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How much does Artgrid IO cost?

Artgrid IO is a subscription-based service that offers a massive library of high-quality stock footage and video clips to individuals, businesses, and creative professionals. The cost of Artgrid IO depends on the subscription plan that you choose.

Artgrid IO currently offers two subscription plans, the first being the Pro plan and the other being the Creator plan. The Pro plan is priced at $24.92 per month or an annual fee of $299.00. This plan offers unlimited downloads of high-quality, royalty-free footage from the Artgrid IO library, with no hidden fees or usage restrictions.

The Pro plan also provides access to exclusive content, priority support, and creative tools like, the Artgrid panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, and more.

On the other hand, Artgrid IO’s Creator plan costs $49.92 per month or $599.00 per year, offering all the features available in the Pro plan and providing additional benefits, including early access to new footage, exclusive access to selective footage, unique discounts, and more. This plan is designed for filmmakers, creative professionals, and production houses requiring more flexibility and extensive usage rights.

The price of Artgrid IO depends on your subscription plan, and you can choose the one that suits your specific needs and requirements. Regardless of which plan you choose, Artgrid IO offers competitive pricing and an extensive collection of high-quality stock footage, making it an excellent choice for any creative individual or business looking to enhance their video production quality.

Does Artgrid cost money?

Yes, Artgrid is a paid subscription service that offers access to high-quality stock footage for video production purposes. The company offers a variety of subscription plans with different pricing options to suit the needs of various users. These plans are designed for professionals and enthusiasts who need access to high-quality content without having to invest in expensive equipment, travel or permits.

Artgrid offers a range of affordable plans, starting from $24.92 per month for the Basic subscription plan, which gives users access to over 12,000 videos in 4K resolution, licensed with the company’s flexible licensing model. The Standard and Premium subscription plans are intended for users who require more extensive features and higher resolution options, with prices ranging up to $40.75/month.

Artgrid also offers a free trial subscription plan, allowing users to test the platform for seven days without needing to spend any money. Artgrid is a subscription-based service that offers high-quality video footage for a fee, with a range of subscription options available for users to choose from.

Is Artgrid IO free?

Artgrid IO offers a combination of free and paid content to its users. There are certain video clips and audio tracks available for free, while others require a subscription to access. The free content on Artgrid IO typically includes shorter clips, lower resolution, and limited usage rights.

However, Artgrid IO also offers a variety of subscription plans for users who require access to a wider range of content, including high-quality footage, advanced licensing options, and more features. The subscription plans are priced differently, depending on the level of access and content required by the user.

The subscription plans offer various features, such as unlimited downloads and access to the entire Artgrid IO library. Additionally, paid subscribers can access higher-quality footage and audio files, including 4K, 6K, and RAW formats, which are not available for free. Furthermore, paid subscribers also have access to advanced licensing options that allow for wider commercial usage rights, including usage in advertisements, television broadcasts, and feature films.

While Artgrid IO does offer some free content, the full range of features and benefits are only available to paid subscribers. Therefore, users looking for a comprehensive library of high-quality video and audio content will need to explore the subscription options available on Artgrid IO.

Is Artgrid Unlimited Downloadable?

Artgrid is a popular royalty-free stock footage platform that offers a vast collection of high-quality video clips, music tracks, and sound effects for content creators such as filmmakers, vloggers, advertising agencies, and more. The platform offers users the ability to download and use the content they need for their projects without worrying about copyright infringement or legal issues.

In terms of Artgrid’s download policy, the platform offers two different subscription models – Artgrid Pro and Artgrid Unlimited. Artgrid Pro is a monthly subscription plan that offers users access to a limited number of downloads per month. With this plan, users can download up to 10 videos, 10 music tracks, and 10 sound effects per month.

On the other hand, Artgrid Unlimited is a premium subscription plan that offers unrestricted access to the entire Artgrid library of video footage, music tracks, and sound effects. With the Unlimited plan, users have the flexibility to download as much content as they need without any limitations on the number of downloads per month.

