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How much does a new Peterbilt 579 cost?

The cost of a new Peterbilt 579 varies greatly by options and local market conditions. A base-model tractor with a regular cab and no extra amenities can range in price from $86,000 to $115,000. A custom-ordered version with all available amenities and a sleeper cab can easily cost more than $150,000.

Any special features or modifications will increase the cost accordingly. Additionally, the final price is also subject to fluctuation due to exchange rates and supply and demand.

Is Peterbilt 579 a good truck?

Yes, the Peterbilt 579 is a good truck. It has a strong engine, good fuel efficiency, and a comfortable interior. The truck is equipped with a heavy-duty Paccar engine that packs up to 500 HP and provides a reliable level of performance.

It also has excellent torque and acceleration. The efficient aerodynamic design and extra fuel tank options offer excellent fuel efficiency, allowing you to make the most of every gallon. Inside the cab, you’ll find an array of additional features such as HVAC, Michelin tires, and an array of entertainment features to keep you comfortable and entertained on long drives.

The Peterbilt 579 also comes with a long list of safety features such as Electronic Stability Control, Roll Stability Control, Lane Departure Warning, and Adaptive Cruise Control, ensuring you have the best possible protection on the roads.

All in all, the Peterbilt 579 is an excellent truck that has plenty to offer in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, comfort, safety, and entertainment.

Is Kenworth cheaper than Peterbilt?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, such as the model and year of each truck and the particular dealership or seller. Additionally, the condition, mileage, and features of the two trucks must all be considered.

That said, in general, Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks of the same model and year tend to be priced around the same amount. However, as each of these leading trucking brands has models with different features and different price points, it is impossible to make any definitive statement that one is always cheaper than the other.

Ultimately, the best way to determine if Kenworth is cheaper than Peterbilt is to compare multiple trucks of the same type, including both Kenworth and Peterbilt models of similar make and year, so that the cost of the two can be compared.

Which model of Peterbilt is best?

The answer to which model of Peterbilt is best largely depends on one’s individual needs and preferences. Each truck model offers its own unique set of features, performance capabilities, and overall design that may better suit different applications.

Some popular models include the Peterbilt 579, 567, 389, 348, and 367, all of which feature reliable construction, advanced technology, and excellent fuel economy.

The Peterbilt 579 is among the most popular models and offers several features including a roomy interior with comfortable seating and creature comforts, spacious cargo storage, dependable brakes, and an Automatic Transmission Interface (ATI) for smoother shifting.

It also has a host of advanced safety features such as a Lane Departure Warning System and Blind Spot Monitoring, as well as a quiet and comfortable ride, making it an ideal choice for long-distance hauling and commercial fleets.

The Peterbilt 567 is another great choice, as it offers superior cab aerodynamics and streamlined performance. It has a 78-inch stand-up sleeper cab and plenty of interior space and storage, and is ideal for hauling heavier loads while consuming less fuel.

Additionally, this model comes with advanced technologies such as a Diagnostic System Monitors and a Driver’s Information Display to help the operator optimize fuel efficiency.

The Peterbilt 389 and 348 are two other popular models. The 389 provides superior visibility and improved maneuverability, as well as an air-ride suspension, four-wheel braking, an AutoLock fifth wheel, and ergonomic driving controls.

Meanwhile, the 348 is a more general-purpose truck and features an efficient fuel tank design and a robust transmission.

In conclusion, the best Peterbilt model to choose depends on the needs and preferences of the individual. Each model provides unique features tailored to different types of applications and desired results.

Those looking for superior performance and efficiency may opt for the Peterbilt 579, 567, 389, or 348, while those looking for more general features may opt for the Peterbilt 367.

What class is a Peterbilt 579?

The Peterbilt 579 is a versatile Class 8 semi-truck manufactured by Peterbilt Motors Company. Class 8 trucks are the largest of the light- and medium-duty trucks, and the Peterbilt 579 has a strong, fuel-efficient engine and many advanced features that allow it to handle heavy-duty tasks.

The powertrain includes the PACCAR MX13 engine and the Paccar 12-speed automated transmission, providing up to 500 horsepower and 1,850 lb-ft of torque, allowing for heavy-duty tasks such as towing, hauling, and long-haul trips.

