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Who controls Marley?

Marley is a country or nation that exists within the world of Attack on Titan. The country is a militaristic nation that is ruled by a government headed by a dictator, the current one being a man named Theo Magath. In addition to the government, Marley is also controlled by a group of Eldians known as the Warriors, who are sent to capture the Titans that exist outside the Walls and bring them back to Marley for military research and strategic use in war.

The Warriros are a group of Eldians working for Marley, and are used as political puppets in order to achieve the nation’s goals. The Warriors are selected from a young age and are trained to become elite soldiers with the aim of activating the power of the Titans, which are inherited abilities passed down within certain Eldian families.

The Warriors are then sent to infiltrate other nations, such as Paradis Island, in order to gather information and intelligence necessary to infiltrate or invade said nations.

Marley is controlled by the government headed by Theo Magath, and the Eldian Warriors who serve as the military power of the nation. The Warrior’s primary function is to capture Titans, gather intelligence from other nations, and ultimately to help Marley become a dominant world power.

Does the Tybur family control Marley?

The Tybur family played a significant role in the governance of Marley, but it would not be accurate to say that they completely control the country. Marley is a militarized state where the military and government officials hold a lot of power. The Tybur family, being one of the seven warrior clans and possessing the power of the War Hammer Titan, held a powerful position in the country’s leadership.

Their control over Marley was based on their wealth, status, and military prowess. They were the founders of the Marleyan Empire and played a key role in expanding Marley’s territory by exploiting its colonies and resources. However, this doesn’t mean that they were the only ones in power in the country.

The Marleyan military was the primary power center in the country, with the Marleyan government serving as a secondary authority. The military, in particular, held a great deal of political control and influence in Marley. The top officers and commanders were responsible for enforcing the law, protecting Marley’s borders, and suppressing dissent.

Additionally, the Eldian Restorationists, a group of Eldian people seeking to overthrow the Marleyan government, had significant influence in the country as well. They were a source of resistance against Marley’s militaristic regime, and their actions often threatened the Tybur family’s power in the country.

The Tybur family held considerable power in Marley, but they were not the only ones controlling the country. Marley was a militarized state where power was distributed across various authorities, with the military and government officials holding significant sway over the country’s affairs.

Are the Tyburs the rulers of Marley?

In the world of Attack on Titan, Marley is a nation that holds great importance in the plot. It is the nation that the Eldians, a race that possesses the ability to transform into Titans, call home. Marley is known to be an expansionist nation and is constantly at war with other nations to expand its territory.

One of the key families in Marley are the Tyburs. The Tyburs are a family of Eldian nobles who have been around for at least a century. They are depicted as one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Marley, possessing great political influence and financial power. While the Tyburs are influential, they do not hold the position of top leadership in Marley.

The position of the leader of Marley is held by the Warrior Program. This program is responsible for selecting Eldians who are then turned into Titans to fight on behalf of Marley in wars against other nations. The Warrior Program is run by the Marleyan government, which is made up of a council of high-ranking officials who sit at the top of the leadership.

While the Tyburs are important in Marley and hold a great deal of power, they are not the rulers of Marley. They are simply one of the few powerful families in Marley that hold significant influence, both politically and financially. However, the Tyburs do play a critical role within the story of Attack on Titan, and their actions and decisions have a significant impact on the plot.

While the Tyburs are a powerful and important family in Marley, they are not the rulers of the nation. The leadership of Marley is held by the Warrior Program and the council of high-ranking officials who govern the nation.

Why does the Tybur family hate Eldians?

The Tybur family’s hatred towards Eldians can be attributed to their history and the events that have transpired over the years. The Tybur family is a noble family that has dominated the Marleyan society for generations, and they have been key players in the Great Titan War that resulted in Eldians losing their power and being persecuted.

During the Great Titan War, the Tybur family played a significant role in bringing about the end of the war. They brokered a deal with Karl Fritz, the King of the Eldians, who agreed to surrender his power and relocate Eldians to Paradis Island. This deal ensured that the Marleyans could take control of the seven other Titan powers, including the Founding Titan, which was left on Paradis Island.

