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How much is a Mercedes GL550 4matic?

The price of a Mercedes GL550 4matic may vary depending on several factors such as year, mileage, and location. However, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for a brand new 2021 Mercedes GL550 4matic is around $102,500. This price typically does not include additional fees such as taxes, title, license, and destination charges.

If you are interested in purchasing a used Mercedes GL550 4matic, the price may be lower than the MSRP, but will largely depend on the condition of the vehicle, its age and mileage, and the location where it is being sold. You can check online selling platforms and car dealerships to get an idea of their price range.

Additionally, it is worth considering that the cost of owning and maintaining a Mercedes GL550 4matic may be higher compared to other cars in the market due to its luxury brand and features. This includes regular maintenance services, cost of repairs, and insurance premiums. As such, it is important to consider the true cost of ownership when making a purchase decision.

Is the Mercedes GL550 good?

The Mercedes GL550 is a luxurious and powerful SUV that offers exceptional performance and cutting-edge technology. It boasts a V8 engine that delivers an impressive 449 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, making it one of the most powerful SUVs in its class. With its all-wheel-drive system, the GL550 provides exceptional handling and stability, making it ideal for both city driving and off-road adventures.

One of the most impressive features that sets the GL550 apart from its competitors is its plush and comfortable interior. The cabin is well-appointed, with premium materials and advanced features such as heated seats, a panoramic sunroof, and a state-of-the-art infotainment system. The GL550 also provides ample space for passengers and cargo, making it perfect for long road trips or family vacations.

In terms of safety, the GL550 is packed with advanced features that help keep passengers protected on the road. These include lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and adaptive cruise control, among others. The SUV also has a high safety rating and has been consistently recognized by the automotive industry for its safety features.

However, it’s worth noting that the GL550 comes with a higher price tag than some of its competitors. But if you’re looking for a luxurious and powerful SUV that provides exceptional performance, comfort, and safety, the Mercedes GL550 is definitely worth considering.

What is the difference between a Mercedes GL 450 and GL 550?

The Mercedes GL-Class has been a popular choice for SUV enthusiasts for its luxurious cabin, refined ride, and potent performance. Two of the most popular models in the series are the GL 450 and GL 550, which provide exquisite driving experiences but with a few significant differences in terms of features and capabilities.

Firstly, the GL 450 and GL 550 differ in terms of their powertrain. The GL 450 is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 engine that generates 362 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, while the GL 550 receives a robust 4.7-liter V8 engine that churns out 449 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, resulting in stronger acceleration and better towing capacity.

The GL 550 also comes standard with a more sophisticated AIRMATIC air suspension, which can adapt to different road conditions and provide exceptional comfort to passengers.

Apart from the powertrain, the GL 550 boasts several exclusive interior and exterior features that are not offered in the GL 450. For instance, the GL 550’s exterior features larger 21-inch alloy wheels, adaptive LED headlights, and a panoramic sunroof, while the GL 450 limits you to 19-inch alloy wheels and standard headlights.

Inside, the GL 550 has heated and ventilated front seats with massage functions, a Harman Kardon surround-sound system with 14 speakers, and an intuitive COMAND infotainment system, while these features are only optional or absent in the GL 450.

Lastly, the GL 550 provides enhanced safety features compared to the GL 450. It has standard adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and collision mitigation technology, which can automatically apply brakes in emergency situations. These safety features are only optional in the GL 450, which means that you’ll have to pay extra to get the same level of protection.

The difference between a Mercedes GL 450 and GL 550 can be primarily attributed to their powertrains, interior and exterior features, and safety technologies. The GL 550 represents a more premium and performance-oriented version of the GL-Class, with several exclusive amenities that can make your driving experience even more enjoyable and safe.

Should I buy a used Mercedes GL?

Buying a used car can be a cost-effective way to own a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes GL class. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider before making your decision.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a used Mercedes GL is the price. You can save a significant amount of money in comparison to buying a new one. Moreover, you can get a higher-end model with all the bells and whistles for a lower price than the basic trim of a new model.

Another advantage is that the inherent value of a Mercedes car is relatively high. These cars are known for their durability, reliability, high-quality parts and robust craftsmanship, which means that even the ones that are few years old can still run smoothly and require less maintenance than some other cars.

However, buying a used car also comes with certain risks. The upkeep and maintenance costs of a Mercedes GL class can be quite high, and if the car has not been properly taken care of, in the long run, it can completely overrun the initial savings you had by buying the used car.

