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How can I pay in Red Ribbon?

You can pay for Red Ribbon orders using your credit card, debit card, or prepaid card. You can also pay with the Red Ribbon app or website. You can make payments with a debit card from banks such as Chinatrust, BDO, Metrobank, BPI, EastWest, and all GCash-affiliated banks.

You can also use the GCash app for payments. When paying with cash, you can use 7-Eleven, Ministop, or local branches of BDO and BPI. You can pay for orders via bank deposit, remittance center, or through Cash on Delivery (COD).

For COD orders, payments should be made upon delivery of the product and it should be made in cash only.

What mode of payment does Red Ribbon use?

Red Ribbon accepts a variety of payment options. Customers can pay with cash, debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, or the Red Ribbon mobile app. Most products can also be purchased with gift certificates or stored value cards.

For products purchased online, customers have the option to use Paypal, major debit cards and credit cards, and bank transfers.

Can I use credit card in Red Ribbon?

Yes, you can use a credit card to make a purchase at Red Ribbon. It’s easy and convenient to use a credit card when you shop at Red Ribbon. Just simply swipe your card and enter the required information, and your order will be securely processed in a matter of moments.

Red Ribbon also accepts e-wallet payments such as G-Cash, PayMaya, and coins. ph. You can also opt to have your purchases delivered to your home by availing of their delivery service. Visit their website at https://www.

redribbonbakeshop. com. ph/online-ordering/ to find out more.

Can I pay Red Ribbon using GCash?

Yes, you can certainly use GCash to pay for your purchases at Red Ribbon! All you need to do is open your GCash app and tap on ‘Pay QR. ‘ Then, scan the QR code found in any of the Red Ribbon stores or from their delivery partner.

After scanning the code, you can enter the amount that you would like to pay. Then press ‘Send Now’ to confirm the transaction and you’ll receive a payment confirmation. You can also make payments online when ordering via the Red Ribbon website.

Just select ‘GCash’ in the payment method section when you check out and you’ll be prompted to use either your GCash App or the GCash website to complete the payment.

Does Red Ribbon accept delivery?

Yes, Red Ribbon does offer delivery services. Depending on the store location, customers can always choose to have their orders delivered right to their doorstep. For select locations in Metro Manila, they offer delivery services powered by food delivery services like GrabFood, Foodpanda, or Lalafood.

For other areas, customers may call or use their online ordering app and select to have their orders delivered. Delivery fees may apply and will depend on the distance and the total order amount.

Can non Filipinos use GCash?

Yes, non-Filipinos can use GCash! Provided that non-Filipinos have a valid ID, proof of address, and email as well as a working mobile number, they may register for a GCash account and start transacting.

However, international money transfers are limited to Philippines-based senders and receivers. Additionally, it is important to note that the GCash Card cannot be used outside the Philippines. If you are a non-Filipino, you may use your GCash Mastercard to make online and in-app purchases, but the card cannot be used to make ATM withdrawals or physically.

Can I use GCash as remittance?

Yes, you can use GCash as a remittance service. GCash is a mobile wallet and remittance service developed by Mynt, a fintech company and a joint venture of Globe Telecom, Ant Financial, and Ayala Corporation.

It is a platform that allows users to store, transfer, and remittance money securely and conveniently.

Using GCash for remittance is very simple. All you need to do is open the GCash app and click on the Remittance icon. From there, you can enter the phone number and amount of the recipient, and send the money to them safely and securely.

The money can then be withdrawn from any Globe store, or at more than 20,000 GCash partner outlets, such as SM Markets and Puregold.

GCash also offers a range of remittance services, including free of charge international inward remittance and international outward remittance. For added convenience, you can also schedule your remittances.

It’s also secure, with your money protected by encryption technology and a multi-factor authentication system.

Overall, using GCash for remittance is a fast and secure way to transfer and receive money.

Can I use GCash to buy crypto?

Yes, you can use GCash to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. To do so, you will need to link your GCash account with a third-party platform such as Coins. ph or Abra. After your accounts have been linked, you will be able to use your GCash balance to purchase crypto on these platforms.

Please be aware that not all cryptocurrency exchanges accept GCash payments, so make sure to double-check beforehand. Furthermore, be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the third-party platform that you are using before you make any purchases.

How do you pay Piso pay from GCash?