So, to answer the question – Yes, Artgrid Unlimited is downloadable. With the Artgrid Unlimited subscription plan, users can easily download and use as many videos, music tracks, and sound effects as they need without worrying about any download limits or restrictions. This allows content creators to focus on their creative work without any constraints, resulting in high-quality, polished results.

Additionally, the unlimited download feature makes Artgrid a cost-effective platform for those who have regular and frequent video production requirements.

What’s better Storyblocks vs Artgrid?

Choosing between Storyblocks and Artgrid can be a tough decision, as both platforms offer great value and high-quality media assets for video creators, graphic designers, and content producers. However, it ultimately comes down to what you need as a user, your budget, and your preference for specific features and benefits.

Storyblocks, formerly known as Videoblocks, is a popular subscription-based online platform that offers a vast library of stock footage, photos, music tracks, and sound effects. With a flat-rate subscription fee, users gain unlimited access to over one million high-quality images and videos, including 4K clips, motion backgrounds, and aerial footage.

In addition, Storyblocks has a well-organized search engine that allows users to find the right assets quickly by filtering by resolution, format, duration, and more. Its simple pricing structure and ease of use make it an attractive option for budget-conscious creatives who need a vast and diverse range of media assets.

On the other hand, Artgrid is a relatively newcomer to the stock video industry, but it offers a different approach to stock footage acquisition. Unlike Storyblocks, Artgrid offers cinematic-quality footage that is shot exclusively by a curated team of professional filmmakers. Their library features over 15,000 clips categorized by genre, tone, theme, and mood, which makes it easy to find footage that fits your specific criteria.

Additionally, they offer unlimited previews for all users, so you can test out their footage before you buy it. Artgrid’s more cinematic and stylized approach makes it a great choice for filmmakers or brands looking for high-end video content that stands out from the crowd.

One significant difference between the two platforms is pricing. Storyblocks offers a flat-rate monthly or yearly subscription fee, whereas Artgrid offers three pricing plans, including the Basic Plan ($25 per clip or $499 per year), Pro Plan ($15 per clip or $599 per year) and or their Unlimited Plan ($25 per month or $599 per year).

Although Artgrid’s per-clip pricing might appear daunting to some users, they offer a flexible payment plan option that makes it easier to obtain the video clips you need without breaking the bank.

Storyblocks and Artgrid offer great value for their respective pricing models, and users can benefit from their extensive libraries of high-quality media assets. If you require a vast and diverse range of assets and need to stick to a budget-friendly subscription plan, then Storyblocks is the way to go.

However, if you’re seeking more cinematic and stylized footage that is curated and shot exclusively by industry professionals, Artgrid may be your best option. the choice between the two platforms comes down to your specific needs, budget, and preference.

How many footage is Artgrid?

Artgrid is a stock footage platform that provides high-quality footage for creators and filmmakers worldwide. The platform offers a vast collection of diverse footage that ranges from scenic views to action-packed sequences. The platform has been designed to cater to the diverse creative needs of video content creators and media professionals.

Artgrid boasts an extensive collection of over 17,000+ footage clips that are available to users through their subscription. The platform offers exclusive footage that is not available on any other stock footage site.

Artgrid is a platform that is well-known for its high-quality footage, which is available in various resolutions. The platform offers clips in 4K resolution, 6K resolution, and 8K resolution, providing creators and filmmakers with the flexibility to choose the right resolution for their project.

Artgrid is a stock footage platform with a vast collection of footage that ranges from cinematic sequences to stunning landscapes. With over 17,000+ clips available in various resolutions, Artgrid is a go-to platform for video content creators and media professionals worldwide.

What is the stock video site?