It is also essential to inspect the car thoroughly before buying it. Check for any signs of wear and tear, dents, scratches, engine noises, or leaks on the underside of the vehicle. This could give you an idea of the condition of the car and predict how much work you may end up investing in maintenance.

Lastly, it’s essential to consider the car’s history. Check for any accidents, previous owners, and the car’s service and repair records. It is vital to make sure there is no shady history associated with the car and that it was well taken care of by the previous owner(s).

If you have the budget and can afford the upkeep costs, buying a used Mercedes GL can be a great choice. But make sure you do your research and take a test drive before making your final decision.

What does Mercedes GL stand for?

Mercedes GL is a line of luxury SUVs manufactured by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz. The “GL” in the model name stands for “Geländewagen Luxus,” which translates to “luxury off-road vehicle” in English. This naming convention is intended to emphasize the vehicle’s outstanding capabilities for traversing rough terrain while still offering the opulent interior amenities that are characteristic of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The original GL-Class was introduced in 2006, and it was based on the same platform as the automaker’s flagship S-Class sedan. As the GL-Class has evolved over the years, it has maintained its focus on combining exceptional off-road prowess with the height of interior luxury and comfort. Features like air suspension, adjustable ride height, and advanced four-wheel drive systems enable the GL-Class to tackle difficult terrain with confidence while still providing a ride that is smooth and comfortable on pavement.

In 2015, the GL-Class was rebranded as the Mercedes-Benz GLS, reflecting its position as the flagship SUV of the automaker’s lineup. The GLS continues to uphold the high standards of the GL-Class, with a range of advanced features and powerful engine options that provide both performance and luxury.

the Mercedes GLS represents the pinnacle of Mercedes-Benz SUV design, providing drivers with the ultimate combination of off-road capability and interior refinement.

When did Mercedes stop making the GL450?

Mercedes-Benz produced the GL-Class of SUVs from 2006 to 2016, intending it as a midsize luxury SUV model. The GL450 was one of the popular trims available of the GL-Class SUVs. However, Mercedes-Benz ceased production of the GL-Class following the 2016 model year, and it was succeeded by the new GLE-Class SUV.

Therefore, the production of the GL450 also ended alongside the rest of the GL-Class models in 2016. Mercedes-Benz replaced the GL-Class with the GLE-Class and added several new technological features and refinements that make it a premium luxury vehicle. With its innovative engineering, user-oriented advanced technology, and sleek design, the GLE-Class has continued Mercedes-Benz’s legacy of producing high-quality luxury SUV models.

So, to summarize, Mercedes stopped making the GL450 and the entire GL-Class lineup after the 2016 model year.

What are the common problems of Mercedes-Benz GL450?

The Mercedes-Benz GL450 is a luxury SUV that is known for its impressive styling, innovative technology, and high-performance features. However, like any vehicle, it does come with some common issues that owners have reported experiencing.

One of the most common problems with the GL450 is the air suspension system. Many owners have reported issues with the suspension failing and having to replace the entire system, which can be quite costly. Additionally, some GL450s may experience issues with the power steering, with many drivers reporting a knocking or grinding noise whenever they turn the steering wheel.

Another common problem that some GL450s may experience is with the brakes. Some drivers have reported that the brakes have a tendency to squeak or make a grinding noise, which can be quite annoying. Additionally, some GL450s may experience issues with the engine, particularly if the vehicle has not been properly maintained.

Finally, some GL450s may experience issues with the electrical system, particularly with the navigation and audio systems. Some drivers have reported that the audio system may stop working completely, or that the navigation system may provide incorrect directions.

While the Mercedes-Benz GL450 is a high-quality vehicle, it does come with some common issues that may require maintenance and repairs. However, with proper care and upkeep, most of these issues can be easily addressed, allowing drivers to continue to enjoy the luxury and performance of this impressive SUV.

How much does a GL 550 cost?

The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class 550 is a full-size luxury SUV that is highly sought after for its style, comfort, and performance. The price of a GL 550 may vary depending on several factors, including the model year, the level of options and features, and the trim level.

As with any vehicle, the GL 550’s price increases with advanced features such as the on-board technology and entertainment system, advanced safety features, and high-grade materials. The cost of a GL 550 can also be influenced by whether it is new or pre-owned, as well as the location of the dealership.

