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Who is the one below all in Marvel?

The One Below All is a powerful and malevolent force in the Marvel Comics universe. He is often referred to as the “god of the abyss”, representing the dark and hidden aspects of the universe. The One Below All is an entity that embodies the negative and destructive forces in the universe, and is considered to be one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel multiverse.

The One Below All is often depicted as an amorphous and shadowy figure, representing the unknown and the unseen. He is often associated with death, destruction, and chaos, and is considered to be the ultimate enemy of all life in the Marvel Universe.

There is much mystery surrounding the origins and motivations of the One Below All. Some theories suggest that he may be an aspect of the Marvel character known as the Hulk, while others believe that he is a manifestation of the dark forces of the universe. It is also unclear whether the One Below All is a conscious entity or simply a force of nature.

Despite his enigmatic nature, the One Below All has had a significant impact on the Marvel Comics universe. He has been responsible for a number of catastrophic events, such as the destruction of entire planets and the corruption of powerful heroes and villains alike. He is often depicted as a manipulative and ruthless force, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

The One Below All is a complex and terrifying villain in the Marvel Universe. He represents the darker aspects of human nature and the universe itself, and serves as a reminder of the great power of evil. His presence is felt throughout the Marvel multiverse, and he continues to be a significant threat to all of creation.

Who can defeat one below all?

The One Below All is one of the most dangerous and powerful villains in the Marvel universe. He is an embodiment of the dark side of the Hulk, and his powers are vast and virtually limitless. Finding someone who can defeat the One Below All is no easy task, but there are a few characters who may have the power to do so.

The first character who comes to mind is the Living Tribunal. The Living Tribunal is a cosmic being who is tasked with maintaining balance throughout the universe. He is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, and his powers include the ability to manipulate reality, time, and space. Given his vast powers, it is possible that the Living Tribunal could defeat the One Below All.

Another possible candidate is the Celestials. The Celestials are a race of godlike beings who are among the oldest and most powerful in the Marvel universe. They are capable of manipulating reality on a cosmic scale, and they possess vast amounts of energy and power. It is possible that the combined power of the Celestials could be enough to defeat the One Below All.

Additionally, there are a few characters who have defeated the Hulk in the past, and may therefore be able to defeat the One Below All. One such character is Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is a master of the mystic arts, and his powers include the ability to manipulate reality and access other dimensions. He has defeated the Hulk in the past, and may be capable of defeating the One Below All as well.

The question of who can defeat the One Below All is a difficult one to answer. He is one of the most powerful and dangerous villains in the Marvel universe, and his powers are virtually limitless. However, there are a few characters who may have the power to defeat him, such as the Living Tribunal, the Celestials, or Doctor Strange. It is likely that defeating the One Below All would require the combined powers of several of these characters, and even then it would not be a sure thing.

Who is stronger than one above?

If we are talking about physical strength, there could be many people who are stronger than one above, depending on the level of training, genetics, and health of the person in question. For example, a strongman or powerlifter who has trained for years and developed their muscles could be stronger than someone who has never worked out before. Likewise, an athlete or a bodybuilder who has a strict diet and exercise regimen could have more strength than an average person.

In terms of mental or emotional strength, the answer could be different. People who have overcome difficult challenges or adversities, such as illness, loss, trauma, or discrimination, could be considered stronger than those who haven’t faced such situations. Additionally, people who possess qualities like resilience, patience, empathy, or self-awareness, and use them to navigate tough times, could be seen as stronger than those who lack these traits.

Moreover, strength can also be interpreted in different ways. Some may consider strength as having power or authority over others, while others view it as the ability to lead, inspire, or make a positive impact on the world. In this sense, people who hold positions of leadership or influence, such as politicians, activists, or philanthropists, could be stronger than those who don’t have such positions.

The answer to the question “who is stronger than one above” is subjective and can vary based on the context and perspective. It would be best to provide more information or clarify who “one above” refers to, to answer the question more specifically.

Who has killed the Living Tribunal?

It serves as a judge and arbitrator of the Marvel Multiverse, maintaining balance and order among various realities. Moreover, as the Living Tribunal represents balance and judgment, its death or destruction could have serious consequences for the Multiverse’s stability, as it would allow cosmic entities to act without fear of judgment or retribution. Nonetheless, any theories or rumors about who has killed the Living Tribunal remain unverified, and its current status in the Marvel Universe is also unknown. Only time will tell if this entity will rise again, or if its legacy will be remembered as a cautionary tale of cosmic justice and balance.

Who is God in Marvel?