The stock video site is a platform that allows users to access a vast library of high-quality videos licensed for commercial use. These videos can be used in various multimedia projects, including advertisements, videos, films, social media clips, and so on. The stock video sites offer subscription-based or on-demand purchase models, giving users the flexibility to choose the pricing plan that best suits their needs and budget.

Some of the leading stock video sites have millions of video clips in every genre and style imaginable, from animation to live-action footage, 4K and HD quality videos, and motion graphics. The best part about these sites is that the videos come with a royalty-free license, which means that once you purchase the video clip, you can use it as many times as you want, without worrying about future license fees or copyright infringement.

The stock video sites have simplified the process of acquiring high-quality videos for creative projects, making it more affordable and accessible to businesses and freelance professionals with limited budgets. The platform brings together talented videographers and producers from all over the world, allowing them to showcase and monetize their creative work while helping users find the perfect footage to fit their projects.

The stock video sites have revolutionized the video production industry, allowing for easy access to high-quality videos at affordable prices. The platform is suitable for businesses, advertisers, content creators, and anyone looking for an extensive library of royalty-free videos to elevate their multimedia projects.

Can I use Artgrid for YouTube?

Yes, you can use Artgrid for YouTube. Artgrid provides a vast collection of high-quality stock footage for use in any creative project, including YouTube videos. As a content creator, you understand the importance of high-quality visuals to engage your viewers and keep them coming back to your channel.

Artgrid can help you achieve this by providing you with access to thousands of visually stunning footage clips.

One of the benefits of using Artgrid for YouTube is that the platform offers a wide range of licensing options. You can choose the licensing type that best suits your needs, whether you’re creating content for personal use or commercial purposes. Artgrid’s licensing options include a Royalty-Free license, which allows you to use the footage in perpetuity, and an Extended license that offers additional usage rights.

Another advantage of using Artgrid for YouTube is the platform’s vast selection of footage categories. From nature and landscapes to lifestyle and technology, there is something for everyone on Artgrid. You can search for footage using keywords or filters to find the content that aligns with your video’s topic and style.

When you use Artgrid for YouTube, you also get access to the platform’s advanced search features, which can help streamline your search for the perfect footage. You can search for footage by video resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, and other parameters to ensure that the footage you choose fits seamlessly with your final video product.

Artgrid is an excellent resource for YouTube creators looking to enhance their video content with stunning stock footage. With its extensive library of high-quality footage, flexible licensing options, and advanced search features, Artgrid is an excellent choice for any content creator who wants to take their YouTube channel to the next level.

How much footage is Storyblocks?

This expansive library caters to a diverse range of industries and content creators, from filmmakers and marketers to designers and YouTubers.

Storyblocks offers customizable subscription plans, where users can access and download as many assets as they need for their projects. With such a vast collection of digital assets, a user is sure to find the perfect footage for their project, be it a corporate video, documentary, film, or a social media post.

Furthermore, Storyblocks is continually adding new, high-quality videos and other digital assets to its library, ensuring that its users always have access to the latest and greatest content.

How many videos are on Storyblocks?

Storyblocks is an all-in-one platform for creative professionals used by over one million members globally. It was founded in 2009 as Videoblocks and later rebranded as Storyblocks in 2018. The platform has an extensive library of digital assets that includes over 1 million graphics, photos, illustrations, video clips, motion backgrounds, and sound effects.

Storyblocks’ vast library of assets is curated by a team of professional content creators and contributors from diverse backgrounds. The platform’s mission is to empower creators to tell their stories with high-quality, royalty-free creative assets at affordable prices.

As of this writing, I do not have the exact number of videos available on the Storyblocks platform. However, Storyblocks provides flexible subscription plans that give users access to unlimited downloads from their library. The plans include an individual subscription, team subscription, and enterprise subscription.

While I cannot provide an exact number of videos on Storyblocks, I can state that the platform has a massive library of creative assets, including videos, that are curated by professional content creators and available at affordable prices through flexible subscription plans.

Does artlist have stock footage?

