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Who played Judy on tonight’s episode of NCIS?

Tonight’s episode of NCIS featured actress Jessica Morris in the role of Judy, a special agent tasked with investigating a possible leak in the NCIS offices. Judy was seen interviewing NCIS agents and other staff members to determine who was responsible for the leak.

Judy was portrayed as having a calm, confident demeanor and was supportive of the NCIS team throughout her investigation. It was revealed during the episode that Judy had a military background, having served in the Army and the Navy.

This background allowed her to quickly build trust with the team and to assess the situation with confidence. In the end, Judy’s work revealed that the leak was actually coming from within NCIS and the matter was resolved with no further harm done.

Who is the female guest star on NCIS?

The incredible actress Cote de Pablo portrayed Ziva David on NCIS from 2005-2013, making her the female guest star on the show. Ziva was an Israeli Mossad agent, but was recruited by NCIS’s Director, Jenny Shepard, to join their team.

Ziva was a fiercely independent and incredibly determined young woman, who will not hesitate to defend her team and the mission of NCIS. In her time with the show, she had a lasting impact on the NCIS team, and many viewers, forever branding her as an iconic part of NCIS’s cast.

Who is Judy NCIS?

Judy is a supporting character from the long-running American television show NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). She is known for her sharp wit and banter with the other characters. Judy is a forensic psychologist who assists the NCIS in their investigations, primarily by psychiatry.

She is often called upon by the team to help when they need a psychological insight into a suspect’s state of mind. Judy assists the team in determining a suspect’s motivation, helping them to uncover the truth.

She is also often a source of comedic relief, providing a break from the more serious aspects of the show. Additionally, Judy can be seen as a mentor to the NCIS team, giving advice and support while helping to mentor them along in their cases.

Who did Patricia Richardson play on NCIS?

Patricia Richardson played NCIS Special Agent Kaylee Russell on NCIS. She appeared in the season 12 episode, “Lost in Translation” in which she joined the team for a special assignment. Richardson’s character was an NCIS supporter and an expert in Chinese intelligence.

She was able to help the team uncover a Chinese spy organization responsible for the murder of a young Petty Officer. Ultimately, she was able to locate the main target and foil the plot. Additionally, Richardson’s character provided valuable insight into the team’s investigation and helped to bridge the gap between the American and Chinese cultures.

Ultimately, her contributions to the NCIS mission were an essential part of the episode and she was praised for her performance.

Is there a different actress playing Delilah on NCIS?

No, there is not a different actress playing Delilah on NCIS. Sarah Clarke, who originally portrayed the character in Season 12, returned to the role in Season 15 and has been playing Delilah ever since.

Delilah first appeared in Season 12, when she and Timothy McGee (played by Sean Murray) reconnected and embarked on a romantic relationship. She last appeared in the season 15 finale and will continue to be a recurring character in future seasons.

Is McGee’s wife still alive on NCIS?

At this time, there is no definitive answer to this question. McGee’s wife, Delilah Fielding, was first introduced in Season 9 of NCIS and remained a recurring character throughout the series. However, as of the Season 17 finale in May 2021, there has been no official confirmation as to whether or not she is still alive.

According to executive producers Frank Cardea and Steven D. Binder, they have “mapped out” a potential story arc for McGee’s wife but have yet to commit to it. As a result, it is unknown if Delilah will return in a future season, and for now, we can only assume that she is still alive.

Who is the new blonde on NCIS?

The new blonde on NCIS is Special Agent Isabel Briggs. She made her first appearance during the 16th season of the series, which began airing in November of 2019. Isabel is portrayed by Alicia Coppola, who has a recurring role on the show.

She is the first female Director of NCIS, taking over from Leon Vance. The character has a confident style and has the ability to handle tough cases, often making difficult decisions to protect the security of the United States.

Her integrity and strong sense of justice are highly valued by the NCIS team. Isabel’s background includes a degree in psychology, and she is an accomplished marksman. She is a capable leader, who believes in open communication and encourages collaboration between team members.

She also has great intuition and an amazing ability to process and analyze information in order to make the best decisions.

Who are NCIS guest stars?

NCIS has featured some big names in its roster of guest stars.

Over the course of the show’s 15 seasons, some of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors and actresses have made memorable appearances. These include:

• Patrick Labyorteaux and Wilmer Valderrama as Marine Gunnery Sergeant Karen Leon (Season 2, Episode 13)

• Alfre Woodard as Marine Gunnery Sergeant Syrena Johnson (Season 3, Episode 4)

• Renee Felice Smith as Valentine (Season 5, Episode 14)

• Joe Spano as Navy admiral Greg Cromwell (Season 7, Episode 23)

• Adam Baldwin as Marine Sergeant Major Davis (Season 8, Episode 13)

• Jeri Ryan as Navy admiral Grace Polito (Season 10, Episode 10)

• Brianna Brown as Marine Sergeant Manus (Season 11, Episode 12)

• Lauren Cohan as Navy Lieutenant Jessica Foster (Season 12, Episode 7)

• John Glenn as CIA Officer Charles Mendrick (Season 13, Episode 9)

• Lauren German as CIA Officer Johanna Klick (Season 14, Episode 20)

• George Eads as Petty Officer Tom Andrews (Season 15, Episode 20)

In addition, NCIS has also featured appearances from renowned athletes, including retired NFL stars Ray Lewis and Donovan McNabb.

Who is special agent Jessica Knight on NCIS?

Special Agent Jessica Knight is a fictional character on the long-running CBS series NCIS. She is portrayed by actress Margo Harshman and first appeared in the Season 4 episode, “Ice Queen”.

