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What is the price of a Spurs season ticket?

The exact price of a season ticket for the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (Spurs) will depend on the specific ticket you choose and the age of the ticket holder. The most basic season ticket, in the East Stand Upper section, starts at £695 (awarded to children under the age of 18).

Adult season tickets start at £1,395 for the same section and run up to £1,995 for central upper.

If you choose to sit in a more premium area, prices increase significantly. The South Stand Lower section starts at £1,795 for children, £2,795 for adults and top out at £3,695. The most expensive place to sit is the season box, located in the West Stand, which starts at £2,995 (children) and £4,995 (adults).

Further discounts are available for senior citizens and those over 65 are eligible for a 22% discount on their season ticket.

Ultimately, there are a variety of season tickets to choose from which will be priced differently depending on the age of the ticket holder and the seat location.

How much do season passes cost NBA?

The cost of a season pass to an NBA game depends on the team, stadium, and seat selection. Generally, season passes cost between $600 and $2,000, depending on the team and seat selection. Passes for premium seating, such as floor seats, can be as high as $4,000.

Additionally, some NBA teams offer benefits with season passes, such as discounts on food and merchandise or free parking. To find out the cost of a season pass for a particular team and stadium, customers should contact their local team directly for details.

How much does it cost to go to a Spurs game?

The cost to attend an NBA basketball game for the San Antonio Spurs will vary depending on the day of the week and the game itself, as well as whether or not you purchase special seating packages. Generally, seats start at around $30 on the low end, with more desirable seating ranging from $50 to $200 or more.

Fans also have the option to purchase season tickets. Depending on the level of seating, season tickets can range from $650-$9,200 for the 2021-22 NBA season. Furthermore, any applicable fees and taxes may also apply.

Ultimately, the cost to go to a Spurs game will vary based on the individual’s preferences and budget.

What is the most expensive season ticket Premier League?

The most expensive season ticket for the English Premier League is the top tier price for the 2019/20 season, which is £2,700. This ticket is only available for certain teams, such as Manchester United and Arsenal, and it only applies to the team’s home games.

This ticket allows for access to all 19 home league games for the team for the entire season. The premium seats will also have access to complimentary drinks in the VIP area and some clubs also provide exclusive benefits and merchandise.

In terms of the actual price, the available contenders can range depending on the club, but this is by far the most expensive season ticket currently available in the Premier League.

How long is the waiting list for a season ticket at Spurs?

The waiting list for a season ticket at Tottenham Hotspur varies depending on availability and demand. In some years, the waiting list for season tickets can be up to five or even ten years long. The best way to find out the exact length of the waiting list is to contact Tottenham Hotspur directly and enquire about season tickets.

You can contact them by phone on 0208 365 5161 or by email on season. tickets@tottenhamhotspur. com. To ensure you get the best possible chance of getting a season ticket, it is advisable to join the waiting list as soon as possible.

How many Spurs season ticket holders are there?

The exact number of season ticket holders for the Spurs is not publicly available. However, the seating capacity of the At&T Center, where the Spurs play their home games, is 18,797. Therefore, it can be assumed that the number of season ticket holders for the Spurs is likely at least this number.

In addition, the demand for season tickets is typically very high, which likely means the number of season ticket holders is even higher than the At&T Center’s seating capacity.

Do season tickets include all games?

No, season tickets typically do not include all games. The number of games that come with season tickets varies based on the sport and the team. Generally, season tickets will include regular season home games, but may not include any playoffs, preseason, or away games.

Additionally, certain promotions and events may not be included in season tickets. It is important to check with the team or sport to determine what exactly is included.

Are Spurs tickets hard to get?

Yes and no. When the Spurs are playing a team in high demand such as the Lakers then tickets can be difficult to get as it’s a popular game that has been sold out for months. However, for most of their games, attending a Spurs game usually isn’t too hard as tickets can typically be found.

Depending on how many years you’ve been a fan, you may be able to get a Spurs Season Ticket Holder membership which gives you access to exclusive discounts and ticket pre-sales. Additionally, you can find tickets through official ticket reselling sites, such as StubHub and SeatGeek, or through private sellers on sites like Craigslist or eBay.

How to get cheap Spurs tickets?

One of the best ways to get cheap Spurs tickets is to look into discount and promotional offers. Such as Groupon and Stubhub, that offer discounted tickets to basketball games. Additionally, many sports teams offer discount promotions and special ticket prices at certain times of the year.