Yes, Artlist does offer stock footage as part of its comprehensive media libraries. Artlist is a well-known provider of high-quality music, sound effects, and now, video footage for creative professionals across a wide range of industries. Its stock footage library is a valuable resource for video editors, content creators, producers, and other professionals who require access to a broad array of video content to enhance their creative projects.

Artlist’s stock footage library comprises an extensive collection of licensable video clips that meet high-quality standards. The stock footage is available in a range of formats, resolutions, and aspect ratios to suit various creative needs. The videos highlight a wide range of themes, including wildlife, nature, cities, and landscapes, among others.

One significant advantage of using Artlist’s stock footage library is the licensing process, which is straightforward and user-friendly for creative professionals. Unlike some other stock footage providers with complex licensing terms, Artlist offers a simple and affordable licensing plan that allows users to download and use stock footage in their creative projects without complicated legal agreements or concerns.

Artlist’s stock footage library also features high-end videos filmed by world-class videographers, ensuring a high-quality output that can help elevate the look and feel of any project. Additionally, the videos are easy to search and sort through, ensuring a smooth user experience when searching for the right footage.

Artlist’S stock footage offering is an excellent resource for creative professionals seeking high-quality, affordable digital media. Its robust collection of licensable videos, combined with its user-friendly licensing system, makes it a favorable choice for many video editors, producers, and content creators.

Is Storyblocks worth the money?

Storyblocks can be a valuable asset for creatives and businesses looking for high-quality stock media at an affordable price. With a vast library of over 1 million images, sound effects, music tracks, and video footage, the platform offers unlimited downloads and usage rights, making it an excellent resource for content creators.

One of the major advantages of Storyblocks is the subscription model, which provides access to premium content at a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual files. With plans starting at $8.25 per month, users can save thousands of dollars compared to buying assets from traditional stock media providers.

Furthermore, the platform’s user-friendly interface and search functionality make it easy to find exactly what you need for your project. The library is constantly updated with fresh content, ensuring that users have access to the latest trends and styles.

Storyblocks also offers a wide range of licensing options, including commercial, editorial, and extended licenses, allowing users to use the assets for a variety of purposes. Additionally, the platform has a team of experts available for assistance, providing technical support and guidance when needed.

Whether Storyblocks is worth the money depends on your creative needs and budget. But if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your media requirements with an extensive library of high-quality content, Storyblocks can be an excellent choice.

Is Artgrid any good?

Artgrid is one of the newest entries into the world of stock footage and video libraries. When it comes to assessing its quality, it is important to consider various aspects of the platform.

First and foremost, Artgrid boasts an impressive collection of high-quality and visually stunning footage that can be used in a range of video projects. The platform offers a vast range of footage, from aerial cinematography to slow-motion takes, covering many themes and settings that can add an artistic touch to any video project.

Additionally, the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing users to filter out footage based on categories such as location, mood, and style, making it convenient to find the right footage that suits the project’s requirements.

Artgrid offers a very competitive price for its array of assets, making it appealing for videographers with different budgets. The pricing options are straightforward and flexible, with the annual subscription plan giving extensive benefits and unlimited downloads.

Moreover, Artgrid has a unique approach to licensing, which sets it apart from its competitors. It offers a universal unlimited license, meaning the content can be used for a lifetime, with no restrictions or extra costs for ongoing use. The license includes use in commercial projects and ensures that the footage is cleared of all legal issues, which is a significant advantage.

Despite all the positives, there are a few downsides to using Artgrid. One such issue is that the platform can have occasional glitches and slow performance when browsing, which can be frustrating. Additionally, some users may find the pricing a bit steaper than some other platforms, especially those who don’t require unlimited downloads.

Artgrid is undoubtedly a fantastic resource for anyone looking for high-quality footage for their video projects. With its vast collection, intuitive interface, and unique licensing, it is a great choice for video producers looking to step up their creative game.

Which is better Storyblocks or Envato?

