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Did Vincent Price have a wife and children?

Yes, Vincent Price had both a wife and children. He was married twice and had a total of three children throughout his life. His first marriage was with Edith Barrett, an actress and socialite, which lasted from 1938 until her passing in 1977.

The couple had two children together – a daughter, Victoria, and a son, Vincent Barrett.

Price’s second marriage was with Mary Grant, who was an actress and producer, and they were together from 1979 until his death in 1993. They had one daughter, Mary Victoria Price, who was born in 1983.

Throughout his life, Price went on to appear in over 100 films and television shows. He was especially known for his range of roles in horror films, and even earned the nickname ‘King of the Horror Films’.

He was also an accomplished author and art collector, with his works of art showcased around the world.

How much was Vincent Price worth at death?

At the time of his death in 1993, Vincent Price was estimated to be worth around $10 million. He had accumulated his wealth through his prolific career as an actor, author, and art collector. Over the course of his career, he appeared in over 150 films and had numerous television, theater, and voice-acting credits to his name.

He had published several cookbooks and books on art, appeared in countless television commercials, and held multiple endorsements. He also had a thriving art collection, which he sold and monetized over the years.

When did Edward Scissorhands come out?

Edward Scissorhands was released on December 7, 1990 in the United States. It was directed by Tim Burton and starred Johnny Depp in the title role as a created but unfinished man. The movie also featured Wynona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Anthony Michael Hall, Vincent Price, Alan Arkin, and Kathy Baker in supporting roles.

The movie was an instant success, grossing over $86 million at the box office and receiving very positive reviews from the critics.

How much did Vincent Price get paid for Thriller?

Unfortunately, it is not known exactly how much Vincent Price was paid for his role in the song “Thiller”. It is likely that he was paid a one-time fee for the work, as he only sang a few lines for the iconic song.

In addition to that, Price likely received royalties for any sales, performances, and airplay of the song in the years since its release. Despite the lack of concrete information about his payment for “Thriller”, there can be no doubt that Vincent Price was adequately compensated for his work, as it has gone on to become one of the most recognizable and popular songs of all time.

Was Vincent Price friends with Christopher Lee?

It is difficult to say whether or not Vincent Price and Christopher Lee were friends. They were both well-known actors, appearing in a variety of films and TV roles throughout their long careers, and were respected by their peers.

They did, however, share some professional similarities, such as being cast as some of the most iconic villains in classic horror films. Additionally, both actors were members of the society of British actors, which may have provided them the opportunity to interact with each other.

Price and Lee both had a shared fascination with Gothic horror and appeared together in several projects, including The Crimson Cult, House of Horrors, The Oblong Box and The House That Dripped Blood.

Despite these shared experiences, it is difficult to determine if there was a friendship between the two actors. It is possible that they were simply colleagues and respected one another, but were not close friends.

Therefore, it is not known whether or not Vincent Price and Christopher Lee were friends.

Where is Dennis Price buried?

Dennis Price is buried in St Lawrence’s Churchyard in Aldermaston, Berkshire in the United Kingdom. He was cremated at Basingstoke Crematorium and his ashes were then buried in the churchyard of St Lawrence.

He is buried alongside other members of his family in a family grave. A simple headstone marks the grave, with his name, dates of birth and death, and the inscription “Rest in Peace”. Dennis Price passed away on October 6th, 1973, aged 63.

Did Christopher Lee play a good guy?

Yes, Christopher Lee did play a good guy on occasion. He was primarily well known for his roles as villains or dark characters, but he did portray some heroic roles as well. One of his most famous hero characters was Frankenstein’s monster in 1958’s The Curse of Frankenstein.

He also played the heroic Sir Henry Baskerville in 1962’s The Hound of the Baskervilles. He played a titular character in the 1978 war drama The chain, a heroic pilot fighting the Japanese. More recently, he was Gandalf the White in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Saruman the White in The Hobbit trilogy.

He also provided the voice of Lee Scoresby in the 2007 movie The Golden Compass. It’s clear that Christopher Lee was able to deliver a good performance when it came to playing a good guy, even if it wasn’t as frequent as his performances as a villains.

Did Vincent Price work with Alfred Hitchcock?

Yes, Vincent Price worked with Alfred Hitchcock on the thriller/horror film, “The Birds” (1963). Vincent Price had a short but crucial role in the film, playing the part of the schoolteacher, Nat Hocken.

The film tells the story of a small California town which is suddenly plagued by birds attacking humans. Nat Hocken is a sympathetic character who helps the protagonist, Melanie Daniels, understand the situation and move to safety.

Overall, the movie was well-received, and it was a major success for both Hitchcock and Price.

How old was Christopher Lee when he died?

Sir Christopher Lee passed away at the age of 93 on 7 June 2015. He was born on 27 May 1922 in Belgravia, London, to Geoffrey Trollope Lee and Contessa Estelle Marie. He was a British actor, singer, and author, best known for portraying intimidating, larger-than-life characters in many horror film and fantasy films.

He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2009 for his services to drama, and was honoured with the BAFTA Fellowship in 2011. Throughout his long, illustrious career, Lee had around 275 film and television credits and more than 70 theatre roles, making him one of the most prolific actors of his generation.

He continued to act until 2014, when he was 92 years old. He was one of the last surviving actors from World War II, as he had served in the Royal Air Force and Intelligence services during the war. His death in 2015 was mourned by fans and colleagues throughout the world.

Was Henry Fonda in the military?

No, Henry Fonda did not serve in the military. He was classified 4-F due to a series of medical issues, including a hernia and asthma, which effectively disqualified him from service. Despite his inability to serve, Fonda remained an active advocate for the war effort and enlisted in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

His duties in the CAP included flying reconnaissance missions along the east coast to detect German U-boats and contraband oil shipments. These flights kept Fonda very close to the action, though he never served in a combat role.

As a result of his work with the CAP, he was awarded the Army Air Forces’ Certificate of Appreciation for Meritorious Service.

Was Steven Seagal really in the military?

Yes, Steven Seagal was in the military. He joined the Army Reserve in the mid 1970s and was an intelligence officer in the Counter-intelligence Corps. According to a 1993 article in the Washington Post, Seagal was reportedly honorably discharged from the Army Reserve and was commissioned an honorary deputy chief of police in 1986.

Seagal has frequently and proudly mentioned his military background and has been featured in numerous magazine articles and autobiographies about his career. He has often talked about the value of discipline, respect, and honor that he learnt in the military that translated to his martial arts and related film roles.

Reportedly, Seagal has been involved in martial arts training for more than four decades, having learnt judo, karate, and aikido since he was a baby.