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Does Tamra Judge still own a gym?

Tamra Judge, who is best known for her appearance on the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” is a well-known fitness enthusiast and has been actively involved in the fitness industry for several years. In the past, Tamra owned a gym named “Cut Fitness” along with her ex-husband, Eddie Judge.

The gym was a popular destination for fitness enthusiasts in Orange County and offered various fitness programs, including personal training, group fitness classes, and nutrition coaching. However, in 2020, Tamra announced that she was parting ways with her husband and would no longer be a part of Cut Fitness.

Following her departure, the gym was rebranded as Vibe Fitness, and it is currently owned and operated solely by Eddie Judge. Although Tamra is no longer involved in the gym’s management, she still maintains her connection to the fitness industry and is regularly seen promoting various fitness products and services on her social media platforms.

Tamra Judge is no longer a co-owner of Cut Fitness, which has been rebranded as Vibe Fitness and is currently solely owned by her ex-husband, Eddie Judge. However, she remains a prominent figure in the fitness industry and continues to inspire her followers with her dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Does Tamera still own CUT Fitness?

In an episode of the reality TV show “Tia & Tamera,” which showcased the lives of Tamera and her twin sister Tia, Tamera talked about her passion for fitness and shared her plans to open a gym that would cater to working moms and busy women. She partnered with her friend and fitness trainer Adam Spott to launch CUT Fitness in Studio City, California.

CUT Fitness offers various classes such as TRX, Pilates, circuit training, and cycling. The gym also provides personal training and nutrition coaching to help clients reach their health and fitness goals.

As for Tamera’s current ownership status of CUT Fitness, it’s unclear if she still owns the gym or if she has sold her shares to Adam Spott or other partners. Tamera has not recently mentioned her ownership in any interviews or social media posts, and there has been no official announcement or news about her stepping down as the co-owner of CUT Fitness.

Regardless of her ownership status, Tamera’s commitment to fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle remains evident through her social media channels and public appearances. She often shares workout routines, healthy recipes, and motivational messages with her fans and followers. Tamera’s passion for fitness and healthy living has inspired many people to prioritize their well-being and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

What is Tamara from RHOC doing now?

Tamara Judge from The Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) is still very much active in the entertainment world. She has three kids with her ex-husband, Simon Barney, and is raising them as a single mom.

She is also working on multiple business projects, including launching a new podcast, Unfiltered with Tamra Judge, expanding her skincare business,Vena Beauty, and writing her first book. Judge is also still appearing on RHOC and recently became ordained as a minister so she could officiate her son’s wedding.

In her free time, she enjoys doing CrossFit, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.

Did Eddie and Tamra have a baby?

Eddie Judge and Tamra Judge are well-known personalities in the television industry, especially because of their appearance on the television show, The Real Housewives of Orange County. They have been a part of the show for many years, and their relationship has been a topic of discussion among viewers.

Many have speculated about their family life and whether they have children together.

To answer the question, Eddie and Tamra have not had a baby together. Tamra has four children from a previous marriage, and Eddie has two children from his previous marriage. They have been together for many years now, and although they have not had a child of their own, they have expressed an interest in doing so.

In one episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra visited a fertility clinic and talked about the possibility of having a baby with Eddie. She admitted that she was feeling emotional about not being able to have a baby with Eddie and was exploring options such as IVF. However, they ultimately decided against it, citing their age and the risks associated with pregnancy.

Despite not having a biological child together, Eddie and Tamra have expressed great love for each other and their combined family. They have raised their children together and blended their families to create a loving and supportive household. Their relationship has been an inspiration to many viewers of the show, and it is clear that they have a deep bond that goes beyond having a biological child together.

Eddie and Tamra have not had a baby together, but that does not diminish the love and commitment they have for each other and their combined family. They have been an excellent example of a blended family and are admired by many for their dedication to each other and their children.

Are Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson still friends?

Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson, two of the most well-known cast members from the popular reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” have had a tumultuous friendship over the years. While the two were once close, they have had a number of ups and downs, including dramatic feuds that have been played out on the show, and this has left many fans wondering about the current status of their relationship.

At this point in time, it appears that Tamra and Vicki are no longer friends. The two had a major falling out during the show’s 14th season, which aired in 2019. During the season, Tamra was upset with Vicki for spreading rumors about her and the show’s other cast members, as well as for making negative comments about Tamra’s husband.

The two had several heated exchanges on the show, with Tamra accusing Vicki of being a liar and Vicki responding by saying that Tamra was “a piece of work.”

After the season aired, both Tamra and Vicki announced that they would be leaving the show. Tamra said that she had been asked to come back for a reduced role, which she declined, while Vicki said that she had been demoted to a “friend” of the show rather than a full cast member. Since then, the two have not appeared to be on good terms.

Tamra has made several comments about Vicki on social media and in interviews, including saying that she doesn’t miss Vicki and that she doesn’t think they will ever be friends again.

For her part, Vicki has been less vocal about the state of her relationship with Tamra. However, she has made it clear that she is disappointed with how things ended between them. In an interview with Bravo’s “The Daily Dish” in March 2020, she said that she wished Tamra had talked to her before leaving the show and that she hoped they could “work things out.”

