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Have the Vikings clinched a playoff spot?

No, the Vikings have not yet clinched a playoff spot. They are currently 8-4 and in the middle of a tight race for the NFC Wild Card spots. The Vikings are currently trailing the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Wild Card race.

The Vikings still have games against the Saints, Bears, and Lions remaining in their regular season and will need to win those games to secure a Wild Card spot in the playoffs. They could also make the playoffs as a divisional winner if they win out and the Packers lose one of their remaining games.

Either way, the Vikings have not yet clinched a playoff spot and will need to play well and get help from other teams if they are to make the postseason.

Are the Vikings out of the playoff hunt?

At this point, it appears the Minnesota Vikings are out of the playoff hunt. After a 1-5 start to the season, they are currently in last place in the NFC North division. They have struggled to move the ball consistently on offense and have allowed too many points on defense.

Additionally, they are without starting quarterback Kirk Cousins due to injury, which has hindered their ability to score points. The Vikings have only managed to win four games this season, and with five games left, it is unlikely they will be able to make up enough ground to get into the playoffs.

Do the Vikings have a 4th round pick?

Yes, the Vikings have a 4th round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The 116th overall pick will belong to Minnesota, who received it via trade with the New York Jets. The Vikings traded away their 2021 3rd round pick, along with their 2022 first-round pick, to acquire quarterback Kirk Cousins in 2018.

The Vikings also have a 5th round pick, which is set to be 143rd overall. Minnesota has two other picks in the top-100, 56th overall in the 2nd round and 78th overall in the 3rd round. The Vikings have the opportunity to select key contributors in the middle rounds of the draft who could help them achieve success in the 2021 season.

What pick do the Vikings have now?

The Vikings currently have the 22nd overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. This was determined by their 2020 record of 7-9, which is the same number of wins they had the year prior. As such, the Vikings did not qualify for the playoffs, leaving them with the 22nd overall pick.

While some of the top prospects are projected to be gone by the time the 22nd pick rolls around, there’s still a chance that the team could find an impact player with this pick. Some of the players who might be available include wide receiver Terrace Marshall Jr.

, offensive tackle Jackson Carman, and cornerback Eric Stokes. Additionally, there are plenty of other potential options that could be available at the 22nd spot. The Vikings will likely be looking to add talent to their roster with this pick in order to make a run at the NFC North Division title in 2021.

Who just signed with the Vikings?

On March 19, 2021, the Minnesota Vikings announced that they had signed quarterback Jake Elliott to a one-year contract. Elliott is a ten-year veteran who has previously played for the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears and most recently the Denver Broncos.

Elliott’s signing will provide the Vikings with increased depth and competition at the quarterback position. His experience combined with his mobility and accurate arm give him unique skills that could be beneficial for the Vikings.

With Elliott in the mix the Vikings now have three quarterbacks currently on the roster with Kirk Cousins and Sean Mannion also competing for the starting spot. Elliott will likely compete for a backup role behind Cousins, but Vikings fans will have to wait and see how the competition plays out.

Have the Vikings signed all their draft picks?

No, the Vikings have not signed all their draft picks yet. After the 2020 NFL Draft concluded in April, the Minnesota Vikings signed 9 of their 10 draft picks. All 9 signed players participated in the start of the Vikings’ virtual offseason program.

The only draft pick who has yet to sign a contract is long snapper Austin Cutting, the Vikings’ 7th round selection (250th overall). Cutting received a service academy notation on the draft card, which means that the Vikings must wait until military commitment, or a request to be released from military commitment, is sorted before the contract can be completed.

Currently, Cutting is completing his military commitment and is prohibited from attending team-run activities until his service is complete. Once Cutting completes his service commitment, he is eligible to be formally signed and participate in the remainder of the Vikings’ offseason program.

Did the Vikings make the wildcard?

No, the Vikings did not make the wildcard for the 2020 NFL season. Despite a strong start to the season, the team lost five of their last six games, finishing the season with a record of 7-9. This left them two games behind the Arizona Cardinals for the final wildcard spot.

Ultimately, it was the Cardinals who secured the final wildcard position in the NFC.