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How much does a Camaro Z28 cost?

The cost of a Camaro Z28 can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, such as year, features, condition and location. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from about $17,000 for a 1985 Z28 up to about $65,000 for a 2019 Z28.

Some years of the Camaro Z28 are in high demand, such as the 1967 and 1969 models, and thus their pricing can be significantly higher. When factoring in condition, features and location, prices can vary from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s recommended to research multiple cars and to be wary of sellers who are asking for prices far above the market average for their car.

Is a Camaro Z28 rare?

Yes, Camaro Z28s are indeed rare. Since their introduction in 1967 the Z28 was produced in much lower numbers than many of the other Camaro models. As a result, the price of a Camaro Z28 tends to be higher than that of other Camaros due to the its rarity.

One factor leading to the Camaro Z28’s rarity is the fact that after 2002, General Motors stopped production of the Camaro for several years, which only increased the rarity of a Camaro Z28. Additionally, many Camaro Z28s were modified by their owners, leading to a decrease in their numbers.

As of 2019 there are only around 3,000 Camaro Z28s in existence around the world, indicating the rarity of this vehicle.

How much is a 1978 Z28 worth?

The value of a 1978 Z28 varies depending on its condition, mileage, modifications, and a variety of other factors. Anywhere from $15,000 for a low mile, rust-free, nicely-restored original, up to $30,000 for a highly modified example.

As with any car, the more time and money invested, the higher the reward in terms of sale values. Unfortunately, any Z28 is going to require some level of restoration, no matter its condition or apparent rust-free status.

This can include a paint job, chrome restoration, re-upholstered interior, and mechanical rebuilds. It is important to recognize these needs and to factor them into your expected cost to own the vehicle.

It is recommended that any potential buyer have a specialist inspect the vehicle before purchase.

Why did they stop making Z28?

The Chevrolet Camaro Z28 was discontinued in 2002 due to the fact that the automotive industry was shifting focus away from performance vehicles toward SUVs and trucks. The Z28 was a performance vehicle that was designed to compete with other sports cars and offered superior performance and styling.

While it was extremely popular among enthusiasts, sales of the Z28 had been declining for some time, and Chevrolet decided to discontinue the model after the 2002 model year. GM also made the decision to discontinue all passenger car production in 2019 as they shifted their focus away from cars towards SUVs, trucks, and other higher-margin vehicles.

This shift in the industry meant that the performance-oriented Z28 would no longer be a viable product for the company.

What does Z28 stand for?

“Z28” is the name used to refer to the 1970-1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 model years. It was the highest performance version of the Camaro, designed as a racing-oriented model that was built to compete in the Sports Car Club of America’s (SCCA) Trans-Am racing series.

The Z28 model featured a 302 engine with a special “cross-ram” intake manifold, tuned suspension, upgraded brakes, specific wheels and tires, performance gearing, and special exterior features such as Z28 fender stripes and hood scoops.

This model was known to be fast and powerful, with legendary status among Camaro enthusiasts.

What was the year for a Z28?

The year for a Z28 largely varied from 1967 up until the last edition in 2002. The model initially debuted in 1967 as an RPO (regular production option) code for a specific group of options available for the Chevrolet Camaro.

It was produced as the top-of-the-line performance option for the model. This lasted until the 2002 model year, which marked the 35th anniversary of the Z28 model. This 2002 edition was the last time the Z28 name was used until 2014, when it made a return as an LT-1 powered model.

This latest incarnation of the Z28 came with a muscular LS7 engine and a host of performance upgrades, such as a sports suspension and mighty Brembo brakes.

What’s the rarest Camaro?

The rarest Camaro model is the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. Produced for only three years (1967-1969), the Z/28 was one of the most powerful cars for its time. It was built with a 302-cubic inch V8 engine, four-speed manual transmissions, power disc brakes and air induction scoops.

There were a total of 602 units of the 1967 model built and it is the rarest of all the Z/28’s. The vehicles have become increasingly popular and sought-after among car collectors, driving up their value.

The 1967 model typically sells for prices ranging from $50,000 to $250,000, making it one of the most valuable and rarest Camaros ever built.

How many Z28 did they make?

The exact number of second-generation Chevrolet Camaro Z28s produced between 1970 and 1981 is not precisely known, but it is estimated that around 250,000 were made. Specifically, between 1970 and 1973, the original Z28 was estimated to have been produced at around 8,733 units; this was followed by the 1974-1975 model which sold 44,106 units, and the 1976-1978 model, which moved 97,646 units.

The 1979-1981 model was estimated to have sold around 99,140 units. In total, it is estimated that around 250,000 Z28s were produced for these years; this number may be slightly higher depending on the exact details of each year’s production.

What is special about the Z28 Camaro?

The Z28 Camaro is a unique and special model of Chevrolet’s iconic Camaro model series. It is perhaps best known for its performance as a muscle car, equipped with a powerful V8 engine and a slew of performance-oriented features such as a dual-quart intake manifold and large four-barrel carburetor.

Additionally, the Z28 features a Hurst high-performance shifter for a more precise drive, and beefed up suspension components for improved handling. It also comes with a unique body design exclusive to the Z28 which sets it apart from the rest of the Camaro lineup.

The Z28 was officially named the Official Pace Car of the Indianapolis 500 for several years, cementing its place in automotive history. Whether you’re looking for an iconic muscle car that packs a punch, or a piece of racing history, the Z28 Camaro can deliver it all.

What’s a 1967 Camaro worth?

The value of a 1967 Camaro depends on its condition, options, and mileage. Average values range from $32,000 for a base model to around $160,000 for a fully optioned SS vehicle in excellent condition.

Other factors that may affect value include the level of customization, the rarity of the model, and the demand for the vehicle. For a rough estimate, take a look at recently sold listings on reputable car sites such as classic car traders or trades.

This can provide a good indication of what a Camaro of this vintage is worth.

What years did Camaro make a Z28?

The Camaro Z28 was first produced by Chevy in 1967, making it a popular option for muscle car enthusiasts. The Z28 was Chevy’s most powerful Camaro model, featuring an improved suspension and a powerful engine.

The Z28 was offered from 1967- 2002. From 1982-1992, the Z28 was a high-performance 3rd-generation Camaro. From 1993-2002, the 4th-generation Z28s transitioned from a performance powerhouse to more of a touring-style vehicle.

The 4th-generation Z28s featured more luxury features than the previous model and were quite popular up until Chevy stopped production in 2002. However, the Camaro Z28 was reintroduced in 2013 and continues to be offered today as a powerful, sporty alternative to other models in the Camaro lineup.

Does Camaro still make Z28?

No, Chevrolet stopped production of the Camaro Z28 model in 2002, at which time it was replaced with the SS model. The Camaro SS model was a higher performance version of the base Camaro which was powered by a 6.

2L V8 engine. The current generation of the Camaro has three trims available, the base 1LS, the 2LT and the SS. While the SS model offers higher performance than the base 1LS and 2LT trims, it is not the same as the Z28 model.