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What goes away as soon as you say its name?

The answer to this riddle is “Silence”. When you say the word “silence,” it immediately vanishes, as it is a lack of sound. This is why there are many sayings related to this riddle, such as “Speak of the devil and he shall appear,” which means that when you say something it can come true in an unexpected way.

Silence is like an invisible presence, as you can feel it when it’s in a room, but you cannot touch it.

What is one in every corner and two in every room?

The answer to this riddle is doors. Doors can typically be found in every corner of a room and two doors, an entrance and an exit, can usually be found in every room.

What animal grows up while it grows down?

The animal that grows up while it grows down is an earthworm. Earthworms are fascinating creatures that are found in soil around the world. They feed on organic matter, such as dead leaves and other decaying material, by using their sharp teeth to grind it up and absorb the nutrients.

As earthworms consume and grow, they also grow down in length – meaning that as they reach maturity, they end up staying the same size, just a bit longer than when they began. This is because earthworms use specialized muscles to push their way through the soil, while at the same time they will also shed their outer layer of skin, or epidermis, which is replaced by a new, slightly longer layer of cells.

So, in a sense, an earthworm grows up while it grows down!

What gets wet while drying?

The answer is a towel. A towel gets wet while drying because when it is used to dry off a person or a surface, the moisture or water is absorbed by the fibers of the towel. The towels ability to absorb water is what makes it useful for drying things off.

When a towel is left to “air-dry” after use, it also gets wet, as water evaporates from the towel and is absorbed back into the air. This is why, even if you hang a damp towel in a dry place, it can still feel just as wet when you take it down as it did when you first hung it up.

What can run but not walk?

There are a variety of different things, both living and nonliving, that can run but not walk. Living things like cheetahs, greyhounds, and other animals that are fast runners can run but not walk. Nonliving things like cars, trains, and roller coasters are also capable of running but not walking.

Bicycles and skateboards both have wheels and an engine capable of running but not walking, as do scooters and other forms of transportation. Even wind turbines rotate, creating energy while running but not walking.

What do you loose the moment you share it?

Once you share something, you lose control over it. Once it’s released into the public domain, anyone may be able to access it and use it in any way they please. This means that you no longer have the sole control over it, which can potentially lead to it being misused.

Furthermore, if it is something sensitive, sharing it could potentially lead to breaches of privacy. In addition, you lose some of the ability to profit from it if it was copyrighted, as anyone can potentially copy, use, and monetize it without your permission.

What is the only place where today comes before yesterday?

The only place where today comes before yesterday is in the dictionary. It is because the words are generally arranged alphabetically. So, for example, if you were to look up the words “today” or “yesterday” in the dictionary, today would come before yesterday.

This is due to the common ordering of the English alphabet, with “T” coming before “Y”.

What do you have to break before you can see it?

The proverb “you can’t see the forest for the trees” suggests that sometimes you have to take a step back and get a bigger picture before you’re able to make a complete assessment or understanding of a situation.

In other words, sometimes you have to break away from the details of something to see it better. This could include breaking away from preconceived notions or breaking away from the status quo to explore a new perspective or find a new solution.

What has no legs but can run?

A wheeled vehicle or machinery has no legs but can run. Examples include cars, buses, trains, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, lawn tractors, snowmobiles, boats, airplanes, ATVs, and many more. All of these vehicles or machinery typically have an engine and some type of wheels that allow them to run or be propelled forward.

What wears rings and has no fingers?

A tree can wear rings and has no fingers. Many species of trees form annual growth rings which can reveal a tree’s age, its environment, and other aspects of its growth. The rings form when new wood grows around the existing trunk or branch of a tree.

Growth rings are caused by changes in the weather, when the tree has access to more or less water, and when the tree is stressed. Each year’s growth can be seen as a distinct ring, and the thickness of these rings show how much the tree grew that year.

Trees are sometimes also decorated with metal or stone rings as part of a tradition or for decoration.

What has 5 fingers but isn’t alive?

A glove has five fingers and is not alive. Gloves are worn to protect the hands from cold and injury, and are made from a variety of materials including cloth, leather, latex and rubber. They are typically worn on the hands, but can also be worn on the feet.

In some cases, gloves can also be used to improve grip or dexterity, such as golf gloves. Gloves are used in a variety of professions, from medical workers to construction workers to firefighters, and even sports players, who wear special padding for better grip and protection.

What has sliding but no legs and moves?

A sliding door is an object that has no legs, but can move in order to open and close. They are commonly seen in homes, businesses, and other areas as an efficient way to create an opening between two spaces.

Sliding doors usually consist of two or more panels that are connected by a track. A sliding door can be motorized or manually operated to open and close, depending on the specific model. Sliding doors can also be made out of a variety of materials, such as glass, wood, or aluminum.

What is the hardest riddle ever?

The hardest riddle ever is one that has no definitive answer and has been debated for centuries. The ancient paradox called “The Liar’s Paradox” best fits this criteria. It is a self-referential statement and goes like this: “This statement is false.” The statement is both true and false at the same time.

If the statement is true, then it must also be false. However, if it is false, then it is stating that it is true. Thus, one can never reach a definitive conclusion and the paradox has vexed philosophers and logicians for centuries.