However, the Tybur family suffered great losses during the war, including the deaths of many of their members. This, coupled with the fact that Eldians were the ones who possessed the Titan powers that caused destruction during the war, led the Tybur family to harbor immense hatred towards Eldians.

Furthermore, the Tybur family was well aware of the suffering that Eldians endured under Marleyan rule. They knew about the internment zones where Eldians were forced to live, the discrimination they faced, and the horrors of the warrior program, where Eldian children were sent to the frontlines to fight for Marley.

Despite their knowledge, they chose to remain silent and allow the persecution of Eldians to continue, further fueling their hatred towards Eldians.

At the time when the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager, comes into play, a major factor that further intensified the Tybur family’s hatred towards Eldians was the rise of the Eldian restorative movement, which aimed to overthrow Marleyan rule and establish Eldian supremacy. This movement was led by Eldiana who possessed one of the nine Titans and had a goal to get freedom for his people.

The Tybur family saw the existence of this movement as a threat to their power and the control of Marley over Eldians. The Tybur family decided that it was time to take matters into their hands and use the power of the War Hammer Titan to end the Eldian problem once and for all.

The Tybur family’s hatred towards Eldians is a result of a combination of factors. The Tybur family suffered great losses during the Great Titan War, Eldians possessed the power that destroyed the world, they were well aware of the persecution suffered by Eldians under Marleyan rule yet did nothing, and the rise of the Eldian restorative movement threatened their power and the control over Eldians.

All these factors combined led the Tybur family to adopt a stance of hatred and hostility towards Eldians.

Which member of the Tybur family is the War Hammer Titan?

The member of the Tybur family who possesses the power of the War Hammer Titan is Lady Tybur, known as Willy’s older sister. She inherited the power of the War Hammer Titan after their father passed away and subsequently passed it down to Willy after realizing his potential to protect their family and the Marleyan nation.

The War Hammer Titan is a unique titan that can create weapons out of hardening its body, which Lady Tybur demonstrated during the battle of Liberio. She created a giant hammer out of thin air and used it to attack the attacking Survey Corps members. Lady Tybur was a clever and cunning warrior who used her titan’s powers to the fullest, displaying her immense skill in titan combat.

Even though we don’t get to see much of Lady Tybur in the anime, her significance in the manga is significant. She played an essential role in Willy’s plan to convince the world that the Eldians were the enemy and responsible for the recent conflicts. Lady Tybur was the one who revealed the truth about the Great Titan War, stating that King Fritz’s actions were the sole reason for the current conflict, leading to the fall of her family and creating the needed justification for Marley to attack Paradis Island.

Lady Tybur is the member of the Tybur family who possesses the power of the War Hammer Titan. Her skills in titan warfare and strategic intellect made a significant impact on the Marleyan nation and the world at large. Her role in the story is significant, and her revelation of the past has set the course for the future of Attack on Titan’s storyline.

Are Ackermans not Eldian?

Ackerman is a last name that is given to a family of individuals who possess unique physical abilities that set them apart from the rest of the ordinary humans in the world of Attack on Titan. In the context of the Eldian history, the Ackermans are not considered Eldians, but rather a distant clan with a mysterious origin that eludes even the most knowledgeable scholars of the series.

The Eldians are a race of people who lived in the Eastern region of the continent and held a special connection to the Titans, the titanic humanoid creatures that terrorize humanity. They were the ones who inherited the powers of the Titans, which allowed them to transform into Titans at will and wield incredible strength and regenerative abilities.

However, the Ackermans do not inherit this power, nor do they possess any attachment to the Titans.

Instead, the Ackermans possess unique physical abilities that are separate from the Titans, making them a separate group of people entirely. They have the ability to manifest incredible strength and agility, surpassing that of normal humans. Their abilities are known as “awakening”, and they are more of a genetic trait that is passed down through the Ackerman bloodline rather than a power inherited through the coordinate.

The origins of the Ackerman clan are shrouded in mystery, and very little is known about their history, which makes it difficult to determine whether they are Eldians or not. Some theories suggest that they are a group of people that broke away from the Eldian empire, while others believe that they are descendants of the non-Eldian race that existed before the Eldians.