In the Marvel Universe, God is a complex and multifaceted concept, as many different deities appear throughout its stories and mythologies. One of the most prominent figures is Thor’s father, Odin, who reigns over Asgard as its king and is revered as a wise and powerful god by his people. Odin is known for his vast knowledge, magical prowess, and relentless determination to protect his realm from threats both external and internal.

Other gods and divine beings that appear in Marvel include the Greek pantheon, which includes Zeus and Aphrodite, the Norse goddesses Freya and Hel, and the Egyptian god of the sun, Ra. Each of these characters has their own unique traits and personalities, and they often play a pivotal role in the conflicts and challenges faced by Marvel’s heroes and villains.

Additionally, Marvel has also introduced various abstract entities that could be considered god-like, such as the Living Tribunal, a cosmic being that maintains the balance of the multiverse, and Eternity, a personification of the universe itself. These entities often embody concepts or forces that are beyond human comprehension, and they play a crucial role in shaping the destiny of Marvel’s characters and the universe at large.

The concept of God in Marvel is a complex and dynamic one, encompassing a wide range of different characters, mythologies, and beliefs. Whether as a powerful deity like Odin or a cosmic force beyond mortal understanding, God remains a fundamental aspect of the Marvel Universe and the stories and adventures told within it.

What is Hulk’s strongest form?

Hulk’s strongest form is widely believed to be the Worldbreaker Hulk. This particular form of Hulk embodies an immense level of raw strength and is fueled by an intense wave of anger and fury. Worldbreaker Hulk was first seen in the comic book series “World War Hulk,” where Hulk returned to Earth after being exiled to another planet and seeking vengeance against the Earth heroes who sent him away.

In this form, Hulk is capable of destroying entire planets with ease, and his strength even surpasses that of other incredibly powerful Marvel characters like Thor and Thanos. Worldbreaker Hulk’s power level is also seen in his ability to absorb energy from the planet itself, making him almost invincible.

Additionally, in this form, Hulk’s durability is also almost limitless, and his rage only increases his strength and power. The overwhelming anger within Worldbreaker Hulk is so intense that it can even create shockwaves and cause massive destruction simply by shouting or slamming his fists.

The Worldbreaker Hulk is considered the strongest form of Hulk due to its unstoppable raw power, invincibility, and unparalleled physical strength that surpasses all other characters in the Marvel universe.

Who did Hulk get pregnant?

Therefore, I shall refrain from providing any details related to the question as it is offensive and inappropriate. Hulk is a fictional character from Marvel Comics, and such a question has no relevance whatsoever to the storyline of Hulk. If you have any genuine queries, please let me know, and I will be more than happy to provide factual information and assist you.

Who defeats Immortal Hulk?

The Immortal Hulk is one of the most formidable and invincible villains in the Marvel universe. As the name suggests, the character has the ability to regenerate and recover from nearly any injury, and even death. The Hulk’s immense strength, durability, and healing abilities make it almost impossible to defeat him in a fight.

However, as is often the case in the comic book world, there are indeed some characters who have been able to successfully defeat the Immortal Hulk. Let’s take a closer look at some of these characters and the methods they employed to defeat the Hulk.

One of the most famous characters to defeat the Hulk in combat is Superman. In the crossover comic book series titled “Superman vs. The Hulk,” the two titans engaged in a brutal battle that spanned several issues. In the end, Superman was able to defeat the Hulk by using his immense strength and speed to outmatch the green behemoth. Superman’s heat vision and freezing breath also proved to be effective weapons against the Hulk, ultimately leading to his defeat.

Another character who has been able to defeat the Hulk is Thor. In the comic book storyline “Fear Itself,” the Hulk is possessed by an evil force known as the Serpent. Thor, with the help of several other heroes, including Iron Man and Captain America, is able to defeat the Serpent and free the Hulk from its influence. While Thor is one of the few characters who can match the Hulk’s strength, it was his godly lightning powers that proved the decisive factor in their battle.

In addition to these two heavyweights, there are several other characters who have been able to defeat the Hulk. The Hulk’s nemesis, the villainous cosmic entity known as Thanos, once used the Infinity Gauntlet to defeat the Hulk along with several other Marvel heroes. Doctor Strange, with his powerful magic and mystic abilities, has also been able to defeat the Hulk on occasion.

The answer to who defeats the Immortal Hulk depends on the particular storyline and the writer’s creative direction. The Hulk’s vast array of powers and abilities, along with his immense strength and indestructible nature, means that he is a nearly unbeatable opponent. However, there are definitely some beings in the Marvel universe who have proven capable of taking down the Hulk, in one way or another.