Paying with Piso Pay from GCash is a quick and easy process. First, you’ll need to link your Piso Pay account with your GCash account. To do this, go to your GCash app and select “Payment To Piso Pay.

” Enter the details of your Piso Pay account, then select “Link. ” This will take a few minutes to finish.

Once your Piso Pay account is linked to your GCash account, you’ll be able to easily and instantly make payments to other Piso Pay accounts using your GCash app. To pay with GCash and Piso Pay, go to the GCash app and select “Send Money.

” Enter the receiver’s Piso Pay account name and the amount you want to pay. Review the details, then select “Send. ” The money will be instantly transferred and the receiver will receive a confirmation message.

How can I pay GCash in police clearance?

You can pay for your police clearance with GCash by following these steps:

1. Go to the GCash scan-to-pay feature.

2. Create an account if you do not have one.

3. Load your cash into the app.

4. Visit the nearest police station and get your clearance.

5. Give the police station your GCash number.

6. The police officer will scan the QR code that is generated on the app.

7. The clearing fee will be automatically deducted from your account.

8. Wait for the receipt and collect your police clearance.

Alternatively, you may pay with your GCash Mastercard at the police station. Just tap your card at the point-of-sale terminal and inform the asker that you would like to use GCash Mastercard as your payment method.

The clearing fee will be automatically charged to your GCash Mastercard. After confirming the payment, the receipt and police clearance will be released to you.

How much is triple chocolate roll in Red Ribbon?

The price of the Triple Chocolate Roll from Red Ribbon varies depending on the size of the cake and where it is purchased. Generally, a small 6×4-inch size of the Triple Chocolate Roll cake costs about Php 260, while a medium 7×5-inch size is priced at Php 350.

If you want the big 10×7-inch size, then it will cost you around Php 560. Prices may vary depending on the bakery and location, so it’s best to call ahead and confirm the exact price.

What is the size of red ribbon roll cake?

The size of a red ribbon roll cake depends on the size of the cake pan you use. Generally, a 9×13 inch cake pan will yield a rectangular cake that will require two (2) packages of red ribbon cake mix.

Depending on how thick you would like the cake to be and how much frosting you would like to use in between the layers, one-and-a-half (1 1/2) packages or two (2) packages of cake mix could be used. If the desired cake is a circular shaped cake, a 9-inch round cake pan requires one-and-a-fourth (1 1/4) packages of red ribbon cake mix.

A 10-inch round cake pan requires one-and-a-half (1 1/2) packages of mix. Lastly, a 12-inch round cake pan will require two (2) packages of red ribbon cake mix to create the desired cake.

How long does red ribbon cake last?

Red Ribbon cakes typically have an expiration date listed on the box or packaging. Generally speaking, the cake should remain safe to eat for up to a week when stored properly in the fridge. The best way to ensure your Red Ribbon cake stays fresh for as long as possible is to store it in a cool and dry place—such as the fridge—and tightly covered with foil or plastic.

If stored in the fridge, the cake should last up to one week, but optimal quality and taste will diminish over time. Keeping the cake in the original packaging will help ensure that it maintains its flavor and texture for a longer period of time.

How much does a red ribbon cost in the Philippines?

The cost of a red ribbon in the Philippines depends on the type of product you are looking for. Generally speaking, an artificial, decorative red ribbon would cost around 30 Philippine Pesos (₱30/$0.

63). However, if you are looking for a higher quality, more durable red ribbon, then the cost will be higher, around 60 Philippine Pesos or so (₱60/$1. 26).

What are the products of red ribbon?

Red Ribbon is a bakery that offers a wide range of delicious and mouthwatering products including cakes, bread, pastries, cookies, pies, and other desserts. They pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients in all their recipes.

Red Ribbon’s signature product is their signature cake rolls, which are filled with a delicious cream and poured over with a white or dark chocolate topping. Other popular items include their signature Mocha Taisan, mocha-flavored chiffon cake layered with creamy custard and mixed with buttercream frosting; classic Mango Royale, mango sponge cake layered with filled with mangoes and cream cheese; Ube Overload, chiffon cake with ube halaya filling and topped with fluffy purple yam frosting; and their original Palabok Fiesta, a family favorite featuring shrimp, pork, and vegetables on top of a soft bed of noodles and topped with their unique Palabok sauce.

Red Ribbon also offers special addition cakes and goodies depending on the season and occasion.


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