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Does Podia charge transaction fees?

Yes, Podia charges transaction fees. For U. S. and Canadian customers, credit card payments are subject to a 3. 5% + $0. 30 fee, while Microsoft Pay and Apple Pay payments are subject to a 2. 9% + $0.

30 fee. International payments are charged a 4. 5% + $0. 30 fee, regardless of payment method. All fees will be deducted from the total payment amount. Additionally, Podia charges a 3% fee on any refunds that are issued.

Which is better Podia or teachable?

The answer to which platform is better – Podia or Teachable – depends on the user’s needs and preferences. Ultimately, both platforms are excellent options and provide entrepreneurs and creators with the necessary functions and features to succeed.

Podia is designed to be a very user-friendly platform. It has an approachable dashboard that lets users customize their storefront, organize their course and membership content, track payments and analytics, and easily communicate with customers.

Users can also brand their site and content to ensure their business makes a great impression. Additionally, Podia offers 1-click upsells, powerful email tools, and an online school with integrations and customization options.

Teachable, on the other hand, is a great choice for those who have more tech experience and require more in-depth course creating tools such as quiz development and progress tracking. It also allows for course completion certificates, discussion forums, private 1:1 mentoring, and more.

With Teachable, users have more customization options compared to Podia and are able to integrate with more third-party tools.

Deciding which platform to use should be based on what you need your online school to do. Both Podia and Teachable offer unique features and a great user experience and offer the flexibility to grow with your business.

If you’re looking for an intuitive, user-friendly platform, Podia may be the better choice. But if you’re looking for an extensive suite of features and more options for customizing your courses, Teachable is a great option.

Does Podia have a free trial?

Yes, Podia does offer a free 14-day trial for all users. During this trial period, you will be able to access all of Podia’s features, including creating your own store, digital products, memberships and courses, and more—giving you a chance to experience the full power of Podia’s platform.

You can also choose to keep your store available even after the trial period, which will allow you to start accepting payments right away. To start your free trial, simply create an account with Podia and no credit card is required.

Of course, if you decide to stay with Podia after the trial, you will need to select one of their subscription plans. However, during the trial, all of the features are available for free.

How does Podia work?

Podia is an all-in-one digital product and membership platform that makes it easy to create, promote, and sell digital products and memberships online. It allows entrepreneurs to easily set up a website, add products and memberships, manage payments, and deliver content without needing to know any coding.

Users can add digital products such as downloads, streaming videos, online courses, and even physical products, as well as membership sites with paid subscriptions and content access tiers. They can easily set up checkout and payment pages, add promotional offers and coupons, and generate customer invoices.

Podia integrates with several third-party services like Stripe for payments and Zapier for automations, and it also allows for email marketing and customer relationship management, using either external services like Mailchimp, or its native mailing list and email marketing system.

The platform allows users to easily build and customize their own website, set up product and membership pages, customize landing pages, create custom forms and surveys, and even launch a blog. It also provides digital product delivery, customer support, and a powerful analytics tool to track progress and results.

Does podia take a percentage of sales?

Yes, Podia does take a percentage of sales. For Digital Product sales, the fee is 12%, and for Subscriptions 3. 5% + 30¢ per transaction. When you use Podia’s Payment Processing, it requires payment processing fees of 2.

9% + 30¢ per transaction. In addition, Podia charges a $0. 25 USD fee for each file upload, when selling a digital Good. You can find all of this information on their website: https://www. podia. com/pricing.

How does podia work with my existing website?

Podia is an online platform designed to make it easier for selling digital content and products. It integrates seamlessly with your existing website to provide a convenient and powerful selling solution.

With Podia, you can create and sell digital products, content, and memberships directly to your website visitors. You can also quickly create digital storefronts, marketing pages, and product pages right on your website.

Podia takes the hassle out of selling digital products. It handles payment processing and customer accounts and provides helpful insights and analytics to help you better understand and sell to your customers.

It also offers a powerful suite of marketing tools, such as email and social media campaigns to help you promote and build an even bigger customer base.

With Podia, you can provide a hassle-free buying experience for your customers. It securely stores customer information, so customers can quickly purchase products with just a few clicks, and manage their orders and account information with ease.

Podia also allows you to create and manage discounts and coupons, increase customer loyalty with rewards programs, and provide easy payment options for customers.

Overall, Podia is an easy-to-use and powerful platform that allows you to quickly and easily integrate your existing website with powerful eCommerce tools and solutions. With Podia, you can create a robust and convenient eCommerce experience for your customers while also optimizing your digital sales process.

Can I build a website with podia?

Yes, you can build a website with Podia! Podia is a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that enables you to create a stunning website, digitally monetize your products or services, and build relationships with your customers.

With Podia, you have the tools to build a website for your business and manage your digital products with ease. With their easy-to-use website builder, you can create and customize your customized website, create stores, and launch digital products without having to know any code.

