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How much is Speechify per month?

Speechify has two tiers of plans, each with different levels of service and cost. The ‘Basic’ plan costs $9. 99 per month and gives you access to the full Speechify library of books, games and stories, as well as advanced features like customization and voice-to-text.

The ‘Unlimited’ plan costs $19. 99 per month and gives you access to an unlimited library of books, games and stories, as well as premium features like text-to-speech and professional narration. The Unlimited plan also includes premium customer support and exclusive content.

Both plans come with 7-day free trials, so you can try it out to see which one is best for you.

Is Speechify worth the money?

Whether or not Speechify is worth the money is a personal decision that depends on several factors. The subscription pricing is relatively affordable, so there is a good value in the cost. Speechify also stands out from similar services in that its engine allows you to upload large audio and video files, giving users more control over their content and the ability to utilize multiple voices and accents.

Additionally, users have the option to purchase extra premium voices and accents which can enhance their product at a nominal cost.

Speechify also has a variety of features that set it apart from other services, such as AI voice blending and a library of high-quality music libraries to make your audio/video production stand out from the rest.

It also offers various features for customization, including video effects, audio and video filters, and tools for cutting and editing audio. Furthermore, Speechify also has an optional Speech Recognition feature, which can be a valuable tool for anyone wanting to transcribe their audio/video content quickly and accurately.

At the end of the day, there is a lot to consider when it comes to deciding if Speechify is worth the money. While the cost may be a factor in your decision, the features and flexibility offered are unmatched, and the ability to have complete control over your audio/video production is worth its weight in gold.

Does Speechify have a monthly subscription?

Yes, Speechify does have a monthly subscription. It is a monthly autopay option that provides unlimited access to all Speechify features for one low price. It is the most cost-effective way to access Speechify’s features.

With the monthly subscription, users get unlimited downloads and playback of all Speechify’s audio-books, podcasts, and audiobooks, including speech-speed enhancements. In addition, subscribers can use Speechify desktop and mobile apps to store bookmarks, customize text size and audio speed, and track playback.

The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Is Speechify free for students?

Yes, Speechify is free for students! To sign up, students need to create a free Speechify account and connect their Google Classroom. Once they do, they can start listening to their assigned reading instantly.

They can listen and read along with their readings while they are learning, which helps them not only stay focused but also understand and remember what they are learning better. Additionally, students can customize their learning experience by choosing the speed of the reading, and even choosing between a human-like or text-to-speech voice.

Finally, Speechify provides an analytics and reporting feature to track students’ progress, so teachers can monitor their students and provide additional support where needed.

Is Speechify truly free?

Yes, Speechify is truly free. Speechify allows you to enjoy a free version, where you can listen to thousands of books, podcasts, and articles. This free version is completely free with no hidden fees or costs associated with it.

With the free version, you can listen to anything available in the library and create personalized playlists.

For those looking for more features, Speechify also allows you to upgrade to a premium version. The premium version includes extra features like multi-language support, lesson sharing, and custom audio speed.

The premium version will cost you $12. 99 a month or $119. 99 per year. But if you’re a student, Speechify will give you 50% off your subscription and you can get the premium experience for just $6. 50 a month.

How long can you use Speechify for free?

Speechify offers a free 1-month trial period, during which you can explore our full range of features and have access to unlimited articles and stories read aloud. No credit card is required to start this trial.

After the trial period, you can choose whether or not to continue with Speechify by subscribing to one of our affordable monthly or annual subscription plans. Speechify also offers a free lifetime plan, ideal for those who are tight on budget but still want to benefit from our unlimited reading.

With the free lifetime plan, you will be able to access up to 5 premium articles per month for free and no credit card is necessary to register.

What is better than Speechify?

It is difficult to answer this question definitively as it depends on individual preferences and needs. Some people may prefer one service over another for a variety of reasons, like cost, features, or ease of use.

Generally speaking, some speech-related services that may be better than Speechify include Wideo, Lumen5, Adobe Premiere Rush, ToonKits, and WeVideo. Each of these services offers different capabilities and features, from animation and video creation to transcription and text-to-speech services.

These services could be advantageous for those looking to create more complex video projects or those looking for more robust features, such as video editing and transcription services.

Furthermore, there are many speech-to-text services available, such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, VoiceIntel, and CMU Sphinx. These services allow you to add speech recognition capabilities to your software or application.

This could be great for those wanting to add voice command features to their apps and websites.

Ultimately, the best service for you will depend on what you’re looking to do with speech-related tasks and what capabilities you need. Take the time to compare different services and determine which best fits your needs.

Which study app is free for students?

There are a variety of study apps that are free of charge for students. These apps can help make studying more efficient, organized, and even fun. Here are a few free study apps that any student can use:

1. Quizlet: Quizlet is a popular app for studying and test prep. It offers flashcards, quizzes, and games that can help you learn and practice material.

