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How much is a ticket to the Iowa State Fair?

The price of a ticket to the Iowa State Fair depends on the type of ticket you purchase. A single-day adult admission is $12, whereas a 3-day adult admission is $30. Children aged 5-11 and seniors aged over 65 get discounted admission tickets, where the single-day admission is $7 and the 3-day admission is $15.

In addition to admission tickets, there are also concessions tickets that can be purchased in bundles of 25 vouchers for $20. There are special packages available as well, such as the Unlimited Ride Package which includes admission, unlimited carnival rides, and a souvenir cup for $50.

How much are Iowa State Fair tickets at hyvee?

Iowa State Fair tickets at Hy-Vee can vary in price depending on the type of ticket you are looking to purchase. Regular admission tickets are available for $8 if purchased at Hy-Vee, while tickets purchased at the fair are $10.

Children ages 5-11 receive discounted admission at $5 (available at Hy-Vee and at the fair gates). Admission fees do not include the price of rides or any additional events or attractions. Hy-Vee also offers a discount coupon book valid for one day admission, which includes $12 in coupons for food, attractions and more.

The book is available for $30 at participating Hy-Vee stores.

Where to buy discount tickets for Iowa State Fair?

You can purchase discount tickets for the Iowa State Fair at several different locations around the state. The most popular places to purchase discounted tickets include select Hy-Vee stores and Kum & Go convenience stores.

Discount tickets are also available online at the Iowa State Fair website. Additionally, the Fair offers exclusive discounted tickets for groups of 15 or more. Group tickets must be purchased at least one week prior to the first day of the Fair and require pre-payment.

Senior citizens are eligible for a discounted single day ticket that is available at the ticket windows on the day of the Fair. Lastly, coupon books and family packs are available for purchase that provide additional discounts and savings on admission tickets, Midway rides and select food and drinks.

Is it cheaper to buy Iowa State Fair tickets online?

Yes, it is generally cheaper to buy Iowa State Fair tickets online as opposed to in person. By purchasing tickets online, you can eliminate the need to wait in line at the ticket booth and receive a 5% discount when ordering online.

Tickets are available online up to 24 hours before the day the tickets are needed, allowing customers the convenience of printing the tickets in their own homes. Additionally, those who purchase tickets online are eligible to enter online promotions and save additional money.

The Iowa State Fair ticketing website also shows visitors what ticket packages are available while also providing an easy sorting mechanism to help them choose the right package for their needs. Finally, all online tickets are backed by a money back guarantee, providing an additional layer of security for customers who purchase their tickets online.

Can you take water bottles into the Iowa State Fair?

Yes, you can take water bottles into the Iowa State Fair. Guests are encouraged to bring empty, single-use, sealable water bottles to the fair, as refilling water bottle stations will be available throughout the grounds at all food stands, first aid stations, and the Grandstand.

Guests are not permitted to bring in large coolers of water or beverages, as these will not be allowed to enter the grounds. For those wishing to purchase beverages, the State Fair will offer a $1. 00 discount on all beverages, including beer, in aluminum cans.

Guests should make sure to keep their items secure, as the State Fair isn’t responsible for loss of items.

What is the day to go to the state fair?

The exact day of the state fair may vary depending on the location, but typically the fairs are held in the summer months, with some of the most popular state fairs occurring over Labor Day weekend. The specific dates for each individual state fair can be found on the event website for that particular state.

Generally speaking, most state fairs will last from a Friday to a Sunday, so the typical Saturday and Sunday of the weekend are the best days to plan your visit.

Does Iowa State Fair accept Apple Pay?

No, Iowa State Fair does not accept Apple Pay. Payment for admission and tickets, food, and rides are only accepted in cash or credit/debit card. Apple Pay is not an accepted form of payment at this time.

However, Iowa State Fair does have ATM machines available for cash withdrawals for use throughout the fair.

Is the SD fair cashless?

Yes, the SD fair is cashless. The SD fair has gone cashless in order to reduce physical contact between customers and vendors and to speed up transactions. You can use your debit or credit card to make transactions – many vendors accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet too.

And if you have an information technology background, the SD fair is experimenting with blockchain-based payments. This new technology allows fair-goers and vendors to conduct seamless, secure payments using cryptocurrency.

It also eliminates the need for paper receipts, as all data is stored securely on the blockchain. As technology progresses, the SD fair hopes to leverage other innovative payment options such as facial recognition.


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