With drag-and-drop options, you can also easily add logos, photos, and banners to your site to create a unique, professional-looking website. With advanced features like integrated email marketing, promotional and discount code tools, and more, you can also use Podia to connect with your customers and market your product right from the start.

Plus, their commitment to your success means that you receive 24/7 support to answer any questions you may have.

How do you create a product on podia?

Creating a product on Podia is an easy 3 step process.

First, you’ll need to log into your Podia account. Once you are logged in, you’ll select “Marketplace” from the navigation menu or the homepage. This will take you to the product dashboard where you can create, edit and manage your product.

The second step is to select “Create Your First Product” from the dashboard. This will bring up the product editor, where you will enter the product details such as its title, description, pricing options, and more.

You can also add product images, videos and other content.

The final step is to select the “Publish” button at the top right of the page. This will push your product live to your marketplace. You can then continue to edit and adjust the product details as needed.

Once your product is live, your customers can start to purchase the product through your Podia marketplace.

Creating a product on Podia is a straightforward process that helps you get started selling quickly and easily. With its intuitive user interface, Podia is designed to help businesses of all sizes develop successful digital products.

Can you send emails from podia?

Yes, you can send emails from Podia. Podia makes it easy to create email campaigns to reach your customers. With Podia, you can create targeted campaigns to specific customers based on their purchase history, interests, or other preferences.

You can also create newsletters, announcement campaigns, and automated email sequences. Additionally, you can use the Podia Inbox feature to answer any customer questions or inquiries within Podia. Podia also allows you to customize the look and feel of your campaigns with a wide variety of templates or simply create your own!.

Can you have a membership on podia?

Yes, you can have a membership on Podia. You can create an unlimited number of membership levels, set up subscriptions, payment plans, and more. You can also choose from hundreds of free and premium membership add-ons, so you can tailor your membership offering to fit the needs of your customers.

With Podia’s simple, drag-and-drop dashboard, it’s easy to create and manage memberships, and you can even integrate with popular payment providers like Stripe and PayPal to easily process payments. There are also powerful analytics tools to track your membership performance, giving you powerful insights into your members and their preferences.

With Podia, you can create a thriving membership community and take your business to the next level.

Can I sell products on podia?

Yes, you can sell products on Podia. Podia is a platform that makes it easy to create an online store and start selling digital and physical products. With Podia, you can create an online store in minutes and start selling products immediately.

Podia offers features like product hosting, payment processing, digital product delivery, and marketing tools to help you get started quickly and easily. You can add products like digital courses, ebooks, physical products, and more, and you can customize your store to fit your brand.

You also have access to analytics and reporting tools to track how well your products are performing. With Podia, you can start growing your business with a platform that gives you the tools you need to be successful.

Who owns Podia?

Podia is owned and operated by two entrepreneurs, Andrei Vasilescu and Spencer Coon. They founded the company in 2012 with the mission to make it easier for creators, makers, and entrepreneurs to sell their products and services.

Vasilescu and Coon have built an all-encompassing platform that allows customers to easily create digital stores, run webinars, email marketing, and more. Their team has grown to 40+ members located around the world and they’ve been backed by several leading venture capital firms.

Podia has also become a go-to platform for customers, who value it for its ease of use, great design, and world-class support.

Is Thinkific better than Podia?

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference when deciding which platform is better for you. Thinkific and Podia offer similar features when it comes to creating and selling online courses, so your decision should come down to the details.

Thinkific offers their Standard plan starting at $39 a month, while Podia starts at $39 a month for their lower tier. Thinkific offers built-in affiliate marketing and integrations with third-party services such as email marketing and landing page builders, while Podia does not.

Thinkific provides customer analytics to gauge learner engagement and user-friendly course creation tools. Podia, however, offers more design flexibility for creating both online courses and digital downloads.

Both services offer user management and automated course enrolment. Overall, both Thinkific and Podia offer great options for creating and selling online courses. It is up to you to decide which platform will be the best fit for you and your business.

Why should I use Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online course platform ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Thinkific provides powerful course creation and selling tools to enable you to deliver powerful online courses.

Thinkific gives you all the tools you need to create, market and sell your online course. With Thinkific you can design your course with easy to use drag and drop tools and produce professional looking online course contained multi-media content.

Along with creating great looking courses, you can also customize the look of your store, take advantage of coupon codes, manage users and access course analytics.

Thinkific makes it easy for you to accept payments for courses you sell. It works with major payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize. net and also allows customers to pay with a variety of currencies.

You can also configure tax options to suit your business.

When you run your business with Thinkific you have the benefit of customer support and advice through email and live chat. The platform’s technical team is also on hand to help troubleshoot when you have any issues.

Additionally, Thinkific’s mobile app makes it easier for you to connect with your students by sending them important course updates and notifications.

The icing on the cake is that Thinkific has several pricing plans and you can select the plan that best meets your business needs. Whether you’re just setting up your business or already have an established customer base, you can create and scale a successful online business with Thinkific.


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