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How much is the cool grey 11s grade school?

The cool grey 11’s Grade School edition (GS) typically sell for $160 USD. However, the price can vary based on your location and the shopping platform used. For example, some locations may have sales or deals going on that would drop the cost of the shoes.

Additionally, you can use certain sites than can help you find the best deals on shoes. The resale market is also something to consider as prices vary greatly depending on the condition the shoes are in.

It’s important to note that limited-edition shoes or special collaborations typically sell at a premium price on the resale market.

How many cool grey 11s are being made?

The number of Cool Grey 11s being made is dependent on the exact version being released. The original version of the Cool Grey 11s was released in 2001 and was limited at the time, with only 10,000 pairs being produced.

Since then, the Jordan brand has released several “retro” editions of the shoe, each of which had their own production numbers. The most recent release of the Cool Grey 11s on the SNKRS app in December 2020 had nearly 700,000 pairs being made, with almost all of them selling out within minutes of the release.

The next anticipated release is the Cool Grey 10s, which is rumored to have an even larger quantity made available for purchase.

How much are GREY Jordans worth?

The value of a pair of Jordans varies depending on the type of Jordans, their availability, and their general condition. For example, a brand new, deadstock pair of recent release Jordan 3s in the colorway ‘Fire Red’ might be worth upwards of $200, whereas a similar pair in the ‘Grey Smoke’ colorway in good condition might be worth slightly less, around $155 or so.

Ultimately, to determine the exact value of a particular pair of Grey Jordans, an assessment of their condition, age, and availability would need to be conducted.

What year did the cool GREY 11s come out?

The Air Jordan 11 Retro “Cool Grey” was originally released in 2001. This was the third colorway of the iconic sneaker, following the original “Concord” and “Space Jam” releases. The “Cool Grey” edition features an upper predominately in Cool Grey, but also includes White and Black accents.

These sneakers were popularly worn by Michael Jordan during the 2001 playoffs. They remained highly sought-after when they were retroed and released again in 2010 and 2020.

What to wear with Jordan 11 cool grey?

When it comes to styling the iconic Jordan 11 cool grey, the possibilities are endless! For an effortlessly cool look, opt for a basic t-shirt and joggers pairing. Team a white, oversized t-shirt with nature-hued joggers and the cool grey Jordan 11s, tucking the t-shirt into the joggers for a sleek look.

To finish off, add a denim jacket or bomber for a timeless aesthetic. You can also play around with lengths and textures, swapping the joggers for light, cargo trousers or relaxed chinos. For a dressier option, opt for light-wash jeans, a crew neck jumper and a longline overcoat or blazer, for a look that will take you from day to night.

To finish this look off, add a statement belt and some classic aviators.

Will the cool GREY 11 go up in value?

In the world of sneakers, predicting the future values of a certain shoe can be quite complicated. Sneaker values are determined by a variety of factors, including demand, availability, and public opinion.

Specifically, it is difficult to make predictions about the future value of the cool GREY 11 model.

Unlike some limited edition sneakers, the cool GREY 11 is not a highly sought-after model, so its resell value is relatively low compared to other colorways and versions. That being said, the cool GREY 11 may increase in value over time as the demand for Nike shoes continues to rise.

Additionally, if the sneaker is re-released, part of its popularity and reputation will likely increase, allowing it to command a higher resale value in the future.

At the end of the day, sneaker values are constantly changing and it is often difficult to predict what their value will be in the future. Therefore, while the cool GREY 11 may increase in value, there is no telling how much its value may change.

How do you tell if your cool GREY 11s are real?

The first clue is to look at the materials and color that were used to make the shoes. Authentic cool GREY 11s will always be made with a mostly grey upper and midsole, with light accents of black, white, and a muted green, as well as a visible outline of the Nike “swoosh” logo.

Inspect the materials used to make the shoe, such as canvas or leather, to ensure they are of good quality and don’t feel overly smooth or plasticky. Another way to authenticate your shoe is to take a close look at the shoe’s box.

Authentic boxes should have the Nike logo, a unique style number, and some production information about the shoe printed on them. You should also look for other details such as laces, tongue tags, and serial numbers to ensure that the shoes are real.

Finally, you can check the shoes against other trusted resources, such as shoe authentication sites, to be sure that your cool GREY 11s are the real deal.

Do cool GREY 11 run big or small?

The fit of the Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro ‘Cool Grey’ will vary based on the width of the shoe, as well as your foot. The shoe is offered in sizes 5-13 for men, and improves with each half size. Generally, the shoe will fit true to size but can still be a bit tight if your foot is wide.

If you are between sizes, it is usually recommended to size up rather than down – while they may initially feel a bit loose, they should fit snugly after a few wears. If you have narrow feet, then ordering true to size or a half size down should work fine.

