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How much does a Supreme box logo tee cost?

The cost of a Supreme box logo tee can vary depending on the style, season, and availability. Generally speaking, a box logo tee will usually cost around $58-$98 USD. However, due to the limited availability and hype surrounding some of Supreme’s items, prices can sometimes be much higher.

Supreme items have been known to resell for hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. For example, a 2020 Supreme x The North Face Mountain Parka was recently reselled for $4,500 USD.

How much money is a Supreme T-shirt?

The cost of a Supreme T-shirt can vary greatly depending on which style and color you choose. Generally speaking, the most basic tee shirts tend to range in price from around $54 to $98, with some of the more limited-edition tees retailing for even higher prices.

Prices also depend on whether or not the item is currently available in-store, as well as the number of remaining pieces. If a style is truly limited-edition, you can expect to pay a lot more for it.

For example, some rare Supreme T-shirts have been sold for $400 or even more. In addition, a lot of people buy and resell Supreme T-shirts at a significantly higher price. In these cases, the cost of a Supreme T-shirt could be significantly higher than the original retail price.

Why is Supreme box logo so expensive?

The Supreme “box logo” is incredibly sought after and has become a symbol of status and exclusivity in the streetwear community. It first emerged in 1994 as the main logo of Supreme, and since then has become highly sought after by fans worldwide.

Because so many people seek the logo, and because they are so limited in supply, they become highly valuable. This means selling them secondhand can actually be more profitable than retail price, thus driving the prices even higher.

Additionally, Supreme only releases limited edition collections which makes them highly sought after and exclusive, creating higher demand than the amount of item available. Supreme also creates hype by collaborating with other popular streetwear brands, and this hype surrounding their collections further drives up the prices.

Additionally, since Supreme has been around for so long and is such an iconic brand within the streetwear culture, it is also seen as a collectible item and thus commands high prices.

How many Supreme Box logos are made?

The exact number of Supreme Box logos created over the years is unknown; however, collecting Supreme Box logo items has become a popular hobby among fans of the brand. Supreme makes changes to their Box logo designs over the years, which adds to the appeal and collectability of these items.

As of 2020, there have been more than 40 different versions of the Box Logo created since its introduction in 1994, ranging from subtle changes to a complete overhaul. These designs have been printed onto everything from T-shirts, hoodies, and hats to skate decks, jackets, and even rare Supreme collaborations with other brands.

Collectors, both old and new, are constantly on the lookout for the newest iteration of the classic logo.

How big is the box logo on a Supreme shirt?

The size of the box logo on a Supreme shirt can vary depending on the size of the shirt itself. Generally speaking, when printed on a regular t-shirt, it is around 6. 25 x 7 inches wide. The larger the size of the t-shirt, the bigger the box logo will be.

For instance, a XXL size Supreme t-shirt may have a box logo size of 9. 5 x 11 inches wide. On a hoodie, the box logo size can range from 6. 5 x 7. 5 inches to 10 x 11 inches, depending on the size of the hoodie.

For hats, the box logo size can range from 2. 5 x 2. 5 inches to 4 x 4 inches. Its important to note that the sizes of these logos may vary slightly, depending on the design of the shirt.

What is the highest price logo?

The highest price logo is ultimately dependent on an individual company’s budget and perceived value creation. Logo design costs can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars depending on the type of logo design and the specific services desired.

It may be the case that more expensive logos result in higher ROI in terms of how well they project the client’s brand and differentiate it from the competition, however there is no single “right answer” for the cost of a logo design, as it is highly dependent on the individual company’s needs and preferences.

Furthermore, pricey logos will often come from well-known or high-profile designers, such as those featured in prestigious design galleries and award shows. Additionally, the price of a logo design can be affected by the fees associated with trademark registration, or the cost of ongoing maintenance and support.

Ultimately, the highest priced logo design depends on the scope of the project and the desired outcome.

Can I use the Supreme box logo?

No, unless you are authorized by Supreme, you cannot use its box logo. Supreme aggressively protects its branding and intellectual property by preventing unauthorized copying of its logos. This includes any use of its logos as a trademark, service mark, design mark, trade dress, or other variations.

