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What does gem school mean?

Gem school is an educational establishment where students learn about the science, art and history of gems. These schools offer courses in a variety of fields, such as gemology, geology, mineralogy, and jewelry making.

Most curricula are designed to enable students to identify and evaluate different types of gemstones, understand how they were formed and mined, and develop an appreciation for the unique qualities of each gemstone.

Many programs also include additional topics, such as gemstone analysis and gemstone cutting.

Gem schools are generally run by experienced gemologists who provide classroom lectures and hands-on training. Most programs include field studies during which students go to jewelry stores or direct to source operations to buy and evaluate gems.

The instruction emphasises the importance of ethical sourcing and the preservation of the environment.

Gem school graduates are recognized as professional gemologists and their knowledge is highly valued in the jewelry industry. They may work in jewelry stores, appraise gems for insurance companies, assist gemologists and appraisers or own their own gemstone business.

What is gem short for?

Gem is short for ‘Gemstone’, which is an ornamental mineral that is cut and polished to be used in jewellery. People have been using gems in jewellery since ancient times, and they have become a symbol of beauty and status due to their rarity and cost.

A variety of precious and semi-precious stones are generally considered ‘gems’, although some naturally occurring substances such as amber or coral may also be referred to as such. These stones are often found in nature and are formed in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and physical properties.

What is GEM classes?

GEM classes are a type of educational course that typically covers a range of topics related to the environment and sustainability. These classes are typically offered to students in grades 6-12 and teach them the fundamentals of green energy, climate change, and the tools to help protect and preserve the environment.

GEM classes typically include a range of topics such as the basics of climate change, renewable energy, global warming, natural resources, and conservation strategies. Often, these classes may also include various activities such as field trips, outdoor lessons, and group discussions.

Through these activities and discussions, students can develop their understanding of the environment and gain knowledge on how to help protect it.

What is gem full name?

The term “gem” is actually a shortened form of the full name, “Gemstone.” A gemstone is a valuable mineral aggregate formed from the Earth’s mantle and is typically cut and polished to be used as jewelry or other ornamentation.

Most gemstones are hard minerals, however some organic materials such as amber and pearl are also considered a gem. There are over 130 different gemstone varieties that include gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, jade, opals, emeralds and tourmalines.

Each type of gemstone has unique physical and chemical properties that set it apart from the rest. Gemstones have been of great value and have been traded for thousands of years.

Is gem a girl name?

No, Gem is not typically a girl name. Gem is usually used as a unisex name and can be used for both boys and girls. According to, Gem is most likely derived from the Latin term “gema” which means “precious stone” and as such it is usually given to people in order to represent their unique sparkle and beauty.

In some cases, Gem can also be used as a diminutive of longer names such as Gemma, General, and Gemina. Despite being a unisex name, Gem is predominantly used as a female name in the United States, in fact, the name is not even listed in the top 1000 most popular boy names in the U.S.

What girl name means gem?

Gemma is a popular girl’s name that means “gem” or “precious stone.” It comes from the Latin word “gemma” which is derived from the Greek word “gēma” meaning “something which can be valued or treasured.”

Other girl names that mean “gem” include Amber, Amberly, Amethyst, Jewel, Jewell, Jewelina, Peridot, and Topaz.

How many gems schools are there?

As the number of gems schools varies depending on location and the type of gems school. Generally speaking, there are at least three types of gems schools: Primary schools (K-5), Secondary schools (6-12) and Tertiary schools (College and University).

The exact number of gems schools depends on the geographic area and the particular type of education that each school offers. For example, in the United States, there are approximately 30,000 gems schools spread out across the country, while in the United Kingdom there are estimated to be close to 6,000.

Additionally, there are a number of private and independent gems schools, with the exact number depending on location.

Which is the GEMS school?

GEMS (Global Education Management Systems) is an international network of schools that offer high-quality education to children from nursery through to secondary school. The GEMS schools have been established in different countries around the world, such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, the UK, Switzerland, and Singapore.

GEMS schools are characterized by their globally recognized curriculum, which is based on the British National Curriculum, as well as their innovative technology-driven learning environment, allowing students to interact with the world outside their classroom.

Furthermore, GEMS schools are also known for their emphasis on character development and the teaching of values and life skills, preparing students for the world beyond school. Ultimately, GEMS schools are designed to meet the increasingly demanding standards of the modern world, while at the same time enabling each student to reach their full potential.

What are Gems schools in Dubai?

Gems Schools in Dubai are part of a network of international schools operated by Gems Education, a leading global education provider. Gems Schools in Dubai are all located in the United Arab Emirates and provide international education to students from over 140 nationalities.

There are a total of 34 Gems schools in Dubai, ranging from kindergarten and primary schools to secondary schools and higher education, across both the public and private sectors. All of these schools are designed to provide a safe, nurturing, and inspiring environment for students.

Gems Dubai Schools focuses on instilling in students the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their academic and professional endeavours while at the same time providing them with a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities.

The curriculum is based on international best practices and is tailored to provide students with the relevant skills, competencies and dispositions required for their chosen field of study or career.

Gems Schools in Dubai employs highly qualified staff, comprising of both international and native teachers. They are committed to providing an individualised learning experience to each of their students, tailored to their specific interests, needs, and abilities.