The Peterbilt 579 has an aerodynamic design that increases fuel efficiency, making it a great choice for long-haul truckers. The 579 also features a wide range of cab options, including scaleable space and trim packages, that allow it to be customized to meet the specific needs of the driver.

The advanced suspension systems, such as Peterbilt’s proprietary Airtek, provide superior handling and comfort, aiding in safety and reducing fatigue. With its durable construction, powerful engine, and extensive cab options, the Peterbilt 579 is a great choice for heavy-duty transportation needs.

Is Peterbilt owned by Ford?

No, Peterbilt is not owned by Ford. Peterbilt is an American truck and bus manufacturer that is owned by Paccar, an American Fortune 500 company that produces commercial vehicles. Founded in 1939 in Seattle, Washington, Peterbilt is a subsidiary of Paccar and operates 16 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Peterbilt builds medium- and heavy-duty trucks and is well-known for its Class 8 models. Ford, meanwhile, is a major American automaker with a portfolio of brands that includes the Ford and Lincoln marques.

The company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and is today one of the world’s largest automakers, having sold over 6 million vehicles in 2018. Ford’s parent company is the Ford Motor Company, which is not affiliated with Paccar or Peterbilt.

What is the semi truck to buy?

When purchasing a semi-truck, there are a variety of factors that should be taken into consideration such as the size of truck needed, the engine type, and whether a new or used truck will be purchased.

The size of the truck should be determined based on the size of the loads that will be carried, as well as the space needed for the driver and passengers. Engine type should be chosen based on individual preferences for performance and fuel economy, with diesel and hybrid options available.

Finally, when it comes to determining whether to purchase a new or used semi-truck, it is important to look at the condition of the truck and compare the cost of a new truck to any savings you may be able to get from buying a pre-owned model.

Due to the variable factors involved, buying the right semi-truck can be a complicated task and consulting with an experienced transport company or mechanic can be beneficial in making the right decision.

What is the strongest Peterbilt?

The Peterbilt 567 is the strongest medium-duty truck in the Peterbilt lineup. This model offers exceptional durability and power, with a Cummins X-15 engine that produces up to 605 HP and 2,050 lb-ft of torque.

The 567 also has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) up to 80,000 lb, with chassis strength and suspension to match. With an Allison transmission and Peterbilt Heavy-Duty Axles, the 567 is capable of towing over 90,000 lb when properly configured.

It offers improved fuel economy, serviceability, styling, and more. The Peterbilt 567 is a rugged truck designed to take on the toughest jobs, making it the strongest model in the Peterbilt lineup.

What is the average life of a semi truck?

The average lifespan of a semi truck is between 400,000 and 500,000 miles. This is typically the total distance accumulated over the truck’s lifetime and does not factor in the age of the truck itself.

Many modern semi trucks are capable of lasting for millions of miles, provided that they are properly maintained and serviced. Regular maintenance and repairs are essential in order to extend the life of a semi truck.

Factors that affect the average lifespan of a semi truck include weather, road conditions, and the load the truck is carrying. Poor maintenance practices, such as not checking oil or brakes, can also shorten the life span of a semi truck.

Why do truckers like Peterbilt?

Truckers and drivers alike love Peterbilt for a variety of reasons. Not only does the brand offer some of the most dependable, powerful and technologically advanced rigs, they also provide excellent customer support and grant a variety of customization options to those interested in making their trucks more personalized.

What’s more, Peterbilt offers top-tier comfort and convenience features, such as adjustable steering wheels, on-board computer systems, power-operated cabs and wide openings for accessing the cabs. This makes it easy to outfit the truck with the driver’s choice of seating and storage configurations.

Durability is another hallmark of Peterbilt trucks. Many rigs come with heavy-duty suspensions and axles that can handle heavy loads and long hauls. Peterbilt also caters to those who need special vehicle options for low-hanging clearance and difficult-to-navigate off-road terrain.

Finally, the one unique aspect of Peterbilt that many drivers appreciate is that their rigs embrace modern-day technology to help make driving and fueling more efficient. That includes the option to install cutting-edge GPS navigation systems, fuel-saving devices and smart cruise control systems to better manage fuel usage.