Both Storyblocks and Envato are major players in the world of digital content marketplaces. Each of them has a different approach, business model, customer base, and objective. Evaluating which is better is subjective and depends on your preferences, goals, and requirements. However, we can explore some of the factors that set them apart and weigh their pros and cons.

First, let’s talk about Storyblocks. Storyblocks is primarily known for its stock media library that offers royalty-free images, videos, audio, and graphics. It also provides creative assets for podcasts, virtual reality, and motion graphics. Storyblocks operates on a subscription-based model, which means users can access the entire library by paying a monthly or yearly fee.

This model is suitable for businesses and individuals who have regular content requirements and a limited budget. Additionally, Storyblocks provides its users with editing tools, tutorials, and a community forum to help them create and improve their content.

On the other hand, Envato is an ecosystem of creative marketplaces that sell various digital products, from graphics to videos, to plugins to themes, and much more. Envato has several marketplaces such as ThemeForest, AudioJungle, VideoHive, CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver, 3DOcean, and PhotoDune, each dedicated to specific categories of creative assets.

Envato’s business model differs from Storyblocks, as it allows its authors to sell their digital products on its platform and earn a commission from each sale. Envato puts more emphasis on community and collaboration as its authors can communicate with each other, share feedback, and provide support.

Moreover, Envato provides its users with learning resources, support forums, and design inspiration to help them elevate their creative skills.

When it comes to the size and quality of the content library, both Storyblocks and Envato are highly competitive. While Storyblocks has over 4 million stock media items, Envato boasts of over 13 million digital products in various categories, making it the largest digital marketplace globally. While Storyblocks’ subscription model allows users to access unlimited downloads from the library, Envato’s per-item pricing model provides users more flexibility in purchasing only what they need, when they need it.

However, Envato’s costs can accumulate as each product’s price is determined by the author, and some authors charge a premium, making it costlier than its competitors.

Another significant difference between Storyblocks and Envato is in customer support. While Storyblocks provides its users with 24/7 email and chat support, Envato’s support channels are limited to its authors. However, Envato has a robust self-help center and community forum that provides quick solutions to common problems.

The choice between Storyblocks and Envato depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. If you require a vast range of creative assets of decent quality and want to purchase or sell them individually, Envato could be your choice. However, suppose you are looking for a more budget-friendly option that provides more organizational tools, extensive libraries, and better customer support.

In that case, Storyblocks is a solid selection.

Is Artgrid and Artlist the same?

Artgrid and Artlist are two different platforms that are dedicated to providing high-quality royalty-free music and video footage to creators, but they have some key differences.

Artlist is a music licensing platform that provides creators with access to a vast library of music tracks that can be used in their projects without the worry of copyright issues. They offer a subscription model, where users can pay an annual or monthly fee to access the entire library and use it in any number of projects.

Artlist’s music library spans across various genres, moods, and styles, allowing creators to find the perfect track for their content. They also offer a user-friendly search experience, making it effortless for users to find the exact music they need efficiently.

Artgrid, on the other hand, is a video stock footage platform that provides creators with a comprehensive library of high-quality footage that can be used in their projects without copyright restrictions. Artgrid’s content library is curated by industry professionals, and the platform is renowned for offering premium footage for visual storytelling with expertly crafted cinematic shots.

Unlike Artlist, Artgrid’s content isn’t music, but high-quality footage and is available for subscribed accounts to use in commercial projects as well.

While both platforms are unique and offer different content, the good news is that users can access both services under a single subscription model called Artlist + Artgrid. This offer allows creators access to both music and footage libraries at a discounted price instead of acquiring separate subscriptions for each service, benefiting them and making it easier to create unique and engaging content using both music and video content in their projects.

While Artlist and Artgrid are not the same, they each provide unique content and serve different needs in the content creation process. both services are a creative’s paradise, providing endless options and tools that can help elevate one’s content-creating game.


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