The teachers are adept at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student, and use this information to provide differentiated instruction and resources to help them reach their goals.

Additionally, faculty members at Gems Schools in Dubai also offer a variety of extracurricular activities and events that bring knowledge, engagement and enjoyment to the learning process.

Gems Schools in Dubai offer outstanding learning opportunities and experiences to students, and are committed to the overall development of their students. By providing a modern, safe, and stimulating environment filled with extracurricular activities and events, they foster a sense of self-discipline, creativity, and ambition in their learners.

All of this makes Gems Schools in Dubai a great option for parents and students who are looking for an international education.

Is gems a good school?

Gems is a good school depending on your individual needs and goals for your educational experience. They provide comprehensive academic instruction for grades K-12, with a particular focus on STEM, language arts, and global studies for all levels.

Students have access to a wide range of electives, and each student works with the dedicated teachers to create an individual learning plan that helps them reach their goals. Gems offers immersive learning opportunities such as field trips, job shadowing, and overseas travel, as well as facilities such as an on-site library, computer labs, and a swimming pool.

The school also has a strong community and social support offerings, including connecting with families and alumni. The academic environment is rigorous, but there is also support provided for any student that needs assistance.

All of this combines to make Gems a great school for students who are looking for a comprehensive and challenging academic experience.

Who is the CEO of gems?

The CEO of Gems Education is Ms. Dino Varkey. She was appointed to the position in May 2018 and is based at the company’s headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Prior to joining Gems Education, Ms. Varkey held a variety of senior management and business development positions in diverse industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and finance.

She received a Diploma in Management Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the University of Westminster in London, UK.

Ms. Varkey is a highly respected business executive and is aiming to transform the field of education globally through a strategic focus on access, affordability, quality and innovation. Since taking on the role of CEO, she has increased the company’s portfolio through aggressive expansion and partnerships across the Middle East, Europe, the South Pacific, Asia, and the United States.

Under her leadership, Gems Education has enjoyed significant growth and development, emphasizing its core values of excellence and innovation.

Ms. Varkey has also taken on a leadership role in the philanthropic world and is spearheading Gems Education’s commitment to supporting children of all backgrounds in achieving their goals. With her support, Gems Education has managed to open several branches across the Middle East and is continually expanding its reach to Africa and Asia.

As CEO, she is committed to furthering the company’s mission to provide quality education for all.

How much is GEMS school in Dubai?

The cost of attending GEMS school in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the campus, student’s grade level, residence status, type of curriculum, and other factors. Tuition and fees at GEMS range from AED 5,000 – AED 73,000 per year depending on the school and grade.

A student’s residence status may determine the fees charged. For foreign residents, tuition fees may be higher than for those who are UAE-based. Additional educational costs include uniforms, extracurricular activities, and transportation.

An estimated AED 10,000 – AED 20,000 per year per child should be budgeted for other additional costs. In summary, the total cost of attending GEMS school in Dubai ranges from AED 15,000 – AED 93,000 per year.

Who is GEMS Education owned by?

GEMS Education is an international education company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was founded by Sunny and Sue Varkey in 1999 and is the largest operator of private K-12 schools in the world.

The Varkey family continues to own and operate GEMS Education today, with Sunny Varkey serving as Executive Chairman and his sons Dino Varkey and Jay Varkey taking on primary roles in their family business.

GEMS Education is a global organisation with schools located in countries including the UAE, United Kingdom, USA, Qatar, India, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Netherlands, and Nigeria.

The organisation employs over 17,000 people across its network of schools and offers a range of educational products and services, such as curricula, assessments, training and leadership development.

GEMS Education owns more than 70 schools and is continually looking to expand, with more than 20 schools planned to open around the world in 2021.

How much is Dino Varkey worth?

Dino Varkey is the CEO and owner of Gems Education, one of the world’s leading K-12 school companies. His estimated personal net worth is around $1.5 billion, as of June 2020.

As one of the few third-generation education entrepreneurs in the world, Dino Varkey has led his company to expand its network to over 170 international schools and nurseries in twenty-three countries.

He has also spearheaded the establishment of several prominent international schools in the UAE such as the GEMS Wellington Academy, GEMS United School, GEMS American Academy, GEMS Modern Academy and more.

Aside from his immense success in business, Dino Varkey has also worked with several organizations to improve the quality of education in the Middle East. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Dubai International Financial Centre and has held the Honorary Presidency at Na te Bogatajo, a non-profit organization that works to improve young people’s socio-economic prospects.

The immense success of Gems Education combined with Varkey’s philanthropic work in education make him one of the most influential figures in business and education across the Middle East.

Who is the principal of gems legacy school?

The principal of GEMS Legacy School is Mrs. Samar Ayoub El-Razby. She has been a part of the school since 2011 and has held multiple positions in that time. Mrs. El-Razby has been the Principal since 2016.

She is very passionate about helping students realize their potential and offer an enriching and meaningful learning experience. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education and has also completed several additional qualifications to ensure she is up-to-date with current education principles and best practices.

Mrs. El-Razby is a very approachable administrator who is always available to discuss any student or parent concerns. She believes in creating an enjoyable and rewarding learning environment for all students, and works hard to ensure the success of each child.