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Who is Darkseid’s master?

Darkseid is an ultimate intergalactic super-villain and ruler of the planet Apokolips, who is often considered to be one of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe. He usually maintains control over the larger DC multiverse but only through the power and influence he has gained through making deals with the mysterious beings known as the New Gods.

As such, Darkseid doesn’t have a Master or controller. He is a powerful leader and conqueror who is able to bend most people to his will, and is willing to destroy anyone or anything that stands in his way.

He also has his own elite forces, such as the Parademons, who will do his bidding without question. Ultimately, Darkseid is answerable to no one, and is powerful enough to not need a master.

Who is more powerful Darkseid?

Darkseid is one of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe and has been featured in many comic books, TV shows, and movies over the years. He is a being from the planet Apokolips and is the ruler of one of the most powerful and oppressive empires in cosmic history.

He possess incredible super strength, large vast cosmic powers, and a large number of powerful forces at his command. He is practically immortal, has his own psychic mind blasts, and is capable of manipulating minds, controlling Superboy, and firing massive blasts of Omega beams that can evaporate and transport objects across the universe.

In fact, in the DC comics, Darkseid is often depicted as the most powerful being in existence – boasting vast knowledge and strength that surpasses any other being in the universe, so in answer to your question, Darkseid is by far the more powerful being.

Who defeated Darkseid?

Darkseid was defeated by the combined forces of Highfather, the Justice League, and Superman. Highfather was the leader of New Genesis and was able to gain access to the Anti-Life Equation, which is believed to give the user access to the totality of the universe and its knowledge.

Highfather then created a weapon known as the Infinity-Man which was used to combat Darkseid. In addition to Highfather, the Justice League also played a major role in the defeat of Darkseid. Through the combined efforts of Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, and Aquaman, the Justice League was able to wound Darkseid enough for Highfather to deliver the final blow using the Infinity-Man.

Superman then stepped in and used the power of his own willpower and the combined efforts of the other Justice Leaguers to restrain Darkseid and weaken him. This allowed Highfather to ultimately defeat Darkseid by way of the Infinity-Man.

Who is stronger Darkseid or Thanos?

The simple answer to who is stronger between Darkseid and Thanos is that there is no definitive answer. Both characters are powerful and have tremendous abilities, which makes it difficult to determine who actually outranks the other.

Darkseid is most commonly known for his powerful “Omega Effect” which is a phenomenon of immense energy and strength within the DC Universe. Thanos, on the other hand, is an Asgardian warlord and wields the Infinity Gauntlet in the Marvel Universe, granting him control over the Infinity Stones.

This makes Thanos incredibly powerful and capable of many things, including manipulating all aspects of reality.

However, due to the distinct universes that each character inhabits and their different story arcs, it’s hard to declare a victor. While Thanos is often seen as being more powerful, Darkseid has stood as a significant enemy to both comic book and film universes, having even challenged the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman.

It’s likely a battle between the pair would be an epic clash of the titans, but it’s ultimately impossible to determine who would come out on top.

Who is the strongest child of Darkseid?

The true answer to this question is up for debate, as Darkseid is known to have had a number of formidable children. However, it is likely that the title of Darkseid’s strongest child is bestowed on his son Orion.

Orion, the son of Darkseid and Tigra, is one of the most powerful New Gods (after Darkseid himself). Born with a full suite of superhuman abilities, Orion is arguably the strongest being in the universe.

He is much stronger than his father, Darkseid, as he was born with all the power of the New Gods and his birth only further increased his power levels. He also has knowledge that surpasses that of even Darkseid, such as Godwave knowledge, which grants him access to even greater power and knowledge.

Orion also has tremendous martial skills and combat abilities, having been trained in hand-to-hand combat and weapon combat since childhood. He also has the ability to tap into higher, mystical energies, though these are still rarely used.

Overall, Orion is undoubtedly the strongest of Darkseid’s children and is even more powerful than his father, Darkseid. His feats of strength and power have earned him the title of “God of War” and he is one of the few beings capable of standing up to Darkseid.

Who is Steppenwolf master?

Steppenwolf is a character from DC Comics and is a powerful New God from Apokolips. He was originally an enemy of the Justice League and is one of the main antagonists of the DC Extended Universe. He is known as the master of Apokolips and was created by legendary comics writer and artist Jack Kirby.

He is the ruler of the planet Apokolips, and a major threat to the universe. His powers include superhuman strength, invulnerability, teleportation, flight, and control over fire, lightning, and matter.

He also has powerful weapons such as his weaponry, the Omega Sanction and the Electro-Ax. Steppenwolf has a loyal following of Parademons that serve him and do his bidding. He is currently ruled by Darkseid, the most powerful tyrant, who gave him his purpose and mission.

Although Steppenwolf is not technically a villain in the DC Extended Universe, he is a powerful force to be reckoned with and a frequent source of evil and destruction.

How powerful is DeSaad?

DeSaad is highly powerful and is one of the most feared members of Darkseid’s court. He is an expert manipulator and sadist, and has no problem using his mind games and torture to achieve his goals. DeSaad has a wide array of powerful abilities, ranging from energy manipulation to precognition to mind control.

He is capable of projecting powerful energies, such as a disintegration beam, and can manipulate the properties of materials such as titanium and kryptonite. He has also shown the ability to create complex combinations of devices and has performed feats of telekinesis.

He is also an expert in mental torture, using fear and psychological manipulation to control his victims. He also holds a vast body of knowledge, including knowledge of magical and supernatural entities.

In addition, DeSaad is a powerful magical being, able to tap into and manipulate magical forces. He is even rumored to have a connection to the darkest reaches of the universe, such as the Source Wall.

All these abilities make DeSaad a formidable force, one that should never be taken for granted.

Who is beside DeSaad and Darkseid?

The primary associate of both DeSaad and Darkseid is Granny Goodness, who is a malicious female member of Apokolips’ Elite and the overseer of Darkseid’s “Orphanage”. Granny is a cruel taskmaster and employs a variety of genetically engineered orphan children, called “Hounds”, who act as her personal army and do her every bidding.

Granny Goodness is also responsible for the creation and training of all the Super Furies of Apokolips. Other associates of DeSaad and Darkseid are Kanto, who was DeSaad’s assassin and spy; the Female Furies, a group of femme fatales who are the elite protector of Darkseid; Mantis, a powerful telepath and one of Darkseid’s primary advisors; Heggra, Darkseid’s mother and the Queen of Apokolips; and finally, Glorious Godfrey, an Apokoliptian agent who serves as a trustworthy aid to Darkseid himself.

How strong is Steppenwolf’s AXE?

Steppenwolf’s AXE is incredibly strong. It is made from a unique Apokoliptian metal, which is much denser and more powerful than anything found on Earth. This metal is durable enough to cut through massively thick walls, doors, and obstacles with ease.

Not only is it incredibly strong, but it can be recharged by channeling energy from Mother Boxes, allowing it to be a virtually unbreakable weapon in the hands of its wielder. In addition, the axe has energy slicing abilities and can even be used to manipulate gravity.

All in all, Steppenwolf’s AXE is a powerful weapon of destruction, capable of taking down even the most powerful enemies.