also protected Rukmini from threats and saved her from captivity, which further reinforces the notion of their true love for each other.

Who was Krishna’s Favourite wife?

Krishna is known for having many wives. He is said to have had about 16000 wives in total, but his favorite was Rukmini. She was the daughter of Bhismaka, the King of Vidarbha. She was his favorite because once Krishna came to her father to ask for her hand in marriage, her father refused.

Despite this refusal, Rukmini sent a letter to Krishna explaining that she wanted to marry him. When Krishna received the letter, he took it as a sign of her devotion, and he took her away anyway. They were married at the temple of Dwaraka and they remained inseparable ever since.

Rukmini is often remembered as the epitome of a devoted wife and she is still revered as such today.

Who is elder in Radha and Krishna?

Krishna is actually said to be elder than Radha in terms of years, although they are both eternal. According to one legend, Radha was born on the Earth before Krishna, who was sent down to Earth after her.

In another version, Radha was born right after Krishna’s birth. But regardless, Krishna is the Paramatma, the Supreme Being, while Radha is a product of his power. Radha’s status is close to that of a perfect devotee of Krishna who is completely in love with him and merges completely with him.

As such, even though Krishna is older than Radha age-wise, she is often placed on a higher spiritual level than him, as her devotion and love for him is unparalleled.

Who was elder Krishna or Subhadra?

Krishna was the elder of Subhadra, who was the younger sister of Krishna. Subhadra was the daughter of Vasudeva, the father of Krishna, and his third wife, Rohini. Subhadra was the sister of Balarama, another famous avatar of Vishnu.

Subhadra was wed to Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, and was the mother of the deity Abhimanyu.

Krishna, the eldest of 8 siblings, is the central figure of the Bhagavad Gita and the protagonist of the epic Mahabharata. As an avatar of Lord Vishnu, he is revered as a central character in Hinduism and was an important leader in the struggle against the Kauravas in the Mahabharata.

He was known for his bravery and prowess in battle, and is credited with achieving the ultimate victory against the Kauravas. He also played a critical role in helping the Pandavas to win their kingdom of Hastinapura.

He is also known for his outstanding yogic prowess and profound discourses on the Bhagavad Gita, which is considered one of the most influential works of Hindu philosophy.

How much old was Radha than Krishna?

The age difference between Radha and Krishna is unknown, as there is no specific evidence which suggests how old Radha was when she met Krishna. Even though Radha and Krishna are deeply linked together in the Hindu faith, traditional stories about them being romantic lovers is actually more of a popular culture interpretation.

In the Bhagavata Purana, Radha is described as a cowgirl, who was the leader of a group of girls called the gopis who were devoted to Krishna. This could suggest that Radha was slightly older than him, as the Sanskrit term gopi traditionally refers to a married woman.

Krishna was estimated to be born between 3228–3150 BCE, however, there is no evidence that implies at what age Radha was when she first encountered Krishna. Therefore, it is impossible to deduce how old Radha was compared to Krishna upon their first meeting.

What is the age of Radha?

The exact age of Radha is not known. However, she is believed to be a youthful girl, as ancient Hindu scriptures describe her as having a “beautiful face with a blushing complexion” and having the “freshness of a flower”.

It is also stated in the Bhagavata Purana that Radha was a cowherd girl living in the village of Barsana when Krishna first met her. Based on this, it is assumed that Radha was between eight and ten years old when she and Krishna first met.

How old was Krishna when he fell in love with Radha?

Krishna is believed to have met Radha when he was about sixteen years old. The precise age may be uncertain in some versions of the story, but most sources agree that it was around that time. In Hindu mythology, Krishna was born an infant within the jailhouse of King Kamsa, and was later discovered and raised in Gokula, the village of the cowherds.

This is where it is believed that he first met Radha, and the two quickly grew close to each other, eventually falling in love. For the rest of his life, Krishna was in love with Radha, longing for her even after she had been married off to another man.

Why did Krishna marry 16000 wives?

Krishna is one of the most popular avatars of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme God of Hinduism, and the stories of Krishna’s life are deeply embedded in Hindu culture and literature. According to Hindu mythology, Krishna married 16,000 wives for a very specific reason.

First, it is important to note that this number does not indicate that Krishna was a polygamist, as 16,000 is not a realistic number for one man to marry. Rather, it is thought that the 16,000 wives were symbolic representations of different aspects of Nature, such as rivers, mountains, forests, and sky.

By marrying the wives, it is said that Krishna was taking responsibility for protecting and nourishing Nature.

It is also thought that Krishna married the wives to unite the different kingdoms in the area and bring peace to the region. By uniting the rulers of these kingdoms, he was able to create a powerful alliance that kept both internal and external conflicts at bay.

Finally, Krishna was said to have married the 16,000 wives to promote morals and values of his native land. It is thought that by being married to the wives, Krishna taught important lessons about honour, loyalty, and respect that could be passed down for generations.

In conclusion, even though the number 16,000 wives seems impossible, it is actually believed to be a symbolic number. The symbolism behind Krishna’s marriage is seen as a way of uniting different kingdoms, fostering peace, and teaching morals and values.

The stories of his life are deeply rooted in Hindu culture and literature, and this is just one of the many stories that made Krishna one of the most popular and beloved deities in Hinduism.

Was Radha married before she met Krishna?

No, Radha was not married before she met Krishna. Radha is known in Hindu legend as the eternally unmarried maiden who was in love with Lord Krishna. Despite her extreme fondness for Lord Krishna and the love she professed for him, she was never married to him in a formal ceremony.

Radha is revered in Hinduism as the epitome of love and devotion. She is a symbol of feminine devotion, constancy and loyalty, and is often depicted in Hindu art as a woman lost in ecstatic contemplation of her beloved Lord.

While some Puranic legends signal a marriage between Radha and Lord Krishna, it was never actually consummated. According to legend, Radha chose to forsake even Lord Krishna and lead a solitary life of asceticism and prayer instead.

Her trail of devotion is seen in Hindu culture and respected by many devotees of Lord Krishna.

What is the age difference between Krishna and Rukmini?

Krishna and Rukmini are two figures in Hindu mythology who are traditionally said to have been married. The exact age difference between them is unknown, but it is generally accepted to be quite large due to the traditionally advanced age of the figures.

In some accounts, the bride was already 16 years old at the time of her marriage to the 24-year-old Krishna. In other accounts, the bride was only 8 years old when the couple wed. However, due to the mythological nature of their relationship, the exact age gap between them is impossible to accurately determine.