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Why did Snape and Lily have same patronus?

Snape and Lily had the same patronus because they were soulmates. Before Snape committed to his relationship with Lily, he was in love with her and she obviously had feelings for him too. They shared a strong bond as friends and it was that bond that allowed them to manifest the same patronus.

The connection between their souls was so strong that, even when Snape chose another path, the bond between them still remained. This special power was expressed in the androgynous, silver patronus they both had, which is the only patronus in the wizarding world able to combine two souls in a single form.

Even after Lily’s death, Snape still kept the same patronus as a reminder of his commitment to his one true love and their strong bond.

Why is Lily and Snape patronus the same?

There is a lot of debate and speculation surrounding why Lily and Snape’s patronuses are the same. One popular theory is that they have a deep soul bond because they were close friends before Snape turned to the dark side while they were both attending Hogwarts.

It is believed that it was Snape’s love for Lily that kept him from fully embracing the dark arts, and that it was a bond that kept them connected even after she died. This bond was so strong that it was strong enough to manifest itself in the form of the same patronus for both of them.

Others believe that Snape was able to take the form of Lily’s patronus as a result of their close bond and his connection to the dark arts. By casting a powerful charm, he was able to transform himself into Lily’s patronus in order to protect her and stand up for her in the face of danger.

This is why his patronus would appear as hers when needed.

There are also those who think that Lily and Snape’s patronuses were the same because of the power of love. It is suggested that the powerful love Snape had for Lily was so strong that it could take on an ethereal form and protect her even after death.

This strong love manifested itself in the form of the same patronus, creating a beautiful connection between the two even after Lily’s death.

Ultimately, no one knows the real answer as to why Lily and Snape’s patronuses are the same. However, there is no doubt that it symbolizes a strong bond between the two, whether it be of love, friendship or protection.

How do we know Snape loved Lily?

We know that Severus Snape loved Lily because of the decisions and sacrifices he made throughout the entire series. Though his conduct towards Lily as a schoolboy was insensitive and often cruel, his later actions demonstrate how strongly he felt.

He risked his own life to protect Harry on several occasions, motivated to fulfill a life debt he owed to Lily’s dying wish that he look after her son. Snape even chose to remain with Voldemort’s forces rather than risk his life or betray Voldemort.

In Deathly Hallows, we learn that Snape’s Patronus had been a doe—Lily’s form—ever since Lily’s death. This reveals that Snape kept her memory with him throughout the difficult years of his life and cherished her above all else.

We also know that Snape kept the picture of Lily taken shortly before her death in his possessions. This powerful evidence of his love clearly indicates that Snape was devoted to Lily, despite the fact that they never had the chance to be a couple.

What was Snape’s secret?

Snape’s secret was actually two-fold. The first part of his secret was the fact that he was in love with Lily Potter, Harry Potter’s mother, since childhood. He hid this from practically everyone, except for Albus Dumbledore.

This part of Snape’s secret was revealed towards the end of the Harry Potter series when Snape’s memories were retrieved from professor Dumbledore’s pensieve.

The second part of Snape’s secret was his allegiance to Dumbledore and his true allegiance to the Order of the Phoenix. Throughout the series Snape appears to be playing both sides, working for Lord Voldemort as a double agent, while secretly staying loyal to Albus Dumbledore and working to protect Harry Potter.

Snape sacrificed his life in the end, providing Harry with the information he needed in order to thwart Voldemort’s plans. It was his ultimate act of loyalty and love.

Did Snape love Harry or just Lily?

The full extent of Severus Snape’s feelings for Harry Potter is difficult to fully answer. What we do know for sure is that Snape had a deep and profound love for Harry’s mother, Lily Evans Potter. Because of this, Snape developed a fierce protectiveness towards Harry – it is likely that part of the reason Snape was so cruel to Harry was because Snape tortured himself trying to forgive himself for not being able to save Lily from Voldemort.

Snape was also known to display moments of kindness towards Harry throughout their time together, such as saving him from Quirrell in their first year, teaching him Occlumency, and eventually sacrificing himself for Harry’s safety when he told Voldemort to take the Elder Wand from him instead of Harry in their seventh year.

This could suggest that Snape developed a caring, if complicated, bond with Harry.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to definitively answer whether Snape loved Harry or not. We can only speculate the true nature of Snape’s emotions towards Harry, although it’s possible that his love for Lily had inspired Snape to protect and watch over Harry in her absence.

What was Snape’s Patronus before he loved Lily?

Prior to Snape’s love for Lily, his patronus was an unsentimental, pragmatic, and wispy, non-corporeal form. This reflects Snape’s possessive nature and unwillingness to be content with life and love.

Before loving Lily, it is likely that Snape never saw the need to cast a full corporeal patronus, as evidenced in the fact that it had never been seen or mentioned prior to his love for Lily. However, when Snape meets Lily, he is immediately enamored by her, and it is then that his Patronus takes on the shape of a doe – the same form as Lily’s, signifying his growing love for her.

As Snape developed his relationship with Lily, it is possible that his Patronus took on a more corporeal, emotionally-laden form that embodied his connection to her.

Do you know which witch Snape has been in love with since childhood?