If you do use the box logo without authorization, you may be subject to legal action. It is recommended that you only use logos in the context of an authorized advertisement, promotional event, or merchandise order.

If you wish to use the Supreme box logo in some other way, it is best to contact Supreme directly and inquire about getting permission.

Where did the Supreme box logo come from?

The Supreme box logo is a widely recognizable design that has become synonymous with the brand. It first originated in 1994 during the creation of Supreme’s first ever clothing line. The original concept was a riff on the infamous box logo of the public access television show Public Access from the 90’s.

Since then, it has maintained a certain level of notoriety and remains one of the most iconic logos of the fashion world. It has been featured on the majority of Supreme’s lookbooks and advertising campaigns, as the bold and generic design allows the brand to stand out and make a statement.

Furthermore, it has also become a symbol of the streetwear culture, and has often been used as a logo to recognize affiliations and interests.

How do I know if my Supreme box logo hoodie is real?

When you purchase an expensive item like a Supreme box logo hoodie, you want to be sure it’s authentic. Fortunately, there are a few reliable ways to determine whether your hoodie is genuine or a counterfeit.

First, you should know that only a few authorized retailers carry Supreme products, so if you purchased your hoodie from a private seller or an unknown website, you should be very cautious. If possible, contact the seller to ask for an explanation of the item’s origin.

Second, inspect the garment thoroughly. Genuine Supreme box logo hoodies come with several features that fakes do not have, such as printed Supreme logos on the hood, inside tag and drawstrings. The box logo itself should be crisp and bright with a few basic colors like red, white, black or a mix of all of them.

Make sure the tag’s font is correct, the zippers and other hardware are solid and sturdy, and there is no obvious damage or imperfections.

Finally, be aware that there are a lot of counterfeits out there so don’t just rely on visual inspection, use online authentication services as well. Look at the reviews of the product, study reviews of the seller, search forums and ask peers who already have one.

That way, you will have greatly improved the chance of you not getting fooled.

How can I tell if my Supreme is real?

Firstly, take a close look at the construction and manufacturing of the item. Authentic Supreme products are known for their high-quality materials and construction, so check to see if any seams are crooked, fabrics are off, or buttons are not well sewn on.

Other features such as the labels, hangtags, and branding of the item should also be carefully examined. Authentic Supreme items should have clearly printed branding with no spelling or logo mistakes.

Additionally, the hangtags should have a high quality feel with embossed logos and intricate details.

Another option for verifying authenticity of a Supreme item is to refer to the list of official retailers on the Supreme website. Only purchase from those stores to ensure you’re getting an authentic item.

Lastly, compare the item to photos of authentic pieces on reputable sources such as eBay and StockX. Take special note of any details, such as logos and stitching, which may differ from the authentic versions.

If any details seem off, then it’s likely the item is a counterfeit.

Is the supreme box logo trademarked?

Yes, the Supreme Box Logo is trademarked. The Supreme brand has registered several trademarks for the use of their logo, which is a white box with their brand name inside, usually in bright red lettering.

While Supreme is protective of their brand and its identity, it is important to note that the Supreme Box Logo is not exclusive to the Supreme brand and is commonly used by other brands as well. This is why it is important to know the potential legal implications if a design similar to the Box Logo is used without permission.

As such, if you plan on using the Supreme Box Logo for your own brand or for any commercial purpose, it is best to consult with a legal professional first.

What brand is the box logo?

The box logo is the logo of Supreme, an American streetwear fashion brand founded in New York City in April 1994 by James Jebbia. The company caters mainly to the skateboarding, hip hop, and punk rock cultures, as well as to the youth culture in general.

The iconic red-and-white Supreme logo features a box with the brand’s name in bold, all-capital letters. The retail stores often feature bright red accents and graphic art prints, along with clothing and accessories, including skate decks, shoes, and other items.

Supreme’s clothes and accessories often feature collaborations with other iconic brands, such as Nike, The North Face, Comme des Garçons, or Levi’s. They have also collaborated with characters and figures from rap, punk and skateboard culture, such as Slayer, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and the Muppets.

The company’s apparel and accessories are highly sought after, and are often sold at auction for high prices.


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