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How much is the Sirocco worth?

The Sirocco is an impressive and luxurious vehicle, and its price reflects its value. Depending on the year, model and trim level, the estimated MSRP for the Volkswagen Sirocco ranges from around $31,000 for a 2019 base Sirocco to about $50,000 for a higher-end Sirocco R. However, additional features, packages and factory options, or the condition of the vehicle can all affect the price, so you may find that the price of a used Sirocco fluctuates.

Who owns the superyacht Sirocco?

The Sirocco is a superyacht owned by the Russian billionaire and philanthropist Roman Abramovich. The 93-meter long, 14-meter high Sirocco was built by the German shipbuilding company Blohm + Voss and designed by Tim Heywood.

It features a 4,000 square meter interior, ranging from an outdoor deck with a swimming pool to a luxurious media room and relaxation area. There are two helicopter pads as well, making this yacht perfect for luxury cruising and entertaining large groups.

The yacht features eight luxury staterooms and over thirty crew members, providing its occupants with the ultimate in leisure and hospitality. Furthermore, the yacht has the latest navigational and environmental technologies, making travel safe, secure and comfortable.

Who owns the yacht on below deck?

The yacht featured on the Bravo reality series Below Deck is owned by a billion-dollar production company, Bravo Media. In the show, the yacht is frequently rented out by a charter company, which works with wealthy clients who pay thousands of dollars daily to travel onboard and experience the high-end services of the charter crew.

However, the yacht itself is owned by Bravo and leased to the charter company for the production of the series.

The specific yacht featured in the show is called the Ohana. It is a 176-foot Motor Yacht and is registered in the Cayman Islands. The yacht was built in 2001 and has been showcased in a few other productions, including the 2007 movie The Darjeeling Limited.

The yacht has twelve guest cabins and a 14-person crew to support each charter.

In addition to the charter yacht featured in Below Deck, Bravo also owns the motor yacht ‘Valor’ which was used in the show’s spinoff, Below Deck Mediterranean. The Valor is a 174-foot yacht built in 2005, and the series took place off the coast of Mallorca, Spain.

How much does it cost to rent the yacht Sirocco?

The exact cost of renting the yacht Sirocco will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the duration of the rental, the season and location of your desired destination, the number of guests, and the type of services you wish to include in your trip.

Generally, the base price per night of renting the Sirocco will range between $50,000 and $220,000, with the average cost being around $120,000 per night. Prices could increase substantially depending on the various features and services included, such as food and beverage, onboard entertainment, and crew member fees.

Additionally, there may be added fees for fuel, equipment, and port fees depending on your trip’s destination. Contacting the yacht’s provider will provide you with the most accurate and detailed quote for rental of the Sirocco.

How much is it to rent a sirocco for a week?

The cost of renting a sirocco for a week will vary depending on the location, seasonal demand, and availability. Additionally, the renter may need to buy extra insurance for the vehicle, depending on their insurance coverage.

Generally speaking, renting a sirocco for a week can cost anywhere from around $300 – $700, although this cost can be more or less depending on the specific situation and rental company.

Do Below Deck yachties get paid?

Yes! The yachties on Below Deck do get paid for their work on the show. The cast members typically work for an hourly rate that is commensurate with what experienced yachties make in the real world, as well as additional bonuses or tips from the guests.

Generally, depending on their experience, Below Deck cast members earn anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 per charter season, according to The Tribune. It was also reported that Below Deck Mediterranean cast members earn approximately $12,000 per charter season.

Additionally, the show pays for room and board in exchange for working a minimum of six days a week (sometimes up to 12 hours a day). While there’s no exact formula for calculating how much each below Deck cast member earns, this gives an idea of what kind of money they make for the show.

What is Georgia from Below Deck sailing doing now?

Georgia Grobler, also known as “G”, from Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently a certified yacht master, as well as a model and influencer. On her Instagram page, she posts pictures of her travels and adventures, as well as her fashion and lifestyle.

She often shares pictures of her sailing escapades, usually aboard grand sailing yachts in her beloved Mediterranean. She also often collaborates with luxury brands for sponsored posts. In addition, she currently juggles both a Youtube channel and a podcast, where she features conversations with some of the world’s most inspiring figures and entrepreneurs.

Lastly, Georgia has recently been quite vocal about her vegan lifestyle and is an advocate for sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.

How many bedrooms are on the Sirocco?

The Sirocco is a superyacht originally created by German shipyard Lurssen and now owned by Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani. It is 162m long, can hold up to 50 crew members and has a reported value of US$400 million.

