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How much money does Phasmophobia cost on Steam?

Phasmophobia is a popular horror game that has been taking the gaming world by storm since it was first released in September 2020. The game, developed by independent studio Kinetic Games, is exclusively available on Steam, making it a must-have for PC gamers.

As for the price of the game, Phasmophobia currently costs $13.99 USD on Steam. This price is subject to change depending on various factors, such as region or promotional offers, but as of now, this is the standard price for the game.

For such an affordable price, Phasmophobia offers players an immersive and terrifying experience, where they must work together to investigate and identify paranormal activity, all while avoiding the wrath of the malevolent ghosts lurking in the shadows.

Another added bonus is that the game is constantly updated with new features and content, making it a worthwhile investment for any horror game enthusiast. Furthermore, the game has proven to be incredibly popular, with an overwhelmingly positive reception from both players and critics alike, making it a must-own for anyone looking for a gripping and spooky experience.

Overall, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the horror genre, Phasmophobia is an excellent game that is well worth its affordable price, offering hours of terrifyingly fun gameplay that will have you on the edge of your seat.

What is the price of Phasmophobia in Steam?

Phasmophobia is a popular horror game that was launched on September 18, 2021, by Kinetic Games. The game became an instant success among horror game enthusiasts and is one of the most popular games in Steam.

Phasmophobia is available for purchase on Steam. The price of the game may vary depending on your location, currency, and whether or not there is an active sale. However, as of now, the game’s price is $13.99 in the United States.

In some countries, Phasmophobia might be sold at a higher or lower price due to various factors like currency exchange rates, region-specific taxes, and government policies. For instance, in India, the game is priced at INR 319 (approx. $4.35) which makes it quite affordable for most players.

It is essential to keep in mind that the price of Phasmophobia on Steam could fluctuate, especially during major sale events like the Steam Summer Sale, Winter Sale, or Daily Deals. It is also worth noting that the game is continually updated with new content, which might affect its price.

The price of Phasmophobia on Steam is $13.99 in the United States, but this could vary depending on your location, currency, and market factors. Keep an eye on Steam sale events if you are looking to save a few bucks on the game.

Can you get Phasmophobia for free on Steam?

No, currently you cannot get Phasmophobia for free on Steam. Phasmophobia is a game developed by Kinetic Games and released on September 18, 2020. It is a first-person horror game that allows you to investigate paranormal activities with other players. As of now, it is only available for purchase on Steam for $13.99.

While there are some websites that claim to offer free downloads of Phasmophobia, it is important to note that downloading games from unauthorised sources can be risky. These websites may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. Moreover, downloading pirated games is illegal and can lead to severe consequences, including fines and legal action.

The only legitimate way to acquire Phasmophobia is to purchase it on Steam. However, Steam often offers discounts during sales, so it may be worth waiting for a sale to get the game at a lower price. Additionally, Phasmophobia is currently in early access, which means that the developers are still working on the game and adding new features.

Therefore, purchasing the game will ensure that you receive future updates and improvements.

While you cannot get Phasmophobia for free on Steam, it is available for purchase at a reasonable price. it is always recommended to purchase games legally rather than downloading them from unauthorised sources. Not only does it ensure that you have access to the latest updates and features, but it also supports the developers who have worked hard to create the game.

Does Phasmophobia cost money?

Yes, Phasmophobia is a paid game that currently costs around $14.99 on Steam. The game was developed by a one-person team – Kinetic Games, and was released in September 2020. It quickly gained popularity among gamers and streamers, thanks to its unique gameplay and terrifying atmosphere.

Phasmophobia is a multiplayer psychological horror game that puts players in the shoes of ghost hunters. They must explore haunted locations, gather clues, and use ghost-hunting equipment to determine the type of ghost and ultimately, find evidence of its existence. Each ghost has different behavior patterns and strengths, which adds to the game’s complexity and replay value.

Despite being a relatively small game, Phasmophobia has received critical acclaim and has been praised for its immersive gameplay and sound design. The game’s spooky visuals, sound effects, and ghostly apparitions make it an excellent choice for horror fans.