2. Evernote: Evernote is a great app for organizing notes and keeping track of important information. It also has a great voice recording feature that can be used for recording classroom lectures.

3. Google Drive: Google Drive can be used for storing and organizing documents. It also has a feature for working together on projects.

4. Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers free educational content and practice in a variety of topics.

5. My Study Life: My Study Life is an app that helps you stay organized by creating digital schedules, to-do lists, and class reminders.

These are just a few of the free study apps available for students. There are also a variety of paid apps that can offer more features, but free apps are a great place to start.

What is the difference between Speechify free and premium?

Speechify is a text-to-speech web application that allows users to easily and quickly turn written content into audio.

The difference between Speechify free and premium is the amount of content you can convert. With the free version, users are able to convert the first 1,000 words of their content, while with premium, users can convert up to 10,000 words.

Users on free can still use all other Speechify features, such as selecting voices, language, and duration, but the text-to-speech limit does apply.

Premium users also have access to more advanced features, such as the ability to save conversations, upload audio clips and images, and embed audio on websites. Premium users can also receive support from a Speechify expert and get updates on new features, while free users can only use the online self-help and FAQs.

Speechify strives to make reading easier and more accessible for everyone, and with its free and premium versions, users can see which one will best suit their needs.

Are there any free apps like Speechify?

Yes, there are several free apps that are similar to Speechify. Some of these include:

1. Read Aloud: Read Aloud is a free app that uses text-to-speech to read webpages, documents, and ebooks aloud. It also includes a variety of voices and the ability to adjust speaking rates.

2. NaturalReader: NaturalReader is a free text-to-speech software with both a web version and downloadable app. It has an easy-to-use interface, allows users to download files for offline use, and offers a variety of both free and premium voices.

3. Voice Dream Reader: Voice Dream Reader is a free app that lets you access a variety of books and documents, including those from iBooks, Dropbox, and Google Drive. It offers a great amount of customization, including changing the text size, font, and color, and offers both free and premium voices.

4. WordTalk: WordTalk is a free text-to-speech software program with voices that can be used with Microsoft word, Outlook, and PowerPoint on PC and Mac systems. It also includes options to adjust speaking speed, volume, and pitch, as well as creating an audio file.

5. Balabolka: Balabolka is a free text-to-speech software program that supports a variety of voices and allows users to create audio clips of their text. It also includes adjustable speaking speed, pronunciation options, and the ability to add backgrounds.

Is Speechify good for ADHD?

Yes, Speechify can be a great tool for people with ADHD. Speechify is a text-to-speech tool that can be used to help people read and listen to their reading materials, including articles, books, and study material.

It helps to reduce the cognitive load associated with reading, making it easier to concentrate and absorb the material. This can be especially helpful for those with ADHD who struggle with distractibility, as Speechify allows them to focus on the content without being overstimulated by other distractions.

Additionally, Speechify offers features that make it easier to track where users have left off and tailor audio playback based on user preferences. With this personalized experience, users can make better use of the content, allowing for better comprehension and better productivity.

Ultimately, Speechify can be a great resource for those with ADHD.

Do I have to pay to use Speechify?

No, you do not have to pay to use Speechify. Speechify is completely free to use and you can access all of your favorite stories and audiobooks without any cost. All you need to do is sign up for a free Speechify account and you can start using it right away.

Speechify also offers premium features such as streaming to multiple devices at the same time and offline access, but these features are optional and you do not need to pay for them to use Speechify.

Is there a free app that will read text aloud?

Yes, there are many free apps available that will read text aloud. Popular options include Voice Dream Reader, NaturalReader, and Balabolka. These apps allow users to download books and other text documents to their device and then have the app read aloud from the downloaded content.

Voice Dream Reader also has an in-app text-to-speech feature so users can type or copy and paste text to have it read aloud. All of these apps offer ultimate flexibility as they allow users to customize the reading voice, rate, and volume of the audio.

What is the free Talk text app?

The free Talk text app is a convenient way to communicate with friends and family. It is a secure, easy-to-use app that allows you to create private groups and send text, audio, and video messages for free.

You can also use it to make voice and video calls, share photos and your location, and even play games, all from the comfort of your smartphone. The app uses end-to-end encryption to keep your messages safe, and messages from different users cannot be seen by each other unless they are added to the same group.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about pesky charges for long conversations as the app is completely free.

How can I dictate for free?

Many platforms offer free online dictation software, so you can speak directly into your computer in order to create text or documents. You can also use voice to text recognition software or apps to turn your spoken words into written words.

Additionally, many open source projects, including Dragon Naturally Speaking, provide free dictation for personal use. Finally, there are several web-based or smartphone apps that allow you to dictate for free, including Google Docs Voice Typing, SpeechtoText, and Voice2Text.

All of these options provide a great way to create documents quickly and efficiently without spending any money.