From its reliable performance to its comprehensive customization options and technological advancements, it’s no wonder why truckers and drivers love Peterbilt. Their rigs make hauling heavy loads across hundreds of miles easier, efficient, and more comfortable.

Who makes Peterbilt engines?

Peterbilt engines are made by Paccar, Inc. Paccar is an American Fortune 500 company with headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, that has been in business since 1905. They produce a variety of heavy-duty Trucks and diesel engines, including their signature Peterbilt brand.

Peterbilt engines are known for their quality and performance, offering reliable power and long life. The company is committed to innovation and constantly strives to develop and improve their products.

Paccar uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that all their engines are environmentally friendly and that they meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and emissions control. In addition to Peterbilt, Paccar produces engines for a variety of other brands, such as DAF and Kenworth.

How many miles per gallon does a Peterbilt 579 get?

The exact mileage per gallon of a Peterbilt 579 will depend on a variety of factors including the engine size and configuration, the type of transmission and the weight of the truck. Typically, you can expect a Peterbilt 579 to get anywhere from 5 to 9 miles per gallon.

Lighter, higher horsepower configurations (such as the Paccar MX-13 engine) and automated transmissions tend to get on the higher end of the spectrum – around 8 to 9 miles per gallon. On the other hand, a heavier configuration with a manual transmission may get closer to 5 to 6 miles per gallon.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that factors like driving habits, environment and even the age of the vehicle will influence overall fuel economy.

Which is better Kenworth or Peterbilt?

The answer to which is better, Kenworth or Peterbilt, is largely subjective and depends entirely on the intended use and personal preference of the user. Kenworth, which is owned by Paccar and has been around since 1912, is a well known, reliable semi-truck maker, who produces some of the industry’s leading designs.

Their trucks are known for their heavy-duty features such as reinforced frames and advanced suspensions, and their sleek design makes them aesthetically attractive.

Peterbilt, which is owned by Paccar and has been in business since 1939, is also a well known, reliable producer of semi-trucks. Offering a range of trucks ranging from the classic semi-tractor to the innovative, ergonomically designed Model 579, Peterbilt is able to meet the needs of a variety of driver types.

Their commitment to innovation and creativity makes their trucks an attractive choice for many in the industry.

What it really comes down to is personal preference. Think carefully about your intended use of the truck and take a test drive of both brands to experience the differences first hand. Both Kenworth and Peterbilt have a history of producing quality trucks, and there is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing which is better.

Ultimately, it comes down to your individual needs and tastes.

What is high mileage for a Peterbilt?

High mileage for a Peterbilt can vary depending on the model and other factors, but generally speaking, if a model is owned and maintained properly, it is not uncommon for a Peterbilt truck to last for upwards of 1.

5 million miles. For example, one owner of a Peterbilt 359 model once reported that after 23 years, his truck had over 1. 7 million miles on the odometer. If a Peterbilt is maintained properly and regularly serviced, it should last for many years and many miles.

Additionally, Peterbilt uses only quality parts and components when manufacturing their vehicles, which helps to extend their lifespan.

What trucks will last 300000 miles?

The truth is, there’s no one truck that you can guarantee will go 300,000 miles. However, there are some makes and models that are more reliable than others, meaning they are more likely to go longer distances than other models.

It all comes down to how you maintain the truck. Having regular maintenance and providing proper care will greatly improve the lifespan of your truck.

The Toyota Tacoma is known for its long lifespan, with many older models still running strong. The Toyota Tundra is also a popular pick, as well as the Nissan Titan. Ford and GMC both have strong models that have been known to go beyond 300,000 miles, such as the Ford F-150 and the GMC Sierra.

These sturdy vehicles are designed to take a beating and are often the choice of people that depend on their vehicles to get them through the day.

In the end, any truck can reach the 300,000 mile mark, as long as you provide it with the love and care it needs. Regular maintenance and tune-ups will help keep your truck running strong and can even increase its lifespan.

As long as you keep up with the maintenance, you should have no problem getting 300,000 miles out of your truck.


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