The game is regularly updated with new content, features, and bug fixes to provide an optimal gaming experience to its users. Additionally, there is an active community of players who share their tips, tricks, and opinions on various online forums and social media channels.

Phasmophobia might have a price tag, but it provides a thrilling and immersive gaming experience to horror fans. Its unique gameplay, detailed graphics, and spooky ambiance make it a must-try game for gamers who want to experience the thrill of ghost-hunting.

How much does it cost to full buy in Phasmophobia?

The cost of a full buy in Phasmophobia can vary depending on various factors, such as the platform the game is purchased on, the edition of the game, and any additional content or DLCs included in the purchase.

For instance, on Steam, the current price for the standard edition of Phasmophobia is $13.99, while the deluxe edition, which includes the game soundtrack, digital artbook, and a free copy of Kinetic Games’ previous title The Killer, costs $19.99. Similarly, on the Epic Games Store, the standard edition is priced at $13.99, while the deluxe edition rings in at $19.99.

Additionally, there may be DLCs available for purchase that include additional content such as new maps, ghost types, and equipment. As of the time of writing, there is only one DLC available for Phasmophobia, called “Exposition,” which adds a new abandoned exhibition hall map and a new ghost type for $5.99.

Overall, the total cost of a full buy in Phasmophobia would depend on the individual’s preference and whether they opt for the standard or deluxe edition, as well as the inclusion of any additional DLCs. However, it is safe to say that the cost of purchasing the game and any additional content is relatively affordable compared to other video game titles in the market.

Do you need a gaming PC to play Phasmophobia?

No, you do not necessarily need a gaming PC to play Phasmophobia. Phasmophobia is a relatively simple game, in terms of graphics and gameplay, and can be played on a relatively moderate system. However, it is important to note that the game’s performance and overall experience can be impacted by the computer’s processing power and graphics capabilities.

At a minimum, the system requirements for Phasmophobia recommend a processor of Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350, 8GB of RAM, an NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics card, and a DirectX version 11. Taking these into consideration, it is possible to play Phasmophobia even on mid-range computers.

However, it is also important to consider the potential for lag or stuttering while playing the game, particularly if the computer is running multiple applications, running on low battery, or does not meet or exceed the minimum requirements. This could lead to a less enjoyable gaming experience.

While you do not require a gaming PC to play Phasmophobia, the overall gaming experience will depend on your PC’s capabilities. If you do not have a top of the line gaming PC, you can still enjoy the game with moderate graphics settings and enjoy the thrill of hunting ghosts in the house.

Can you get Steam for free?

Steam, a digital distribution platform, provides its users with access to a vast library of games, updates, and gaming communities. It is available for download on, and while the platform itself may be free, purchasing games through the program requires payment.

However, Steam often offers sales and discounts on various games or game bundles, allowing users to acquire games at a lower price. Some games may also be free to play, or developers may offer temporary free access, either through Steam or directly through their own websites.

Additionally, Steam occasionally offers promotional events or giveaways, such as a free weekend trial of a game, where users can play the full version of a game for a limited time.

Therefore, while the Steam platform itself is technically free, obtaining games through Steam often requires payment, with the possibility of acquiring games through discounts or promotions. However, attempting to acquire games through Steam through illegal or fraudulent means, such as hacking or pirating, is not only prohibited but can also lead to severe legal consequences.

Is Phasmophobia on GeForce now?

Phasmophobia is a popular first-person survival-horror game developed by Kinetic Games that was released on September 2020 for Microsoft Windows. The game has become popular among horror game enthusiasts and content creators and has garnered positive reviews for its unique gameplay mechanics, graphics, and sound design.

As of November 2021, Phasmophobia is available on Steam, the world’s largest online gaming platform, which boasts millions of players worldwide. However, whether or not Phasmophobia is available on GeForce Now, a cloud-based gaming service that allows players to stream games on their devices, is a question that requires a more detailed answer.

In general, GeForce Now allows players to stream games from their personal library, provided they have a compatible game, an active account, and the necessary subscription plan. However, not all games are available on GeForce Now, and the game’s developers have the final say on whether or not their game can be played on the platform.