Jessica Knight is a top-notch NCIS agent, recruited out of the CIA by Director Jenny Shepard. She is a highly skilled profiler and has been trained in a variety of weapons and combat techniques. She has a passion for justice and often goes out of her way to ensure that justice is served.

Over the course of her tenure at NCIS, Jessica has become a valued asset and an essential part of the team.

Despite her no-nonsense demeanor, Jessica is capable of forming strong relationships with her coworkers. In particular, she is close friends with Gibbs, McGee, and Abby; they have saved each other on multiple occasions.

In later seasons, she develops a romantic relationship with Mike Franks, another fellow NCIS agent.

Jessica is an integral part of the NCIS team, providing support and assistance in the field and back at the office. Her sharp mind and knack for problem-solving have been instrumental in helping the team solve various cases.

Although she is a formidable force on her own, she has demonstrated the ability to work well with others and to take direction from those she respects.

Special Agent Jessica Knight is a powerful and beloved member of the NCIS team. She is devoted to her career and her team, and is a formidable and valued ally.

Why was Jennifer Esposito written off NCIS?

In 2012, there was speculation that Jennifer Esposito was written off NCIS because she had requested to have her contract reduced due to her suffering from celiac disease. According to reports, Esposito had asked to cut her hours on set while still receiving her full salary, but CBS refused.

This prompted Esposito to file a complaint with the Actors Guild, and ultimately lead to her character, Agent Alexandra Quinn, being written off the show.

Although CBS has never confirmed the celiac disease, Esposito’s medical conditions, or her legal battle with the network, sources on the show later confirmed that the writing-off of Agent Quinn was due to the conflict between Esposito, the network, and the guild.

In 2015, Esposito gave an interview regarding her time on NCIS where she expressed her disappointment with the situation.

Why was Maria Bello written out of NCIS?

Maria Bello was written out of NCIS in 2019 after her character, Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane, decided to leave the team in order to pursue a new career opportunity in the private sector. This decision was a mutual one between the actress and the showrunners, as Bello wanted to explore new projects, while the production team felt it was important to keep the show’s dynamics fresh and exciting.

After her initial two-episode arc, Bello returned as a guest star for six more episodes, redefining her character and setting her on a path that would take her away from NCIS and into the world of international consulting—a decision made in part to provide Jack with a richer and more meaningful story arc.

The character subsequently left the show during the season 16 finale.

Bello’s departure was met with much fan appreciation, as the long-running series was given a new direction after Bello’s tenure on the show had ended. By the time she left NCIS, her performance had earned her a dedicated fanbase, with many fans praising Bello’s portrayal of Jack as an intelligent, brave, and strong-willed character.

Whilst her time on the show may have ended, she has left an indelible mark on the franchise, creating a character that will continue to resonate in the hearts of many fans.

Who is Judy Price Fielding on NCIS?

Judy Price Fielding is a 2017 recurring character on the police procedural drama TV series NCIS. She is portrayed by Margo Harshman and first appears in the season 15 episode “Spinning Wheel”. She is a cyber specialist and the head of the Navy’s cyber operations unit, the Department of Computer Crimes.

Judy is the daughter of Rear Admiral Duke Fielding (James Read) and the sole survivor of a Paris terrorist bombing which killed her twin brother and parents when she was only fourteen. Because of her traumatic past, she is weary of relationships and has trouble expressing her emotions.

Despite this, she is an an impressive computer analyst and determined to do whatever it takes to protect her country.

Although Judy initially believed she was just a computer technician, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the team soon realized she was far more than that. Judy was able to provide extensive amounts of expertise in a variety of cases, including hacking computers for evidence, designing computer software, analyzing data, and using her knowledge of cyber warfare to protect NCIS operations.

She is invaluable to the team and has quickly become an important part of the NCIS family.

Why did they put Delilah in a wheelchair?

Delilah was put in a wheelchair because she has a medical condition known as spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). SMA is a genetic condition that affects the motor neurons in the spinal cord, which control the body’s voluntary muscles.

Having this condition typically results in muscle weakness, loss of movement, and decreased life expectancy. Additionally, SMA can cause various complications, such as respiratory issues, which can be potentially fatal.

Therefore, using a wheelchair can help Delilah to move around more easily and reduce the risk of experiencing these complications. By using a wheelchair, Delilah can combat the physical limitations of her SMA and remain active and independent.

Who played McGee’s mother in law?

Susan Isaacs played McGee’s mother in law in the television series NCIS. She is a guest character who appears in the episode ” witnessing”. Her portrayal of the character is that of a typical mother in law who likes to criticize and pass judgement on her daughter in law, Abigail.

While her presence stirs up some tension between the two, her advice is welcomed and seen as genuine. She is shown to have a soft spot for McGee and speaks highly of him to his wife. Despite their differences, she is ultimately shown to have a warm and understanding side.

Susan Isaacs did an incredible job of bringing the character to life and was a great addition to the cast of NCIS.

Who played Monique Lisson on NCIS?

Chad Lowe played Monique Lisson on NCIS. Monique was an undercover agent who works for NCIS Assistant Director Leon Vance (played by Rocky Carroll). Monique first appeared in the episode “Endgame” (Season 10; Episode 10), where she takes on the role of a terrorist to help the NCIS team bring down a possible terrorist plot.

Monique was informative and a great teammate. She has a calm demeanor and displays excellent control over her emotions. Monique is also savvy and tech-savvy, able to quickly determine the identity of her suspects.

She can also think on her feet, making quippy comments which often result in making her partners laugh. Overall, Monique is a great asset to the NCIS team.