Its luxurious amenities include 3 pools, 6 spacious decks, a helipad, and an interior movie theater. As for the number of bedrooms, the Sirocco has an impressive total of 25 guest cabins, including 18 double cabins and 7 VIP cabins.

Each of the cabins has a different and unique décor, with specifications like private balconies, walk-in closets, and marble countertops. The on-board luxury is complemented by the added convenience of state-of-the-art audio-visual systems and Wi-Fi throughout the yacht.

How much does a super yacht captain make per year?

The salary of a super yacht captain largely depends on their experience, the size of the yacht, and the location that the yacht sails in. Generally speaking, a super yacht captain can earn anywhere from $50,000 to more than $250,000 per year.

This includes their annual salary, bonuses, and any additional perks that a super yacht owner may offer. Someone with a lot of experience and expertise commanding larger boats could expect to make more.

It is not uncommon for some captains to make over $400,000 per year. In order to work as a super yacht captain, extensive maritime experience and qualifications are required, as well as boat handling skills and knowledge of the area.

The captain is also responsible for managing the crew, navigating the vessel, and ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the vessel.

Do guests pay to be on Below Deck?

No, the guests who appear on Below Deck do not pay to be on the show. Guests are invited on to the show and their stay aboard the yacht is complimentary. They may bring spending money, depending on their plans for the episode, but this is mainly to be used for activities such as excursions, spa treatments, and shopping trips.

The guests are also typically given a onboard credit for the duration of the charter for additional items. The production crew takes care of the other expenses related to flights, transfers, and accommodations.

Is food included on Below Deck?

No, food is not included on Below Deck. The show follows the lives of crew members working on a luxury yacht as they provide charter guests with a vacation of a lifetime. While meals may be provided to the charter guests, the crew usually have to provide their own food and supplies.

Depending on the budget, the crew members may take turns cooking meals for the yacht or purchase meals at a local supermarket. Although the chefs featured on the show often prepare amazing meals for the charter guests, those meals are created for the purpose of entertainment and the food is not included for the crew members.

Does Bravo pay Below Deck guests?

Yes, Bravo does pay the guests who appear on Below Deck. These guests are typically compensated for appearing on the show, and the cost varies depending on their fame or notoriety. The price varies based on whether they are a celebrity, have a high profile job, or an overall high level of fame.

The exact fee varies by episode, but most will receive at least several thousand dollars. Additionally, guests may also receive bonuses depending on the ratings and reach of the episode they appear on.

What is the largest tip Below Deck?

The largest tip ever received on Below Deck was $282,200 for a 10-day trip in Season 5, granted by the owner of the luxury superyacht Valor, Izzy Coree. The ship had numerous amenities like a wine tower, a gourmet-level kitchen, two lounges, and two hot tubs, with a crew of the most experienced and professional yacht crew.

Despite the challenging charter, Izzy and her guests were pleased with their experience and showed their deep appreciation with the aforementioned generous tip. The tip was divided among the crew members with successful French chef, Kevin Dobson, receiving the highest percentage due to his ability to perform at a high level and execute a special menu suited to the tastes and preferences of the charter guests.

Does Captain Lee get tips?

Yes, Captain Lee receives gratuities, or tips, on ‘Below Deck.’ According to Bravo’s official website, crew members typically receive tips from the charter guests, to show their appreciation for the crew’s service.

On the show, the guests present their tips at the end of the charter, during a crew meal. All tips received during a charter are recorded and tallied for disbursement among the crew, depending on rank and positions held.

Captain Lee is often shown thanking the guests for their gratuity, showing his appreciation and giving them a hug in return.

How do you get to be a guest on Below Deck?

If you want to be a guest on Below Deck, the first step is to get in touch with the show’s casting director. Your best bet is to contact the Below Deck casting team through their official website or social media accounts.

You can also try searching for casting notices posted on websites and social media.

The information you provide should include basic information like name and age, contact information, and a few lines about yourself and why you would make an interesting guest. Keep in mind that the show’s producers are looking for people who are outgoing, comfortable with cameras, and willing to follow directions—they don’t just want any “ordinary” people.

Once you’ve submitted the information requested, you’ll be contacted by a casting team member with further instructions. If you’re selected for an episode, all the necessary arrangements will be made to book your stay on the yacht depending on the availability and size of the vessel.

Be sure to also have your passport handy—you might need it for the show’s filming.

Before you know it, you’ll be living the life of luxury for a week or two, in front of millions of viewers!