While the origins of the Ackerman clan are not fully understood, it is clear that they are a separate group of people entirely, possessing unique physical abilities that set them apart from the Eldians who inherited power from the Titans. Therefore, it is safe to say that Ackermans are not Eldian.

Why did Tyburs betray Eldians?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Tyburs, the head of the Tybur family, betrayed Eldians for a number of reasons. First, it is important to understand that the Eldians in question are the ones living within the walls of Paradis Island in the anime/manga Attack on Titan. These Eldians are seen as a threat to the rest of the world due to their possession of the Founding Titan, which grants the ability to control other Titans.

This fear and hatred towards Eldians has been passed down for generations, with the Tybur family actively participating in perpetuating this narrative.

One of the primary reasons why Tyburs betrayed Eldians is that they saw it as an opportunity to gain power and control. The Tybur family had largely been hidden in the shadows, manipulating events from behind the scenes, but by publicly announcing their intentions to fight against Eldians and offering up a solution to the Titan problem, they were able to position themselves as heroes and gain favor with those who previously feared them.

Another reason why Tyburs betrayed Eldians is that they saw the current state of the world as an opportunity for change. With the Survey Corps launching an attack on Marley and the Tybur family’s collaboration with the military, they believed that they could use this conflict to shift the balance of power and bring about a new world order.

They also wanted to use the announcement of the Warhammer Titan’s ability to create weapons that could cut through the Founding Titan’s power as a way to weaken Eldians and make them easier to control.

It is also important to note that the Tybur family has a complicated history with Eldians. They are Eldians themselves, but they see themselves as different from their brethren due to their position of power and influence. They have internalized the belief that Eldians are cruel and violent by nature, while they are more refined and sophisticated.

Additionally, the Tybur family has long been considered captives of the Marleyan government, so their betrayal of Eldians could also be seen as an attempt to regain agency and control over their own lives.

Tyburs betrayed Eldians for a number of reasons. They saw it as an opportunity to gain power and control, to shift the balance of power in the world, and to distance themselves from other Eldians whom they believe to be beneath them. Their actions are a testament to the complexities and nuances of the world of Attack on Titan, where alliances and loyalties are constantly shifting in the face of war, politics, and personal history.

Why do Eldians hate Eldians from Paradis?

The reason why Eldians hate Eldians from Paradis can be attributed to the complex history of Eldia as a nation. Eldia, a civilization that spanned centuries, was known for its incredible power, technological advancement, and expansionist politics. The nation’s power derived from the existence of the Founding Titan, which allowed the royal family to control and manipulate Eldians to achieve its goals.

However, Eldia’s power was short-lived; after centuries of success, the nation was eventually challenged by the Marleyan Empire, which eventually emerged victorious. The Eldians were defeated, and the Marleyans took control of the nation, subjecting the Eldian people to years of persecution, oppression, and subjugation.

But as it turned out, the Marleyans began utilizing some Eldians in their own military as Titans to wage war against other countries. That marked a new phase of suffering for the Eldians, as they were displaced from their homes and made to become Titans, which was a terrible fate for them. While Marley’s Eldian warriors were seen as a necessary sacrifice, Eldians on the mainland were viewed as subhuman and treated as such.

During this time period, another group of Eldians, those living on Paradis Island, started to live apart from the world as a means to protect themselves from the Marleyans. Due to the Titan powers of Ymir Fritz, Eldians on Paradis could not age, and their descendants continued to live for generations, ensuring that the people of Paradis remained largely isolated from the rest of the world.

This meant that they did not have to endure the same levels of persecution as their mainland counterparts on Marley.

However, as time passed, the Eldians on the mainland began to see the Paradis Eldians as traitors. They were angry that the Paradis Eldians could live in peace and isolation, while the rest of the Eldians continued to suffer considerable persecution. Because the Eldians on the mainland were still under the sway of Marleyan control, they believed that the Paradis Eldians were not doing enough to fight their oppressors and were betraying their own kind.

The Eldians on the mainland saw the Eldians on Paradis as a privileged group living a life of luxury compared to their own, making them jealous and resentful.

