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Do Dunkin refreshers have a lot of caffeine?

What drink at Dunkin gives you the most energy?

When it comes to getting the most energy from beverages at Dunkin’, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, caffeine is the main ingredient that provides an instant boost of energy. Thus, it can be said that coffee-based drinks such as Dunkin’s signature hot or iced coffee, which come with 210-310 mg of caffeine per 14-ounce serving, and Cold Brew with its 260 mg of caffeine per 16-ounce serving, can offer the most energy boost in a single serving.

However, it is also essential to mention the importance of sugar and calorie content in energy drinks. While sugar can provide a temporary burst of energy, consuming too much can lead to a sudden energy drop, known as a sugar crash, shortly after. Therefore, it is essential to balance sugar intake with caffeine content in choosing a drink for energy.

Dunkin’ has options such as their Energy Cold Brew or newly released Matcha Lattes that contain caffeine, protein, and other energy-boosting ingredients, giving you a sustained energy boost throughout your day.

It is worth noting that individual factors such as age, weight, and metabolism can affect how much caffeine affects someone’s energy levels. Additionally, hydration is crucial for energy, so it’s a good idea to drink water alongside or after consuming an energy-inducing beverage.

While caffeine is the main ingredient for getting an energy boost from Dunkin’s drinks, choosing a balanced and sustainable option such as their Energy Cold Brew or Matcha Lattes, along with staying hydrated, can provide the best energy boost for your day.


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