However, she also hinted that there was some bad blood between them, saying that they had “fallen out of love.”

While it’s difficult to know for sure what’s going on between Tamra and Vicki behind the scenes, it seems safe to say that they are no longer close friends. Both have moved on from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and are pursuing other projects and interests, and it seems unlikely that they will reconcile anytime soon.

However, given the show’s dramatic history, anything is possible, and fans will have to wait and see if there are any further developments in their relationship in the future.

Are Heather and Terry still married?

Marriage is a commitment that requires hard work, compromise, and dedication to staying together, and the reasons behind a possible separation can vary widely from financial issues and disagreements about family planning to infidelity or incompatibility. Whatever the specific issues that Heather and Terry might be facing, it is important to respect their privacy and give them the space to work things out in their own way and time.

what matters most is that both parties feel fulfilled, respected, and loved, whether together or separately.

How much money does Tamra Judge make per episode?

Tamra Judge is a reality TV personality, best known for her appearances on The Real Housewives of Orange County, a popular reality TV series that airs on Bravo network. Tamra joined the cast in its third season and became a regular member of the show. As for how much she makes per episode, the exact figure is not publicly disclosed.

However, it is believed that Tamra Judge makes a substantial amount of money per episode, given her status as one of the show’s most prominent cast members. According to various sources and estimates, Tamra’s salary per episode may range from $20,000 to $60,000, depending on the season and her role in the show.

With the series having 10 to 20 episodes per season, Tamra could potentially earn a six-figure income per season from the show. Moreover, her lucrative side ventures and endorsements, which include launching her own fitness studio and apparel line, may also contribute to her overall earnings.

While the exact amount is not known, it is safe to say that Tamra Judge earns a significant amount per episode on The Real Housewives of Orange County, most likely in the range of $20,000 to $60,000. Her earnings from the show and her other business ventures have helped her amass a sizable net worth and establish herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Why has CUT Fitness closed?

CUT Fitness may have closed due to a multitude of factors. Firstly, the gym industry is highly competitive, and it can be challenging to retain members and maintain a consistent revenue stream. CUT Fitness may have faced difficulty in attracting and retaining members, leading to financial strain and ultimately, closure.

Another possible reason could be changes in the fitness industry. Over the years, fitness trends have shifted towards boutique studios, HIIT workouts, and personalized training programs. CUT Fitness, which may have offered a more traditional gym experience, may have struggled to keep up with these trends and remain relevant.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the fitness industry, with many gyms and fitness centers closing their doors permanently. CUT Fitness may have fallen victim to the pandemic, with a decline in revenue and increased operational costs from implementing safety measures, leading to closure.

Finally, mismanagement or poor business decisions may have also played a role in CUT Fitness’s closure. This can range from inadequate financial planning, ineffective marketing strategies, or internal conflicts between staff and management, ultimately leading to the downfall of the business.

It is challenging to identify one specific reason for CUT Fitness’s closure. However, a combination of external and internal factors may have contributed to the gym’s ultimate demise.

Where does Tamara Anthony live?

It is also important to respect people’s privacy and not disclose their personal information without their consent. Therefore, I am unable to provide any information about Tamara Anthony’s current place of residence. However, if you have a valid reason to reach out to Tamara Anthony or wish to contact her, you could try using social media or other publicly available contact information.

It is also important to remember to respect people’s privacy and not engage in any behavior that could lead to intruding on their personal space.

Is Tamra Judge still friends with Heather?

Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow were good friends on The Real Housewives of Orange County for several seasons. However, it has been reported that they had a falling out and their friendship faded. In a recent interview, Tamra admitted that she hasn’t spoken to Heather since she left RHOC over four years ago.

In fact, Tamra spoke candidly about their friendship and claimed that Heather acted like she was “better than” the rest of the cast. Tamra accused her of being a “snob” and not being genuine. She even went on to say that Heather only used the show as a way to promote her husband’s practice and to increase her own fame.

Despite the drama, Tamra did mention that she has no ill will towards Heather and even wishes her well. It appears as though their friendship has officially come to an end, but Tamra is mature enough to recognize that people grow apart and move on with their lives.

Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow are no longer friends, and it is highly unlikely that they will reconcile anytime soon. Their friendship may have been strong at one point in time, but it seems as though they are content with leaving it in the past.

What does Tamra Judge do now?

Tamra Judge is a well-known television personality who rose to fame through her appearances on the reality show, “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” She joined the show as a main cast member in season three and was a fixture on the series until season 14. During her time on the show, Tamra became known for her feisty personality and fiery conflicts with her castmates.

Since leaving “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Tamra has kept herself busy with a number of different pursuits. One of her main focuses has been on her fitness and wellness brand, CUT Fitness. Tamra co-owns the gym with her husband, Eddie Judge, and the two have been working tirelessly to expand the business and help clients achieve their fitness goals.

In addition to her work with CUT Fitness, Tamra has also been building up her social media presence. She has a large following on Instagram and frequently posts pictures and updates about her life, her family, and her business ventures. Tamra is also an active proponent of a number of charitable causes and is involved in a variety of philanthropic efforts both locally and nationally.