In addition to that, the fact that the Eldians on Paradis had access to the Founding Titan, and therefore immense power, was used against them. The Eldians on the mainland did not trust the Paradis Eldians’ ability to control this power, which was a major threat to the Marleyans’ Empire. This led to an increased level of hostility towards them and the belief that the Founding Titan power should have been used to save their own people from oppression.

So, in conclusion, Eldians hate Eldians from Paradis due to several factors, including their isolation from the rest of the world, the perceived lack of effort to free the Eldians on the mainland, and access to immense power. While some of the hatred might be misplaced, the complex history and trauma of Eldian history have polarized the Eldian population effectively.

Does Niccolo hate Eldians?

In the world of the Attack on Titan series, the term “Eldians” refers to a race of people who possess the ability to transform into Titans, considered to be monsters by other human societies. Because of this power, Eldians have been historically oppressed, segregated, and discriminated against in the nation of Marley, where they were treated as second-class citizens and used as tools of war.

Therefore, if Niccolo happens to be a character from the Attack on Titan and belongs to the Marleyan society, it would make sense for him to express some degree of hostility, fear, or mistrust towards Eldians, as he could have been raised in a culture of anti-Eldian propaganda and rhetoric.

However, it is worth noting that not all Marleyans hold the same beliefs or values regarding Eldians. Some characters, such as Gabi or Reiner, for instance, see Eldians as enemies that need to be defeated for the sake of their country’s survival. Others, such as Zeke or Magath, hold complex motivations and alliances that blur the lines between good and evil, and challenge simplistic binary views of right and wrong.

Therefore, to answer the question, we need more specifics about Niccolo’s character and story to determine whether he harbors hatred or any negative feelings towards Eldians. Without such context, it is difficult to make any definitive statements.

Why does Zeke not want Eldians children?

Zeke’s beliefs and motivations for not wanting Eldian children can be traced back to his traumatic childhood experiences and his belief in the ideology of euthanasia. Zeke’s father, Grisha Jaeger, was an Eldian revolutionary who sought to usurp the Marleyan government and free his people from persecution.

Grisha’s actions, however, ultimately resulted in the death of his entire family, except for Zeke, who was taken in by the Marleyan authorities and indoctrinated as a warrior candidate.

Zeke’s time with the Marleyans made him witness firsthand the horrors that Eldians inflicted upon the world, such as the atrocities of the Eldian Empire and the Titan’s destructive power. He also learned about the curse of Ymir, which doomed Eldians to die early deaths due to the strain of being a Titan shifter.

All these factors left a profound impact on Zeke, making him question the very nature of his own people’s existence.

As a result, Zeke developed a controversial solution to the Eldian problem, which he called euthanasia. This ideology posits that Eldians should no longer reproduce, and that the existing Eldians should be allowed to live out their natural lives before gradually dying out, thus putting an end to their suffering and preventing any future harm to the world.

Zeke believes that this is the most humane solution to the Eldian problem, as it would spare them from the enormous burden of bearing the Titan’s curse and from the constant persecution and oppression they face from the rest of the world.

Zeke, therefore, sees Eldian children as a symbol of the curse that they bear, and as potential future bearers of that same curse. In Zeke’s worldview, bringing Eldian children into the world is not only a cruel act towards the children themselves but also perpetuates the never-ending cycle of pain and suffering that Eldians inflict on the world.

Furthermore, Zeke sees himself as the only one capable of carrying out this plan, as he holds a unique ability as the Beast Titan to sterilize Eldians with his spinal fluid.

Zeke’S opposition to the creation of new Eldian children reflects his adherence to the controversial ideology of euthanasia, which he believes is the most humane solution to the Eldian problem. His beliefs stem from his traumatic childhood experiences and his exposure to the atrocities committed by Eldians.

Therefore, any potential Eldian children represent a continuation of the curse of Ymir and the perpetuation of suffering that Zeke seeks to eliminate.

Who are Marley and Eldians?

Marley is a nation in the world of Attack on Titan that serves as the primary antagonist throughout the series. It is a highly militarized and industrialized nation that is home to a significant number of Eldians, a race of people who possess the ability to transform into massive, man-eating Titans.

