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Does Covenant Eyes cost money?

Yes, Covenant Eyes costs money to use. After the initial seven-day free trial period, the cost of Covenant Eyes starts at $15. 99/month for one user or $19. 99/month per user for two or more users. Covenant Eyes also offers a discounted yearly subscription rate of $13.

99/month per user. Both the monthly and yearly subscription plans include comprehensive monitoring and filtering tools, access to an extensive library of content-filtering rules, and secure password storage.

Additionally, Covenant Eyes features the ability to block or limit access to social media sites and age-inappropriate content, as well as customize settings for each user profile.

Can you get Covenant Eyes for free?

No, Covenant Eyes cannot be obtained for free. Covenant Eyes is a subscription-based internet accountability software that helps users create filters and accountability reports on the websites they visit.

It is not a free service, but it does offer different levels of subscription that range from $13. 99 to $22. 99 a month for individuals, and from $17. 99 to $44. 99 a month for families. Subscribers get access to the software for one or multiple devices, as well as extra features like setting time limits, activity monitoring, and more.

It is also important to note that when subscribing to Covenant Eyes, users agree to its Community Policing Program, in which members of the community can send anonymous reports to Covenant Eyes regarding pornography violations.

What is the cost of Covenant Eyes?

The cost of Covenant Eyes varies depending on the type of subscription you choose.

Subscriptions are available as an individual account, a family account, or a high-use account.

For an Individual Account, it costs $14.99/month and includes unlimited devices, internet accountability, and filtering.

For a Family Account, it generally costs $59.99/month for up to 10 devices and includes unlimited devices, internet accountability for each family member, and filtering for each device.

Finally, for a High-Use Account, it generally costs $19. 99/month and it is designed for those who will be using the service on 6 or more devices. This account includes unlimited devices, internet accountability, and filtering.

When signing up for an account, there is no minimum contract length, so you can cancel at any time. Additionally, Covenant Eyes offers a 7-day free trial so that you can try out their services before making the commitment.

Can Covenant Eyes See Netflix?

No, Covenant Eyes cannot see Netflix. Netflix is a streaming media service that requires user authentication, which Covenant Eyes is unable to access. This means Covenant Eyes is unable to monitor what is watched on Netflix.

However, Covenant Eyes offers a range of tools to help you protect yourself and your family when using the internet, including web filtering, accountability reporting of websites visited, and time management tools.

These features are designed to help protect you and your family from inappropriate content and activities on the web.

How do I stop paying for Covenant Eyes?

In order to stop paying for Covenant Eyes, you will need to terminate your subscription with them directly. You can do this by logging into your account on covenanteyes. com, navigating to ‘Account Settings,’ and the ‘Subscription’ tab.

At the bottom, you will see the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button and a link for ‘Cancellation instructions. ‘ Clicking the link will bring up a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your subscription. You may choose to unsubscribe immediately or wait for your remaining membership period to expire, depending on your preference.

Once you have canceled your account, you will no longer be charged for your subscription and your access to Covenant Eyes will be terminated.

How often does Covenant Eyes take a screenshot?

Covenant Eyes takes a screenshot every 30 minutes, including when the computer is idle. This ensures that users have the highest level of protection and accountability when using the internet. The screenshot includes the web address, the time, and a partial screenshot of the page that is being viewed.

Additionally, customers enrolled in our premier package can also opt-in to our full-screen screenshot feature, which will take a full-screen screenshot every 30 minutes.

Do I need a VPN for Covenant Eyes?

No, you do not need a VPN for Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes is an internet accountability and filtering product that provides detailed monitoring of your online activity and allows you to set customizable filters for online content.

It monitors web-browsing, social media, email, and other online activities. It also offers a password-protected Accountability report which gives you a detailed look into how your online activity lines up with your values.

With this combined with the filtering and accountability capabilities, Covenant Eyes helps you to be more mindful and intentional with your usage of the internet. Therefore, a VPN is not necessary for using Covenant Eyes.

Does Covenant Eyes turn on YouTube restricted mode?

No, Covenant Eyes does not turn on YouTube restricted mode. Covenant Eyes is a monitoring and accountability software that provides users with tools to help them avoid unwanted and inappropriate content online.

It filters out content based on the user’s personal settings and preferences and will block explicit material based on those settings; but, it does not offer a rigid, all-encompassing filtering system like YouTube’s restricted mode does.

Covenant Eyes is focused more on the user’s individualized monitoring, encourages transparency and accountability, and provides feedback and reports to help those who use technology in a biblically responsible manner.

Can an iPhone see what other iPhone is doing?

No, it is not possible for one iPhone to see what another iPhone is doing. While Apple iOS does allow for the sharing of data, such as photos and videos, between iPhones, it does not allow for one iPhone to see what another iPhone is doing.

Additionally, Apple’s privacy and security measures make it difficult for one iPhone to gain access to another iPhone’s data. If someone wanted to gain access to another iPhone’s data, they would likely have to use a specialized hacking tool or have physical access to the device in order to do so.

Can iPhone apps see other apps?

No, iPhone apps cannot see other apps. Apps on iPhones are sandboxed, meaning that each app lives in its own environment and can’t access files from other apps. This ensures the security and privacy of users, as without sandboxing, apps could potentially gather data from other apps without the user’s knowledge.

However, apps can communicate with one another using APIs, meaning they can still share data through secure and explicit methods.

Can someone else see what I’m doing on my iPhone?

No, generally no one else can see what you are doing on your iPhone. This is because iPhones, like most other mobile devices, are designed such that the activity on the device is for the user only. As such, the activity and data present on the device can only be seen by the owner, unless it is willingly shared with someone else.

Additionally, all iPhones have certain security features such as Face ID and Touch ID, which are used to protect sensitive data and access on the device. As such, the contents of your iPhone can remain private, unless they are shared or otherwise exposed.

Does Covenant Eyes slow down Internet speed?

No, Covenant Eyes does not slow down your Internet speed. It is true that some kinds of Internet filtering can slow down your Internet connection, but Covenant Eyes is specifically designed to be as unobtrusive as possible – its only role is to provide accountability to ensure that users are engaging in healthy, safe online habits.

Covenant Eyes is specifically designed to be fast and lightweight, using very little computer memory, and it does not slow down your Internet connection in any way. In fact, the software is designed to help make sure that your device is not infected by malware or other vulnerabilities that may slow your connection down.

If you feel that your Internet speed is slower than normal, it could be related to a variety of things including your device settings, wiring, or the Internet service provider you are using. It is not related to Covenant Eyes.

Why did Google remove Covenant Eyes?

In September 2018, Google removed Covenant Eyes from the Google Play Store due to what was deemed to be incompatible content policy violations. Specifically, Covenant Eyes had posted their anti-pornography content on Google Play, which was in violation of the store’s rules that forbid any kind of promotion of violence, mature content, hate speech, and so on.

If a developer posts such content, there is a chance that it could be flagged by the Google Play Store bots or reported by other users. In this case, Google reserves the right to take it down without warning or discussion.

In addition to the content violation, Google also became aware that Covenant Eyes did not adhere to its own privacy policy. According to the California Consumer Privacy Act, if an app collects data on its users, it must adhere to a strict set of rules and procedures.

Covenant Eyes was not following those guidelines, and Google took their app down as a result.

Unfortunately, this news has caused some confusion with Covenant Eyes users, and the company has since been forced to look for alternative app stores to post its content. Despite this setback, Covenant Eyes is still dedicated to helping people fight pornography and maintain a safe online experience for all.