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Are black market blueprints worth anything?

The value of black market blueprints depends on a variety of factors related to the specific blueprints. Generally, the more specific and useful a blueprint is, the more valuable it is. This can be determined based on how specialized the knowledge and skill is required to produce the item or complete the task that the blueprint describes.

Black market blueprints for weapons, for example, would be more highly valued than blueprints for everyday items. Similarly, blueprints for rare items could command higher prices than those for more commonly available items.

The demand for the item or service produced by the blueprint also has an effect on value. Blueprints for items that are in high demand could also fetch higher prices than those for items that are not as desirable.

Additionally, the quality of the blueprint, including any errors or discrepancies, will also have an impact on its value.

How much do black market blueprints sell for?

The cost of black market blueprints varies depending on the item being manufactured using the prohibited plans. Generally, prices range from hundreds to literally thousands of dollars, depending on the item being created and the rarity of the plans themselves.

For example, plans for firearms can run as high as $1,500 – $2,500, while documents and plans related to producing illegal drugs can cost even more. Additionally, knowing what market or group you’re looking to purchase from can also affect the cost.

It’s generally best to use the services of someone who is experienced in procuring black market items due to potential risks, such as getting caught by law enforcement.

How much are very rare Blueprints worth?

The value of very rare Blueprints is highly subjective and difficult to estimate, as it depends on a variety of factors such as scarcity, condition, and market saturation. Generally speaking, any Blueprint that is more than 50 years old, is in excellent condition, and is extremely rare can theoretically fetch a very high price at auction.

Blueprints of famous people, buildings, and historical events can also be worth more due to their provenance and historical value. Prices can range anywhere from thousands of dollars to millions, depending on the Blueprint in question.

How rare is a Black Market in Rocket League?

The black market in Rocket League is a rare event that only occurs during special in-game events or other special circumstances. The black market features exclusive items that cannot be found anywhere else, so they are highly sought-after by players.

The black market can also occur during special holidays or other seasonal events in the game, and these events are usually announced ahead of time by the game developers. The black market items usually consist of special Halloween-themed items, Christmas-themed items, or other types of rare and limited edition items.

As the items are very rare, players usually need to spend a significant amount of money to acquire them, so they are incredibly hard to come by.

Can you trade Blueprints for credits?

No, it is not possible to trade Blueprints for credits. Blueprints are used to craft and construct items in the game, rather than being traded or used as currency. Credits are the currency that you use to purchase items such as ship and weapon upgrades, cosmetics, and in-game currency.

Credits cannot be used as a form of payment for any blueprint materials or crafting services. Blueprints must be earned or purchased with in-game credits to unlock the item for crafting.

Can I sell my blueprints?

Yes, you can sell your blueprints. However, there are a few things to consider before you do. Firstly, ensure that you have all the necessary rights to your blueprints, including copyright protection.

Additionally, you should be aware of any intellectual property rights associated with your blueprints, such as trademarks and patents, so that you can protect them as well. You will also need to be aware of any regulations related to selling blueprints, such as relevant tax laws.

Finally, you should consider the type of product or service you are selling, and the prices that you are setting for your blueprints. This will help maximize your profit and ensure that you receive fair compensation for the value of your work.

By considering all of these points before selling your blueprints, you will be in a good position to get the most out of your endeavor.

What is the rarest blueprint?

The rarest blueprint is likely the LO3 Aurora, which is a variant of the Aurora space exploration ship. This particular edition of the Aurora was released in 2013 as part of the annual August RSI Week promotion to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launch of the crowd-funding program that kickstarted the creation of the game.

It was only made available for a single week and has since become the rarest available blueprint. This particular ship has attracted a lot of attention and speculation from the community, with some estimates suggesting that only a few hundred copies were ever produced.

This makes it an incredibly rare and sought after piece for any serious collector.

Why are old blueprints blue?

The blueprints used to copy architectural and engineering drawings are historically blue because their blue-dye pigment was more stable than other colors. This was especially important in the 19th century when the blueprint process was used to make copies.

The process often involved submerging paper in a potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate bath, which made the blueprint more stable and so the colors slightly muted. Blue pigment retained more stability than other colors, so blue became the go-to color for blueprints.

Many other colors ended up fading away quickly as the chemicals used to fix the dyes often caused the colors to oxidize or wash away.

Is the black market free?

No, the black market is not free. The black market is an illicit marketplace where goods are bought and sold without any governmental or official regulation. This type of trade is often associated with high prices due to the need to bypass taxes, law enforcement, and other official regulations that can impact the cost of goods.

It can also be associated with goods that may not be legal in certain jurisdictions or goods that have been acquired through illegal means. While certain goods available on the black market such as smuggled goods may be priced lower than they would be through official means, the majority of goods are typically priced higher than they would be through official channels.

Do black markets still exist?

Yes, black markets still exist. These are markets in which goods or services are traded illegally outside of conventional channels. Typically, black market activity involves the trading of items which are subject to restriction such as illegal drugs, or goods which are subject to government taxes or regulations such as firearms.

Black markets are found in many countries across the world, although they are most prominent in areas with strict laws or limited economic freedom. The structure of black markets can vary greatly, with some being loosely organized and others having very strict hierarchies.

Currently, illegal drugs, firearms, and counterfeit goods are some of the most commonly traded items on the black market.

What is the chance of getting a Black Market decal?

The chance of getting a Black Market decal is quite low. These decals are exclusive and only released through certain in-game activities and special events. For instance, the Black Market decal was given out during the Black Market Sale event in November 2020, and the Tenure decal was given for those who played Rocket League for the longest amount of time.

If a player manages to take part in the special events, they can have a chance to get these rare decals. Additionally, players can try to purchase these decals in the trading market or even third-party sites, although these sites have a higher chance of distributing fake decals so it is important to be careful.

Overall, the chances of getting a Black Market decal are low, but there are still several ways to get one.


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