It’s a great idea to look into special offers like military discounts and student discounts, which can often save you a significant amount of money. Moreover, many credit cards offer cashback bonus rewards or other special discounts or promotions for buying sports tickets.

Finally, if you have a little bit of time to shop around, it’s often possible to find cheap tickets from resellers or other third-party ticket sites. Just make sure you make sure to check the legitimacy and authenticity of tickets purchased from these sources before buying.

Does Spurs stadium take cash?

Yes, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium does accept cash payments. Cash payments are accepted for matchday tickets, stadium tours and all food and beverage outlets inside the stadium. Cash can also be used to pay for stadium merchandise and additional stadium services, such as contactless car parking and Stadium Wi-Fi.

Customers can also use either contactless payment cards or a cash payment at the turnstiles, or at any of the ticket office kiosks located around the stadium. The stadium also offers a number of cashless payment platforms, such as Apple Pay and PayPal, to cater for all customer needs.

How many people are on the Spurs waiting list?

As of the summer of 2019, the official San Antonio Spurs waiting list is currently estimated to be around 20,000 people long. As one of the most successful NBA franchises of all time, the Spurs are an incredibly popular team with a loyal following that spans decades.

The waiting list started in 1988 and, due to the high demand for tickets, has grown to a current estimated number of 20,000 people. The ticket priority and opportunities to purchase Spurs tickets vary greatly, depending on the length of time one has been on the waiting list, so the waiting time to get Spurs tickets can be very long.

However, registered season ticket holders do have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets in certain cases, making it a bit easier for the general public to get tickets.

Which NFL team has the longest season ticket waiting list?

The Green Bay Packers have the longest season ticket waiting list of any NFL team. There is currently a waiting list of more than 130,000 names for season tickets at Lambeau Field, which shows just how popular the team is amongst their fans.

Though the list has been established since 1960, the current wait time for season tickets is estimated to be between 30-40 years due to the overwhelming demand. The Packers have made the commitment to make the waitlist fair and consistent for all those currently on it, and the team does their best to make sure the list is up to date and that those on it are getting a fair chance to obtain season tickets.

As such, the waitlist is capped at 90,000 names and those who are now joining get an estimated wait time of approximately double this.

How much are San Antonio Spurs season tickets?

The cost of San Antonio Spurs season tickets depends on the individual game, seat location, and ticket package you choose. Full season ticket packages range from $1220 to $6300 for Lower Level Sideline seating and from $486 to $2676 for Upper Level seats.

However, for those looking for a more economical option, partial-season packages offer games1, games3, and games 6 ticket packs, as well as weekend packages, weeknight ticket packs, and special holiday packages.

All packages include exclusive benefits such as flex-ticketing options, access to the exclusive Spurs Fan Portal, and discounts to Spurs team stores. Additionally, season ticket holders receive invitations to exclusive team events, discounts at concession stands, early access to AT&T Center concerts and events, and more!.

What does waitlist mean for tickets?

The waitlist for tickets means that when all the currently available tickets for an event, such as a concert or a show, are sold, that you can register on a waitlist. If extra tickets then become available for the event, people who are on the waitlist will be contacted in order of the time they registered, and offered the chance to purchase additional tickets.

The waitlisting service is often offered by ticket purchasing companies in case additional tickets become available; it ensures that tickets are sold to people who are actually interested in attending the event, rather than just being purchased as speculation.

How do season tickets work?

Season tickets are a great way to ensure that you get to attend all of the games of your favorite team each season. They enable you to purchase a ticket subscription for an entire season or designated period of time, at a discounted rate and with certain privileges, including discounts on merchandise, priority access to tickets, and potential early access to special events.

When you purchase a season ticket, you will usually receive a book of tickets for each game, which contains either a single ticket for each game or multiple tickets for some of the games. Depending on your ticket package and the team rules, the tickets may either allow you to enter the game on their own or may require that you share the tickets with other fans.

Each game will have a different cutoff date for tickets bought through the season ticket plan, which is usually before the other regular fans. This means that you will usually be able to get your tickets earlier, allowing you to enter the game with less of a wait and hassle.

Season tickets come with other special benefits as well. These can range from priority access to potential post-season games and early access to select special events, to discounts on food and merchandise.

Once you have purchased season tickets, you’ll receive information on where to pick up your tickets and any other pertinent information. Plus, you can generally use your tickets to gain access to all the games of your favorite team during the season.

By investing in season tickets, you will be able to attend every home game of your favorite team while taking advantage of discounts, priority access, and other potential perks.


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