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Do Buckingham Palace staff live there?

Who are the queens servants?

The queen’s servants refer to the individuals who work in service of a queen or female ruler. Generally, the queen’s servants are responsible for performing various duties and responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning of the palace and to provide for the needs and comfort of the queen.

The queen’s servants can be divided into various departments, including the household staff, the courtiers, and the guards. The household staff is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the palace and includes various roles such as cooks, cleaners, and laundresses. The courtiers are responsible for attending to the queen’s needs, serving as advisors and assistants, and ensuring that the queen is informed of all the important events that are taking place in the kingdom.

The guards serve to protect and defend the queen and are often required to be highly skilled in combat and weapons handling.

In addition to these specific roles, the queen’s servants are also responsible for maintaining a high level of decorum and etiquette at all times. They must be well-versed in the customs and protocols of the queen’s court and must display a high level of professionalism in their interactions with the queen and other members of the royal family.

Overall, the queen’s servants play a vital role in ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the palace and in providing for the needs and comfort of the queen. Their duties are varied and essential, and they must always be prepared to serve the queen and the kingdom to the best of their abilities.

Why do the Queens guards not talk?

The reason why the Queen’s guards do not talk is steeped in tradition and centuries-old customs. These guards, formally known as the “Queen’s Guard,” are responsible for guarding the royal palaces in London, including Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, and the Tower of London.

The Queen’s Guard is made up of soldiers from the British Army’s Household Division, and they follow a strict code of conduct that has been in place for hundreds of years. This code of conduct dictates how they dress, move, and behave while on duty. One of the most significant aspects of this code of conduct is their silence while on guard duty.

The reason behind this strict adherence to silence can be traced back to the time when these guards were responsible for protecting monarchs from external threats. In those times, any sign of weakness or distraction could signal to potential intruders that the guards were not vigilant, and this could result in an attack.

Therefore, the Queen’s Guard was trained to be completely alert and focused on their duties while on guard duty, with no distractions, including talking.

In addition to the historical reasons, not talking while on guard duty also has practical purposes. These guards stand for long periods in all weather conditions, and even a small distraction like talking can cause them to lose their concentration, leading to accidents, falls, or a failure to perform their duty in case an emergency arises.

Therefore, their silence ensures that they remain focused on the task at hand and can react promptly if needed.

Today, while the threat of an attack may have decreased, the Queen’s Guard continues to observe the age-old tradition of silence, which has become an iconic symbol of their duty and commitment to the security of the Royal Family. Though there might be some exceptions, such as in emergencies, funerals, or other such occasions, when the tradition is relaxed slightly, the Queen’s Guard’s silence remains a core part of their duty, and they continue to perform it with utmost dedication and reverence.

Is Angela Kelly still the Queen’s dresser?

Yes, Angela Kelly is still the Queen’s dresser. She has been serving in this position for over two decades now and is considered to be one of the most important members of the Queen’s household staff. In addition to being the dresser, Kelly has also served as the personal assistant to the Queen for several years.

Her role involves ensuring that the Queen always looks impeccable and that her wardrobe is up-to-date and appropriate for every occasion.

As the Queen’s dresser, Kelly is responsible for choosing the perfect outfit for each event and occasion that the Queen attends. This could involve selecting from the Queen’s extensive collection of clothing or commissioning new pieces from talented designers. Kelly is also responsible for ensuring that each piece of clothing is tailored to the Queen’s exact measurements, as well as coordinating jewelry and accessories to complete the royal look.

Kelly’s work is not limited to just dressing the Queen, however. She also plays an important role in the management of the Queen’s household staff, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that her Majesty’s needs are taken care of. In recognition of her years of dedicated service, Kelly was appointed a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order in 2015, an honor awarded by the Queen for exceptional personal service.

Overall, Angela Kelly’s work as the Queen’s dresser is an important and central part of the royal household. Her dedication to ensuring that the Queen always looks her best is just one of the many ways in which she serves her Majesty and the country. Her continued presence in this role is a testament to her skill, professionalism, and commitment to the highest standards of service.

Did Queen Elizabeth fire her personal secretary?

There is no current information to suggest that Queen Elizabeth fired her personal secretary. While the Queen has had several personal secretaries over the years, they typically leave their positions for reasons such as retirement or taking on new roles within the royal household.

Recently, the Queen has been working with a new personal secretary, Matthew Magee, who replaced longtime aide and confidant Sir Edward Young. However, there has been no news or reports of Magee being dismissed or fired from his position.

It’s worth noting that the Queen’s personal secretary is a highly respected position and the individual who takes on this role is responsible for managing the Queen’s schedule, correspondence, and other various tasks. As such, these individuals are carefully selected and typically serve in the role for several years.

Overall, there is currently no evidence to suggest that Queen Elizabeth has fired her current personal secretary or any of her previous ones.


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