No, it is not definitively confirmed which witch Severus Snape has been in love with since childhood. There is much speculation that it is either Lily Evans Potter, who ended up marrying Snape’s rival James Potter, or a Muggle named Eileen Prince, later known as Eileen Snape, who married Severus’ father Tobias Snape.

The first option of Snape being in love with Lily Evans Potter is a popular theory among the Harry Potter fandom and is based on several references in the books. In the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Snape can be seen staring at a photo of Lily in his office.

Also, Snape was known to save and collect items that belonged to Lily and even named his son after her. Additionally, Snape was seen defending Lily in an argument with Professor Slughorn about why Lily should be given the Potions Award.

The second option of Snape being in love with Eileen Prince dates back to his childhood. Tobias Snape married Eileen Prince when Severus was nine years old and was described as having a “very happy home life”.

The relationship between Snape and Eileen appears to be a close one, as Eileen is described as being protective of Severus. It is possible that Severus had some sort of attachment to Eileen, considering he lived with her for a significant amount of time as a child.

Ultimately, it is unknown which witch Snape has been in love with since childhood. However, it is clear that he had strong feelings for both Lily Evans Potter and Eileen Prince, who later became known as Eileen Snape.

What was Snape’s original Patronus?

Snape’s original Patronus was a doe, just like the Patronus of his one true love, Lily Potter. This fact was revealed to Harry Potter by Albus Dumbledore in the Order of the Phoenix. This was made known to Harry during one of their many conversations, where Dumbledore stated that Snape’s Patronus had been “the same as her mother’s”, implying that he had been in love with Lily since childhood.

This was later confirmed when Snape Professor took the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa Malfoy to save Draco Malfoy’s life. In this vow, Snape swore upon his life that he would fulfill any requests made by Narcissa, which included ensuring Draco’s safety and protecting Lily’s son, Harry.

As such, Snape was able to exhibit the same Patronus as Lily, demonstrating the strength and depth of his love for her.

How did Snape’s Patronus change?

Snape’s Patronus changed from a doe to a dragonfly in 2020’s Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, a mobile game developed by Jam City. In the game, Snape’s Patronus shifts from a doe to a dragonfly when Parvati Patil, a student at Hogwarts, binds him to a truth stone and forces him to tell the truth about what happened to Lupin and Tonks.

The dragonfly symbolizes Snape’s inner transformation which is partly why the game chose the dragonfly as his new Patronus. Because Snape was secretly in love with Lily, the doe has often been used to symbolize his unrequited love and his willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

In Hogwarts Mystery, the dragonfly is used to signify his newly released feelings about Lily and his newfound will to be at peace with her memory. It also symbolizes his change from a self-isolated and misunderstood character to one that has grown and embraced more of his emotional side.

What was Sirius Black’s Patronus?

Sirius Black’s Patronus was an Animagus form of a large shaggy black dog – the same form of buckbeak, the hippogriff. Although it is unclear what kind of magical creature it was supposed to represent, it is thought that Sirius’ Patronus was most likely some kind of magical canine breed.

His Patronus had the ability to take on a few variations, such as a swift-footed wolfhound, although its core form was always a large black dog. Sirius’ Patronus was thought to represent his loyal and faithful nature, as well as his love for his best friend, James Potter.

After Sirius’ passing, Harry Potter was also able to summon a similar Patronus when forced to do so in order to ward off a massive horde of dementors.

Why is Snape’s Patronus not a stag?

Snape’s Patronus is a doe, not a stag, because it reflects his conflicted inner nature. While Snape may seem outwardly aloof and uncaring, he is actually quite compassionate and caring on the inside.

The stoic exterior he presents is a mask to hide his true feelings. The doe represents his protective love for Lily Potter, Harry’s mother. Like a doe, Snape is fiercely protective of those he loves, yet delicate and vulnerable in his feelings towards them.

It also reflects Snape’s inner struggle between dark and light, as deer are often seen as symbols of both malevolence and purity. Snape is an intensely complex character, and his Patronus expresses that complexity.

Was Snape’s Patronus that saved Harry and Sirius?

No, Snape’s Patronus did not save Harry and Sirius. It was actually Hagrid’s Patronus that played a crucial role in their escape. When Sirius, Harry, and Buckbeak were all locked in the passageway, Hagrid’s Patronus, a big and shaggy, brownish-golden, wolf-like creature, appeared and steered the pursuing Death Eaters away from them.

The Patronus managed to keep the Death Eaters away until Harry and Sirius were able to escape with Buckbeak through the secret passageway. Even though Snape’s Patronus had been present in the room when they escaped, it played no role in helping them to escape.

Snape’s Patronus was an extremely rare doe Patronus, similar to Lily Potter’s, which he conjured to protect Harry during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower. Although Snape’s Patronus had been there when Harry and Sirius escaped, it did not play an active role in their escape.

Did Snape’s Patronus led Harry to the sword?

No, Snape’s Patronus did not lead Harry to the sword. Rather, it was Harry’s own Patronus, which was the same as his father’s, that led him to the sword of Gryffindor. After Harry’s Patronus took him further into the forest, he encountered a group of centaurs who revealed the location of the sword.

They also informed him that Snape’s Patronus, a doe, had been seen leading somebody into the forest a few hours prior. This was Snape leading the students that had been taken prisoner by the Death Eaters, away from certain danger.


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