Tamra Judge continues to be a driven and determined entrepreneur who seeks to make the most out of every opportunity. She has shown that she has the talent, energy, and passion to succeed in a variety of different fields, and she is sure to continue making a big impact in the years to come.

Are Vicki and Tamra still friends?

Vicki and Tamra’s friendship dates back to their time as cast members on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Throughout the years, they have shared countless highly publicized moments and challenges on and off the show. They appeared to be very close and shared a bond, as the show documented their experiences together.

However, their friendship has had its share of ups and downs, which were also highlighted on the show. There were times when they were in conflict, and the most notable incident was during Season 9 when Tamra made a comment about Vicki’s ex-husband allegedly having cancer. This deeply upset Vicki, causing a major strain in their friendship.

Despite their disagreements and falling-outs, Vicki and Tamra were able to reconcile for the benefit of the show and their co-cast members during Season 14. They have also been seen socializing together outside the show and occasionally sharing pictures of each other on social media.

However, since both Vicki and Tamra departed from the show, rumors have circulated that they have drifted apart. Some publications claim that Vicki has no interest in maintaining a friendship with Tamra, while others suggest that they may still be cordial with each other but not as close as they once were.

To summarize, while there is no clear evidence that Vicki and Tamra are no longer friends, they may not have the same level of closeness that they once had due to their respective departures from the show and their busy lives. Any speculation about their current friendship status is purely conjecture until they make an official statement or are seen actively engaged with each other.

What happened to Tamara from Real Housewives?

Tamara from “Real Housewives” faced a number of challenges throughout her time on the show. Most notably, she experienced difficulties in her personal relationships, specifically her marriage to ex-husband Simon Barney. Viewers of the show saw a tumultuous relationship between the two, with frequent arguments and disagreements about various issues.

Additionally, Tamara struggled with the aftermath of their divorce, including custody battles over their children.

In addition to her personal issues, Tamara was also involved in various feuds with her fellow cast members. She had a particularly contentious relationship with fellow housewife Vicki Gunvalson, which led to numerous on-screen arguments and clashes.

Tamara chose to leave the show after several seasons. It’s unclear exactly why she made this decision, as she has not spoken publicly about the reasons behind her departure. However, it’s possible that the stress and drama of being on the show played a role in her decision.

Since leaving “Real Housewives,” Tamara has continued to be active on social media, where she often shares updates about her life and family. She has also pursued various business ventures, including a skincare line and a real estate career. Despite her departure from the show, she remains a well-known figure in the world of reality TV and continues to be followed by fans and viewers who are interested in her life and career.

Why did Tamra close CUT Fitness?

There are several reasons why Tamra Judge decided to close CUT Fitness. First and foremost, it was due to financial reasons. Tamra had invested a lot of money into the gym, and despite her efforts to keep it afloat, it wasn’t bringing in enough revenue to cover the expenses. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the fitness industry, and CUT Fitness was not immune to it.

Another reason was the strain it put on Tamra’s personal life. Running a business is a full-time job, and Tamra found that she didn’t have the time or energy to devote to her family and other personal commitments. Moreover, being in the public eye meant that Tamra was constantly under scrutiny, and managing a business with cameras rolling added an extra layer of stress.

Furthermore, Tamra had been considering closing CUT Fitness for some time. During her last few seasons on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra had been vocal about her desire to step away from the drama and live a more peaceful life. Closing the gym was a step towards that goal, allowing Tamra to focus on her family, friendships, and other business ventures.

While it was a difficult decision for Tamra to close CUT Fitness, she ultimately chose to prioritize her well-being and happiness. Despite the closure, Tamra remains dedicated to fitness and helping others achieve their health goals through her current projects and collaborations.

Who owns OC fit?

OC Fit is a fitness center located in Orange County, California, providing a variety of fitness programs, including group classes, personal training, and nutrition services. The ownership of OC Fit is a matter of public record and can be easily traced back to the corporate entity that legally owns and operates the business.

According to the California Secretary of State’s Office, OC Fit is owned by a Limited Liability Company (LLC) named “OC Fit LLC.”

A Limited Liability Company is a type of business structure that offers the liability protection of a corporation while maintaining the flexibility of a partnership. LLCs are a popular type of business formation because they do not require as much paperwork or maintenance as other structures, such as corporations.

The members of an LLC, who could be individuals, corporations, or other LLCs, own the company.

The members of the OC Fit LLC are not listed publicly, and information about the ownership structure is not publicly available. However, it is entirely possible that the individuals who own OC Fit are themselves fitness experts or enthusiasts, driven to create an inclusive and supportive fitness space for the Orange County community.

The success of OC Fit is a testament to the vision and commitment of its owners, who have built a thriving business that supports the health, wellness, and fitness goals of their clients.

For anyone unfamiliar with the ownership structure of OC Fit, it is important to remember that the fitness center is just one part of a broader business entity that is owned and operated by individuals who remain anonymous to the public. Nevertheless, what is clear is that the success of OC Fit is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of those who own and operate it, who are committed to creating an environment that motivates individuals to achieve their fitness goals.


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