Customers should be wary of going down a full size, as that could result in the shoe being too tight.

Overall, the Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro ‘Cool Grey’ is a versatile sneaker that provides a comfortable fit. With its ability to fit both narrow and wide feet, customers should have no problem finding a size to their liking.

Which Air Jordan is the best?

At the end of the day, deciding which Air Jordan is the “best” is largely a matter of personal preference—everyone has their own opinion. There have so many beloved Air Jordan releases over the years that it’s impossible to pick one as the “best.

” But, the Air Jordan 1 might be the most iconic. It’s the silhouette that kicked off the entire sneaker revolution and the success of Nike’s Jordan Brand. Everyone from hypebeasts to casual sneaker-wearers know and love the Air Jordan 1, which helped make it a timeless classic.

Plus, there have been so many pairs of Air Jordan 1s released over the years, in an array of colors and styles, so everyone can find a favorite pair. It’s a sneaker that transcends generations, cultures, and styles, a truly unique shoe.

Are Jordan 11 cool Greys good?

The Jordan 11 Cool Greys are a timeless classic and an obvious choice for any sneaker enthusiast. They offer a unique combination of comfort, style, and sophistication that very few other shoes can offer.

The upper is made from a combination of smooth leather and synthetic materials that give the shoe a light, comfortable feel and make them suitable for daily wear. The midsole cushioning system provides the shoe with excellent cushioning and shock absorption, while the rubber outsole provides extra durability and grip.

The iconic carbon fiber arch support adds some flair and adds style to the overall aesthetic of the shoe. All in all, the Jordan 11 Cool Greys are a great choice that should last you for years.

Are the cool GREY 11s dropping again?

The Cool Grey 11s, or the “Jordan 11 Retro Cool Grey”, originally released in 2001 and were re-released in 2010. They have not had another release since then, however rumors circulating suggest there may be plans to have another prospective release in the near future.

No news has been officially confirmed at this time, but as a special anniversary edition, these sneakers could potentially be up for grabs again soon.

Who will be selling Jordan 11 Cool GREY?

Jordan 11 Cool Grey will be available on a wide variety of retailers including select Foot Locker, Champs, Kicks USA, and Finish Line stores. Additionally, they will also be available online on Nike.

com, as well as a variety of other online retailers. As with other Jordan releases, expect these to be extremely popular, so availability will likely be very limited. Consumers should shop quickly if they wish to get a pair.

When did Jordan 11 Cool Grey release?

Jordan 11 Cool Grey originally released on December 23, 2001 as part of the Air Jordan 11 (XI) Retro line. It was one of several colorways for the silhouette to come out in 2001, along with the Space Jam, Concord, and Bred variations.

The Cool Grey color scheme consists of a glossy cement grey upper, with white and grey accents on the tongue and midsole. The Air Jordan 11 (XI) Cool Grey has gone on to become one of the most sought-after colorways of the silhouette, releasing several times since its initial debut in 2001.

It has released in regular form on December 23, 2008, December 24, 2010, and finally as part of a “Legends of the Summer” pack in 2013.

What 11s did Jordan wear?

Michael Jordan wore a variety of different models/editions of Nike Air Jordan 11s during his time in the NBA. This includes the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” released in 1995, Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” released in 2000, Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” released in 2001, Air Jordan 11 “Columbia” released in 2001, Air Jordan 11 “Citrus” released in 2003, Air Jordan 11 “Black/Red” released in 2003, Air Jordan 11 “Bred” released in 2003, Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” released in 2014, Air Jordan 11 “72-10” released in 2015, Air Jordan 11 “Midnight Navy” released in 2015, Air Jordan XI “Win Like ’82” released in 2017 and the Air Jordan 11 “Win Like 96” released in 2017.

Why are the Jordan 11s so popular?

The Jordan 11s have become incredibly popular due to their classic silhouette, their ability to coordinate with almost any outfit, and their association with basketball legend Michael Jordan. Released in 1996, the shoe has consistently been one of the favorites among sneaker fans.

The combination of the patent leather, mesh and carbon fiber materials provide a sleek and stylish look that never fails to make an impression. The Nike Air cushioning, combined with the full length Zoom Air cushioning, provide a comfortable ride that is also incredibly lightweight.

Additionally, the timeless black and white makeup of the shoe allows them to seamlessly blend into classic, as well as fashion-forward, fall and winter trends. The fact that the 11s are always a part of yearly reissues, collaborations, and retros adds to the appeal, and makes them a fan-favorite year after year.

The Michael Jordan association also plays a huge role in their popularity, as the shoe carries his legacy with it wherever it goes. The Jordan 11s have become a staple in the sneaker industry, and it’s easy to see why they have become a go-to for sneaker fans all around the world.