In the world of Attack on Titan, Eldians are a race of people who were persecuted and oppressed by the rest of humanity due to their ability to transform into Titans. Generations ago, the Eldian King used the power of the Founding Titan, an incredibly powerful Titan that can control all other Titans, to build a vast empire.

However, his rule was cruel and tyrannical, and eventually, the rest of humanity rose up and defeated him.

Since then, Eldians have been viewed with suspicion and resentment by the rest of humanity, despite many of them not even possessing the ability to transform into Titans. Marley, in particular, has a long and complicated history with Eldians. After their defeat by the rest of humanity, the remaining Eldians were rounded up and forced to live in internment camps, where they were subjected to brutal treatment and forced to endure various experiments to try and unlock the secrets of their Titan powers.

However, Marley realized that Eldians could be a valuable asset, and began using them as soldiers in their military campaigns, equipping them with Titan powers and sending them into battle. While this earned Marley some victories, it also further cemented their fearsome reputation among the rest of humanity, as the Eldian Titans wreaked havoc and destruction wherever they went.

As the story of Attack on Titan unfolds, we see the complicated relationships between Marley and the Eldians, as well as the various factions that exist within both groups. Some Eldians, such as the protagonists of the series, seek to overthrow the oppressive regime of Marley and reclaim their freedom, while others remain loyal to their oppressors, hoping to leverage their Titan powers to gain favor and status.

the story of Attack on Titan is a complex exploration of power, oppression, and the lengths that people will go to in order to protect themselves and those they love.

Is Eren against Eldian or Marley?

Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the Attack on Titan series, is a complex character who has undergone significant development throughout the course of the story. At the beginning of the series, Eren strongly identifies with his Eldian heritage and is determined to protect his people from the oppressive Marleyan government.

However, as the story progresses and Eren learns more about the history of the Eldian race, he begins to question his own beliefs and eventually becomes more critical of Eldian society.

In the early parts of the series, Eren is clearly against Marley and its treatment of the Eldian people. He joins the Survey Corps, a military group tasked with fighting back against the Marleyan Titans that threaten humanity’s existence. Eren’s rage and determination to kill Titans is fueled by his desire to protect his friends, family, and fellow Eldians from the Marleyan threat.

He despises Marley’s propaganda that dehumanizes the Eldians and blames them for all the world’s problems.

However, as Eren gains access to more memories and information about the history of the Eldian race, he becomes more critical of his own people. Eren learns that the Eldian empire was built on the exploitation of other nations and that his ancestors were responsible for atrocities that still haunt the world.

He feels that the Eldians have been cursed to never truly belong anywhere, always seen as monsters and pariahs by the rest of humanity. This realization causes Eren to question whether his fight against Marley is truly in the best interests of the Eldians.

As the story progresses into later seasons, Eren’s stance becomes even harder to define. He becomes increasingly obsessed with his own power and the ability to control the Titans, almost to the point of becoming a villain. While Eren may still feel some loyalty and kinship towards his fellow Eldians, his ultimate goals are enigmatic and unclear.

It’s difficult to say whether Eren is truly against one group or another, as his motivations and allegiances seem to shift over time.

Eren Yeager’s stance on Eldians and Marley is complex and multifaceted. While he may have started out strongly against Marley, as he learns more about the world he becomes more critical of the Eldians as well. Eren’s ultimate goals and motivations remain unclear, making it difficult to say whether he is truly against one group or another.

Is Levi an Eldian?

Levi, also known as Captain Levi Ackerman, is a fictional character from the popular Japanese manga and anime series Attack on Titan. The series, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, is set in a world where humanity is under constant threat from man-eating Titans. The story follows a group of warriors, known as the Survey Corps, as they try to uncover the mysteries behind the Titans and find a way to save humanity from their onslaught.

Now, coming back to the question of whether Levi is an Eldian, the answer is yes. In the world of Attack on Titan, Eldians are a race of people who possess the ability to transform into Titans. They are a persecuted minority, feared and hated by the rest of humanity because of their perceived connection to the Titans.