In the case of Phasmophobia, although the game is available on Steam, it is not currently supported on GeForce Now. This means that players cannot currently stream Phasmophobia on the platform, and it is unclear whether or not Kinetic Games has any plans to add support for GeForce Now in the future.

That being said, it is worth noting that GeForce Now does have a wide range of other popular games available for players to stream. Some notable games include Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and many others.

While Phasmophobia is a popular game among horror enthusiasts, it is not currently supported on GeForce Now. Players who wish to play the game will need to purchase it on Steam or find another platform where it is available. Nonetheless, the fact that Phasmophobia is not currently supported on GeForce Now does not detract from the appeal of the platform, which offers a wide range of other titles to choose from.

How good of a computer do you need for Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is an immensely popular online multiplayer game that has been gaining a lot of attention for its unique blend of horror, suspense, and realism. The game has become increasingly popular, and many players are looking to experience it on their computers. However, before you start playing Phasmophobia, it is essential to know the kind of computer system you need for the game.

Phasmophobia is a fairly demanding game, and it requires a computer that can handle a decent amount of processing power and graphics processing. Additionally, the game is designed for multiplayer, so you will need a stable internet connection to play the game smoothly and without lag.

First and foremost, you will need a computer processor capable of running the game. The minimum recommended CPU to run Phasmophobia is an Intel Core i5-4590 or equivalent. However, if you want the game to run flawlessly, then we recommend an Intel Core i7-8700 or equivalent processor. It is essential to note that an AMD processor can work, provided it matches the specifications mentioned above.

Next is the GPU, which is the most important factor in determining how well the game runs. Phasmophobia requires a graphics card with at least 2 GB VRAM or more, compatible with DirectX 11. The game is not graphic-intensive, so a decent graphics card such as NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 390 is sufficient, imparting a smooth gaming experience.

You can also upgrade to a newer Graphics Card for the best results.

RAM is also crucial, and sufficient RAM will help maintain game stability, prevent crashes and smoother gameplay. The recommended RAM is 8 GB, but 16 GB RAM is preferable to run the game smoothly without any lag or stuttering during gameplay.

Finally, the storage type will determine how fast the game loads and how long it takes to install updates. The game takes approximately 15 GB of storage, so we recommend at least 256 GB of solid-state drives (SSDs) or hard disks (HDDs) to store the game and other gaming files. With an SSD, the game loads quickly, and the response time is fast.

For the best experience of Phasmophobia, a computer with a moderately powerful CPU, GPU, sufficient RAM, and fast storage is essential. Although, the game does not require the most advanced hardware; a decent gaming setup mentioned above can provide an enjoyable and fantastic gaming experience while playing Phasmophobia.

What are the minimum specs for Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is a popular horror game that has been gaining a lot of attention in recent times. The game is developed by Kinetic Games and was released in 2020. It is a multiplayer game that can accommodate up to four players, and the objective is to investigate and identify ghosts while avoiding being hunted by them.

The game has a couple of requirements that need to be met for it to play properly on your machine.

The minimum specs needed to play Phasmophobia include a 64-bit processor and operating system, Windows 8 or 10 operating system, a processor that is at least an Intel Core i5-4590 or better, and 8GB of RAM. Additionally, the game requires a DirectX 11 capable graphics card with a minimum of 2GB of VRAM, such as an NVIDIA GTX 970 or an AMD Radeon R9 290.

In terms of storage, the game requires at least 13 GB of free space on your hard drive. A stable internet connection is also required for multiplayer games. However, keep in mind that the minimum requirements are just that, and players may experience performance issues if your computer is using exactly the minimum requirements.

Players may want to consider upgrading their hardware to ensure a smoother experience while playing the game.

Phasmophobia’S minimum system requirements are reasonable and should be easily met by most modern gaming machines. Nonetheless, players should consider upgrading their hardware to ensure a smooth gaming experience. The game is undoubtedly one of the scariest multiplayer games that have been released in recent times and is a great addition to any horror game enthusiast’s collection.


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