It’s worth noting that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for their quality, durability and functionality, and users can expect to pay a premium for this level of luxury, performance, and refinement. In addition to the base price, buyers should also consider additional expenses such as insurance, taxes, and maintenance.

The cost of a GL 550 can vary based on a host of factors, but buyers can expect to pay a premium price for the luxury, refinement, and quality that Mercedes-Benz is known for. Pricing can vary depending on the region, dealership, and model year, so it’s crucial for anyone interested in purchasing this vehicle to research as much as possible and speak to a dealer to determine the latest prices and available options of the GL 550.

What engine is in GL550?

The Mercedes-Benz GL550 is equipped with a powerful 4.7-liter V8 bi-turbo engine that can produce up to 429 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission and the 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system, providing excellent driving performance and stability on various terrains.

The GL550’s engine is designed to optimize performance while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency, achieving an estimated fuel economy rating of 14 miles per gallon (city) and 19 miles per gallon (highway). The GL550 is a popular choice for drivers seeking a luxurious and advanced SUV that is both comfortable and sporty, with a powerful and reliable engine under the hood.

Whether cruising through the city or exploring off-road trails, the Mercedes-Benz GL550 offers a driving experience that is both exhilarating and comfortable.

Which is bigger GL or GLE?

In terms of vehicles produced by Mercedes-Benz, the GLE is bigger than the GL. The GL was a full-sized luxury SUV produced by Mercedes-Benz from 2006 to 2014, while the GLE is the successor to the ML-Class and has been produced since 2015. The GLE is a midsize luxury SUV that is larger than the GL in terms of length, width, and height.

The GLE has a length of 194.5 inches, a width of 84.3 inches with mirrors, and a height of 70.7 inches. On the other hand, the GL has a length of 201.6 inches, a width of 84.3 inches with mirrors, and a height of 72.8 inches.

While the GL is longer than the GLE, the GLE has a bigger overall interior volume and cargo space due to its more efficient packaging. It also has a wider stance and shorter wheelbase, which results in a more stable and sporty ride. Additionally, the GLE has incorporated more advanced technology, such as a wider selection of advanced driver assistance systems and a larger infotainment system.

While the GL was a successful SUV for Mercedes-Benz when it was in production, the GLE has taken its place and offers more advanced technology, better driving dynamics, and overall a larger and more spacious interior. Therefore, the GLE can be considered the bigger and more significant of the two models.

Are Mercedes ML550 reliable?

The reliability of Mercedes ML550 largely depends on the maintenance and care provided by the owner. Mercedes ML550 is a luxury SUV that boasts a powerful V8 engine with a range of advanced features such as air suspension, adaptive damping system, and off-road driving mode. It offers a comfortable and luxurious driving experience with top-notch safety features.

However, as with any vehicle, there are some common issues reported by ML550 owners. The most common problem with the ML550 is the air suspension system failing, causing the cars to become uncontrollable with an unstable ride. Other reported issues include problems with the powertrain, engine, cooling system, and brakes.

These issues can be costly to fix, especially if the vehicle is out of warranty.

That said, Mercedes vehicles are generally known for being reliable and long-lasting, and the ML550 is no exception. Even with reported issues, many ML550 owners have reported that they still love their cars and find them comfortable and reliable for daily use. Additionally, Mercedes offers a comprehensive warranty for all its vehicles, including the ML550, providing coverage for potential repairs up to a certain number of years and miles driven.

To sum it up, the Mercedes ML550 is a luxury SUV that can provide a comfortable and reliable driving experience, but like any vehicle, it has its issues. If proper maintenance and care are provided, the owner can enjoy many years of trouble-free ownership. Additionally, with the comprehensive Mercedes warranty, the owner can rest assured that their vehicle is well protected, giving them peace of mind while driving.

Is Mercedes GL expensive to maintain?

Generally, Mercedes vehicles are known for their luxury features and higher quality materials, which often come at a higher cost. Therefore, it’s expected that the maintenance expenses of a Mercedes GL will be higher than that of other budget-friendly options. However, the cost of maintenance may also depend on the availability of parts and the complexity of the car’s design.

Mercedes GL requires regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake replacement. In addition to these routine maintenance tasks, Mercedes GL owners will have to pay for more expensive maintenance tasks like transmission replacement or engine repairs that can be costly. The cost of regular maintenance may also vary depending on the location of the repair shop and the skill level of the mechanic.

