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Does the couple end up together in Vincenzo?

Yes, the couple does end up together in Vincenzo. The main character, Vincenzo Cassano, is an Italian lawyer and Mafia consigliere from the Naples congregation. He was assigned to Korea by the Mafia’s top boss, and he crosses paths with Hong Cha-young, a sharp, relentless lawyer who doesn’t mind using whatever means necessary to win her cases.

As they encounter each other again and again, they gradually open up to one another, until Vincenzo finally confesses his feelings of love. After much turmoil and battling it out against global conglomerates, justice prevails in the end, and the couple finally reclaims their happy ending.

Does Vincenzo have a happy ending?

Yes, Vincenzo’s story has a happy ending. After returning to South Korea and working with the gold mafia, Vincenzo finally manages to take them down with help from his team at Babel Law Firm. After a thrilling courtroom showdown and a few narrow escapes, Vincenzo achieves his goal of saving Geumga Plaza and its residents from destruction.

Despite several attempts to take him down, Vincenzo ultimately succeeds in taking the mafia down and reclaiming the plaza. He is even rewarded for his service with a huge sum of money from a secret gold vault.

With the casa now his, Vincenzo decides to run the Italian cuisine restaurant “Dolce” which quickly becomes very popular in the neighbourhood. Vincenzo finally appreciates the true worth of money and does proper charity with it.

He also starts a new chapter of his life with a newfound peace of mind, finally achieving a happy ending.

Who does Vincenzo fall in love with?

In the popular Korean television drama series Vincenzo, Vincenzo Cassano falls in love with the tenacious and determined lawyer, Hong Cha-Young. The two first meet in the very first episode, where Cha-Young faces off against the powerful Babel Group while defending a client.

Despite their initial attitude towards each other, the two quickly develop a love-hate relationship after Cha-Young helps Vincenzo win a case.

Vincenzo and Cha-Young’s relationship develops over the course of the series, as both Vincenzo and Cha-Young help each other out in difficult times to defeat their enemies. They also begin to open up to each other, with Vincenzo confiding in Cha-Young and even sharing his story with her.

They also display moments of vulnerability and sweet gestures that suggest they are falling in love.

The two eventually express their affection for each other through meaningful words and actions. Vincenzo tells her she’s his “saviour” and kisses her hand, while Cha-Young reveals to Vincenzo that she’s developed feelings for him.

Near the end of the series, the two finally realize their feelings for each other and share a romantic moment together.

In the end, Vincenzo and Cha-Young realize that even though life can be tough at times, they’re in love with each other and will fight for each other no matter what.

What is the ending of Vincenzo Cassano?

The ending of Vincenzo Cassano is quite optimistic overall and marks a new beginning for Vincenzo and his allies. After having gone through a series of tribulations, Vincenzo and his family are now ready to rebuild their lives and the Geumga Plaza itself.

In the end, Vincenzo determines to contribute to justice and use his power in a good way, supported and encouraged by all those connected to the Geumga Plaza, including his mentor, Jang Han-seo. They even decide to travel abroad together as a family to start anew.

Just moments before the end of the series, Vincenzo is seen parting ways with Hong Cha-young, showing that the two of them will, for now, take a break. Overall the series wraps up with a touching ending, and the success Vincenzo garners throughout his journey makes it a truly inspiring tale.

Who betrayed Vincenzo?

Vincenzo was betrayed by his longtime colleague and confidant, Mr. Cha. After promising to help Vincenzo with a legal issue, Mr. Cha revealed that he was working with the prosecutor, betrayal that led Vincenzo to believe he was thrown in jail by his own friend.

As a result, the loyalty and friendship between them quickly deteriorated. Mr. Cha was instrumental in providing the prosecutor information about Vincenzo that eventually led to his imprisonment. He had been working behind the scenes, slowly supplying evidence and information that could be used against Vincenzo in court.

Even after Vincenzo was released from jail, their relationship continued to be strained.

Who wins in Vincenzo?

In the ending of the Netflix Korea series Vincenzo, it is revealed that Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong-ki) is the winner. After successfully taking down all the major villains in the series – the Babel Group, Joon-woo (Kwak Dong-Yeon), and even Cha-Young (Jeon Yeo-Bin) – with the help of his lawyer allies, Vincenzo and his girlfriend Cha-Young move away to a new life.

Vincenzo’s win is also represented metaphorically, showing that he is victorious in his moral victory as well. He is able to shift the balance of power and let the law provide justice in a way that many had never experienced before – especially the disadvantaged tenants of the Geumga Plaza.