Levi, like many of the other main characters in the series, is a member of the Survey Corps and is therefore an Eldian. He was born and raised in the underground slums of the city of Trost, where he learned to survive and fight in the harsh conditions of his environment. He later joined the Survey Corps alongside his fellow soldiers, where he uses his skills as a fighter and strategist to help protect humanity from the Titans.

As an Eldian, Levi faces a great deal of discrimination and fear from the non-Eldian population. However, he chooses to continue fighting for the greater good, putting his life on the line in order to protect the people he cares about and to help uncover the secrets of the Titans.

Levi is indeed an Eldian, a member of a persecuted minority in the world of Attack on Titan. Despite the discrimination and fear he faces, he chooses to fight for a better future, using his skills and determination to protect humanity from the Titans and to uncover the mysteries of their existence.

Is Reiner on the Eldians side?

Reiner Braun, also known as the Armored Titan, has a complicated relationship with the Eldians. Born and raised as a member of the Marleyan army, Reiner was brainwashed into believing that the Eldians were a subhuman race that needed to be eradicated. He was trained from a young age to become a warrior and to inherit the power of the Armored Titan, which he eventually did.

However, as the story progresses, we begin to see a different side of Reiner. He starts to question his own beliefs and struggles with his loyalty to Marley versus his feelings of empathy towards the Eldians. In fact, it is revealed that Reiner has a split personality disorder, where he creates an alternate persona to dissociate from the trauma he has experienced.

Through his interactions with the protagonist Eren Yeager and his friends, Reiner begins to confront his own conflicting emotions and ultimately realizes that the Eldians are not his enemies. He even sacrifices himself to protect the Eldian people in the end.

So, while Reiner may have initially been on the side of the Marleyans, his journey throughout the series shows that his allegiance was more complicated than a simple dichotomy between Eldians and Marleyans. In the end, he ultimately chooses to side with the Eldians and fight against the true enemies threatening their existence.

Is Zeke with Marley or Eldian?

The question of whether Zeke is with Marley or Eldian is a complex one that requires a bit of background information to fully unpack. At its core, the answer depends on how one defines these terms and what one believes Zeke’s true allegiances to be.

First, let’s define what we mean by Marley and Eldian. Marley is a nation within the world of Attack on Titan that has been antagonistic towards the Eldian people for many years. Eldia is the homeland of the Eldian people, who are characterized as an oppressed minority group that has been discriminated against and abused by other nations, including Marley, due to their perceived association with the Titans.

With this in mind, we can start to examine where Zeke’s loyalties lie. Zeke is a complex character who has gone through multiple transformations throughout the course of the story. Initially, he was introduced as a member of the Survey Corps, a group of soldiers who are fighting against the Titans and working to uncover the truth about their origins.

However, it was later revealed that Zeke was actually a member of the Warriors, a group of Eldian soldiers working on behalf of Marley.

Despite being an Eldian himself, Zeke has aligned himself with Marley and is working towards their goals of using the power of the Titans to dominate other nations. However, as the story has progressed, it has become clear that Zeke has his own agenda and may not be entirely loyal to Marley or even to the Eldian people.

One key aspect of Zeke’s character is his belief that the Eldian people are cursed and that they should be wiped out in order to end their suffering. He sees his own role as that of someone who can bring about this end more efficiently and humanely than others who are less sympathetic to the Eldian plight.

This viewpoint puts him at odds with many other Eldian characters in the story who are fighting to reclaim their homeland and assert their rights as a people.

At the same time, however, Zeke is also shown to have a complex relationship with his father, Grisha Yeager, who was a passionate advocate for Eldian rights and opposed Marley’s oppression of their people. This has led some fans to speculate that Zeke’s ultimate goals may be more aligned with the Eldian cause than with Marley’s, and that he is playing a long game in order to achieve this goal.

The question of whether Zeke is with Marley or Eldian is not a straightforward one. While he is certainly aligned with Marley and working towards their goals, there are hints that his true allegiances may lie elsewhere. it remains to be seen how Zeke’s story will play out and where his loyalties will ultimately fall.


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