It is safe to say that Mercedes GL requires more maintenance effort and can be expensive to maintain compared to other midsize SUVs. However, with proper maintenance and care, a Mercedes GL can maintain its luxury status and last for many years. It is important to consider these factors before making a decision on whether a Mercedes GL is the right car for you.

How reliable is GL550?

The reliability of the GL550 depends on various factors such as maintenance, driving habits, and previous use of the vehicle. However, in general, the GL550 model is known to be quite reliable.

The GL550 is a luxury SUV manufactured by Mercedes-Benz and has been in production from 2006 to 2016. It comes with a range of advanced features and high-quality materials, making it a top choice for many luxury vehicle enthusiasts. The GL550 is equipped with a powerful engine, resilient chassis, and advanced suspension system, which make it one of the most reliable SUVs in its class.

One of the most significant factors that contribute to the GL550’s reliability is the lubrication system. The GL550’s engine has a well-designed lubrication system that ensures the engine’s parts are well-lubricated, reducing wear and tear. Additionally, the GL550’s transmission has a separate transmission cooler, ensuring that the transmission fluid is always at the optimal temperature, prolonging the vehicle’s life.

Furthermore, the GL550 comes with a range of advanced safety features that ensure the protection of the driver and passengers. These features are highly useful, especially during emergency situations, making the vehicle reliable in terms of safety.

Lastly, Mercedes-Benz is known for producing high-quality vehicles, and the GL550 is no exception. The company has a reputation for developing and manufacturing vehicles that adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring that the vehicles they produce are reliable and long-lasting.

The GL550 is a highly reliable vehicle that has been designed with advanced features and superior materials. As long as the owner takes good care of the vehicle, adheres to regular maintenance schedules, and practices good driving habits, the GL550 should be a highly dependable vehicle that will last for many years.

How long do Mercedes engines usually last?

But, to answer your question, the lifespan of Mercedes engines varies based on numerous factors, such as the quality and frequency of maintenance, the model and year of the vehicle, the driving style, and the environment in which the car is driven.

Generally, Mercedes engines are highly regarded for their durability and reliability. With regular maintenance and care, a Mercedes engine can last for up to 300,000 miles or more. However, it’s important to note that this lifespan can be heavily influenced by factors such as the frequency of oil changes, quality of lubricants used, and the overall maintenance of the engine.

Additionally, the age and model of the car will also play a significant role in determining the lifespan of the engine. For instance, newer models with advanced engine technologies may have a more extended lifespan than older models with outdated engine designs. Some factors such as driving style and environment can also impact the engine’s lifespan.

Aggressive and high-speed driving styles, for example, can cause wear and tear on the engine, leading to a shorter lifespan. Furthermore, driving in dusty or humid conditions may also lead to early wear and tear, which can reduce the engine’s overall life expectancy.

Although the lifespan of a Mercedes engine varies based on several factors, it can last for up to 300,000 miles or more with proper maintenance and care. It’s imperative to ensure that your vehicle receives regular maintenance, quality lubricants, and care to maximize the engine’s lifespan.

How many gallons does a GL550 hold?

The GL550 is a luxurious SUV manufactured by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz. It is a spacious and spacious vehicle that is suitable for families and long-distance travel. One of the essential aspects of any vehicle is its fuel tank, which determines the amount of fuel that can be stored and used to power the engine.

The GL550 comes with an impressive fuel tank capacity that allows you to cover a considerable distance without refueling. The exact number of gallons that a GL550 holds can vary slightly based on different model years and technical specifications, but generally, the GL550 has a fuel tank capacity of around 26 gallons.

This means that when you fill up the gas tank, you can potentially travel up to 400 miles without needing to stop.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the fuel efficiency of the GL550 can also vary depending on driving style, road conditions, and other factors. The GL550’s fuel economy is generally around 14 miles per gallon during city driving and 19 miles per gallon on the highway. This means that the GL550 can achieve a range of between 364 and 494 miles per full tank, depending on driving conditions.

The GL550 has a fuel tank capacity of around 26 gallons, which allows it to travel up to 400 miles without a refill. The fuel efficiency of the GL550 can impact its range and can vary with different driving conditions. the GL550 offers an impressive combination of luxury, comfort, and fuel efficiency that makes it a popular choice among SUV enthusiasts.


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