Vincenzo also experiences a much deserved win in his personal life, as he is finally able to open up to the emotions and relationships that he had been avoiding for years.

Ultimately, Vincenzo’s win allows him to accomplish a level of personal redemption at the end of the series. He is able to let go of his past as a mafia consigliere, as well as the guilt and trauma associated with it, and embrace goodness and kindness in his newfound life.

Are the stars of Vincenzo dating?

No, the stars of Vincenzo are not currently dating each other. The main leads Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin have excellent on-screen chemistry and have become very close friends over the course of the series, however, they are not in a romantic relationship in real life.

There have been no reports or rumors of the two dating and they have both remained silent on the matter.

Does she know Vincenzo is her son?

No, she does not know that Vincenzo is her son. Vincenzo was adopted when he was a baby and his adoptive parents kept his real identity a secret. It was only recently revealed that Vincenzo is the biological son of his adoptive mother, though she is still unaware of the truth.

Vincenzo has yet to approach her about his true identity, and it is unknown if he ever will.

Who is the main couple in Vincenzo?

The main couple in Vincenzo is Vincenzo Cassano and Hong Cha-young. Vincenzo, played by Song Joong-ki, is a former Italian lawyer and Mafia consigliere who moves to South Korea upon receiving an inheritance from his adopted father.

At first, Vincenzo adopts a cold and calculated demeanor as he seeks to avenge his adopted father and reclaim his inheritance. However, as the show progresses, we discover Vincenzo’s true nature and his love for justice.

Hong Cha-young, played by Jeon Yeo-bin, is the orphaned daughter of the late CEO of the Geumga Plaza. She specializes in solving civil litigation cases and primarily works for the corporate villains—the ones Vincenzo is eager to defeat.

She eventually decides to devote her work to justice and joins forces with Vincenzo to take down the corporate villains.

The couple’s relationship is at first strained and rocky, as Vincenzo is often antagonistic to Cha-young due to her past work for the corporate villains. But, over time and with the help of their enemies’ plots and schemes, their relationship strengthens and eventually blossoms into a passionate and unwavering love.

Despite the obstacles they encounter, their bond remains unwavering throughout their time together and they strive to bring justice to the marginalized people in Geumga Plaza.

Who dies in episode 20 of Vincenzo?

Episode 20 of Vincenzo is a heart-pounding and emotional finale with a shocking ending. Throughout the episode, it seem as though Vincenzo and Hong Cha-Young will escape from Babel unscathed, despite all the turmoil and danger they faced.

However, that was not to be. In the final scene, we see Hong Cha-Young taking a bullet for Vincenzo, sacrificing herself in his stead. She dies as a result of her injuries, much to the distress and shock of everyone present.

It’s a tragically fitting end to Cha-Young’s storyline, with her heroically sacrificing her life to save her beloved Vincenzo and everyone else. Her death served as a bittersweet reminder of Vincenzo’s own selfless sacrifice years ago, and how one selfless act can save so many lives.

Is there any kissing scene in Vincenzo?

Yes, there is a kissing scene in Vincenzo. The kissing scene takes place during the climax of the show, when the main character (Vincenzo Cassano) and his love interest (Cha-Young) share a passionate kiss.

The scene is likely to be memorable for most viewers, as the two characters have been teased throughout the show, leading up to the tension-filled moment where their feelings are finally expressed. The kiss is heartwarming, as the two characters have been through a lot to get to this point in their relationship.

The scene follows a rollercoaster of emotions, as the characters battle with inner demons and other obstacles. Ultimately, the kiss is a symbol of love conquering all odds, and a reminder that sometimes we have to take a risk and reach for what we really want.

Is Mr Nam in Vincenzo a traitor?

It is difficult to answer this question definitively without more information. In the show Vincenzo, Mr Nam’s true motivations and allegiances remain somewhat unclear. He is presented as a complex character who seems to be engaged in a tug-of-war between loyalty to his gangster employers and his own budding conscience.

His actions often appear altruistic, but it is not clear if he is being driven by self-interest or a genuine desire to help. Through the series, he has shown himself to be loyal to his employers, but also willing to take risks to protect those he cares about.

In some ways, his actions suggest a potential betrayal of his employers, but the intent is not necessarily to act as a ‘traitor’. Rather, it appears he is merely trying to do what he believes is right, regardless of the wishes of his employers.

Ultimately, it is up to viewers to decide for themselves whether Mr Nam is a traitor or not.